Identification of DNA methyltransferases and demethylases in Solanum melongena L., and their transcription dynamics during fruit development and after salt and drought stresses

Autoři: Andrea Moglia aff001;  Silvia Gianoglio aff001;  Alberto Acquadro aff001;  Danila Valentino aff001;  Anna Maria Milani aff001;  Sergio Lanteri aff001;  Cinzia Comino aff001
Působiště autorů: Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Plant Genetics and Breeding, University of Torino, Grugliasco, Italy aff001
Vyšlo v časopise: PLoS ONE 14(10)
Kategorie: Research Article


DNA methylation through the activity of cytosine-5-methyltransferases (C5-MTases) and DNA demethylases plays important roles in genome protection as well as in regulating gene expression during plant development and plant response to environmental stresses. In this study, we report on a genome-wide identification of six C5-MTases (SmelMET1, SmelCMT2, SmelCMT3a, SmelCMT3b, SmelDRM2, SmelDRM3) and five demethylases (SmelDemethylase_1, SmelDemethylase_2, SmelDemethylase_3, SmelDemethylase_4, SmelDemethylase_5) in eggplant. Gene structural characteristics, chromosomal localization and phylogenetic analyses are also described. The transcript profiling of both C5-MTases and demethylases was assessed at three stages of fruit development in three eggplant commercial F1 hybrids: i.e. ‘Clara’, ‘Nite Lady’ and ‘Bella Roma’, representative of the eggplant berry phenotypic variation. The trend of activation of C5-MTases and demethylase genes varied in function of the stage of fruit development and was genotype dependent. The transcription pattern of C5MTAses and demethylases was also assessed in leaves of the F1 hybrid ‘Nite Lady’ subjected to salt and drought stresses. A marked up-regulation and down-regulation of some C5-MTases and demethylases was detected, while others did not vary in their expression profile. Our results suggest a role for both C5-MTases and demethylases during fruit development, as well as in response to abiotic stresses in eggplant, and provide a starting framework for supporting future epigenetic studies in the species.

Klíčová slova:

Arabidopsis thaliana – DNA methylation – Fruits – Phylogenetic analysis – Plant resistance to abiotic stress – Protein domains – Solanum – Tomatoes


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