PLOS One - Číslo 12/2019

Research Article

On simulating cold-stunned sea turtle strandings on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Xiaojian Liu, James Manning, Robert Prescott, Felicia Page, Huimin Zou, Mark Faherty

Palliative care for people living with HIV/AIDS: Factors influencing healthcare workers’ knowledge, attitude and practice in public health facilities, Abuja, Nigeria

Whenayon Simeon Ajisegiri, Aisha A. Abubakar, Abdulrazaq A. Gobir, Muhammad Shakir Balogun, Kabiru Sabitu

Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection in amphibians predates first known epizootic in Costa Rica

Marina E. De León, Héctor Zumbado-Ulate, Adrián García-Rodríguez, Gilbert Alvarado, Hasan Sulaeman, Federico Bolaños, Vance T. Vredenburg

Assemblage of Focal Species Recognizers—AFSR: A technique for decreasing false indications of presence from acoustic automatic identification in a multiple species context

Ivan Braga Campos, Todd J. Landers, Kate D. Lee, William George Lee, Megan R. Friesen, Anne C. Gaskett, Louis Ranjard

Epidemiological scenarios for human rabies exposure notified in Colombia during ten years: A challenge to implement surveillance actions with a differential approach on vulnerable populations

Marcela Rocío Arias Caicedo, Diego de Arruda Xavier, Catalina Alejandra Arias Caicedo, Etiene Andrade, Isis Abel

Bio-control agents activate plant immune response and prime susceptible tomato against root-knot nematodes

Sergio Molinari, Paola Leonetti

Impact of permagarden intervention on improving fruit and vegetable intake among vulnerable groups in an urban setting of Ethiopia: A quasi-experimental study

Fikralem Alemu, Medhanit Mecha, Girmay Medhin

Iron nanoparticle-labeled murine mesenchymal stromal cells in an osteoarthritic model persists and suggests anti-inflammatory mechanism of action

Amanda M. Hamilton, Wing-Yee Cheung, Alejandro Gómez-Aristizábal, Anirudh Sharma, Sayaka Nakamura, Amélie Chaboureau, Shashank Bhatt, Razieh Rabani, Mohit Kapoor, Paula J. Foster, Sowmya Viswanathan

Human recombinant erythropoietin improves motor function in rats with spinal cord compression-induced cervical myelopathy

Takahiro Tanaka, Hidetoshi Murata, Ryohei Miyazaki, Tetsuya Yoshizumi, Mitsuru Sato, Makoto Ohtake, Kensuke Tateishi, Phyo Kim, Tetsuya Yamamoto

Generation of models from existing models composition: An application to agrarian sciences

André Luiz Pinto dos Santos, Guilherme Rocha Moreira, Frank Gomes-Silva, Cícero Carlos Ramos de Brito, Maria Lindomárcia Leonardo da Costa, Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Pereira, Rogério Martins Maurício, José Augusto Gomes Azevêdo, José Marques Pereira, Alexandre Lima Ferreira, Moacyr Cunha Filho

Genetic mapping of morpho-physiological traits involved during reproductive stage drought tolerance in rice

Saumya Ranjan Barik, Elssa Pandit, Sharat Kumar Pradhan, Shakti Prakash Mohanty, Trilochan Mohapatra

Heroin type, injecting behavior, and HIV transmission. A simulation model of HIV incidence and prevalence

Georgiy Bobashev, Sarah Mars, Nicholas Murphy, Clinton Dreisbach, William Zule, Daniel Ciccarone

Utilisation of health services fails to meet the needs of pregnancy-related illnesses in rural southern Ethiopia: A prospective cohort study

Moges Tadesse Borde, Eskindir Loha, Kjell Arne Johansson, Bernt Lindtjorn

Proposal for a Global Adherence Scale for Acute Conditions (GASAC): A prospective cohort study in two emergency departments

Mélanie Sustersic, Aurélie Gauchet, Amélie Duvert, Laure Gonnet, Alison Foote, Céline Vermorel, Benoit Allenet, Jean-Luc Bosson

Seasonal Change in Microbial Diversity and Its Relationship with Soil Chemical Properties in an Orchard

Xuhui Luo, Ming Kuang Wang, Guiping Hu, Boqi Weng

Epidemiology of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Chongqing, China: A retrospective observational study from 2010 to 2017

Bo Wu, Ya Yu, Changting Du, Ying Liu, Daiyu Hu

Use of an automated pyrosequencing technique for confirmation of sickle cell disease

Camila Cruz de Martino, Cecilia Salete Alencar, Paula Loureiro, Anna Barbara de Freitas Carneiro-Proietti, Claudia de Alvarenga Máximo, Rosimere Afonso Mota, Daniela Oliveira Werneck Rodrigues, Nelson Gaburo Junior, Shannon Kelly, Ester Cerdeira Sabino,

Bottom trawl catch comparison in the Mediterranean Sea: Flexible Turtle Excluder Device (TED) vs traditional gear

Claudio Vasapollo, Massimo Virgili, Andrea Petetta, Giada Bargione, Antonello Sala, Alessandro Lucchetti

Beta-caryophyllene enhances wound healing through multiple routes

Sachiko Koyama, Anna Purk, Manpreet Kaur, Helena A. Soini, Milos V. Novotny, Keith Davis, C. Cheng Kao, Hiroaki Matsunami, Anthony Mescher

Modelling tick bite risk by combining random forests and count data regression models

Irene Garcia-Marti, Raul Zurita-Milla, Arno Swart

Differences of endogenous polyamines and putative genes associated with paraquat resistance in goosegrass (Eleusine indica L.)

Qiyu Luo, Jiping Wei, Zhaoxia Dong, Xuefeng Shen, Yong Chen

HIV chromatin is a preferred target for drugs that bind in the DNA minor groove

Clayton K. Collings, Donald W. Little, III, Samuel J. Schafer, John N. Anderson

Oregano powder reduces Streptococcus and increases SCFA concentration in a mixed bacterial culture assay

Benjamin W. Bauer, Sheeana Gangadoo, Yadav Sharma Bajagai, Thi Thu Hao Van, Robert J. Moore, Dragana Stanley

Removal of an established invader can change gross primary production of native macroalgae and alter carbon flow in intertidal rock pools

Francesca Rossi, Rosa M. Viejo, Linney Duarte, Fatima Vaz-Pinto, Ignacio Gestoso, Celia Olabarria

Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) reveals mesencephalic HTLV-1-associated neurological disease

Tatiana Rocha Silva, Ludimila Labanca, Júlia Fonseca de Morais Caporali, Marco Aurélio Rocha Santos, Luciana Macedo de Resende, Rafael Teixeira Scoralick Dias, Denise Utsch Gonçalves

Using virtual reality and thermal imagery to improve statistical modelling of vulnerable and protected species

Catherine Leigh, Grace Heron, Ella Wilson, Taylor Gregory, Samuel Clifford, Jacinta Holloway, Miles McBain, Felipé Gonzalez, James McGree, Ross Brown, Kerrie Mengersen, Erin E. Peterson

Children’s reliance on the non-verbal cues of a robot versus a human

Josje Verhagen, Rianne van den Berghe, Ora Oudgenoeg-Paz, Aylin Küntay, Paul Leseman

Diaphragmatic motor cortex hyperexcitability in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Rehab Elnemr, Rania Ahmad Sweed, Hanaa Shafiek

Persistence of Burkholderia thailandensis E264 in lung tissue after a single binge alcohol episode

Victor M. Jimenez, Jr., Erik W. Settles, Bart J. Currie, Paul S. Keim, Fernando P. Monroy

Candida utilis yeast as a functional protein source for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.): Local intestinal tissue and plasma proteome responses

Felipe Eduardo Reveco-Urzua, Mette Hofossæter, Mallikarjuna Rao Kovi, Liv Torunn Mydland, Ragnhild Ånestad, Randi Sørby, Charles McLean Press, Leidy Lagos, Margareth Øverland

Health conditions associated with overweight in climacteric women

Maria Suzana Marques, Ronilson Ferreira Freitas, Daniela Araújo Veloso Popoff, Fernanda Piana Santos Lima de Oliveira, Maria Helena Rodrigues Moreira, Andreia Maria Araújo Drummond, Dorothéa Schmidt França, Luís Antônio Nogueira dos Santos, Marcelo Eustáquio de Siqueira e Rocha, João Pedro Brant Rocha, Maria Clara Brant Rocha, Maria Fernanda Santos Figueiredo Brito, Antônio Prates Caldeira, Fabiana Aparecida Maria Borborema, Viviane Maria Santos, Josiane Santos Brant Rocha

The effects of arm swing amplitude and lower-limb asymmetry on gait stability

Allen Hill, Julie Nantel

High throughput, efficacious gene editing & genome surveillance in Chinese hamster ovary cells

S. C. Huhn, Y. Ou, A. Kumar, R. Liu, Z. Du

Identification and characterization of compounds from Chrysosporium multifidum, a fungus with moderate antimicrobial activity isolated from Hermetia illucens gut microbiota

Yesenia Correa, Billy Cabanillas, Valérie Jullian, Daniela Álvarez, Denis Castillo, Cédric Dufloer, Beatriz Bustamante, Elisa Roncal, Edgar Neyra, Patricia Sheen, Michel Sauvain

A framework for the development of a global standardised marine taxon reference image database (SMarTaR-ID) to support image-based analyses

Kerry L. Howell, Jaime S. Davies, A. Louise Allcock, Andreia Braga-Henriques, Pål Buhl-Mortensen, Marina Carreiro-Silva, Carlos Dominguez-Carrió, Jennifer M. Durden, Nicola L. Foster, Chloe A. Game, Becky Hitchin, Tammy Horton, Brett Hosking, Daniel O. B. Jones, Christopher Mah, Claire Laguionie Marchais, Lenaick Menot, Telmo Morato, Tabitha R. R. Pearman, Nils Piechaud, Rebecca E. Ross, Henry A. Ruhl, Hanieh Saeedi, Paris V. Stefanoudis, Gerald H. Taranto, Michael B. Thompson, James R. Taylor, Paul Tyler, Johanne Vad, Lissette Victorero, Rui P. Vieira, Lucy C. Woodall, Joana R. Xavier, Daniel Wagner

Cluster analysis on high dimensional RNA-seq data with applications to cancer research - An evaluation study

Linda Vidman, David Källberg, Patrik Rydén

Comparative in silico analysis of ftsZ gene from different bacteria reveals the preference for core set of codons in coding sequence structuring and secondary structural elements determination

Ayon Pal, Barnan Kumar Saha, Jayanti Saha

Exploring thematic structure and predicted functionality of 16S rRNA amplicon data

Stephen Woloszynek, Joshua Chang Mell, Zhengqiao Zhao, Gideon Simpson, Michael P. O’Connor, Gail L. Rosen

Plant-mediated community structure of spring-fed, coastal rivers

Matthew V. Lauretta, William E. Pine, III, Carl J. Walters, Thomas K. Frazer

The epidemiology of childhood intussusception in South Korea: An observational study

Soyun Hwang, Joonghee Kim, Jae Yun Jung, Eun Mi Ham, Joong Wan Park, Hyuksool Kwon, Do Kyun Kim, Young Ho Kwak

Gaze and Movement Assessment (GaMA): Inter-site validation of a visuomotor upper limb functional protocol

Heather E. Williams, Craig S. Chapman, Patrick M. Pilarski, Albert H. Vette, Jacqueline S. Hebert

Effects of treatment with enrofloxacin or tulathromycin on fecal microbiota composition and genetic function of dairy calves

Carla Foditsch, Richard V. V. Pereira, Julie D. Siler, Craig Altier, Lorin D. Warnick

Predicting long-term type 2 diabetes with support vector machine using oral glucose tolerance test

Hasan T. Abbas, Lejla Alic, Madhav Erraguntla, Jim X. Ji, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, Qammer H. Abbasi, Marwa K. Qaraqe

Drone-based effective counting and ageing of hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) in the Okavango Delta in Botswana

Victoria L. Inman, Richard T. Kingsford, Michael J. Chase, Keith E. A. Leggett

Multiscale, multimodal analysis of tumor heterogeneity in IDH1 mutant vs wild-type diffuse gliomas

Michael E. Berens, Anup Sood, Jill S. Barnholtz-Sloan, John F. Graf, Sanghee Cho, Seungchan Kim, Jeffrey Kiefer, Sara A. Byron, Rebecca F. Halperin, Sara Nasser, Jonathan Adkins, Lori Cuyugan, Karen Devine, Quinn Ostrom, Marta Couce, Leo Wolansky, Elizabeth McDonough, Shannon Schyberg, Sean Dinn, Andrew E. Sloan, Michael Prados, Joanna J. Phillips, Sarah J. Nelson, Winnie S. Liang, Yousef Al-Kofahi, Mirabela Rusu, Maria I. Zavodszky, Fiona Ginty

Assessment of Phenotype Microarray plates for rapid and high-throughput analysis of collateral sensitivity networks

Elsie J. Dunkley, James D. Chalmers, Stephanie Cho, Thomas J. Finn, Wayne M. Patrick

Overexpressing GH3.1 and GH3.1L reduces susceptibility to Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri by repressing auxin signaling in citrus (Citrus sinensis Osbeck)

Xiuping Zou, Junhong Long, Ke Zhao, Aihong Peng, Min Chen, Qin Long, Yongrui He, Shanchun Chen

High prevalence and incidence of rectal Chlamydia infection among men who have sex with men in Japan

Daisuke Mizushima, Misao Takano, Haruka Uemura, Yasuaki Yanagawa, Takahiro Aoki, Koji Watanabe, Hiroyuki Gatanaga, Yoshimi Kikuchi, Shinichi Oka

A low-cost fluorescence reader for in vitro transcription and nucleic acid detection with Cas13a

Florian Katzmeier, Lukas Aufinger, Aurore Dupin, Jorge Quintero, Matthias Lenz, Ludwig Bauer, Sven Klumpe, Dawafuti Sherpa, Benedikt Dürr, Maximilian Honemann, Igor Styazhkin, Friedrich C. Simmel, Michael Heymann

Assessing the performance of genome-wide association studies for predicting disease risk

Jonas Patron, Arnau Serra-Cayuela, Beomsoo Han, Carin Li, David Scott Wishart

Changes in endolysosomal organization define a pre-degenerative state in the crumbs mutant Drosophila retina

Rachel S. Kraut, Elisabeth Knust

The burden of antimicrobial resistance among urinary tract isolates of Escherichia coli in the United States in 2017

Ian A. Critchley, Nicole Cotroneo, Michael J. Pucci, Rodrigo Mendes

Drug-related and psychopathological symptoms in HIV-positive men who have sex with men who inject drugs during sex (slamsex): Data from the U-SEX GESIDA 9416 Study

Helen Dolengevich-Segal, Alicia Gonzalez-Baeza, Jorge Valencia, Eulalia Valencia-Ortega, Alfonso Cabello, Maria Jesus Tellez-Molina, Maria Jesus Perez-Elias, Regino Serrano, Leire Perez-Latorre, Luz Martin-Carbonero, Sari Arponen, Jose Sanz-Moreno, Sara De la Fuente, Otilia Bisbal, Ignacio Santos, Jose Luis Casado, Jesus Troya, Miguel Cervero-Jimenez, Sara Nistal, Guillermo Cuevas, Javier Correas-Lauffer, Marta Torrens, Pablo Ryan,

Multiple cyanotoxin congeners produced by sub-dominant cyanobacterial taxa in riverine cyanobacterial and algal mats

Laura T. Kelly, Keith Bouma-Gregson, Jonathan Puddick, Rich Fadness, Ken G. Ryan, Timothy W. Davis, Susanna A. Wood

BIN overlap confirms transcontinental distribution of pest aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

Muhammad Tayyib Naseem, Muhammad Ashfaq, Arif Muhammad Khan, Akhtar Rasool, Muhammad Asif, Paul D. N. Hebert

Sexual behaviour in a murine model of mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I)

Ana Barbosa Mendes, Cinthia Castro do Nascimento, Vânia D’Almeida

Platelet thrombus formation in eHUS is prevented by anti-MBL2

R. I. Kushak, D. C. Boyle, I. A. Rosales, J. R. Ingelfinger, G. L. Stahl, M. Ozaki, R. B. Colvin, E. F. Grabowski

CPO Complete, a novel test for fast, accurate phenotypic detection and classification of carbapenemases

Gina K. Thomson, Sameh AbdelGhani, Kenneth S. Thomson

Temporal microstructure of dyadic social behavior during relationship formation in mice

Won Lee, Jiayi Fu, Neal Bouwman, Pam Farago, James P. Curley

Root and shoot competition lead to contrasting competitive outcomes under water stress: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Alicia J. Foxx, Florian Fort

Divulging diazotrophic bacterial community structure in Kuwait desert ecosystems and their N2-fixation potential

M. K. Suleiman, A. M. Quoreshi, N. R. Bhat, A. J. Manuvel, M. T. Sivadasan

Canine distemper in Nepal's Annapurna Conservation Area – Implications of dog husbandry and human behaviour for wildlife disease

Debby Ng, Scott Carver, Mukhiya Gotame, Dibesh Karmasharya, Dikpal Karmacharya, Saman Man Pradhan, Ajay Narsingh Rana, Christopher N. Johnson

Development of the mandibular curve of spee and maxillary compensating curve: A finite element model

Steven D. Marshall, Karen Kruger, Robert G. Franciscus, Thomas E. Southard

Quantitative assessment of fecal contamination in multiple environmental sample types in urban communities in Dhaka, Bangladesh using SaniPath microbial approach

Nuhu Amin, Mahbubur Rahman, Suraja Raj, Shahjahan Ali, Jamie Green, Shimul Das, Solaiman Doza, Momenul Haque Mondol, Yuke Wang, Mohammad Aminul Islam, Mahbub-Ul Alam, Tarique Md. Nurul Huda, Sabrina Haque, Leanne Unicomb, George Joseph, Christine L. Moe

The effect of overnight consolidation in the perceptual learning of non-native tonal contrasts

Zhen Qin, Caicai Zhang

Computational search for UV radiation resistance strategies in Deinococcus swuensis isolated from Paramo ecosystems

Jorge Díaz-Riaño, Leonardo Posada, Iván Camilo Acosta, Carlos Ruíz-Pérez, Catalina García-Castillo, Alejandro Reyes, María Mercedes Zambrano

Perceptions and practices related to birthweight in rural Bangladesh: Implications for neonatal health programs in low- and middle-income settings

Monjura Khatun Nisha, Camille Raynes-Greenow, Aminur Rahman, Ashraful Alam

Regulation of amino acid and nucleotide metabolism by crustacean hyperglycemic hormone in the muscle and hepatopancreas of the crayfish Procambarus clarkia

Wenfeng Li, Kuo-Hsun Chiu, Chi-Ying Lee

Effects of breed, management and personality on cortisol reactivity in sport horses

Fay J. Sauer, Marco Hermann, Alessandra Ramseyer, Dominik Burger, Stefanie Riemer, Vinzenz Gerber

The D-dimer level predicts the postoperative prognosis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Yuki Shiina, Takahiro Nakajima, Takayoshi Yamamoto, Kazuhisa Tanaka, Yuichi Sakairi, Hironobu Wada, Hidemi Suzuki, Ichiro Yoshino

Ligand-induced conformational selection predicts the selectivity of cysteine protease inhibitors

Geraldo Rodrigues Sartori, Andrei Leitão, Carlos A. Montanari, Charles A. Laughton

Protein, dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidant pigments and phytochemicals, and antioxidant activity in selected red morph Amaranthus leafy vegetable

Umakanta Sarker, Shinya Oba

Intensity of physical activity as a percentage of peak oxygen uptake, heart rate and Borg RPE in motor-complete para- and tetraplegia

Tobias Holmlund, Elin Ekblom-Bak, Erika Franzén, Claes Hultling, Kerstin Wahman

A submerged 7000-year-old village and seawall demonstrate earliest known coastal defence against sea-level rise

Ehud Galili, Jonathan Benjamin, Vered Eshed, Baruch Rosen, John McCarthy, Liora Kolska Horwitz

Annual replication is essential in evaluating the response of the soil microbiome to the genetic modification of maize in different biogeographical regions

Márton Szoboszlay, Astrid Näther, Ewen Mullins, Christoph C. Tebbe

Brettanomyces bruxellensis wine isolates show high geographical dispersal and long persistence in cellars

Alice Cibrario, Marta Avramova, Maria Dimopoulou, Maura Magani, Cécile Miot-Sertier, Albert Mas, Maria C. Portillo, Patricia Ballestra, Warren Albertin, Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarede, Marguerite Dols-Lafargue

Effects of the replacement of fishmeal by soy protein concentrate on growth performance, apparent digestibility, and retention of protein and amino acid in juvenile pearl gentian grouper

Yan Chen, Jun Ma, Hai Huang, Honggan Zhong

Alteration of the anatomical covariance network after corpus callosotomy in pediatric intractable epilepsy

Riyo Ueda, Hiroshi Matsuda, Noriko Sato, Masaki Iwasaki, Daichi Sone, Eri Takeshita, Yuko Shimizu-Motohashi, Akihiko Ishiyama, Takashi Saito, Hirofumi Komaki, Eiji Nakagawa, Kenji Sugai, Masayuki Sasaki, Yoshimi Kaga, Hiroshige Takeichi, Masumi Inagaki

Energy expenditure and body composition changes after an isocaloric ketogenic diet in overweight and obese men: A secondary analysis of energy expenditure and physical activity

Mark I. Friedman, Scott Appel

Validation of a cross-NTD toolkit for assessment of NTD-related morbidity and disability. A cross-cultural qualitative validation of study instruments in Colombia

Janneke Fischer, Benita Jansen, Alberto Rivera, Libardo J. Gómez, Martha C. Barbosa, Jorge L. Bilbao, José M. González, Luis Restrepo, Yesenia Vidal, Ruth M. H. Peters, Wim H. van Brakel

The effect of bigger human bodies on the future global calorie requirements

Lutz Depenbusch, Stephan Klasen

Dyslipidemias and cardiovascular risk scores in urban and rural populations in north-western Tanzania and southern Uganda

Bazil Kavishe, Fiona Vanobberghen, David Katende, Saidi Kapiga, Paula Munderi, Kathy Baisley, Samuel Biraro, Neema Mosha, Gerald Mutungi, Janneth Mghamba, Peter Hughes, Liam Smeeth, Heiner Grosskurth, Robert Peck

Demographic characteristics, site and phylogenetic distribution of dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma: 744 dogs (2000-2015)

Joanne L. Tuohy, Marejka H. Shaevitz, Laura D. Garrett, Audrey Ruple, Laura E. Selmic

Distinctive tasks of different cyanobacteria and associated bacteria in carbon as well as nitrogen fixation and cycling in a late stage Baltic Sea bloom

Falk Eigemann, Angela Vogts, Maren Voss, Luca Zoccarato, Heide Schulz-Vogt

Genome wide DNA methylation profiling identifies specific epigenetic features in high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

David Hervás-Marín, Faatiemah Higgins, Onofre Sanmartín, Jose Antonio López-Guerrero, M. Carmen Bañó, J. Carlos Igual, Inma Quilis, Juan Sandoval

The effect of dietary supplementation with Clostridium butyricum on the growth performance, immunity, intestinal microbiota and disease resistance of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Hongqin Li, Ying Zhou, Huayun Ling, Li Luo, Desheng Qi, Lin Feng

De novo identification of satellite DNAs in the sequenced genomes of Drosophila virilis and D. americana using the RepeatExplorer and TAREAN pipelines

Bráulio S. M. L. Silva, Pedro Heringer, Guilherme B. Dias, Marta Svartman, Gustavo C. S. Kuhn

Incidence of statin use in older adults with and without cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus, January 2008- March 2018

Catherine A. Panozzo, Lesley H. Curtis, James Marshall, Lawrence Fine, Barbara L. Wells, Jeffrey S. Brown, Kevin Haynes, Pamala A. Pawloski, Adrian F. Hernandez, Sarah Malek, Beth Syat, Richard Platt

Comprehensive analysis of chromosomal mobile genetic elements in the gut microbiome reveals phylum-level niche-adaptive gene pools

Xiaofang Jiang, Andrew Brantley Hall, Ramnik J. Xavier, Eric J. Alm

Mood and behavioral problems are important predictors of quality of life of nursing home residents with moderate to severe dementia: A cross-sectional study

Marinda Henskens, Ilse M. Nauta, Susan Vrijkotte, Katja T. Drost, Maarten V. Milders, Erik J. A. Scherder

Behavioural risks in female dogs with minimal lifetime exposure to gonadal hormones

Melissa Starling, Anne Fawcett, Bethany Wilson, James Serpell, Paul McGreevy

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (t-VNS): A novel effective treatment for temper outbursts in adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome indicated by results from a non-blind study

Katherine E. Manning, Jessica A. Beresford-Webb, Lucie C. S. Aman, Howard A. Ring, Peter C. Watson, Stephen W. Porges, Chris Oliver, Sally R. Jennings, Anthony J. Holland

Goniozus omanensis (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) an important parasitoid of the lesser date moth Batrachedra amydraula Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Batrachedridae) in Oman

A. Polaszek, T. Almandhari, L. Fusu, S. A. H. Al-Khatri, S. Al Naabi, R. H. Al Shidi, S. Russell, I. C. W. Hardy

Prevalence and epidemiological characteristics of patients with diabetic retinopathy in Slovakia: 12-month results from the DIARET SK study

Marta Ondrejkova, Peter Jackuliak, Emil Martinka, Marian Mokan, James Foley, Jana Fabkova, Karol Gecik, Iveta Tvrda, Miroslav Helbich, Monika Gajdosova,

Historical record of Corallium rubrum and its changing carbon sequestration capacity: A meta-analysis from the North Western Mediterranean

Miguel Mallo, Patrizia Ziveri, Victoria Reyes-García, Sergio Rossi

Having pity on our victims to save ourselves: Compassion reduces self-critical emotions and self-blame about past harmful behavior among those who highly identify with their past self

Ernst Willem Meerholz, Russell Spears, Kai Epstude

The novel aminoglycoside, ELX-02, permits CTNSW138X translational read-through and restores lysosomal cystine efflux in cystinosis

Emma J. Brasell, Lee Lee Chu, Murielle M. Akpa, Idit Eshkar-Oren, Iris Alroy, Rachel Corsini, Brian M. Gilfix, Yojiro Yamanaka, Pedro Huertas, Paul Goodyer

An oral care programme for adults- Evaluation after 15 years

Carolina Ganss, Marie Heins, Nadine Schlueter

Genetic variation across trophic levels: A test of the correlation between population size and genetic diversity in sympatric desert lizards

Erica M. Rutherford, Andrew Ontano, Camille Kantor, Eric J. Routman

Fuzzy jump wavelet neural network based on rule induction for dynamic nonlinear system identification with real data applications

Mohsen Kharazihai Isfahani, Maryam Zekri, Hamid Reza Marateb, Miguel Angel Mañanas

Dendrochronological evidence for long-distance timber trading in the Roman Empire

Mauro Bernabei, Jarno Bontadi, Rossella Rea, Ulf Büntgen, Willy Tegel

Patterns of serial rib fractures after blunt chest trauma: An analysis of 380 cases

Christian Liebsch, Tina Seiffert, Markus Vlcek, Meinrad Beer, Markus Huber-Lang, Hans-Joachim Wilke

Influence of traffic accessibility on land use based on Landsat imagery and internet map: A case study of the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration

Yongwei Liu, Xiaoshu Cao, Jianbin Xu, Tao Li

Strategic rule breaking: Time wasting to win soccer games

Henrich R. Greve, Nils Rudi, Anup Walvekar

Visual body form and orientation cues do not modulate visuo-tactile temporal integration

Sophie Smit, Anina N. Rich, Regine Zopf

Early succession on slag compared to urban soil: A slower recovery

Heng-Xing Zou, Alison E. Anastasio, Catherine A. Pfister

Informing, simulating experience, or both: A field experiment on phishing risks

Aurélien Baillon, Jeroen de Bruin, Aysil Emirmahmutoglu, Evelien van de Veer, Bram van Dijk

Agronomic performance of lettuce cultivars submitted to different irrigation depths

Claudinei Martins Guimarães, Fernando França da Cunha, Francisco Charles dos Santos Silva, Edcássio Dias Araújo, Aline Baldez Felismino Guimarães, Everardo Chartuni Mantovani, Derly José Henriques da Silva

Growth of young HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children in western Kenya: A retrospective chart review

Megan S. McHenry, Edith Apondi, Samuel O. Ayaya, Ziyi Yang, Wenfang Li, Wanzhu Tu, Guanying Bi, Edwin Sang, Rachel C. Vreeman

Comparison of traditional methods versus SAFEcount for filling prescriptions: A pilot study of an innovative pill counting solution in eSwatini

Paul J. Krezanoski, Joseph D. Krezanoski, Nkosinathi Nxumalo, Rose Gabert, Alison B. Comfort, Phinda Khumalo, Kidwell Matshotyana

Estimating relative CWD susceptibility and disease progression in farmed white-tailed deer with rare PRNP alleles

Nicholas J. Haley, Kahla Merrett, Amy Buros Stein, Dennis Simpson, Andrew Carlson, Gordon Mitchell, Antanas Staskevicius, Tracy Nichols, Aaron D. Lehmkuhl, Bruce V. Thomsen

Development of a high throughput human stool specimen processing method for a molecular Helicobacter pylori clarithromycin resistance assay

Natalie Clines, Erin Beckman

MSP-N: Multiple selection procedure with ‘N’ possible growth mechanisms

Pradumn Kumar Pandey, Mayank Singh

Twins! Microsatellite analysis of two embryos within one egg case in oviparous elasmobranchs

Samantha A. Hook, Syafiq M. Musa, Daniel M. Ripley, Jean-Denis Hibbitt, Bianka Grunow, Timo Moritz, Holly A. Shiels

Are census data accurate for estimating coverage of a lymphatic filariasis MDA campaign? Results of a survey in Sierra Leone

Wogba Kamara, Kathryn L. Zoerhoff, Emily H. Toubali, Mary H. Hodges, Donal Bisanzio, Dhuly Chowdhury, Mustapha Sonnie, Edward Magbity, Mohamed Samai, Abdulai Conteh, Florence Macarthy, Margaret Baker, Joseph B. Koroma

Significant alteration of liver metabolites by AAV8.Urocortin 2 gene transfer in mice with insulin resistance

Young Chul Kim, Agnieszka D. Truax, Dimosthenis Giamouridis, N. Chin Lai, Tracy Guo, H. Kirk Hammond, Mei Hua Gao

Biological control of Erwinia mallotivora, the causal agent of papaya dieback disease by indigenous seed-borne endophytic lactic acid bacteria consortium

Mariam Dayana Mohd Taha, Mohammad Fahrulazri Mohd Jaini, Noor Baity Saidi, Raha Abdul Rahim, Umi Kalsom Md Shah, Amalia Mohd Hashim

Comparison of a novel algorithm quantitatively estimating epifascial fibrosis in three-dimensional computed tomography images to other clinical lymphedema grading methods

Kyo-in Koo, Myoung-Hwan Ko, Yongkwan Lee, Hye Won Son, Suwon Lee, Chang Ho Hwang

Monitoring hunted species of cultural significance: Estimates of trends, population sizes and harvesting rates of flying-fox (Pteropus sp.) in New Caledonia

Malik Oedin, Fabrice Brescia, Mélanie Boissenin, Eric Vidal, Jean-Jérôme Cassan, Jean-Claude Hurlin, Alexandre Millon

Trust, and distrust, of Ebola Treatment Centers: A case-study from Sierra Leone

Paul Richards, Esther Mokuwa, Pleun Welmers, Harro Maat, Ulrike Beisel

Macmoondongtang modulates Th1-/Th2-related cytokines and alleviates asthma in a murine model

Soon-Young Lee, Bossng Kang, So-Hyeon Bok, Seung Sik Cho, Dae-Hun Park

Expressional artifact caused by a co-injection marker rol-6 in C. elegans

HoYong Jin, Scott W. Emmons, Byunghyuk Kim

Flexible employment policies, temporal control and health promoting practices: A qualitative study in two Australian worksites

Jane Dixon, Cathy Banwell, Lyndall Strazdins, Lara Corr, John Burgess

Cost-effectiveness analysis of aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular events among patients with type 2 diabetes in China

Minghuan Jiang, Pengchao Li, Joyce Hoi-sze You, Xinglong Zheng, Jizhao Deng, Mingyue Zhao, Liuxin Feng, Yu Fang

Olfactory bulb volume changes associated with trans-sphenoidal pituitary surgery

Dino Podlesek, Amir Zolal, Matthias Kirsch, Gabriele Schackert, Thomas Pinzer, Thomas Hummel

Integrin αDβ2 influences cerebral edema, leukocyte accumulation and neurologic outcomes in experimental severe malaria

Isaclaudia G. de Azevedo-Quintanilha, Adriana Vieira-de-Abreu, André C. Ferreira, Patricia A. Reis, Tathiany I. Silva, Danielle de O. Nascimento, Robert A. Campbell, Vanessa Estato, Andrew S. Weyrich, Patrícia T. Bozza, Guy A. Zimmerman, Hugo C. Castro-Faria-Neto

Robust, automated sleep scoring by a compact neural network with distributional shift correction

Zeke Barger, Charles G. Frye, Danqian Liu, Yang Dan, Kristofer E. Bouchard

Clinical characterization and prognosis of T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia with high CRLF2 gene expression in children

Mingmin Wang, Jinquan Wen, Yuxia Guo, Yali Shen, Xizhou An, Yanni Hu, Jianwen Xiao

Factors that enable effective One Health collaborations - A scoping review of the literature

Kaylee Myhre Errecaborde, Katelyn Wuebbolt Macy, Amy Pekol, Sol Perez, Mary Katherine O’Brien, Ian Allen, Francesca Contadini, Julia Yeri Lee, Elizabeth Mumford, Jeff B. Bender, Katharine Pelican

Seasonal changes of the diurnal variation of precipitation in the upper Río Chagres basin, Panamá

Tosiyuki Nakaegawa, Reinhardt Pinzon, Jose Fabrega, Johnny A. Cuevas, Hector A. De Lima, Eric Cordoba, Keisuke Nakayama, Josue Ivan Batista Lao, Alcely Lau Melo, Diego Arturo Gonzalez, Shoji Kusunoki

Functional connectivity dynamics slow with descent from wakefulness to sleep

Mazen El-Baba, Daniel J. Lewis, Zhuo Fang, Adrian M. Owen, Stuart M. Fogel, J. Bruce Morton

User abnormal behavior recommendation via multilayer network

Chengyun Song, Weiyi Liu, Zhining Liu, Xiaoyang Liu

A quantum chemical approach representing a new perspective concerning agonist and antagonist drugs in the context of schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease

Ana Martínez, Ilich A. Ibarra, Rubicelia Vargas

The effect of extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization (EOTTS) to reduce medial knee compartment forces – An in vivo study

Lukas Kolodziej, Rodney K. Summers, Michael E. Graham

Whole brain polarity regime dynamics are significantly disrupted in schizophrenia and correlate strongly with network connectivity measures

Robyn L. Miller, Godfrey Pearlson, Vince D. Calhoun

Risk of infection in the first year of life in preterm children: An Austrian observational study

Laura Steiner, Susanne C. Diesner, Peter Voitl

SparkGA2: Production-quality memory-efficient Apache Spark based genome analysis framework

Hamid Mushtaq, Nauman Ahmed, Zaid Al-Ars

People versus machines in the UK: Minimum wages, labor reallocation and automatable jobs

Grace Lordan

Histo- and immunohistochemistry-based estimation of the TCGA and ACRG molecular subtypes for gastric carcinoma and their prognostic significance: A single-institution study

Ju-Yoon Yoon, Keiyan Sy, Christine Brezden-Masley, Catherine J. Streutker

Long-term outcomes of macrovascular diseases and metabolic indicators of bariatric surgery for severe obesity type 2 diabetes patients with a meta-analysis

Guoli Yan, Jinjin Wang, Jianfeng Zhang, Kaiping Gao, Qianqian Zhao, Xueqin Xu

Influence of post-partum BMI change on childhood obesity and energy intake

Martha M. Téllez-Rojo, Belem Trejo-Valdivia, Elizabeth Roberts, Teresa Verenice Muñoz-Rocha, Luis F. Bautista-Arredondo, Karen E. Peterson, Alejandra Cantoral

Effect of dietary cellulose supplementation on gut barrier function and apoptosis in a murine model of endotoxemia

Valentina Di Caro, Alicia M. Alcamo, Jessica L. Cummings, Robert S. B. Clark, Elizabeth A. Novak, Kevin P. Mollen, Michael J. Morowitz, Rajesh K. Aneja

m6A minimally impacts the structure, dynamics, and Rev ARM binding properties of HIV-1 RRE stem IIB

Chia-Chieh Chu, Bei Liu, Raphael Plangger, Christoph Kreutz, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi

Cannabis users: Screen systematically, treat individually. A descriptive study of participants in a randomized trial in primary care

Catherine Laporte, Céline Lambert, Bruno Pereira, Olivier Blanc, Nicolas Authier, David Balayssac, Georges Brousse, Philippe Vorilhon

Trait self-control does not predict attentional control: Evidence from a novel attention capture paradigm

Michael A. Dieciuc, Heather M. Maranges, Walter R. Boot

Head to head comparison of two commercial fecal calprotectin kits as predictor of Mayo endoscopic sub-score and mucosal TNF expression in ulcerative colitis

Rasmus Goll, Richard Heitmann, Øystein Kittel Moe, Katrine Carlsen, Jon Florholmen

Exploring the hospital patient journey: What does the patient experience?

Raffaella Gualandi, Cristina Masella, Daniela Viglione, Daniela Tartaglini

CD200 is up-regulated in R6/1 transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease

Andrea Comella Bolla, Tony Valente, Andres Miguez, Veronica Brito, Silvia Gines, Carme Solà, Marco Straccia, Josep M. Canals

Three-dimensional analysis of pancreatic fat by fat-water magnetic resonance imaging provides detailed characterization of pancreatic steatosis with improved reproducibility

Shingo Kato, Akito Iwasaki, Yusuke Kurita, Jun Arimoto, Toh Yamamoto, Sho Hasegawa, Takamitsu Sato, Kento Imajo, Kunihiro Hosono, Noritoshi Kobayashi, Masato Yoneda, Takuma Higurashi, Kensuke Kubota, Daisuke Utsunomiya, Atsushi Nakajima

Early changes in pulmonary function and intrarenal haemodynamics and the correlation between these sets of parameters in patients with T2DM

He Tai, Xiao-lin Jiang, Jin-song Kuang, JJ JiaJia Yu, Ye-tao Ju, Wen-cong Cao, Wei Chen, Xin-yue Cui, Li-de Zhang, Xin Fu, Lian-qun Jia, Yi Zhang

Gender and neglected tropical disease front-line workers: Data from 16 countries

Erica A. Shoemaker, Kelly Dale, Daniel A. Cohn, Maureen P. Kelly, Kathryn L. Zoerhoff, Wilfrid E. Batcho, Clarisse Bougouma, Georges B. Nko’Ayissi, Aboulaye Meite, Benjamin Marfo, André Goepogui, Marc-Aurele Telfort, Lita Renata Sianipar, Mahamadou Traore, Pradip Rimal, Djibo Aichatou Alfari, Chukwuma Anyaike, Fatou N. Badiane, Ibrahim Kargbo-Labour, Upendo J. Mwingira, Marcel S. Awoussi, Rachel D. Stelmach, Carly L. Smith, Jennifer Arney, Taroub Harb Faramand, Diana M. Stukel, Bolivar Pou, Lisa A. Rotondo, John D. Kraemer, Margaret C. Baker

Integrating long noncoding RNAs and mRNAs expression profiles of response to Plasmodiophora brassicae infection in Pakchoi (Brassica campestris ssp. chinensis Makino)

Hongfang Zhu, Xiaofeng Li, Dandan Xi, Wen Zhai, Zhaohui Zhang, Yuying Zhu

Lower IQ and poorer cognitive profiles in treated perinatally HIV-infected children is irrespective of having a background of international adoption

M. Van den Hof, A. M. ter Haar, H. J. Scherpbier, P. Reiss, F. W. N. M. Wit, K. J. Oostrom, D. Pajkrt

Strengthening counseling on barriers to exclusive breastfeeding through use of job aids in Nampula, Mozambique

Justine A. Kavle, Melanie Picolo, Gabriela Buccini, Iracema Barros, Chloe H. Dillaway, Rafael Pérez-Escamilla

Survey on antimicrobial usage in local dairy cows in North-central Nigeria: Drivers for misuse and public health threats

Nma Bida Alhaji, Mohammed Baba Aliyu, Ibrahim Ghali-Mohammed, Ismail Ayoade Odetokun

A population-based study of tuberculosis incidence among rheumatic disease patients under anti-TNF treatment

Natália Sarzi Sartori, Paulo Picon, Afonso Papke, Jeruza Lavanholi Neyeloff, Rafael Mendonça da Silva Chakr

Health risk assessment on musculoskeletal disorders among potato-chip processing workers

Sunisa Chaiklieng

Processed and ultra-processed foods are associated with high prevalence of inadequate selenium intake and low prevalence of vitamin B1 and zinc inadequacy in adolescents from public schools in an urban area of northeastern Brazil

Raphaela Cecília Thé Maia de Arruda Falcão, Clélia de Oliveira Lyra, Célia Márcia Medeiros de Morais, Liana Galvão Bacurau Pinheiro, Lucia Fátima Campos Pedrosa, Severina Carla Vieira Cunha Lima, Karine Cavalcanti Maurício Sena-Evangelista

Is half the world’s population really below ‘replacement-rate’?

Stuart Gietel-Basten, Sergei Scherbov

Report on a large animal study with Göttingen Minipigs where regenerates and controls for articular cartilage were created in a large number. Focus on the conditions of the operated stifle joints and suggestions for standardized procedures

Markus L. Schwarz, Gregor Reisig, Andy Schütte, Kristianna Becker, Susanne Serba, Elmar Forsch, Steffen Thier, Stefan Fickert, Tamara Lenz, Christel Weiß, Svetlana Hetjens, Frederic Bludau, Friederike Bothe, Wiltrud Richter, Barbara Schneider-Wald

Seasonal variation of a plant-pollinator network in the Brazilian Cerrado: Implications for community structure and robustness

Simone Cappellari Rabeling, Jia Le Lim, Rosana Tidon, John L. Neff, Beryl B. Simpson, Samraat Pawar

Assessing gastro-intestinal related quality of life in cystic fibrosis: Validation of PedsQL GI in children and their parents

Mieke Boon, Ine Claes, Trudy Havermans, Victoria Fornés-Ferrer, Joaquim Calvo-Lerma, Inês Asseiceira, Anna Bulfamante, María Garriga, Etna Masip, Sandra Woodcock, Sylvia Walet, Celeste Barreto, Carla Colombo, Paula Crespo, Els Van der Wiel, Jessie Hulst, Sandra Martinez-Barona, Rita Nobili, Luisa Pereira, Mar Ruperto, Saioa Vicente, Kris De Boeck, Carmen Ribes-Koninckx,

Autosomal recessive congenital cataracts linked to HSF4 in a consanguineous Pakistani family

Xiaodong Jiao, Shahid Y. Khan, Haiba Kaul, Tariq Butt, Muhammad Asif Naeem, Sheikh Riazuddin, J. Fielding Hejtmancik, S. Amer Riazuddin

Replacing murine insulin 1 with human insulin protects NOD mice from diabetes

Colleen M. Elso, Nicholas A. Scott, Lina Mariana, Emma I. Masterman, Andrew P. R. Sutherland, Helen E. Thomas, Stuart I. Mannering

Long-term gait measurements in daily life: Results from the Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II)

Jörn Kiselev, Timur Nuritdinow, Dominik Spira, Nikolaus Buchmann, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Christian Lederer, Martin Daumer, Ilja Demuth

Neonatal and neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm infants according to maternal body mass index: A prospective cohort study

Marie Moreau, Mathilde Remy, Simon Nusinovici, Valérie Rouger, Lisa Molines, Cyril Flamant, Guillaume Legendre, Jean-Christophe Rozé, Agnès Salle, Patrick Van Bogaert, Régis Coutant, Géraldine Gascoin

Genetic variability of five ADRB2 polymorphisms among Mexican Amerindian ethnicities and the Mestizo population

María Guadalupe Salas-Martínez, Yolanda Saldaña-Alvarez, Emilio J. Cordova, Diana Karen Mendiola-Soto, Miguel A. Cid-Soto, Angélica Luckie-Duque, Hermenegildo Vicenteño-Ayala, Francisco Barajas-Olmos, Cecilia Contreras-Cubas, Humberto García-Ortiz, Juan L. Jiménez-Ruíz, Federico Centeno-Cruz, Angélica Martínez-Hernández, Elvia C. Mendoza-Caamal, Elaheh Mirzaeicheshmeh, Lorena Orozco

A novel image encryption technique using hybrid method of discrete dynamical chaotic maps and Brownian motion

Majid Khan, Fawad Masood, Abdullah Alghafis, Muhammad Amin, Syeda Iram Batool Naqvi

Possible link between dental diseases and arteriosclerosis in patients on hemodialysis

Taro Misaki, Akiko Fukunaga, Yoshitaka Shimizu, Akira Ishikawa, Kazuhiko Nakano

Late Glacial rapid climate change and human response in the Westernmost Mediterranean (Iberia and Morocco)

Gerd-Christian Weniger, María de Andrés-Herrero, Viviane Bolin, Martin Kehl, Taylor Otto, Alessandro Potì, Yvonne Tafelmaier

The role of endothelial MERTK during the inflammatory response in lungs

Yitong Li, Erika S. Wittchen, Elizabeth Monaghan-Benson, Cornelia Hahn, H. Shelton Earp, Claire M. Doerschuk, Keith Burridge

Significant hearing loss in Fabry disease: Study of the Danish nationwide cohort prior to treatment

Puriya Daniel Yazdanfard, Christoffer Valdorff Madsen, Lars Holme Nielsen, Åse Krogh Rasmussen, Jørgen Holm Petersen, Alka Seth, Søren Schwartz Sørensen, Lars Køber, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen

Establishment of chemosensitivity tests in triple-negative and BRCA-mutated breast cancer patient-derived xenograft models

Hyung Seok Park, Jeong Dong Lee, Jee Ye Kim, Seho Park, Joo Heung Kim, Hyun Ju Han, Yeon A. Choi, Ae Ran Choi, Joo Hyuk Sohn, Seung Il Kim

An epidemiological study of visceral leishmaniasis in North East Ethiopia using serological and leishmanin skin tests

Desalegn Tadese, Asrat Hailu, Fitsum Bekele, Shewaye Belay

Dissociations of oral foci of infections with infectious complications and survival after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Matti Mauramo, Patricia Grolimund, Adrian Egli, Jakob Passweg, Jörg Halter, Tuomas Waltimo

Latin American consumption of major food groups: Results from the ELANS study

Irina Kovalskys, Attilio Rigotti, Berthold Koletzko, Mauro Fisberg, Georgina Gómez, Marianella Herrera-Cuenca, Lilia Yadira Cortés Sanabria, Martha Cecilia Yépez García, Rossina G. Pareja, Ioná Zalcman Zimberg, Ana Del Arco, Luciana Zonis, Agatha Nogueira Previdelli, Viviana Guajardo, Luis A. Moreno, Regina Fisberg,

The seroconversion rate of QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube test in psoriatic patients receiving secukinumab and ixekizumab, the anti-interleukin-17A monoclonal antibodies

Chen-Yu Wu, Hsien-Yi Chiu, Tsen-Fang Tsai

Does prior knowledge of food fraud affect consumer behavior? Evidence from an incentivized economic experiment

Syed Imran Ali Meerza, Christopher R. Gustafson

Isolation and characterization of the EgWRI1 promoter from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) and its response to environmental stress and ethylene

Qing Zhang, Ruhao Sun, Yusheng Zheng, Yijun Yuan, Dongdong Li

Bridge to neuroscience workshop: An effective educational tool to introduce principles of neuroscience to Hispanics students

Alexandra Colón-Rodríguez, Chelsea T. Tiernan, Eileen S. Rodriguez-Tapia, William D. Atchison

Plasma metabolites as possible biomarkers for diagnosis of breast cancer

Jiwon Park, Yumi Shin, Tae Hyun Kim, Dong-Hyun Kim, Anbok Lee

Investigating gene expression profiles of whole blood and peripheral blood mononuclear cells using multiple collection and processing methods

Aarti Gautam, Duncan Donohue, Allison Hoke, Stacy Ann Miller, Seshamalini Srinivasan, Bintu Sowe, Leanne Detwiler, Jesse Lynch, Michael Levangie, Rasha Hammamieh, Marti Jett

Altitude and human disturbance are associated with helminth diversity in an endangered primate, Procolobus gordonorum

Claudia Barelli, Viviana Gonzalez-Astudillo, Roger Mundry, Francesco Rovero, Heidi C. Hauffe, Thomas R. Gillespie

“My mother in-law forced my husband to divorce me”: Experiences of women with infertility in Zamfara State of Nigeria

Florence Naab, Yakubu Lawali, Ernestina S. Donkor

Effects of the killer immunoglobulin–like receptor (KIR) polymorphisms on HIV acquisition: A meta-analysis

Suwit Chaisri, Noel Pabalan, Sompong Tabunhan, Phuntila Tharabenjasin, Nipaporn Sankuntaw, Chanvit Leelayuwat

The technological, organizational and environmental determinants of adoption of mobile health applications (m-health) by hospitals in Kenya

Bahati Prince Ngongo, Phares Ochola, Joyce Ndegwa, Paul Katuse

Reaction-diffusion memory unit: Modeling of sensitization, habituation and dishabituation in the brain

Matthew M. Carnaghi, Joseph M. Starobin

Early rise in central venous pressure during a spontaneous breathing trial: A promising test to identify patients at high risk of weaning failure?

Sebastián Dubo, Emilio Daniel Valenzuela, Andrés Aquevedo, Manuel Jibaja, Dolores Berrutti, Christian Labra, Rossana Lagos, María Fernanda García, Vanessa Ramírez, Milton Tobar, Fabricio Picoita, Cristian Peláez, David Carpio, Leyla Alegría, Carolina Hidalgo, Karen Godoy, Alejandro Bruhn, Glenn Hernández, Jan Bakker, Ricardo Castro

The computational analyses of handwriting in individuals with psychopathic personality disorder

Barbara Gawda

Consumption of psychoactive substances in prison: Between initiation and improvement, what trajectories occur after incarceration? COSMOS study data

Morgane Rousselet, Marylène Guerlais, Pascal Caillet, Bertrand Le Geay, Damien Mauillon, Patrick Serre, Pierre-Yves Chameau, Yves Bleher, Serge Mounsande, Pascale Jolliet, Caroline Victorri-Vigneau

Prevalence of damaged and missing teeth among women in the southern plains of Nepal: Findings of a simplified assessment tool

Priyanka Agrawal, Swetha Manohar, Andrew L. Thorne-Lyman, K. C. Angela, Binod Shrestha, Rolf D. Klemm, Keith P. West

A global model for predicting the arrival of imported dengue infections

Jessica Liebig, Cassie Jansen, Dean Paini, Lauren Gardner, Raja Jurdak

From social interactions to interpersonal relationships: Influences on ultra-runners’ race experience

Brian Harman, Céline Kosirnik, Roberta Antonini Philippe

Anxiety reduction through art therapy in women. Exploring stress regulation and executive functioning as underlying neurocognitive mechanisms

Annemarie Abbing, Leo de Sonneville, Erik Baars, Daniëlle Bourne, Hanna Swaab

The properties and formation mechanism of oat β-glucan mixed gels with different molecular weight composition induced by high-pressure processing

Rui Fan, Peihua Ma, Dan Zhou, Fang Yuan, Xueli Cao

Acceptability of early childhood obesity prediction models to New Zealand families

Éadaoin M. Butler, José G. B. Derraik, Marewa Glover, Susan M. B. Morton, El-Shadan Tautolo, Rachael W. Taylor, Wayne S. Cutfield

Abundance of ethnically biased microsatellites in human gene regions

Nick Kinney, Lin Kang, Laurel Eckstrand, Arichanah Pulenthiran, Peter Samuel, Ramu Anandakrishnan, Robin T. Varghese, P. Michalak, Harold R. Garner

Analysing trajectories of a longitudinal exposure: A causal perspective on common methods in lifecourse research

Sarah C. Gadd, Peter W. G. Tennant, Alison J. Heppenstall, Jan R. Boehnke, Mark S. Gilthorpe

Malaria screening at the workplace in Cameroon

Christian Nchetnkou Mbohou, Loick Pradel Kojom Foko, Hervé Nyabeyeu Nyabeyeu, Calvin Tonga, Larissa Kouodjip Nono, Lafortune Kangam, Godlove Wepnje Bunda, Isabelle Matip Mbou, Etoile Odette Ngo Hondt, Alex Joel Koumbo Mbe, Nicolas Policarpe Nolla, Leopold Gustave Lehman

Ex vivo perfusion-based engraftment of genetically engineered cell sensors into transplantable organs

Ling-Yee Chin, Cailah Carroll, Siavash Raigani, Danielle M. Detelich, Shannon N. Tessier, Gregory R. Wojtkiewicz, Stephen P. Schmidt, Ralph Weissleder, Heidi Yeh, Korkut Uygun, Biju Parekkadan

Genetic and morphological divergence in the warm-water planktonic foraminifera genus Globigerinoides

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The association between chronic periodontitis and oral Helicobacter pylori: A meta-analysis

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Using species distribution models to predict potential hot-spots for Rift Valley Fever establishment in the United Kingdom

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Disturbance study of seismic vibrator reaction mass and piston

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Gene expression is associated with virulence in murine macrophages infected with Leptospira spp

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Polysubstance use patterns and novel synthetics: A cluster analysis from three U.S. cities

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Vernonia polysphaera Baker: Anti-inflammatory activity in vivo and inhibitory effect in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells

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Cost-effectiveness of prenatal screening and diagnostic strategies for Down syndrome: A microsimulation modeling analysis

Wei Zhang, Tima Mohammadi, Julie Sou, Aslam H. Anis

Social vulnerability assessment of dog intake location data as a planning tool for community health program development: A case study in Athens-Clarke County, GA, 2014-2016

Jessie L. Dyer, Lisa Milot

The subjective value of a smile alters social behaviour

Erin A. Heerey, Thandiwe S. E. Gilder

Prevalence of drug–drug interaction in atrial fibrillation patients based on a large claims data

Kenji Momo, Haruna Kobayashi, Yuuka Sugiura, Takeo Yasu, Masayoshi Koinuma, Sei-ichiro Kuroda

The logic of basic education provision and public goods preferences in Chinese fiscal federalism

Alfred M. Wu

The Black identity, hair product use, and breast cancer scale

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Diversity and distribution of microbial communities in floral nectar of two night-blooming plants of the Sonoran Desert

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Examining differences in cigarette smoking prevalence among young adults across national surveillance surveys

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Reversed metabolic reprogramming as a measure of cancer treatment efficacy in rat C6 glioma model

Keshav Datta, Mette H. Lauritzen, Milton Merchant, Taichang Jang, Shie-Chau Liu, Ralph Hurd, Lawrence Recht, Daniel M. Spielman

Impact of perceived distances on international tourism

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Effect of diabetes on incidence of peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis

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Exposure to household pet cats and dogs in childhood and risk of subsequent diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

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The prognostic value of myeloid derived suppressor cell level in hepatocellular carcinoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Myeloid cell deletion of Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor Nuclear Translocator (ARNT) induces non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

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Alligators in the abyss: The first experimental reptilian food fall in the deep ocean

Craig Robert McClain, Clifton Nunnally, River Dixon, Greg W. Rouse, Mark Benfield

A novel power-driven fractional accumulated grey model and its application in forecasting wind energy consumption of China

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Long-term ambient hydrocarbons exposure and incidence of ischemic stroke

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Chronic unexplained nausea in adults: Prevalence, impact on quality of life, and underlying organic diseases in a cohort of 5096 subjects comprehensively investigated

Hye-Kyung Jung, Chung Hyun Tae, Chang Mo Moon, Seong-Eun Kim, Ki-Nam Shim, Sung-Ae Jung

Evaluation of a nanophosphor lateral-flow assay for self-testing for herpes simplex virus type 2 seropositivity

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Normal and altered masticatory load impact on the range of craniofacial shape variation: An analysis of pre-Hispanic and modern populations of the American Southern Cone

Andrea P. Eyquem, Susan C. Kuzminsky, José Aguilera, Williams Astudillo, Viviana Toro-Ibacache

Assessing recall of personal sun exposure by integrating UV dosimeter and self-reported data with a network flow framework

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Public attitudes toward genetic modification in dairy cattle

Caroline Ritter, Adam Shriver, Emilie McConnachie, Jesse Robbins, Marina A. G. von Keyserlingk, Daniel M. Weary

Quantification of speech and synchrony in the conversation of adults with autism spectrum disorder

Keiko Ochi, Nobutaka Ono, Keiho Owada, Masaki Kojima, Miho Kuroda, Shigeki Sagayama, Hidenori Yamasue

Genome-wide association study of drought tolerance and biomass allocation in wheat

Isack Mathew, Hussein Shimelis, Admire Isaac Tichafa Shayanowako, Mark Laing, Vincent Chaplot

An examination of the association between early initiation of substance use and interrelated multilevel risk and protective factors among adolescents

Carlos Andres Trujillo, Diana Obando, Angela Trujillo

Pelagic tunicates at shallow hydrothermal vents of Kueishantao

Pietro Franco, Hans-Uwe Dahms, Jiang-Shiou Hwang

Aegicetus gehennae, a new late Eocene protocetid (Cetacea, Archaeoceti) from Wadi Al Hitan, Egypt, and the transition to tail-powered swimming in whales

Philip D. Gingerich, Mohammed Sameh M. Antar, Iyad S. Zalmout

Changing landscape configuration demands ecological planning: Retrospect and prospect for megaherbivores of North Bengal

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Analyzing linguistic variation and change using gamification web apps: The case of German-speaking Europe

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Factors associated with condom use among HIV-positive women living in Atlanta, Georgia

Priya R. Gursahaney, Sarah Cordes, Ighovwerha Ofotokun, Kristin M. Wall, Denise J. Jamieson, Lisa B. Haddad

Watered-down biodiversity? A comparison of metabarcoding results from DNA extracted from matched water and bulk tissue biomonitoring samples

Mehrdad Hajibabaei, Teresita M. Porter, Chloe V. Robinson, Donald J. Baird, Shadi Shokralla, Michael T. G. Wright

Robust blind spectral unmixing for fluorescence microscopy using unsupervised learning

Tristan D. McRae, David Oleksyn, Jim Miller, Yu-Rong Gao

Identification and impact of stable prognostic biochemical markers for cold-induced sweetening resistance on selection efficiency in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) breeding programs

Sanjay K. Gupta, James Crants

What do we really know about the appropriateness of radiation emitting imaging for low back pain in primary and emergency care? A systematic review and meta-analysis of medical record reviews

Gabrielle S. Logan, Andrea Pike, Bethan Copsey, Patrick Parfrey, Holly Etchegary, Amanda Hall

Naïve/Effector CD4 T cell ratio as a useful predictive marker of immune reconstitution in late presenter HIV patients: A multicenter study

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C5aR agonist enhances phagocytosis of fibrillar and non-fibrillar Aβ amyloid and preserves memory in a mouse model of familial Alzheimer’s disease

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Fluid balance correlates with clinical course of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and mortality in patients with septic shock

Allen Chung-Cheng Huang, Tim Yu-Ting Lee, Meng-Cheng Ko, Chih-Hsien Huang, Tsai-Yu Wang, Ting-Yu Lin, Shu-Min Lin

Channel-spatial attention network for fewshot classification

Yan Zhang, Min Fang, Nian Wang

The evolution and genetic diversity of avian influenza A(H9N2) viruses in Cambodia, 2015 – 2016

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Withdrawn medicines included in the essential medicines lists of 136 countries

Onella Charles, Igho Onakpoya, Simran Benipal, Hannah Woods, Anjli Bali, Jeffrey K. Aronson, Carl Heneghan, Nav Persaud

Whose data can we trust: How meta-predictions can be used to uncover credible respondents in survey data

Sonja Radas, Drazen Prelec

The optimal delivery time and order quantity in an oligopoly market with time-sensitive customers

Haijiao Li, Weijin Xu, Kuan Yang

Feature identification in time-indexed model output

Justin Shaw, Marek Stastna

Influence of microwave-assisted dehydration on morphological integrity and viability of cat ovarian tissues: First steps toward long-term preservation of complex biomaterials at supra-zero temperatures

Pei-Chih Lee, Daniella M. Adams, Olga Amelkina, Kylie K. White, Luigi A. Amoretti, Marinda G. Whitaker, Pierre Comizzoli

Healing The Past By Nurturing The Future: A qualitative systematic review and meta-synthesis of pregnancy, birth and early postpartum experiences and views of parents with a history of childhood maltreatment

Catherine Chamberlain, Naomi Ralph, Stacey Hokke, Yvonne Clark, Graham Gee, Claire Stansfield, Katy Sutcliffe, Stephanie J. Brown, Sue Brennan,

Relationship between land surface temperature and fraction of anthropized area in the Atlantic forest region, Brazil

Raianny L. N. Wanderley, Leonardo M. Domingues, Carlos A. Joly, Humberto R. da Rocha

The coevolution of contagion and behavior with increasing and decreasing awareness

Samira Maghool, Nahid Maleki-Jirsaraei, Marco Cremonini

Seeking snow and breathing hard – Behavioral tactics in high elevation mammals to combat warming temperatures

Wesley Sarmento, Mark Biel, Joel Berger

A simplistic approach of algal biofuels production from wastewater using a Hybrid Anaerobic Baffled Reactor and Photobioreactor (HABR-PBR) System

Md. Khalekuzzaman, Muhammed Alamgir, Md. Bashirul Islam, Mehedi Hasan

HeLa-CCL2 cell heterogeneity studied by single-cell DNA and RNA sequencing

Wan-er Hu, Xin Zhang, Qiu-fang Guo, Jing-wei Yang, Yuan Yang, Shi-cheng Wei, Xiao-dong Su

Elucidation of a non-thermal mechanism for DNA/RNA fragmentation and protein degradation when using Lyse-It

Tonya M. Santaus, Ken Greenberg, Prabhdeep Suri, Chris D. Geddes

Viral load testing among women on ‘option B+’ in Mazowe, Zimbabwe: How well are we doing?

Justice Nyakura, Hemant Deepak Shewade, Serge Ade, Angela Mushavi, Solomon Huruva Mukungunugwa, Anesu Chimwaza, Philip Owiti, Mbazi Senkoro, Owen Mugurungi

Application of enhanced assimilable organic carbon method across operational drinking water systems

Frances C. Pick, Katherine E. Fish, Catherine A. Biggs, Jonathan P. Moses, Graeme Moore, Joby B. Boxall

The majority of skin lesions in pediatric primary care attention could be managed by Teledermatology

Mara Giavina Bianchi, Andre Pires Santos, Eduardo Cordioli

Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis

Guillaume Rollin, José Lages, Tatiana S. Serebriyskaya, Dima L. Shepelyansky

Effect of the casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate fluoride (CPP-ACPF) and photobiomodulation (PBM) on dental hypersensitivity: A randomized controlled clinical trial

Mariangela Ivette Guanipa Ortiz, Cristiane de Melo Alencar, Brennda Lucy Freitas De Paula, Eliane Bemerguy Alves, Jesuína Lamartine Nogueira Araújo, Cecy Martins Silva

New fossils of Elateridae (Insecta, Coleoptera) from Early Cretaceous Jinju Formation (South Korea) with their implications to evolutionary diversity of extinct Protagrypninae

Jae-Cheon Sohn, Gi Soo Nam, Sei-Woong Choi, Dong Ren

Cost-effectiveness analysis of parenting interventions for the prevention of behaviour problems in children

Camilla Nystrand, Inna Feldman, Pia Enebrink, Filipa Sampaio

Establishment of normative ranges of the healthy human immune system with comprehensive polychromatic flow cytometry profiling

John S. Yi, Marilyn Rosa-Bray, Janet Staats, Pearl Zakroysky, Cliburn Chan, Melissa A. Russo, Chelsae Dumbauld, Scott White, Todd Gierman, Kent J. Weinhold, Jeffrey T. Guptill

Stochasticity and non-additivity expose hidden evolutionary pathways to cooperation

Sarah E. Fumagalli, Sean H. Rice

Emergency traffic adaptive MAC protocol for wireless body area networks based on prioritization

Farhan Masud, Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Gaddafi Abdul-Salaam

Face recognition and memory in congenital amusia

Weidong Tao, Huayan Huang, Hanna Haponenko, Hong-jin Sun

Variations of training load, monotony, and strain and dose-response relationships with maximal aerobic speed, maximal oxygen uptake, and isokinetic strength in professional soccer players

Filipe Manuel Clemente, Cain Clark, Daniel Castillo, Hugo Sarmento, Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis, Thomas Rosemann, Beat Knechtle

Hydrogel based protein biochip for parallel detection of biomarkers for diagnosis of a Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) in human serum

Anne Stumpf, Thomas Brandstetter, Johannes Hübner, Jürgen Rühe

NF-κB-mediated regulation of rat CYP2E1 by two independent signaling pathways

Qin Lin, Xiaolin Kang, Xuefeng Li, Tao Wang, Fengting Liu, Jinxue Jia, Ziqi Jin, Yongzhi Xue

Transcranial magnetic stimulation induced early silent period and rebound activity re-examined

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Heterogenous wealth effects of minimum unit price on purchase of alcohol: Evidence using scanner data

Anurag Sharma, Brian Vandenberg

Effectiveness of integrative medicine group visits in chronic pain and depressive symptoms: A randomized controlled trial

Paula Gardiner, Man Luo, Salvatore D’Amico, Katherine Gergen-Barnett, Laura F. White, Robert Saper, Suzanne Mitchell, Jane M. Liebschutz

Associations between adverse childhood family environments and blood pressure differ between men and women

Hannah M. C. Schreier, Emily J. Jones, Sibel Nayman, Joshua M. Smyth

Comparative analysis of the vaginal microbiome of pregnant women with either Trichomonas vaginalis or Chlamydia trachomatis

Simon Chengo Masha, Collins Owuor, Joyce Mwongeli Ngoi, Piet Cools, Eduard J. Sanders, Mario Vaneechoutte, Tania Crucitti, Etienne P. de Villiers

The influence of the fetal leg position on the outcome in vaginally intended deliveries out of breech presentation at term – A FRABAT prospective cohort study

Lukas Jennewein, Roman Allert, Charlotte J. Möllmann, Bettina Paul, Ulrikke Kielland-Kaisen, Florian J. Raimann, Dörthe Brüggmann, Frank Louwen

Colorectal cancer incidence among young adults in England: Trends by anatomical sub-site and deprivation

Aimilia Exarchakou, Liam J. Donaldson, Fabio Girardi, Michel P. Coleman

Assessing service and treatment needs and barriers of youth who use illicit and non-medical prescription drugs in Northern Ontario, Canada

Cayley Russell, Maria Neufeld, Pamela Sabioni, Thepikaa Varatharajan, Farihah Ali, Sarah Miles, Joanna Henderson, Benedikt Fischer, Jürgen Rehm

Composition and structure of the marine benthic community in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica: Responses of the benthic assemblage to disturbances

Yun Hee Kang, Sanghee Kim, Sun Kyeong Choi, Kyeonglim Moon, Han-Gu Choi, Young Wook Ko, Ian Hawes, Sa-Heung Kim, Ji Hee Kim, Sang Rul Park

Diet and feeding strategy of Northeast Atlantic mackerel (Scombrus scomber) in Icelandic waters

Cecilia Kvaavik, Gudmundur J. Óskarsson, Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir, Gudrún Marteinsdóttir

Agricultural intensification was associated with crop diversification in India (1947-2014)

Jamey C. Smith, Aniruddha Ghosh, Robert J. Hijmans

IL-18/IL-37/IP-10 signalling complex as a potential biomarker for discriminating active and latent TB

Sebastian Wawrocki, Michal Seweryn, Grzegorz Kielnierowski, Wieslawa Rudnicka, Marcin Wlodarczyk, Magdalena Druszczynska

Lie prevalence, lie characteristics and strategies of self-reported good liars

Brianna L. Verigin, Ewout H. Meijer, Glynis Bogaard, Aldert Vrij

Prevalent, persistent anal HPV infection and squamous intraepithelial lesions: Findings from a cohort of men living with HIV in South Africa

Admire Chikandiwa, Pedro. T. Pisa, Catherine Tamalet, Etienne. E. Muller, Pamela Michelow, Matthew. F. Chersich, Philippe Mayaud, Sinead Delany-Moretlwe

Assessment of the real-world safety profile of vedolizumab using the United States Food and Drug Administration adverse event reporting system

Raymond K. Cross, Michael Chiorean, Francis Vekeman, Yongling Xiao, Eric Wu, Jingdong Chao, Anthony W. Wang

Machine learning approach to single nucleotide polymorphism-based asthma prediction

Joverlyn Gaudillo, Jae Joseph Russell Rodriguez, Allen Nazareno, Lei Rigi Baltazar, Julianne Vilela, Rommel Bulalacao, Mario Domingo, Jason Albia

Local risk perception enhances epidemic control

José L. Herrera-Diestra, Lauren Ancel Meyers

Designing machine learning workflows with an application to topological data analysis

Eric Cawi, Patricio S. La Rosa, Arye Nehorai

Immuno-metabolic profile of human macrophages after Leishmania and Trypanosoma cruzi infection

Maureen C. Ty, P’ng Loke, Jordi Alberola, Ana Rodriguez, Alheli Rodriguez-Cortes

Phylogenetic position of the ‘extinct’ Fijian coconut moth, Levuana iridescens (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae)

Vazrick Nazari, Gerhard M. Tarmann, Konstantin A. Efetov

Association between cardiovascular diseases and pregnancy-induced hypertensive disorders in a population of Cameroonian women at Yaoundé: A case-control study

Benedict P. Taa Nguimbis Esseme, Ebongue Mbondji

Location of sources in reaction-diffusion equations using support vector machines

Venecia Chávez-Medina, José A. González, Francisco S. Guzmán

Methylsulfonylmethane increases osteogenesis and regulates the mineralization of the matrix by transglutaminase 2 in SHED cells

Hanan Aljohani, Linda T. Senbanjo, Meenakshi A. Chellaiah

Effect of anti-epileptic drugs on the survival of patients with glioblastoma multiforme: A retrospective, single-center study

Jae Yeoul Ryu, Kyoung Lok Min, Min Jung Chang

Four months vitamin D supplementation to vitamin D insufficient individuals does not improve muscular strength: A randomized controlled trial

Guri Grimnes, Julia Kubiak, Rolf Jorde

Hyperglycemia induces key genetic and phenotypic changes in human liver epithelial HepG2 cells which parallel the Leprdb/J mouse model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Robin C. Su, Apurva Lad, Joshua D. Breidenbach, Thomas M. Blomquist, William T. Gunning, Prabhatchandra Dube, Andrew L. Kleinhenz, Deepak Malhotra, Steven T. Haller, David J. Kennedy

Preoperative and operation-related risk factors for postoperative nosocomial infections in pediatric patients: A retrospective cohort study

Kuanrong Li, Xiaojun Li, Wenyue Si, Yanqin Cui, Huimin Xia, Xin Sun, Xingrong Song, Huiying Liang

Differences between individuals with schizophrenia or obsessive-compulsive disorder and healthy controls in social cognition and mindfulness skills: A controlled study

Yolanda López-del-Hoyo, Manuel González Panzano, Guillermo Lahera, Paola Herrera-Mercadal, Mayte Navarro-Gil, Daniel Campos, Luis Borao, Héctor Morillo, Javier García-Campayo

Variations by sex and age in the association between alcohol use and depressed mood among Thai adolescents

Wit Wichaidit, Nannapat Pruphetkaew, Sawitri Assanangkornchai

Undernutrition is associated with perturbations in T cell-, B cell-, monocyte- and dendritic cell- subsets in latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Anuradha Rajamanickam, Saravanan Munisankar, Chandra Kumar Dolla, Subash Babu

Clinical outcomes and mortality in old and very old patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy

Luiz Eduardo Montenegro Camanho, Eduardo Benchimol Saad, Charles Slater, Luiz Antonio Oliveira Inacio Junior, Gustavo Vignoli, Lucas Carvalho Dias, Pedro Pimenta de Mello Spineti, Ricardo Mourilhe-Rocha

Glycemic-aware metrics and oversampling techniques for predicting blood glucose levels using machine learning

Michael Mayo, Lynne Chepulis, Ryan G. Paul

RNA-sequencing reveals that STRN, ZNF484 and WNK1 add to the value of mitochondrial MT-COI and COX10 as markers of unstable coronary artery disease

Paul Holvoet, Bernward Klocke, Maarten Vanhaverbeke, Roxane Menten, Peter Sinnaeve, Emma Raitoharju, Terho Lehtimäki, Niku Oksala, Christian Zinser, Stefan Janssens, Karin Sipido, Leo-Pekka Lyytikainen, Stefano Cagnin

Human gut microbiota is associated with HIV-reactive immunoglobulin at baseline and following HIV vaccination

Jacob A. Cram, Andrew J. Fiore-Gartland, Sujatha Srinivasan, Shelly Karuna, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Georgia D. Tomaras, David N. Fredricks, James G. Kublin

Is un stylo sharper than une épée? Investigating the interaction of sound symbolism and grammatical gender in English and French speakers

David M. Sidhu, Penny M. Pexman, Jean Saint-Aubin

Shifting perceptions of female genital cutting in a Swedish migration context

Anna Wahlberg, Sara Johnsdotter, Katarina Ekholm Selling, Birgitta Essén

Estimating the degree to which distance and temperature differences drive changes in fish community composition over time in the upper Mississippi River

James H. Larson, Jon M. Vallazza, Brent C. Knights

Nucleotide composition affects codon usage toward the 3'-end

Fouad Zahdeh, Liran Carmel

Results from one-year use of an electronic Clinical Decision Support System in a post-conflict context: An implementation research

Andrea Bernasconi, Francois Crabbé, Ajibola Margret Adedeji, Attahiru Bello, Torsten Schmitz, Marco Landi, Rodolfo Rossi

Effects of continuity of care on the postradiotherapy survival of working-age patients with oral cavity cancer: A nationwide population-based cohort study in Taiwan

Tsu Jen Kuo, Pei Chen Wu, Pei Ling Tang, Chun-Hao Yin, Chi Hsiang Chu, Yao-Min Hung

Self-reported attitudes, knowledge and skills of using evidence-based medicine in daily health care practice: A national survey among students of medicine and health sciences in Hungary

Mónika Csertő, Károly Berényi, Tamás Decsi, Szimonetta Lohner

Development of refractive error in children treated for retinopathy of prematurity with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) agents: A meta-analysis and systematic review

Qing-Qing Tan, Stephen P. Christiansen, Jingyun Wang

High diversity of coralline algae in New Zealand revealed: Knowledge gaps and implications for future research

Brenton A. Twist, Kate F. Neill, Jaret Bilewitch, So Young Jeong, Judy E. Sutherland, Wendy A. Nelson

Electromyographic characteristics of pelvic floor muscles in women with stress urinary incontinence following sEMG-assisted biofeedback training and Pilates exercises

Daria Chmielewska, Magdalena Stania, Katarzyna Kucab–Klich, Edward Błaszczak, Krystyna Kwaśna, Agnieszka Smykla, Dominika Hudziak, Patrycja Dolibog

The effect of visceral fat on the hemodilution effect of serum carcinoembryonic antigen in Korean population

Youn-Joon Jung, Seung-Su Han

A Bayesian gene network reveals insight into the JAK-STAT pathway in systemic lupus erythematosus

Yupeng Li, Richard E. Higgs, Robert W. Hoffman, Ernst R. Dow, Xiong Liu, Michelle Petri, Daniel J. Wallace, Thomas Dörner, Brian J. Eastwood, Bradley B. Miller, Yushi Liu

Up on the roof and down in the dirt: Differences in substrate properties (SOM, potassium, phosphorus and pH) and their relationships to each other between sedum and wildflower green roofs

Renée McAlister, Anja S. Rott

Sap flow of Salix psammophila and its principal influencing factors at different slope positions in the Mu Us desert

Zhiyong Pei, Shaorong Hao, Guohui Pang, Kai Wang, Tiejun Liu

Long-term outcomes of prismatic correction in partially accommodative esotropia

Hye Rim Choe, Hee Kyung Yang, Jeong-Min Hwang

Does in vitro selection of biocontrol agents guarantee success in planta? A study case of wheat protection against Fusarium seedling blight by soil bacteria

Yoann Besset-Manzoni, Pierre Joly, Aline Brutel, Florence Gerin, Olivier Soudière, Thierry Langin, Claire Prigent-Combaret

Highly multiplexed quantitative PCR-based platform for evaluation of chicken immune responses

Dominika Borowska, Richard Kuo, Richard A. Bailey, Kellie A. Watson, Pete Kaiser, Lonneke Vervelde, Mark P. Stevens

Combination treatment of berberine and solid lipid curcumin particles increased cell death and inhibited PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway of human cultured glioblastoma cells more effectively than did individual treatments

Panchanan Maiti, Alexandra Plemmons, Gary L. Dunbar

Research trends in farmers’ mental health: A scoping review of mental health outcomes and interventions among farming populations worldwide

Briana N. M. Hagen, Ashley Albright, Jan Sargeant, Charlotte B. Winder, Sherilee L. Harper, Terri L. O’Sullivan, Andria Jones-Bitton

HR-pQCT imaging in children, adolescents and young adults: Systematic review and subgroup meta-analysis of normative data

Daddy Mata-Mbemba, Taryn Rohringer, Ala Ibrahim, Thomasin Adams-Webberc, Rahim Moineddin, Andrea S. Doria, Reza Vali

Limits in reliability of leg-spring and joint stiffness measures during single-leg hopping within a sled-based system

David Diggin, Ross Anderson, Andrew J. Harrison

Genomic and phylogenetic analysis of choriolysins, and biological activity of hatching liquid in the flatfish Senegalese sole

Carlos Carballo, Evangelia G. Chronopoulou, Sophia Letsiou, Eleni Spanidi, Konstantinos Gardikis, Nikolaos E. Labrou, Manuel Manchado

Physical activity levels in adults and elderly from triaxial and uniaxial accelerometry. The Tromsø Study

Edvard H. Sagelv, Ulf Ekelund, Sigurd Pedersen, Søren Brage, Bjørge H. Hansen, Jonas Johansson, Sameline Grimsgaard, Anna Nordström, Alexander Horsch, Laila A. Hopstock, Bente Morseth

Pathologic changes and immune responses against Coxiella burnetii in mice following infection via non-invasive intratracheal inoculation

Xueyuan Hu, Yonghui Yu, Junxia Feng, Mengjiao Fu, Lupeng Dai, Zhiyu Lu, Wenbo Luo, Jinglin Wang, Dongsheng Zhou, Xiaolu Xiong, Bohai Wen, Baohua Zhao, Jun Jiao

4D perfusion CT of prostate cancer for image-guided radiotherapy planning: A proof of concept study

Lucian Beer, Stephan H. Polanec, Pascal A. T. Baltzer, Georg Schatzl, Dietmar Georg, Christian Schestak, Anja Dutschke, Harald Herrmann, Peter Mazal, Alexander K. Brendel, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Helmut Ringl, Thomas H. Helbich, Paul Apfaltrer

Rapid wound healing in a reef manta ray masks the extent of vessel strike

Frazer McGregor, Anthony J. Richardson, Amelia J. Armstrong, Asia O. Armstrong, Christine L. Dudgeon

Exploring resources and environmental carrying capacities at the county level: A case study of China’s Fengxian County

Luyao Wei, Cheng Jin, Yuqi Lu

The opportunities and risks of mobile phones for refugees’ experience: A scoping review

Tiziana Mancini, Federica Sibilla, Dimitris Argiropoulos, Michele Rossi, Marina Everri

Motor vehicle crash reconstruction: Does it relate to the heterogeneity of whiplash recovery?

James M. Elliott, Brad E. Heinrichs, David M. Walton, Todd B. Parrish, D. Mark Courtney, Andrew C. Smith, Jasmine Hunt, Mary J. Kwasny, Marie Wasielewski, Gunter P. Siegmund

Frequency and determinants of health care utilization for symptomatic reproductive tract infections in rural Indian women: A cross-sectional study

Mitchell A. Kinkor, Bijaya K. Padhi, Pinaki Panigrahi, Kelly K. Baker

BPRF: Blockchain-based privacy-preserving reputation framework for participatory sensing systems

Hyo Jin Jo, Wonsuk Choi

Gang confrontation: The case of Medellin (Colombia)

Juan D. Botero, Weisi Guo, Guillem Mosquera, Alan Wilson, Samuel Johnson, Gicela A. Aguirre-Garcia, Leonardo A. Pachon

Adaptive smartphone-based sensor fusion for estimating competitive rowing kinematic metrics

Bryn Cloud, Britt Tarien, Ada Liu, Thomas Shedd, Xinfan Lin, Mont Hubbard, R. Paul Crawford, Jason K. Moore

Prevalence of Cryptococcal Antigenemia and associated factors among HIV/AIDS patients on second-line antiretroviral therapy at two hospitals in Western Oromia, Ethiopia

Nuguse Geda, Tafese Beyene, Regea Dabsu, Hylemariam Mihiretie Mengist

Characterization of the cecal microbiome composition of Wenchang chickens before and after fattening

Zhen Tan, Lilong Luo, Xiaozhe Wang, Qiong Wen, Lu Zhou, Kebang Wu

A leader-follower model for discrete competitive facility location problem under the partially proportional rule with a threshold

Wuyang Yu

Process elements contributing to community mobilization for HIV risk reduction and gender equality in rural South Africa

Catherine MacPhail, Nomhle Khoza, Sarah Treves-Kagan, Amanda Selin, Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Dean Peacock, Dumisani Rebombo, Rhian Twine, Suzanne Maman, Kathleen Kahn, Stephanie M. DeLong, Lauren M. Hill, Sheri A. Lippman, Audrey Pettifor

Hidden dynamics of soccer leagues: The predictive ‘power’ of partial standings

Clive B. Beggs, Alexander J. Bond, Stacey Emmonds, Ben Jones

Quantitative dynamics of Salmonella and E. coli in feces of feedlot cattle treated with ceftiofur and chlortetracycline

Naomi Ohta, Bo Norby, Guy H. Loneragan, Javier Vinasco, Henk C. den Bakker, Sara D. Lawhon, Keri N. Norman, Harvey M. Scott

Diet of the brown bear in Himalaya: Combining classical and molecular genetic techniques

Muhammad Ali Nawaz, Alice Valentini, Noor Kamal Khan, Christian Miquel, Pierre Taberlet, Jon E. Swenson

Multiscale analysis for patterns of Zika virus genotype emergence, spread, and consequence

Monica K. Borucki, Nicole M. Collette, Lark L. Coffey, Koen K. A. Van Rompay, Mona H. Hwang, James B. Thissen, Jonathan E. Allen, Adam T. Zemla

Incidences of community onset severe sepsis, Sepsis-3 sepsis, and bacteremia in Sweden – A prospective population-based study

Lars Ljungström, Rune Andersson, Gunnar Jacobsson

Antiphagocytic protein 1 increases the susceptibility of Cryptococcus neoformans to amphotericin B and fluconazole

Muhammad Ghaffar, Cody Orr, Ginny Webb

Towards text mining therapeutic change: A systematic review of text-based methods for Therapeutic Change Process Research

Wouter Smink, Anneke M. Sools, Janneke M. van der Zwaan, Sytske Wiegersma, Bernard P. Veldkamp, Gerben J. Westerhof

Intrinsic group behaviour II: On the dependence of triad spatial dynamics on social and personal features; and on the effect of social interaction on small group dynamics

Francesco Zanlungo, Zeynep Yucel, Takayuki Kanda

Association between circulating neuregulin4 levels and diabetes mellitus: A meta-analysis of observational studies

Yao Wang, Shuai Huang, Pei Yu

Impact of relational leadership on employees’ unethical pro-organizational behavior: A survey based on tourism companies in four countries

Xianchun Zhang, Zhu Yao

Using morphological attributes for the fast assessment of nutritional responses of Buddhist pine (Podocarpus macrophyllus [Thunb.] D. Don) seedlings to exponential fertilization

Liang Xu, Xie Zhang, Duhai Zhang, Hongxu Wei, Jia Guo

Student engagement, assessed using heart rate, shows no reset following active learning sessions in lectures

Diana K. Darnell, Paul A. Krieg

Examining transmission of gut bacteria to preserved carcass via anal secretions in Nicrophorus defodiens

Christopher James Miller, Scott Thomas Bates, Lindsay M. Gielda, J. Curtis Creighton

Direct costs of illness of patients with chronic cough in rural Malawi—Experiences from Dowa and Ntchisi districts

Junious M. Sichali, Jahangir A. K. Khan, Elvis M. Gama, Hastings T. Banda, Ireen Namakhoma, Grace Bongololo, Rachael Thomson, Berthe Stenberg, S. Bertel Squire

Bone spoons for prehistoric babies: Detection of human teeth marks on the Neolithic artefacts from the site Grad-Starčevo (Serbia)

Sofija Stefanović, Bojan Petrović, Marko Porčić, Kristina Penezić, Jugoslav Pendić, Vesna Dimitrijević, Ivana Živaljević, Sonja Vuković, Jelena Jovanović, Sanja Kojić, Andrej Starović, Tamara Blagojević

Identifying and characterizing extrapolation in multivariate response data

Meridith L. Bartley, Ephraim M. Hanks, Erin M. Schliep, Patricia A. Soranno, Tyler Wagner

Clinically-defined preoperative serum phosphorus abnormalities and outcomes of coronary artery bypass grafting: Retrospective analysis using inverse probability weighting adjustment

Jungchan Park, Kwan Young Hong, Jeong Jin Min, Eunjin Kwon, Young Tak Lee, Wook Sung Kim, Hye Seung Kim, Kyunga Kim, Jong-Hwan Lee

My experiences with kidney care: A qualitative study of adults in the Northern Territory of Australia living with chronic kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation

Jaquelyne T. Hughes, Natasha Freeman, Barbara Beaton, Anne-Marie Puruntatemeri, Monica Hausin, Gerarda Tipiloura, Pamela Wood, Selina Signal, Sandawana W. Majoni, Alan Cass, Louise J. Maple-Brown, Renae Kirkham

Anemia and associated factors among type-2 diabetes mellitus patients attending public hospitals in Harari Region, Eastern Ethiopia

Astarekegn Bekele, Kedir Teji Roba, Gudina Egata, Berhe Gebremichael

The KLDpT activation loop motif is critical for MARK kinase activity

Tim Sonntag, James J. Moresco, John R. Yates, III, Marc Montminy

Pro-renin receptor suppresses mitochondrial biogenesis and function via AMPK/SIRT-1/ PGC-1α pathway in diabetic kidney

Safia Akhtar, Helmy M. Siragy

Evaluation of upconverting nanoparticles towards heart theranostics

Marc Kermorgant, Jennifer Ben Salem, Julien Santelli, Denis Calise, Anne-Cécile Oster, Olivier Lairez, Christophe Coudret, Marc Verelst, Céline Gales, Jean-Michel Sénard, Francis Beaudry, Anne Pavy-Le Traon, Clément Roux, Robert Mauricot, Dina N. Arvanitis

Severe childhood anemia and emergency blood transfusion in Gadarif Hospital, eastern Sudan

Mohammed Ahmed A. Ahmed, Abdullah Al-Nafeesah, Osama Al-Wutayd, Hyder M. Mahgoub, Ishag Adam

Gender differences in the effect of self-rated health (SRH) on all-cause mortality and specific causes of mortality among individuals aged 50 years and older

Insun Ryou, Yujin Cho, Hyung-Jin Yoon, Minseon Park

PyLandStats: An open-source Pythonic library to compute landscape metrics

Martí Bosch

Snow avalanche deaths in Switzerland from 1995 to 2014—Results of a nation-wide linkage study

Claudia Berlin, Frank Techel, Beat Kaspar Moor, Marcel Zwahlen, Rebecca Maria Hasler,

Cashew nuts (Anacardium occidentale L.) decrease visceral fat, yet augment glucose in dyslipidemic rats

Celina C. Q. Dias, Marta S. Madruga, Maria Manuela E. Pintado, Gabriel Henrique Oliveira Almeida, Ana Paula Vilar Alves, Francileide Amaro Dantas, Jéssyka Kallyne Galvão Bezerra, Marília Ferreira Frazão Tavares de Melo, Vanessa Bordin Viera, Juliana Késsia B. Soares

Association between attitudes of stigma toward mental illness and attitudes toward adoption of evidence-based practice within health care providers in Bahrain

Feras Al Saif, Hussain Al Shakhoori, Suad Nooh, Haitham Jahrami

The efficacy of conditioned medium released by tonsil-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a chronic murine colitis model

Ko Eun Lee, Sung-Ae Jung, Yang-Hee Joo, Eun Mi Song, Chang Mo Moon, Seong-Eun Kim, Inho Jo

Generation of targeted homozygosity in the genome of human induced pluripotent stem cells

Yasuhide Yoshimura, Ayako Yamanishi, Tomo Kamitani, Jin-Soo Kim, Junji Takeda

Pathways to care and outcomes among hospitalised HIV-seropositive persons with cryptococcal meningitis in South Africa

Vanessa Quan, Sandra Toro-Silva, Charlotte Sriruttan, Verushka Chetty, Violet Chihota, Sophie Candfield, Anna Vassall, Alison D. Grant, Nelesh P. Govender,

Fungicides, herbicides and bees: A systematic review of existing research and methods

Merissa G. Cullen, Linzi J. Thompson, James. C. Carolan, Jane C. Stout, Dara A. Stanley

The risk of active tuberculosis among individuals living in tuberculosis-affected households in the Republic of Korea, 2015

Jiyeon Yang, Sodam Lee, Suhyeon Oh, Sunmi Han, Shin Young Park, Youngman Kim, Jieun Kim, Mi-sun Park

Intraoperative ketorolac in high-risk breast cancer patients. A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Patrice Forget, Gauthier Bouche, Francois P. Duhoux, Pierre G. Coulie, Jan Decloedt, Alain Dekleermaker, Jean-Edouard Guillaume, Marc Ledent, Jean-Pascal Machiels, Véronique Mustin, Walter Swinnen, Aline van Maanen, Lionel Vander Essen, Jean-Christophe Verougstraete, Marc De Kock, Martine Berliere

An add-on training program involving breathing exercises, cold exposure, and meditation attenuates inflammation and disease activity in axial spondyloarthritis – A proof of concept trial

G. A. Buijze, H. M. Y. De Jong, M. Kox, M. G. van de Sande, D. Van Schaardenburg, R. M. Van Vugt, C. D. Popa, P. Pickkers, D. L. P. Baeten

Comparative study of the composition of cultivated, naturally grown Cordyceps sinensis, and stiff worms across different sampling years

Yujue Zhou, Min Wang, Hui Zhang, Zhuo Huang, Jun Ma

Factors affecting the spread of multiple information in social networks

Zhiqiang Zhu, Yinghao Zhang

Non-structural carbohydrates in maize with different nitrogen tolerance are affected by nitrogen addition

Yawei Wu, Bo Zhao, Qiang Li, Fanlei Kong, Lunjing Du, Fang Zhou, Haichun Shi, Yongpei Ke, Qinlin Liu, Dongju Feng, Jichao Yuan

Network dynamics of Broca’s area during word selection

Christopher R. Conner, Cihan M. Kadipasaoglu, Harel Z. Shouval, Gregory Hickok, Nitin Tandon

Is less readable liked better? The case of font readability in poetry appreciation

Xin Gao, Jeroen Dera, Annabel D. Nijhof, Roel M. Willems

An expanded rating curve model to estimate river discharge during tidal influences across the progressive-mixed-standing wave systems

Allan E. Jones, Amber K. Hardison, Ben R. Hodges, James W. McClelland, Kevan B. Moffett

Neuroimaging modality fusion in Alzheimer’s classification using convolutional neural networks

Arjun Punjabi, Adam Martersteck, Yanran Wang, Todd B. Parrish, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos,

Ginkgo biloba extract increases neurite outgrowth and activates the Akt/mTOR pathway

Imane Lejri, Amandine Grimm, Anne Eckert

Systematic review and meta-analysis comparing Adjustable Transobturator Male System (ATOMS) and Adjustable Continence Therapy (ProACT) for male stress incontinence

Javier C. Angulo, Sandra Schönburg, Alessandro Giammò, Francisco J. Abellán, Ignacio Arance, David Lora

Men and women differ in their perception of gender bias in research institutions

Judit García-González, Patricia Forcén, Maria Jimenez-Sanchez

Visual inspection of vaccine storage conditions in general practices: A study of 75 vaccine refrigerators

Anika Thielmann, Marie-Therese Puth, Birgitta Weltermann

Serum procalcitonin as an independent diagnostic markers of bacteremia in febrile patients with hematologic malignancies

Mina Yang, Seung Jun Choi, Jaewoong Lee, Dong Gun Lee, Yoon-Joo Kim, Yeon-Joon Park, Eun-Jee Oh

New physiological bench test reproducing nocturnal breathing pattern of patients with sleep disordered breathing

Shuo Liu, Yann Rétory, Amélie Sagniez, Sébastien Hardy, François Cottin, Gabriel Roisman, Michel Petitjean

Respiratory syncytial virus exhibits differential tropism for distinct human placental cell types with Hofbauer cells acting as a permissive reservoir for infection

Vladimir Bokun, John J. Moore, Robert Moore, Carrie C. Smallcombe, Terri J. Harford, Fariba Rezaee, Frank Esper, Giovanni Piedimonte

Correlation analysis of physical fitness and retinal microvasculature by OCT angiography in healthy adults

Pieter Nelis, Boris Schmitz, Andreas Klose, Florian Rolfes, Maged Alnawaiseh, Michael Krüger, Nicole Eter, Stefan-Martin Brand, Florian Alten

Non-spherical particles in optical tweezers: A numerical solution

Joonas Herranen, Johannes Markkanen, Gorden Videen, Karri Muinonen

Polyvinylalcohol-carbazate (PVAC) reduces red blood cell hemolysis

Felix Sellberg, Fanny Fredriksson, Thomas Engstrand, Tim Melander Bowden, Bo Nilsson, Jaan Hong, Folke Knutson, David Berglund

Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with susceptibility for development of colorectal cancer: Case-control study in a Basque population

Iker Alegria-Lertxundi, Carmelo Aguirre, Luis Bujanda, Francisco Javier Fernández, Francisco Polo, José M. Ordovás, M. Carmen Etxezarraga, Iñaki Zabalza, Mikel Larzabal, Isabel Portillo, Marian M. de Pancorbo, Leire Palencia-Madrid, Ana M. Rocandio, Marta Arroyo-Izaga

Fragment-based design of small molecule PCSK9 inhibitors using simulated annealing of chemical potential simulations

Frank Guarnieri, John L. Kulp, Jr., John L. Kulp, III, Ian S. Cloudsdale

Development and validation of the Scale of Motives for Using Social Networking Sites (SMU-SNS) for adolescents and youths

Miguel-Ángel Pertegal, Alfredo Oliva, Ana Rodríguez-Meirinhos

Formation of a structurally-stable conformation by the intrinsically disordered MYC:TRRAP complex

Edmond J. Feris, John W. Hinds, Michael D. Cole

Generation of swine movement network and analysis of efficient mitigation strategies for African swine fever virus

Tanvir Ferdousi, Sifat Afroj Moon, Adrian Self, Caterina Scoglio

Transient effect of melatonin treatment after neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in rats

Hester Rijkje Berger, Axel K. G. Nyman, Tora Sund Morken, Marius Widerøe

The Determinants of Household Food Waste Generation and its Associated Caloric and Nutrient Losses: The Case of Lebanon

Ali Chalak, Mohamad G. Abiad, Mohamad Diab, Lara Nasreddine

Housekeeping gene validation for RT-qPCR studies on synovial fibroblasts derived from healthy and osteoarthritic patients with focus on mechanical loading

Ute Nazet, Agnes Schröder, Susanne Grässel, Dominique Muschter, Peter Proff, Christian Kirschneck

Does historical land use affect the regional distribution of fleshy-fruited woody plants?

Matilda Arnell, Sara A. O. Cousins, Ove Eriksson

ABO blood group and risk of newly diagnosed nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: A case-control study in Han Chinese population

Guo-Chao Zhong, Shan Liu, Yi-Lin Wu, Mei Xia, Jin-Xian Zhu, Fa-Bao Hao, Lun Wan

Circulation of influenza virus from 2009 to 2018 in Cameroon: 10 years of surveillance data

Richard Njouom, Chavely Gwladys Monamele, Hermann Landry Munshili Njifon, Sebastien Kenmoe, Mohamadou Ripa Njankouo,

Parametric CAD modeling for open source scientific hardware: Comparing OpenSCAD and FreeCAD Python scripts

Felipe Machado, Norberto Malpica, Susana Borromeo

The diversity and abundance of fungi and bacteria on the healthy and dandruff affected human scalp

Sally G. Grimshaw, Adrian M. Smith, David S. Arnold, Elaine Xu, Michael Hoptroff, Barry Murphy

Interferometric fluorescence cross correlation spectroscopy

Ipsita Saha, Saveez Saffarian

Fatty acid profiling of 75 Indian snack samples highlights overall low trans fatty acid content with high polyunsaturated fatty acid content in some samples

Kshamata Joshee, Tanvi Abhang, Ram Kulkarni

Evaluating the impact of setting delineators in tunnels based on drivers’ visual characteristics

Xueyan Han, Yang Shao, Binghong Pan, Peng Yu, Bin Li

Quinolone nonsusceptibility among enteric pathogens isolated from international travelers – Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network (FoodNet) and National Antimicrobial Monitoring System (NARMS), 10 United States sites, 2004 – 2014

Julian E. Grass, Sunkyung Kim, Jennifer Y. Huang, Stephanie M. Morrison, Andre E. McCullough, Christy Bennett, Cindy R. Friedman, Anna Bowen

Influence of Debaryomyces hansenii on bacterial lactase gene diversity in intestinal mucosa of mice with antibiotic-associated diarrhea

Yunshan He, Yuan Tang, Maijiao Peng, Guozhen Xie, Wenge Li, Zhoujin Tan

Food from faeces: Evaluating the efficacy of scat DNA metabarcoding in dietary analyses

David Thuo, Elise Furlan, Femke Broekhuis, Joseph Kamau, Kyle Macdonald, Dianne M. Gleeson

Toll-like receptor 7-adapter complex modulates interferon-α production in HIV-stimulated plasmacytoid dendritic cells

Andy A. Patamawenu, Nathaniel E. Wright, Tulley Shofner, Sean Evans, Maura M. Manion, Nicole Doria-Rose, Stephen A. Migueles, Daniel Mendoza, Bennett Peterson, Christopher Wilhelm, Julia Rood, Amy Berkley, Nancy A. Cogliano, C. Jason Liang, Kiki Tesselaar, Frank Miedema, Julian Bess, Jr., Jeffrey Lifson, Mark Connors

Effects of nutrient level and planting density on population relationship in soybean and wheat intercropping populations

Jialing Huang, Yihang Li, Yu Shi, Lihong Wang, Qing Zhou, Xiaohua Huang

Prediction model for dengue fever based on interactive effects between multiple meteorological factors in Guangdong, China (2008–2016)

Binghua Zhu, Ligui Wang, Haiying Wang, Zhidong Cao, Lei Zha, Ze Li, Zhongyang Ye, Jinping Zhang, Hongbin Song, Yansong Sun

Antihypertensive treatment and risk of cardiovascular mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease diagnosed based on the presence of proteinuria and renal function: A large longitudinal study in Japan

Kei Nagai, Kunihiro Yamagata, Kunitoshi Iseki, Toshiki Moriyama, Kazuhiko Tsuruya, Shouichi Fujimoto, Ichiei Narita, Tsuneo Konta, Masahide Kondo, Masato Kasahara, Yugo Shibagaki, Koichi Asahi, Tsuyoshi Watanabe

Circadian misalignment alters insulin sensitivity during the light phase and shifts glucose tolerance rhythms in female mice

Li-Xin Zhong, Xiao-Na Li, Guang-Yu Yang, Xia Zhang, Wen-Xue Li, Qian-Qian Zhang, Huan-Xin Pan, Hui-Hong Zhang, Meng-Ya Zhou, Yi-Ding Wang, Wei-Wei Zhang, Qian-Sheng Hu, Wei Zhu, Bo Zhang

Commonly missed nursing cares in the obstetrics and gynecologic wards of Tigray general hospitals; Northern Ethiopia

Mebrahtom Haftu, Alem Girmay, Martha Gebremeskel, Gebrekiros Aregawi, Dawit Gebregziabher, Carmen Robles

Description and phylogeny of a new species of Liolaemus (Iguania: Liolaemidae) endemic to the south of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

Cristian Simón Abdala, Alvaro J. Aguilar-Kirigin, Romina Valeria Semhan, Ana Lucia Bulacios Arroyo, Julián Valdes, Marcos Maximiliano Paz, Roberto Gutiérrez Poblete, Pablo Valladares Faundez, Robert Langstroth, James Aparicio

Preparedness for colorectal cancer surgery and recovery through a person-centred information and communication intervention – A quasi-experimental longitudinal design

Joakim Öhlén, Richard Sawatzky, Monica Pettersson, Elisabeth Kenne Sarenmalm, Cecilia Larsdotter, Frida Smith, Catarina Wallengren, Febe Friberg, Karl Kodeda, Eva Carlsson

Detrended Fluctuation Analysis in the prediction of type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients at risk: Model optimization and comparison with other metrics

Ana Colás, Luis Vigil, Borja Vargas, David Cuesta–Frau, Manuel Varela

A co-registration investigation of inter-word spacing and parafoveal preview: Eye movements and fixation-related potentials

Federica Degno, Otto Loberg, Chuanli Zang, Manman Zhang, Nick Donnelly, Simon P. Liversedge

Wireless intravesical device for real-time bladder pressure measurement: Study of consecutive voiding in awake minipigs

Mohammad Ayodhia Soebadi, Marko Bakula, Lukman Hakim, Robert Puers, Dirk De Ridder

Sequence analyses at mitochondrial and nuclear loci reveal a novel Theileria sp. and aid in the phylogenetic resolution of piroplasms from Australian marsupials and ticks

Amanda D. Barbosa, Jill Austen, Timothy J. Portas, J. Anthony Friend, Liisa A. Ahlstrom, Charlotte L. Oskam, Una M. Ryan, Peter J. Irwin

Use of three points to determine the accuracy of guided implantation

Ye Liang, ShanShan Yuan, JingJing Huan, HuiXin Wang, YiYi Zhang, ChangYun Fang, Jia-Da Li

Citric-acid dialysate improves the calcification propensity of hemodialysis patients: A multicenter prospective randomized cross-over trial

Karlien J. ter Meulen, Marijke J. E. Dekker, Andreas Pasch, Natascha J. H. Broers, Frank M. van der Sande, Jeroen B. van der Net, Constantijn J. A. M. Konings, Isabelle M. Gsponer, Matthias D. N. Bachtler, Adelheid Gauly, Bernard Canaud, Jeroen P. Kooman

Plasmacytoid dendritic cell and myeloid dendritic cell function in ageing: A comparison between elderly and young adult women

Marloes van Splunter, Olaf Perdijk, Henriëtte Fick-Brinkhof, Esther G. Floris-Vollenbroek, Ben Meijer, Sylvia Brugman, Huub F. J. Savelkoul, Els van Hoffen, R. J. Joost van Neerven

Predicting the replicability of social science lab experiments

Adam Altmejd, Anna Dreber, Eskil Forsell, Juergen Huber, Taisuke Imai, Magnus Johannesson, Michael Kirchler, Gideon Nave, Colin Camerer

Lomax exponential distribution with an application to real-life data

Muhammad Ijaz, Syed Muhammad Asim, Alamgir

Territoriality and the organization of technology during the Last Glacial Maximum in southwestern Europe

João Cascalheira

Global longitudinal strain can predict heart failure exacerbation in stable outpatients with ischemic left ventricular systolic dysfunction

Damian Kaufmann, Małgorzata Szwoch, Joanna Kwiatkowska, Grzegorz Raczak, Ludmiła Daniłowicz-Szymanowicz

Barriers to chronic Hepatitis B treatment and care in Ghana: A qualitative study with people with Hepatitis B and healthcare providers

Charles Ampong Adjei, Sarah E. Stutterheim, Florence Naab, Robert A. C. Ruiter

Exploring the workplace climate and culture in relation to food environment-related factors in Norwegian kindergartens: The BRA-study

Anne Himberg-Sundet, Anne Lene Kristiansen, Mekdes K. Gebremariam, Thomas Moser, Lene Frost Andersen, Mona Bjelland, Nanna Lien

The evaluation of the Woman’s Condom marketing approach: What value did peer-led interpersonal communication add to the promotion of a new female condom in urban Lusaka?

Jessie Pinchoff, Christopher B. Boyer, Rachna Nag Chowdhuri, Gina Smith, Namwinga Chintu, Thoai D. Ngo

Composition and structure of the culturable gut bacterial communities in Anopheles albimanus from Colombia

Yadira Galeano-Castañeda, Paula Urrea-Aguirre, Stefani Piedrahita, Priscila Bascuñán, Margarita M. Correa

Discovery of genomic variations by whole-genome resequencing of the North American Araucana chicken

Rooksana E. Noorai, Vijay Shankar, Nowlan H. Freese, Christopher M. Gregorski, Susan C. Chapman

A siRNA mediated hepatic dpp4 knockdown affects lipid, but not glucose metabolism in diabetic mice

Sven Wolfgang Görgens, Kerstin Jahn-Hofmann, Dinesh Bangari, Sheila Cummings, Christiane Metz-Weidmann, Uwe Schwahn, Paulus Wohlfart, Matthias Schäfer, Maximilian Bielohuby

Central sensitization in knee osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia: Beyond depression and anxiety

Marina López-Ruiz, Josep Maria Losilla, Jordi Monfort, Mariona Portell, Teresa Gutiérrez, Violant Poca, Ferran Garcia-Fructuoso, Jone Llorente, Alba Garcia-Fontanals, Joan Deus

A Bayesian Monte Carlo approach for predicting the spread of infectious diseases

Olivera Stojanović, Johannes Leugering, Gordon Pipa, Stéphane Ghozzi, Alexander Ullrich

Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of imported dengue fever among inbound passengers: Infrared thermometer–based active surveillance at an international airport

Chia-ping Su, Ying-Yun Wang, Kuei-Chu Ku, Chi-Tai Fang

Orbit image analysis machine learning software can be used for the histological quantification of acute ischemic stroke blood clots

Seán Fitzgerald, Shunli Wang, Daying Dai, Dennis H. Murphree, Jr., Abhay Pandit, Andrew Douglas, Asim Rizvi, Ramanathan Kadirvel, Michael Gilvarry, Ray McCarthy, Manuel Stritt, Matthew J. Gounis, Waleed Brinjikji, David F. Kallmes, Karen M. Doyle

Impact of oral probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus vaccine strains on the immune response and gut microbiome of mice

Zaid Abdo, Jonathan LeCureux, Alora LaVoy, Bridget Eklund, Elizabeth P. Ryan, Gregg A. Dean

An investigation of the equine epidermal growth factor system during hyperinsulinemic laminitis

Melody A. de Laat, Robert J. Spence, Martin N. Sillence, Christopher C. Pollitt

Ranking hospitals when performance and risk factors are correlated: A simulation-based comparison of risk adjustment approaches for binary outcomes

Martin Roessler, Jochen Schmitt, Olaf Schoffer

The effect of carbohydrate sources: Sucrose, invert sugar and components of mānuka honey, on core bacteria in the digestive tract of adult honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Michelle A. Taylor, Alastair W. Robertson, Patrick J. Biggs, Kate K. Richards, Daniel F. Jones, Shanthi G. Parkar

Runs of Homozygosity and NetView analyses provide new insight into the genome-wide diversity and admixture of three German cattle breeds

Sowah Addo, Stefanie Klingel, Dirk Hinrichs, Georg Thaller

Backward compatibility of whole genome sequencing data with MLVA typing using a new MLVAtype shiny application for Vibrio cholerae

Jérôme Ambroise, Léonid M. Irenge, Jean-François Durant, Bertrand Bearzatto, Godfrey Bwire, O. Colin Stine, Jean-Luc Gala

Total sleep deprivation increases pain sensitivity, impairs conditioned pain modulation and facilitates temporal summation of pain in healthy participants

Alexander Torp Staffe, Mathias Winther Bech, Sara Louise Kjær Clemmensen, Henriette Tranberg Nielsen, Dennis Boye Larsen, Kristian Kjær Petersen

The effects of urbanization on bee communities depends on floral resource availability and bee functional traits

Caleb J. Wilson, Mary A. Jamieson

Dynamics of essential interaction between firms on financial reports

Hayato Goto, Eduardo Viegas, Hideki Takayasu, Misako Takayasu, Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen

Drug overdose among women in intimate relationships: The role of partner violence, adversity and relationship dependencies

Nabila El-Bassel, Phillip L. Marotta, Dawn Goddard-Eckrich, Mingway Chang, Tim Hunt, Ewin Wu, Louisa Gilbert

Robust effect of metabolic syndrome on major metabolic pathways in the myocardium

Maryam Karimi, Vasile I. Pavlov, Olivia Ziegler, Nivedita Sriram, Se-Young Yoon, Vahid Agbortoko, Stoiana Alexandrova, John Asara, Frank W. Sellke, Michael Sturek, Jun Feng, Boian S. Alexandrov, Anny Usheva

California condor microbiomes: Bacterial variety and functional properties in captive-bred individuals

Lindsey Jacobs, Benjamin H. McMahon, Joel Berendzen, Jonathan Longmire, Cheryl Gleasner, Nicolas W. Hengartner, Momchilo Vuyisich, Judith R. Cohn, Marti Jenkins, Andrew W. Bartlow, Jeanne M. Fair

Using baited remote underwater videos (BRUVs) to characterize chondrichthyan communities in a global biodiversity hotspot

Geoffrey J. Osgood, Meaghen E. McCord, Julia K. Baum

Evaluation of the potential of a new ribavirin analog impairing the dissemination of ovarian cancer cells

Anaïs Wambecke, Carine Laurent-Issartel, Johanne Leroy-Dudal, Florence Giffard, Fanny Cosson, Nadège Lubin-Germain, Jacques Uziel, Sabrina Kellouche, Franck Carreiras

Grazing offsets the stimulating effects of nitrogen addition on soil CH4 emissions in a meadow steppe in Northeast China

Rongrong Ren, Wanling Xu, Mingming Zhao, Wei Sun

Molecular characterization of fowl adenovirus isolate of Malaysia attenuated in chicken embryo liver cells and its pathogenicity and immunogenicity in chickens

Norfitriah Mohamed Sohaimi, Mohd Hair Bejo, Abdul Rahman Omar, Aini Ideris, Nurulfiza Mat Isa

Prolonged fasting followed by refeeding modifies proteome profile and parvalbumin expression in the fast-twitch muscle of pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus)

Rafaela Nunes da Silva-Gomes, Maria Laura Gabriel Kuniyoshi, Bruno Oliveira da Silva Duran, Bruna Tereza Thomazini Zanella, Paula Paccielli Freire, Tassiana Gutierrez de Paula, Bruno Evaristo de Almeida Fantinatti, Rondinelle Artur Simões Salomão, Robson Francisco Carvalho, Lucilene Delazari Santos, Maeli Dal-Pai-Silva

Agriculture development and CO2 emissions nexus in Saudi Arabia

Haider Mahmood, Tarek Tawfik Yousef Alkhateeb, Maleeha Mohammed Zaaf Al-Qahtani, Zafrul Allam, Nawaz Ahmad, Maham Furqan

Influence of a neck compression collar on cerebrovascular and autonomic function in men and women

Hitesh Joshi, Loriann M. Hynes, Heather Edgell

Visceral leishmaniasis in Northeast Brazil: What is the impact of HIV on this protozoan infection?

Uiara Regina Silva de Lima, Luciano Vanolli, Elizabeth Coelho Moraes, Jorim Severino Ithamar, Conceição de Maria Pedrozo e Silva de Azevedo

βC1, pathogenicity determinant encoded by Cotton leaf curl Multan betasatellite, interacts with calmodulin-like protein 11 (Gh-CML11) in Gossypium hirsutum

Hira Kamal, Fayyaz-ul-Amir Afsar Minhas, Diwaker Tripathi, Wajid Arshad Abbasi, Muhammad Hamza, Roma Mustafa, Muhammad Zuhaib Khan, Shahid Mansoor, Hanu R. Pappu, Imran Amin

Expanded eligibility for HIV testing increases HIV diagnoses—A cross-sectional study in seven health facilities in western Kenya

Rachael H. Joseph, Paul Musingila, Fredrick Miruka, Stella Wanjohi, Caroline Dande, Polycarp Musee, Fillet Lugalia, Dickens Onyango, Eunice Kinywa, Gordon Okomo, Iscah Moth, Samuel Omondi, Caren Ayieko, Lucy Nganga, Emily Zielinski-Gutierrez, Hellen Muttai, Kevin M. De Cock

Clinically useful limited sampling strategy to estimate area under the concentration-time curve of once-daily tacrolimus in adult Japanese kidney transplant recipients

Ryuto Nakazawa, Miki Yoshiike, Shiari Nozawa, Koichiro Aida, Yuichi Katsuoka, Eisuke Fujimoto, Masahiko Yazawa, Eiji Kikuchi, Yugo Shibagaki, Hideo Sasaki

Re-introduction of dengue virus serotype 2 in the state of Rio de Janeiro after almost a decade of epidemiological silence

María Celeste Torres, Fernanda de Bruycker Nogueira, Carlos Augusto Fernandes, Guilherme Louzada Silva Meira, Shirlei Ferreira de Aguiar, Alexandre Otávio Chieppe, Ana María Bispo de Filippis

The salivary gland proteome of root-galling grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch) feeding on Vitis spp.

Markus W. Eitle, James C. Carolan, Michaela Griesser, Astrid Forneck

Efficacy of antimalarial drugs for treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Asian region: A network meta-analysis

Cho Naing, Maxine A. Whittaker, Norah Htet Htet, Saint Nway Aye, Joon Wah Mak

A study of the impact of data sharing on article citations using journal policies as a natural experiment

Garret Christensen, Allan Dafoe, Edward Miguel, Don A. Moore, Andrew K. Rose

The higher they go the harder they could fall: The impact of risk-glorifying commercials on risk behavior

David F. Urschler, Hanna Heinrich, Stefanie Hechler, Peter Fischer, Thomas Kessler

Optimization of TripleTOF spectral simulation and library searching for confident localization of phosphorylation sites

Ayano Takai, Tomoya Tsubosaka, Yasuhiro Hirano, Naoki Hayakawa, Fumitaka Tani, Pekka Haapaniemi, Veronika Suni, Susumu Y. Imanishi

Evidence for pre-climacteric activation of AOX transcription during cold-induced conditioning to ripen in European pear (Pyrus communis L.)

Christopher Hendrickson, Seanna Hewitt, Mark E. Swanson, Todd Einhorn, Amit Dhingra

Expression of myeloid Src-family kinases is associated with poor prognosis in AML and influences Flt3-ITD kinase inhibitor acquired resistance

Ravi K. Patel, Mark C. Weir, Kexin Shen, Daniel Snyder, Vaughn S. Cooper, Thomas E. Smithgall

Examining psychosocial correlates of physical activity and sedentary behavior in youth with and without HIV

Leapetswe Malete, Dawn M. Tladi, Jennifer L. Etnier, Jerry Makhanda, Gabriel M. Anabwani

Modeling record scores in the snatch and its variations in the long-term training of young weightlifters

Adam Czaplicki, Paulina Szyszka, Jarosław Sacharuk, Janusz Jaszczuk

Women with metabolic syndrome show similar health benefits from high-intensity interval training than men

Valle Guio de Prada, Juan Fernando Ortega, Felix Morales-Palomo, Miguel Ramirez-Jimenez, Alfonso Moreno-Cabañas, Ricardo Mora-Rodriguez

Long-term tracking demonstrates effectiveness of a partnership-led training program to advance the careers of biomedical researchers from underrepresented groups

Beti Thompson, Mary A. O’Connell, Karen Peterson, Michele Shuster, Marilyn Drennan, Helena Loest, Sarah Holte, Julian A. Simon, Graciela A. Unguez

Serological evidence of arboviruses and coccidia infecting horses in the Amazonian region of Brazil

Fábio Alves Gomes, Ana Maria Jansen, Rosângela Zacarias Machado, Hilda Fátima Jesus Pena, Marcílio Jorge Fumagalli, Angélica Silva, Bruna Farias Alves, André Luiz Rodrigues Roque, Luiz Tadeu Moraes Figueiredo

Life-cycle mediated effects of urbanization on parasite communities in the estuarine fish, Fundulus heteroclitus

James M. Alfieri, Tavis K. Anderson

Rapid serial blinks: An index of temporally increased cognitive load

Ryota Nomura, Shunichi Maruno

Do cancer stem cells exist? A pilot study combining a systematic review with the hierarchy-of-hypotheses approach

Isabelle Bartram, Jonathan M. Jeschke

Diversity of a cytokinin dehydrogenase gene in wild and cultivated barley

Beata I. Czajkowska, Conor M. Finlay, Glynis Jones, Terence A. Brown

PyRates—A Python framework for rate-based neural simulations

Richard Gast, Daniel Rose, Christoph Salomon, Harald E. Möller, Nikolaus Weiskopf, Thomas R. Knösche

Interdependence of balance mechanisms during bipedal locomotion

Tyler Fettrow, Hendrik Reimann, David Grenet, Elizabeth Thompson, Jeremy Crenshaw, Jill Higginson, John Jeka

Ecological interdependencies and resource competition: The role of information and communication in promoting effective collaboration in complex management situations

Matthew Osborne, Emma Sundström, Örjan Bodin

Quaking-induced conversion of prion protein on a thermal mixer accelerates detection in brains infected with transmissible spongiform encephalopathy agents

Nadine Kaelber, Cyrus Bett, David M. Asher, Luisa Gregori

A new finite element based parameter to predict bone fracture

Chiara Colombo, Flavia Libonati, Luca Rinaudo, Martina Bellazzi, Fabio Massimo Ulivieri, Laura Vergani

Clinical, imaging features and outcome in internal carotid artery versus middle cerebral artery disease

Changqing Zhang, Yilong Wang, Xingquan Zhao, Liping Liu, ChunXue Wang, Zixiao Li, Yuehua Pu, Xinying Zou, Yuesong Pan, Yongjun Wang

The association of weight status and weight perception with number of confidants in adolescents

Asuka Nishida, Jerome Clifford Foo, Shinji Shimodera, Atsushi Nishida, Yuji Okazaki, Fumiharu Togo, Tsukasa Sasaki

Smoking trajectories and risk of stroke until age of 50 years – The Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966

Ina Rissanen, Petteri Oura, Markus Paananen, Jouko Miettunen, Mirjam I. Geerlings

Discoidin domain Receptor 2: A determinant of metabolic syndrome-associated arterial fibrosis in non-human primates

Mereena George Ushakumary, Mingyi Wang, Harikrishnan V, Allen Sam Titus, Jing Zhang, Lijuan Liu, Robert Monticone, Yushi Wang, Julie A. Mattison, Rafael de Cabo, Edward G. Lakatta, Shivakumar Kailasam

L-lysine protects C2C12 myotubes and 3T3-L1 adipocytes against high glucose damages and stresses

S. Mehdi Ebrahimi, S. Zahra Bathaie, Nassim Faridi, Mohammad Taghikhani, Manouchehr Nakhjavani, Soghrat Faghihzadeh

IGF-1-enhanced miR-513a-5p signaling desensitizes glioma cells to temozolomide by targeting the NEDD4L-inhibited Wnt/β-catenin pathway

Ku-Chung Chen, Peng-Hsu Chen, Kuo-Hao Ho, Chwen-Ming Shih, Chih-Ming Chou, Chia-Hsiung Cheng, Chin-Cheng Lee

Performance, complexity and dynamics of force maintenance and modulation in young and older adults

Hester Knol, Raoul Huys, Jean-Jacques Temprado, Rita Sleimen-Malkoun

Selection of appropriate reference genes for quantitative real-time reverse transcription PCR in Betula platyphylla under salt and osmotic stress conditions

Ziyi Li, Huijun Lu, Zihang He, Chao Wang, Yucheng Wang, Xiaoyu Ji

A method for complete plant taxon and site inventories in large forest areas with the help of orienteering maps, as exemplified by target forests in Switzerland

André Strauss

Bilateral Parkinson’s disease model rats exhibit hyperalgesia to subcutaneous formalin administration into the vibrissa pad

Hiroharu Maegawa, Nayuka Adachi, Hiroshi Hanamoto, Chiho Kudo, Hitoshi Niwa

Microbial diversity and mineral composition of weathered serpentine rock of the Khalilovsky massif

Irina V. Khilyas, Alyona V. Sorokina, Anna A. Elistratova, Maria I. Markelova, Maria N. Siniagina, Margarita R. Sharipova, Tatyana A. Shcherbakova, Megan E. D’Errico, Michael F. Cohen

Interaction strength in plant-pollinator networks: Are we using the right measure?

Roberto Novella-Fernandez, Anselm Rodrigo, Xavier Arnan, Jordi Bosch

Erastin, a ferroptosis-inducing agent, sensitized cancer cells to X-ray irradiation via glutathione starvation in vitro and in vivo

Yuki Shibata, Hironobu Yasui, Kei Higashikawa, Naoki Miyamoto, Yuji Kuge

Psychometric properties of the PERMA Profiler for measuring wellbeing in Australian adults

Jillian Ryan, Rachel Curtis, Tim Olds, Sarah Edney, Corneel Vandelanotte, Ronald Plotnikoff, Carol Maher

Host-mediated microbiome engineering (HMME) of drought tolerance in the wheat rhizosphere

Michael D. Jochum, Kelsey L. McWilliams, Elizabeth A. Pierson, Young-Ki Jo

Trust development as an expectancy-learning process: Testing contingency effects

Guy Bosmans, Theodore E. A. Waters, Chloe Finet, Simon De Winter, Dirk Hermans

Mutation analysis of annual sediment discharge at Wu Long station in Wu Jiang River Basin from 1960 to 2016

Peng Chen, Guangming Tan, Jinyun Deng, Quanxi Xu, Rouxin Tang

Improving distribution models of riparian vegetation with mobile laser scanning and hydraulic modelling

Tua Nylén, Elina Kasvi, Jouni Salmela, Harri Kaartinen, Antero Kukko, Anttoni Jaakkola, Juha Hyyppä, Petteri Alho

Skeletal muscle alterations in tachycardia-induced heart failure are linked to deficient natriuretic peptide signalling and are attenuated by RAS-/NEP-inhibition

Alexander Dietl, Ingrid Winkel, Gabriela Pietrzyk, Michael Paulus, Astrid Bruckmann, Josef A. Schröder, Samuel Sossalla, Andreas Luchner, Lars S. Maier, Christoph Birner

Comprehensive value assessment of drugs using a multi-criteria decision analysis: An example of targeted therapies for metastatic colorectal cancer treatment

Jason C. Hsu, Jia-Yu Lin, Peng-Chan Lin, Yang-Cheng Lee

Leisure-time physical activity and sports in the Brazilian population: A social disparity analysis

Margareth Guimarães Lima, Deborah Carvalho Malta, Camila Nascimento Monteiro, Neuciani Ferreira da Silva Sousa, Sheila Rizzato Stopa, Lhaís de Paula Barbosa Medina, Marilisa Berti de Azevedo Barros

Robot-assisted unicompartmental knee arthroplasty can reduce radiologic outliers compared to conventional techniques

Kwan Kyu Park, Chang Dong Han, Ick-Hwan Yang, Woo-Suk Lee, Joo Hyung Han, Hyuck Min Kwon

Causes of inferior relative survival after testicular germ cell tumor diagnosed 1953–2015: A population-based prospective cohort study

Øivind Kvammen, Tor Åge Myklebust, Arne Solberg, Bjørn Møller, Olbjørn Harald Klepp, Sophie Dorothea Fosså, Torgrim Tandstad

Autosomal-dominant hypotrichosis with woolly hair: Novel gene locus on chromosome 4q35.1-q35.2

Annika E. Schlaweck, Rachid Tazi-Ahnini, F. Buket Ü. Basmanav, Javed Mohungoo, Sandra M. Pasternack-Ziach, Manuel Mattheisen, Ana-Maria Oprisoreanu, Aytaj Humbatova, Sabrina Wolf, Andrew Messenger, Regina C. Betz

The genetic and environmental effects on school grades in late childhood and adolescence

Eike Friederike Eifler, Alexandra Starr, Rainer Riemann

Metabolic power in hurling with respect to position and halves of match-play

Damien Young, Shane Malone, Kieran Collins, Laurent Mourot, Marco Beato, Giuseppe Coratella

Local, nonlinear effects of cGMP and Ca2+ reduce single photon response variability in retinal rods

Giovanni Caruso, Vsevolod V. Gurevich, Colin Klaus, Heidi Hamm, Clint L. Makino, Emmanuele DiBenedetto

Personality traits and risky behavior among motorcyclists: An exploratory study

Daniel Luiz Romero, Daniel Martins de Barros, Gabriel Okawa Belizario, Antonio de Pádua Serafim

The long-term arterial assist intermittent pneumatic compression generating venous flow obstruction is responsible for improvement of arterial flow in ischemic legs

Marzanna T. Zaleska, Waldemar L. Olszewski, Jonathan Ross

Human-nature relationships in context. Experiential, psychological, and contextual dimensions that shape children’s desire to protect nature

Matteo Giusti

The spatio-temporal patterns of the topsoil organic carbon density and its influencing factors based on different estimation models in the grassland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Shiliang Liu, Yongxiu Sun, Yuhong Dong, Haidi Zhao, Shikui Dong, Shuang Zhao, Robert Beazley

INT reduction is a valid proxy for eukaryotic plankton respiration despite the inherent toxicity of INT and differences in cell wall structure

E. Elena García-Martín, Isabel Seguro, Carol Robinson

Gestational diabetes mellitus diagnosed at 24 to 28 weeks of gestation in older and obese Women: Is it too late?

Wonjin Kim, Soo Kyung Park, Yoo Lee Kim

Hermetia illucens in diets for zebrafish (Danio rerio): A study of bacterial diversity by using PCR-DGGE and metagenomic sequencing

Andrea Osimani, Vesna Milanović, Andrea Roncolini, Paola Riolo, Sara Ruschioni, Nunzio Isidoro, Nino Loreto, Elena Franciosi, Kieran Tuohy, Ike Olivotto, Matteo Zarantoniello, Federica Cardinali, Cristiana Garofalo, Lucia Aquilanti, Francesca Clementi

Thermotolerant Campylobacter spp. in chicken and bovine meat in Italy: Prevalence, level of contamination and molecular characterization of isolates

Elisabetta Di Giannatale, Paolo Calistri, Guido Di Donato, Lucia Decastelli, Elisa Goffredo, Daniela Adriano, Maria Emanuela Mancini, Annamaria Galleggiante, Diana Neri, Salvatore Antoci, Cristina Marfoglia, Francesca Marotta, Roberta Nuvoloni, Giacomo Migliorati

Prognostic value of maximum standard uptake value, metabolic tumor volume, and total lesion glycolysis of positron emission tomography/computed tomography in patients with breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Weibo Wen, Dongchun Xuan, Yulai Hu, Xiangdan Li, Lan Liu, Dongyuan Xu

Understanding the variability of handheld spectral-domain optical coherence tomography measurements in supine infants

Kira L. Wang, Xi Chen, Sandra Stinnett, Vincent Tai, Katrina P. Winter, Du Tran-Viet, Cynthia A. Toth

Helicobacter pylori antibody and pepsinogen testing for predicting gastric microbiome abundance

Saemi Choi, Jae Gon Lee, A-reum Lee, Chang Soo Eun, Dong Soo Han, Chan Hyuk Park

Outcome of bimodality definitive chemoradiation does not differ from that of trimodality upfront neck dissection followed by adjuvant treatment for >6 cm lymph node (N3) head and neck cancer

Wan-Yu Chen, Tseng-Cheng Chen, Shih-Fan Lai, Tony Hsiang-Kuang Liang, Bing-Shen Huang, Chun-Wei Wang

Belief in conspiracy theories: The predictive role of schizotypy, Machiavellianism, and primary psychopathy

Evita March, Jordan Springer

Does seed size mediate sex-specific reproduction costs in the Callosobruchus maculatus bean beetle?

Dariusz Krzysztof Małek, Maciej Jan Dańko, Marcin Czarnoleski

Characters matter: How narratives shape affective responses to risk communication

Elizabeth A. Shanahan, Ann Marie Reinhold, Eric D. Raile, Geoffrey C. Poole, Richard C. Ready, Clemente Izurieta, Jamie McEvoy, Nicolas T. Bergmann, Henry King

First-4-week erythrocyte sedimentation rate variability predicts erythrocyte sedimentation rate trajectories and clinical course among patients with pyogenic vertebral osteomyelitis

Hsiu-Yin Chiang, Chih-Wei Chung, Chin-Chi Kuo, Yen-Chun Lo, Wei-Shuo Chang, Chih-Yu Chi

Walking with head-mounted virtual and augmented reality devices: Effects on position control and gait biomechanics

Zoe Y. S. Chan, Aislinn J. C. MacPhail, Ivan P. H. Au, Janet H. Zhang, Ben M. F. Lam, Reed Ferber, Roy T. H. Cheung

Cohort Profile: The Dutch Perined-Lifelines birth cohort

Nastaran Salavati, Marian K. Bakker, Eline M. van der Beek, JanJaap H. M. Erwich

Accelerated development of rice stripe virus-resistant, near-isogenic rice lines through marker-assisted backcrossing

Ju-Won Kang, Dongjin Shin, Jun-Hyeon Cho, Ji-Yoon Lee, Youngho Kwon, Dong-Soo Park, Jong-Min Ko, Jong-Hee Lee

Physical determinants of vault performance and their age-related differences across male junior and elite top-level gymnasts

Christoph Schärer, Nils Haller, Wolfgang Taube, Klaus Hübner

The transcriptome analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana in response to the Vibrio vulnificus by RNA-sequencing

Yong-Soon Park, Seon-Kyu Kim, Seon-Young Kim, Kyung Mo Kim, Choong-Min Ryu

Stable depletion of RUNX1-ETO in Kasumi-1 cells induces expression and enhanced proteolytic activity of Cathepsin G and Neutrophil Elastase

Caroline Schoenherr, Katharina Wohlan, Iris Dallmann, Andreas Pich, Jan Hegermann, Arnold Ganser, Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner, Olaf Heidenreich, Michaela Scherr, Matthias Eder

Overweight and obesity are associated with clustering of metabolic risk factors in early pregnancy and the risk of GDM

I-Weng Yen, Chien-Nan Lee, Ming-Wei Lin, Kang-Chih Fan, Jung-Nan Wei, Kuan-Yu Chen, Szu-Chi Chen, Yi-Yun Tai, Chun-Heng Kuo, Chia-Hung Lin, Chih-Yao Hsu, Lee-Ming Chuang, Shin-Yu Lin, Hung-Yuan Li

Genome-wide association mapping of total antioxidant capacity, phenols, tannins, and flavonoids in a panel of Sorghum bicolor and S. bicolor × S. halepense populations using multi-locus models

Ephrem Habyarimana, Michela Dall’Agata, Paolo De Franceschi, Faheem S. Baloch

Choosing important health outcomes for comparative effectiveness research: 5th annual update to a systematic review of core outcome sets for research

Elizabeth Gargon, Sarah L. Gorst, Paula R. Williamson

Balancing fire risk and human thermal comfort in fire-prone urban landscapes

Tania A. MacLeod, Amy K. Hahs, Trent D. Penman

Low-rank graph optimization for multi-view dimensionality reduction

Youcheng Qian, Xueyan Yin, Jun Kong, Jianzhong Wang, Wei Gao

Time optimal entrainment control for circadian rhythm

A. Agung Julius, Jiawei Yin, John T. Wen

Why do football clubs fail financially? A financial distress prediction model for European professional football industry

David Alaminos, Manuel Ángel Fernández

Reconstruction error based deep neural networks for coronary heart disease risk prediction

Tsatsral Amarbayasgalan, Kwang Ho Park, Jong Yun Lee, Keun Ho Ryu

Exploring the geography of serious mental illness and type 2 diabetes comorbidity in Illawarra—Shoalhaven, Australia (2010 -2017)

Ramya Walsan, Darren J. Mayne, Nagesh Pai, Xiaoqi Feng, Andrew Bonney

To be or not to be an inclusive teacher: Are empathy and social dominance relevant factors to positive attitudes towards inclusive education?

Diego Navarro-Mateu, Jacqueline Franco-Ochoa, Selene Valero-Moreno, Vicente Prado-Gascó

Seasonality of deaths with respect to age and cause in Chitral District Pakistan

Muhammad Asif, Khalid Nawaz, Zafar Zaheer, Helene Thygesen, Amani Abu-Shaheen, Muhammad Riaz

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): Investigating care practices pointed out to disparities in diagnosis and treatment across European Union

Elin B. Strand, Luis Nacul, Anne Marit Mengshoel, Ingrid B. Helland, Patricia Grabowski, Angelika Krumina, Jose Alegre-Martin, Magdalena Efrim-Budisteanu, Slobodan Sekulic, Derek Pheby, Giorgos K. Sakkas, Carmen Adella Sirbu, F. Jerome Authier,

Poor nutrition for under-five children from poor households in Ethiopia: Evidence from 2016 Demographic and Health Survey

Habtamu Kebebe Kasaye, Firew Tekle Bobo, Mekdes Tigistu Yilma, Mirkuzie Woldie

The effect of a curriculum-based physical activity intervention on accelerometer-assessed physical activity in schoolchildren: A non-randomised mixed methods controlled before-and-after study

Alison L. Innerd, Liane B. Azevedo, Alan M. Batterham

Safety and immune cell kinetics after donor natural killer cell infusion following haploidentical stem cell transplantation in children with recurrent neuroblastoma

Young Bae Choi, Meong Hi Son, Hee Won Cho, Youngeun Ma, Ji Won Lee, Eun-Suk Kang, Keon Hee Yoo, Jung Hyun Her, Okjae Lim, Miyoung Jung, Yu Kyeong Hwang, Ki Woong Sung, Hong Hoe Koo

On-site blood culture incubation shortens the time to knowledge of positivity and microbiological results in septic patients

Julika Schwarzenbacher, Sven-Olaf Kuhn, Marcus Vollmer, Christian Scheer, Christian Fuchs, Sebastian Rehberg, Veronika Balau, Klaus Hahnenkamp, Jürgen A. Bohnert, Matthias Gründling

In vivo ultrasound thermal ablation control using echo decorrelation imaging in rabbit liver and VX2 tumor

Mohamed A. Abbass, Syed A. Ahmad, Neeraja Mahalingam, K. Sameer Krothapalli, Jack A. Masterson, Marepalli B. Rao, Peter G. Barthe, T. Douglas Mast

Genome wide identification and characterization of microsatellite markers in black pepper (Piper nigrum): A valuable resource for boosting genomics applications

Ratna Kumari, Dhammaprakash Pandhari Wankhede, Akansha Bajpai, Avantika Maurya, Kartikay Prasad, Dikshant Gautam, Parimalan Rangan, M. Latha, Joseph John K., Suma A., Kangila V. Bhat, Ambika B. Gaikwad

Child behaviour and subsequent changes in body weight, composition and shape

Katrine G. Christensen, Sidse G. Nielsen, Nanna J. Olsen, Christine Dalgård, Berit L. Heitmann, Sofus C. Larsen

RBM3 and CIRP expressions in targeted temperature management treated cardiac arrest patients—A prospective single center study

Lisa-Maria Rosenthal, Christoph Leithner, Giang Tong, Kaspar Josche Streitberger, Jana Krech, Christian Storm, Katharina Rose Luise Schmitt

Segmentation of distal airways using structural analysis

Debora Gil, Carles Sanchez, Agnes Borras, Marta Diez-Ferrer, Antoni Rosell

A single intra-articular injection of 2.0% non-chemically modified sodium hyaluronate vs 0.8% hylan G-F 20 in the treatment of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis: A 6-month, multicenter, randomized, controlled non-inferiority trial

Emmanuel Maheu, Bernard Avouac, Renée Liliane Dreiser, Thomas Bardin

What effort is required in retrieving self-defining memories? Specific autonomic responses for integrative and non-integrative memories

Audrey Lavallee, Xavier Saloppé, Marie-Charlotte Gandolphe, Laurent Ott, Thierry Pham, Jean-Louis Nandrino

Influence of pre-pregnancy body mass index (p-BMI) and gestational weight gain (GWG) on DNA methylation and protein expression of obesogenic genes in umbilical vein

Erika Chavira-Suárez, Angélica Jazmín Ramírez-Mendieta, Sofía Martínez-Gutiérrez, Paola Zárate-Segura, Jorge Beltrán-Montoya, Nidia Carolina Espinosa-Maldonado, Juan Carlos de la Cerda-Ángeles, Felipe Vadillo-Ortega

Early recovery after endoscopic totally extraperitoneal (TEP) hernia repair in athletes with inguinal disruption: A prospective cohort study

Erwin Brans, Inge H. F. Reininga, Hans Balink, Arvid V. E. Munzebrock, Bram Bessem, Joost S. de Graaf

Extending the information content of the MALDI analysis of biological fluids via multi-million shot analysis

Maxim Tsypin, Senait Asmellash, Krista Meyer, Brandon Touchet, Heinrich Roder

Effects of the performance parameters of a wheelchair on the changes in the position of the centre of gravity of the human body in dynamic condition

Bartosz Wieczorek, Mateusz Kukla

An analysis of atmospheric water vapor variations over a complex agricultural region using airborne imaging spectrometry

Sarah W. Shivers, Dar A. Roberts, Joseph P. McFadden, Christina Tague

Factors influencing harmonized health data collection, sharing and linkage in Denmark and Switzerland: A systematic review

Lester Darryl Geneviève, Andrea Martani, Maria Christina Mallet, Tenzin Wangmo, Bernice Simone Elger

Intracerebroventricular administration of the thyroid hormone analog TRIAC increases its brain content in the absence of MCT8

Soledad Bárez-López, Carmen Grijota-Martínez, Xiao-Hui Liao, Samuel Refetoff, Ana Guadaño-Ferraz

Gaze direction reveals implicit item and source memory in older adults

Inés Antón-Méndez, Andrew Talk, Simone Johnston

Social influences on smoking cessation in mid-life: Prospective cohort of UK women

Jaime L. Martin, Isobel Barnes, Jane Green, Gillian K. Reeves, Valerie Beral, Sarah Floud

Cord compression defined by MRI is the driving factor behind the decision to operate in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy despite poor correlation with disease severity

Bryn Hilton, Jennifer Tempest-Mitchell, Benjamin M. Davies, Jibin Francis, Richard J. Mannion, Rikin Trivedi, Ivan Timofeev, John R. Crawford, Douglas Hay, Rodney J. Laing, Peter J. Hutchinson, Mark R. N. Kotter

Characterization of testis-specific serine/threonine kinase 1-like (TSSK1-like) gene and expression patterns in diploid and triploid Pacific abalone (Haliotis discus hannai; Gastropoda; Mollusca) males

Eun Jeong Kim, So Jeong Kim, Choul Ji Park, Yoon Kwon Nam

Eavesdropping on dolphins: Investigating the habits of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) through fixed acoustic stations

Jessica Alessi, Alberta Mandich, Maurizio Wurtz, Chiara Paoli, Carlo Nike Bianchi, Carla Morri, Paolo Povero, Marco Brunoldi, Giorgio Bozzini, Alessandra Casale, Daniele Grosso, Valentina Cappanera, Giorgio Fanciulli, Christian Melchiorre, Gianni Viano, Massimiliano Bei, Nicola Stasi, Mauro Gino Taiuti, Paolo Vassallo

Modeling narrative structure and dynamics with networks, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling

Semi Min, Juyong Park

Screening colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy for reduction of colorectal cancer incidence: A case-control study

Cynthia W. Ko, V. Paul Doria-Rose, Michael J. Barrett, Aruna Kamineni, Lindsey Enewold, Noel S. Weiss

Focal inputs are a potential origin of local field potential (LFP) in the brain regions without laminar structure

Takuma Tanaka, Kouichi C. Nakamura

Emergency Department visits due to intoxications in a Dutch university hospital: Occurrence, characteristics and health care costs

C. Verheij, P. P. M. Rood, C. K. Deelstra, M. L. L. Levendag, B. C. P. Koch, S. Polinder, S. C. E. Schuit, J. A. Haagsma

The effects of isobaric and hyperbaric bupivacaine on maternal hemodynamic changes post spinal anesthesia for elective cesarean delivery: A prospective cohort study

Shamill Eanga Helill, Wossenyeleh Admasu Sahile, Ritbano Ahmed Abdo, Getahun Dendir Wolde, Hassen Mosa Halil

Child protection, domestic violence, and ethnic minorities: Narrative results from a mixed methods study in Australia

Pooja Sawrikar

Prediction of early C-reactive protein levels after non-cardiac surgery under general anesthesia

Shiroh Nakamoto, Munetaka Hirose

Long-term outcome in patients after treatment for Cushing’s disease in childhood

Katarzyna Pasternak-Pietrzak, Elżbieta Moszczyńska, Marcin Roszkowski, Karolina Kot, Elżbieta Marczak, Wiesława Grajkowska, Maciej Pronicki, Mieczysław Szalecki

The effects of diurnal intermittent fasting on proinflammatory cytokine levels while controlling for sleep/wake pattern, meal composition and energy expenditure

Aljohara S. Almeneessier, Abdulrahman A. BaHammam, Mohammed Alzoghaibi, Awad H. Olaish, Samar Z. Nashwan, Ahmed S. BaHammam

Snord94 expression level alters methylation at C62 in snRNA U6

Allison Ogren, Nataliya Kibiryeva, Jennifer Marshall, James E. O’Brien, Jr., Douglas C. Bittel

Gender differences in the interaction effect of cumulative risk and problem-focused coping on depression among adult employees

Shi-Min Chen, Pei-Zhen Sun

The relation between local and distal muscle fat infiltration in chronic whiplash using magnetic resonance imaging

Anette Karlsson, Anneli Peolsson, James Elliott, Thobias Romu, Helena Ljunggren, Magnus Borga, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard

Prevalence of hypothermia on admission to recovery room remains high despite a large use of forced-air warming devices: Findings of a non-randomized observational multicenter and pragmatic study on perioperative hypothermia prevalence in France

Pascal Alfonsi, Samir Bekka, Philippe Aegerter,

De novo transcriptome analysis and identification of genes associated with immunity, detoxification and energy metabolism from the fat body of the tephritid gall fly, Procecidochares utilis

Lifang Li, Xi Gao, Mingxian Lan, Yuan Yuan, Zijun Guo, Ping Tang, Mengyue Li, Xianbin Liao, Jiaying Zhu, Zhengyue Li, Min Ye, Guoxing Wu

Linking surveillance and clinical data for evaluating trends in bloodstream infection rates in neonatal units in England

Caroline Fraser, Berit Muller-Pebody, Ruth Blackburn, Jim Gray, Sam J. Oddie, Ruth E. Gilbert, Katie Harron

Women’s decision-making power and undernutrition in their children under age five in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A cross-sectional study

Caroline G. McKenna, Susan A. Bartels, Lesley A. Pablo, Melanie Walker

Ocular surface and tear film changes in workers exposed to organic solvents used in the dry-cleaning industry

Ingrid Astrid Jiménez Barbosa, Martha Fabiola Rodríguez Alvarez, Gerardo Andrés Dussán Torres, Sieu K. Khuu

The interferon-gamma pathway is selectively up-regulated in the liver of patients with secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

Giusi Prencipe, Claudia Bracaglia, Ivan Caiello, Antonia Pascarella, Paola Francalanci, Manuela Pardeo, Alessandra Meneghel, Giorgia Martini, Marianna N. Rossi, Antonella Insalaco, Giulia Marucci, Valerio Nobili, Marco Spada, Francesco Zulian, Fabrizio De Benedetti

Serotonin modulates behavior-related neural activity of RID interneuron in Caenorhabditis elegans

Haruka Mori, Keita Ashida, Hisashi Shidara, Tatsuya Nikai, Kohji Hotta, Kotaro Oka

Risk factors of post-discharge under-five mortality among Danish children 1997-2016: A register-based study

Andreas Jensen, Per Kragh Andersen, John Sahl Andersen, Gorm Greisen, Lone Graff Stensballe

Apologies as signals for change? Implicit theories of personality and reactions to apologies during the #MeToo movement

Karina Schumann

Knee joint biomechanics in transtibial amputees in gait, cycling, and elliptical training

Greg Orekhov, A. Matt Robinson, Scott J. Hazelwood, Stephen M. Klisch

The polarity protein Dlg5 regulates collective cell migration during Drosophila oogenesis

Jun Luo, Ping Zhou, Xuan Guo, Dou Wang, Jiong Chen

Resolving fluorescent species by their brightness and diffusion using correlated photon-counting histograms

Nathan Scales, Peter S. Swain

Rapid loss of flight in the Aldabra white-throated rail

Janske van de Crommenacker, Nancy Bunbury, Hazel A. Jackson, Lisa J. Nupen, Ross Wanless, Frauke Fleischer-Dogley, Jim J. Groombridge, Ben H. Warren

Effects of acupuncture at Pericardium-6 and Stomach-36 on nausea, sedation and gastrointestinal motility in healthy dogs administered intravenous lidocaine infusions

Mariko L. St. James, DeAnna L. Kosanovich, Lindsey B. Snyder, Qianqian Zhao, Brian G. Jones, Rebecca A. Johnson

Classification of flavors in cigarillos and little cigars and their variable cellular and acellular oxidative and cytotoxic responses

Gina R. Lawyer, Monica Jackson, Melanie Prinz, Thomas Lamb, Qixin Wang, Thivanka Muthumalage, Irfan Rahman

Image denoising via a non-local patch graph total variation

Yan Zhang, Jiasong Wu, Youyong Kong, Gouenou Coatrieux, Huazhong Shu

Chemogenomic profiling to understand the antifungal action of a bioactive aurone compound

Fatmah M. Alqahtani, Brock A. Arivett, Zachary E. Taylor, Scott T. Handy, Anthony L. Farone, Mary B. Farone

Short-term treatment with a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α agonist influences plasma one-carbon metabolites and B-vitamin status in rats

Vegard Lysne, Bodil Bjørndal, Mari Lausund Grinna, Øivind Midttun, Per Magne Ueland, Rolf Kristian Berge, Jutta Dierkes, Ottar Nygård, Elin Strand

Elevation, an emotion for prosocial contagion, is experienced more strongly by those with greater expectations of the cooperativeness of others

Adam Maxwell Sparks, Daniel M. T. Fessler, Colin Holbrook

Efficient delipidation of a recombinant lung surfactant lipopeptide analogue by liquid-gel chromatography

Oihana Basabe-Burgos, Jakub Zebialowicz Ahlström, Pavol Mikolka, Michael Landreh, Jan Johansson, Tore Curstedt, Anna Rising

Isobaric mass tagging and triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to determine lipid biomarker candidates for Alzheimer's disease

Suzumi M. Tokuoka, Yoshihiro Kita, Takao Shimizu, Yoshiya Oda

Awareness of polycystic ovary syndrome among obstetrician-gynecologists and endocrinologists in Northern Europe

Terhi T. Piltonen, Maria Ruokojärvi, Helle Karro, Linda Kujanpää, Laure Morin-Papunen, Juha S. Tapanainen, Elisabet Stener-Victorin, Inger Sundrström-Poromaa, Angelica L. Hirschberg, Pernille Ravn, Dorte Glintborg, Jan Roar Mellembakken, Thora Steingrimsdottir, Melanie Gibson-Helm, Eszter Vanky, Marianne Andersen, Riikka K. Arffman, Helena Teede, Kobra Falah-Hassani

Maternal death review and surveillance: The case of Central Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria

Josephine Aikpitanyi, Victor Ohenhen, Philip Ugbodaga, Best Ojemhen, Blessing I. Omo-Omorodion, Lorretta FC Ntoimo, Wilson Imongan, Joseph A. Balogun, Friday E. Okonofua

Assessing insomnia management in community pharmacy setting in Jordan: A simulated patient approach

Mayyada Wazaify, Eman Elayeh, Razan Tubeileh, Eman A. Hammad

Mapping the EORTC QLQ-C30 and QLQ-H&N35 to the EQ-5D for head and neck cancer: Can disease-specific utilities be obtained?

Ann-Jean C. C. Beck, Jacobien M. Kieffer, Valesca P. Retèl, Lydia F. J. van Overveld, Robert P. Takes, Michiel W. M. van den Brekel, Wim H. van Harten, Martijn M. Stuiver

Increasing sika deer population density may change resource use by larval dung beetles

Hayato Yama, Tomoko Naganuma, Kahoko Tochigi, Bruna Elisa Trentin, Rumiko Nakashita, Akino Inagaki, Shinsuke Koike

The fertile grounds of reproductive activism in The Gambia: A qualitative study of local key stakeholders’ understandings and heterogeneous actions related to infertility

Susan Dierickx, Gily Coene, Megan Evans, Julie Balen, Chia Longman

Subtle changes in striatal muscarinic M1 and M4 receptor expression in the DYT1 knock-in mouse model of dystonia

Franziska Richter, Laura Klein, Christin Helmschrodt, Angelika Richter

Using evidence when planning for trial recruitment: An international perspective from time-poor trialists

Heidi R. Gardner, Shaun Treweek, Katie Gillies

Molecular identification of Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Babesia and Theileria in African elephants and their ticks

Edward King’ori, Vincent Obanda, Patrick I. Chiyo, Ramon C. Soriguer, Patrocinio Morrondo, Samer Angelone

Does educational level predict hearing aid self-efficacy in experienced older adult hearing aid users from Latin America? Validation process of the Spanish version of the MARS-HA questionnaire

Eduardo Fuentes-López, Adrian Fuente, Gonzalo Valdivia, Manuel Luna-Monsalve

Psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire-25

Ricardo Y. Abe, Felipe A. Medeiros, Milton Agrizzi Davi, Cecília Gonçalves, Matheus Bittencourt, Alicia Buffoni Roque, Júlia Boccato, Vital Paulino Costa, José Paulo Cabral Vasconcellos

Chlamydiaceae in wild, feral and domestic pigeons in Switzerland and insight into population dynamics by Chlamydia psittaci multilocus sequence typing

Prisca Mattmann, Hanna Marti, Nicole Borel, Martina Jelocnik, Sarah Albini, Barbara Renate Vogler

Longitudinal Doppler references for monochorionic twins and comparison with singletons

Daniela Casati, Marcella Pellegrino, Ivan Cortinovis, Elena Spada, Mariano Lanna, Stefano Faiola, Irene Cetin, Maria Angela Rustico

Survey on Chlamydiaceae in cloacal swabs from Swiss turkeys demonstrates absence of Chlamydia psittaci and low occurrence of Chlamydia gallinacean

Barbara Renate Vogler, Michal Trinkler, Hanna Marti, Nicole Borel, Theresa Pesch, Barbara Prähauser, Richard Hoop, Prisca Mattmann, Sarah Albini

Computational singular perturbation analysis of brain lactate metabolism

Dimitris G. Patsatzis, Efstathios-Al. Tingas, Dimitris A. Goussis, S. Mani Sarathy

Reproductive life-history strategies in a species-rich assemblage of Amazonian electric fishes

Joseph C. Waddell, Steve M. Njeru, Yasmine M. Akhiyat, Benjamin I. Schachner, Ericka V. Correa-Roldán, William G. R. Crampton

Analyzing and interpreting spatial and temporal variability of the United States county population distributions using Taylor's law

Meng Xu, Joel E. Cohen

Direct comparison of retinal structure and function in retinitis pigmentosa by co-registering microperimetry and optical coherence tomography

Jun Funatsu, Yusuke Murakami, Shunji Nakatake, Masato Akiyama, Kohta Fujiwara, Shotaro Shimokawa, Takashi Tachibana, Toshio Hisatomi, Yoshito Koyanagi, Yukihide Momozawa, Koh-Hei Sonoda, Yasuhiro Ikeda

Cattle intestinal microbiota shifts following Escherichia coli O157:H7 vaccination and colonizationtravel

Raies A. Mir, Robert G. Schaut, Heather K. Allen, Torey Looft, Crystal L. Loving, Indira T. Kudva, Vijay K. Sharma

The genetic diversity and population structure of Sophora alopecuroides (Faboideae) as determined by microsatellite markers developed from transcriptome

Yuan Wang, Tingting Zhou, Daihan Li, Xuhui Zhang, Wanwen Yu, Jinfeng Cai, Guibin Wang, Qirong Guo, Xiaoming Yang, Fuliang Cao

Significant reduction of vancomycin resistant E. faecium in the Norwegian broiler population coincided with measures taken by the broiler industry to reduce antimicrobial resistant bacteria

Roger Simm, Jannice Schau Slettemeås, Madelaine Norström, Katharine R. Dean, Magne Kaldhusdal, Anne Margrete Urdahl

Dual-hemispheric transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over primary motor cortex does not affect movement selection

Nivethida Thirugnanasambandam, Felix G. Contreras-Castro, Mark Hallett

Pharmacological or genetic targeting of Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels can disrupt the planarian escape response

Ziad Sabry, Alicia Ho, Danielle Ireland, Christina Rabeler, Olivier Cochet-Escartin, Eva-Maria S. Collins

Establishment and characterization of transformed goat primary cells by expression of simian virus 40 large T antigen for orf virus propagations

Yumiko Yamada, Guan-Ru Liao, Ching-Yu Tseng, Yeu-Yang Tseng, Wei-Li Hsu

Flax rust infection transcriptomics reveals a transcriptional profile that may be indicative for rust Avr genes

Wenjie Wu, Adnane Nemri, Leila M. Blackman, Ann-Maree Catanzariti, Jana Sperschneider, Gregory J. Lawrence, Peter N. Dodds, David A. Jones, Adrienne R. Hardham

Optimizing sgRNA length to improve target specificity and efficiency for the GGTA1 gene using the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system

Anders W. Matson, Nora Hosny, Zachary A. Swanson, Bernhard J. Hering, Christopher Burlak

Diversity of A(H5N1) clade avian influenza viruses with evidence of reassortment in Cambodia, 2014-2016

Annika Suttie, Songha Tok, Sokhoun Yann, Ponnarath Keo, Srey Viseth Horm, Merryn Roe, Matthew Kaye, San Sorn, Davun Holl, Sothyra Tum, Philippe Buchy, Ian Barr, Aeron Hurt, Andrew R. Greenhill, Erik A. Karlsson, Dhanasekaran Vijaykrishna, Yi-Mo Deng, Philippe Dussart, Paul F. Horwood

The effects of kinesiology taping on experimentally-induced thermal and mechanical pain in otherwise pain-free healthy humans: A randomised controlled repeated-measures laboratory study

Gourav Banerjee, Michelle Briggs, Mark I. Johnson

Tobacco and E-cigarette use among cancer survivors in the United States

Ramzi G. Salloum, Jinhai Huo, Ji-Hyun Lee, Juhan Lee, Jesse Dallery, Thomas George, Graham Warren

Sharing of gut microbial strains between selected individual sets of twins cohabitating for decades

Hyunmin Koo, Joseph A. Hakim, David K. Crossman, Elliot J. Lefkowitz, Casey D. Morrow

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Alyssa C. Smith, Brandon C. W. Ralph, Jeremy Marty-Dugas, Daniel Smilek

Crystal structures of p120RasGAP N-terminal SH2 domain in its apo form and in complex with a p190RhoGAP phosphotyrosine peptide

Rachel Jaber Chehayeb, Amy L. Stiegler, Titus J. Boggon

Echolocation while drinking: Pulse-timing strategies by high- and low-frequency FM bats

Laura N. Kloepper, Andrea Megela Simmons, James A. Simmons

A novel one-class classification approach to accurately predict disease-gene association in acute myeloid leukemia cancer

Akram Vasighizaker, Alok Sharma, Abdollah Dehzangi

Characterization and quantitative trait locus mapping of late-flowering from a Thai soybean cultivar introduced into a photoperiod-insensitive genetic background

Fei Sun, Meilan Xu, Cheolwoo Park, Maria Stefanie Dwiyanti, Atsushi J. Nagano, Jianghui Zhu, Satoshi Watanabe, Fanjiang Kong, Baohui Liu, Tetsuya Yamada, Jun Abe

Plasmodium falciparum infection dysregulates placental autophagy

Flávia Afonso Lima, André Barateiro, Jamille Gregório Dombrowski, Rodrigo Medeiros de Souza, Douglas de Sousa Costa, Oscar Murillo, Sabrina Epiphanio, Lígia Antunes Gonçalves, Claudio Romero Farias Marinho

Intraocular pressure elevation after subtenon triamcinolone acetonide injection; Multicentre retrospective cohort study in Japan

Yuki Maeda, Hiroto Ishikawa, Hiroki Nishikawa, Miho Shimizu, Takamasa Kinoshita, Rie Ogihara, Shigehiko Kitano, Chihiro Yamanaka, Yoshinori Mitamura, Masahiko Sugimoto, Mineo Kondo, Yoshihiro Takamura, Nahoko Ogata, Tomohiro Ikeda, Fumi Gomi

Generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equations describing the Second Harmonic Generation of femtosecond pulse, containing a few cycles, and their integrals of motion

Vyacheslav A. Trofimov, Svetlana Stepanenko, Alexander Razgulin

Community perception of abortion, women who abort and abortifacients in Kisumu and Nairobi counties, Kenya

Boniface Ayanbekongshie Ushie, Kenneth Juma, Grace Kimemia, Ramatou Ouedraogo, Martin Bangha, Michael Mutua

The Salmonella type III effector SpvC triggers the reverse transmigration of infected cells into the bloodstream

Adarsh Gopinath, Taylor A. Allen, Caleb J. Bridgwater, Corey M. Young, Micah J. Worley

Spatial patterns of tuberculosis and HIV co-infection in Ethiopia

Kefyalew Addis Alene, Kerri Viney, Hannah C. Moore, Maereg Wagaw, Archie C. A. Clements

Serum PCSK6 and corin levels are not associated with cardiovascular outcomes in patients undergoing coronary angiography

Shang-Feng Yang, Ruey-Hsing Chou, Shing-Jong Lin, Szu-Yuan Li, Po-Hsun Huang

On a remarkable sexual dimorphic trait in the Characiformes related to the olfactory organ and description of a new miniature species of Tyttobrycon Géry (Characiformes: Characidae)

Vitor Pimenta Abrahão, Murilo Pastana, Manoela Marinho

Effect of integrating a video intervention on parenting practices and related parental self-efficacy regarding health behaviours within the Feel4Diabetes-study in Belgian primary schoolchildren from vulnerable families: A cluster randomized trial

Vicky Van Stappen, Sara De Lepeleere, Nele Huys, Julie Latomme, Maïté Verloigne, Greet Cardon, Odysseas Androutsos, Yannis Manios, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Marieke De Craemer

Type 2 diabetes care: Improvement by standardization at a diabetes rehabilitation clinic. An observational report

Helmuth Haslacher, Hannelore Fallmann, Claudia Waldhäusl, Edith Hartmann, Oswald F. Wagner, Werner Waldhäusl

Regulating pharmacists as contraception providers: A qualitative study from Coastal Kenya on injectable contraception provision to youth

Lianne Gonsalves, Kaspar Wyss, Peter Gichangi, Lale Say, Adriane Martin Hilber

The impact of familial risk and early life adversity on emotion and reward processing networks in youth at-risk for bipolar disorder

Lindsay C. Hanford, Kristen Eckstrand, Anna Manelis, Danella M. Hafeman, John Merranko, Cecile D. Ladouceur, Simona Graur, Alicia McCaffrey, Kelly Monk, Lisa K. Bonar, Mary Beth Hickey, Tina R. Goldstein, Benjamin I. Goldstein, David Axelson, Genna Bebko, Michele A. Bertocci, Mary Kay Gill, Boris Birmaher, Mary L. Phillips

Melanism evolution in the cat family is influenced by intraspecific communication under low visibility

Maurício Eduardo Graipel, Juliano André Bogoni, Eduardo Luís Hettwer Giehl, Felipe O. Cerezer, Nilton Carlos Cáceres, Eduardo Eizirik

Gene expression profiles classifying clinical stages of tuberculosis and monitoring treatment responses in Ethiopian HIV-negative and HIV-positive cohorts

Gebremedhin Gebremicael, Desta Kassa, Yodit Alemayehu, Atsbeha Gebreegziaxier, Yonas Kassahun, Debbie van Baarle, Tom H. M. Ottenhoff, Jacqueline M. Cliff, Mariëlle C. Haks

Selection of valid reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in Cotesia chilonis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) exposed to different temperatures

Qiu-Yu Li, Zi-Lan Li, Ming-Xing Lu, Shuang-Shuang Cao, Yu-Zhou Du

Magnitude of surgical site infection and its associated factors among patients who underwent a surgical procedure at Wolaita Sodo University Teaching and Referral Hospital, South Ethiopia

Nefsu Awoke, Aseb Arba, Abiy Girma

Kyasanur Forest Disease vaccination coverage and its perceived barriers in Goa, India—A mixed methods operational research

Annet Oliveira, Kalaiselvi Selvaraj, Jaya Prasad Tripathy, Utkarsh Betodkar, Jagadish Cacodcar, Abhijit Wadkar

Maternal psychosocial risk factors and lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) during infancy in a South African birth cohort

Rae MacGinty, Maia Lesosky, Whitney Barnett, Polite M. Nduru, Aneesa Vanker, Dan J. Stein, Heather J. Zar

Ameliorating effects of Gö6976, a pharmacological agent that inhibits protein kinase D, on collagen-induced arthritis

Tae Won Yoon, Young-In Kim, Hongsik Cho, David D. Brand, Edward F. Rosloniec, Linda K. Myers, Arnold E. Postlethwaite, Karen A. Hasty, John M. Stuart, Ae-Kyung Yi

Regional hypothermia improves gastric microcirculatory oxygenation during hemorrhage in dogs

Richard Truse, Michael Smyk, Jan Schulz, Anna Herminghaus, Andreas P. M. Weber, Tabea Mettler-Altmann, Inge Bauer, Olaf Picker, Christian Vollmer

Dynamical comparison between Drosha and Dicer reveals functional motion similarities and dissimilarities

Rotem Aharoni, Dror Tobi

Expression of HIF-1α is related to a poor prognosis and tamoxifen resistance in contralateral breast cancer

Annika Jögi, Anna Ehinger, Linda Hartman, Sara Alkner

Metabolic responses of wheat seedlings to osmotic stress induced by various osmolytes under iso-osmotic conditions

Eva Darko, Balázs Végh, Radwan Khalil, Tihana Marček, Gabriella Szalai, Magda Pál, Tibor Janda

A δ2H Isoscape of blackberry as an example application for determining the geographic origins of plant materials in New Zealand

Kiri McComb, Shaerii Sarker, Jurian Hoogewerff, Alan Hayman, Russell Frew

Fiber visualization for preoperative glioma assessment: Tractography versus local connectivity mapping

Thomas Schult, Till-Karsten Hauser, Uwe Klose, Helene Hurth, Hans-Heino Ehricke

Amiselimod (MT-1303), a novel sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor-1 functional antagonist, inhibits progress of chronic colitis induced by transfer of CD4+CD45RBhigh T cells

Kyoko Shimano, Yasuhiro Maeda, Hirotoshi Kataoka, Mikako Murase, Sachiko Mochizuki, Hiroyuki Utsumi, Koichi Oshita, Kunio Sugahara

Insights of organic fertilizer micro flora of bovine manure and their useful potentials in sustainable agriculture

Dalaq Aiysha, Zakia Latif

A scalable culturing system for the marine annelid Platynereis dumerilii

Emily Kuehn, Alexander W. Stockinger, Jerome Girard, Florian Raible, B. Duygu Özpolat

Is parity a cause of tooth loss? Perceptions of northern Nigerian Hausa women

Elizabeth O. Oziegbe, Lynne A. Schepartz

Low-diversity bacterial microbiota in Southern Ocean representatives of lanternfish genera Electrona, Protomyctophum and Gymnoscopelus (family Myctophidae)

Alison Gallet, Philippe Koubbi, Nelly Léger, Mathilde Scheifler, Magdalena Ruiz-Rodríguez, Marcelino T. Suzuki, Yves Desdevises, Sébastien Duperron

Bacteriologically-confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis in an Ethiopian prison: Prevalence from screening of entrant and resident prisoners

Eliyas Tsegaye Sahle, Jill Blumenthal, Sonia Jain, Shelly Sun, Jason Young, Tsegahun Manyazewal, Habtamu Woldeamanuel, Lemma Teferra, Beniam Feleke, Olivier Vandenberg, Zilma Rey, Melissa Briggs-Hagen, Richard Haubrich, Wondwossen Amogne, John Allen McCutchan

Multi-objective AGV scheduling in an automatic sorting system of an unmanned (intelligent) warehouse by using two adaptive genetic algorithms and a multi-adaptive genetic algorithm

Yubang Liu, Shouwen Ji, Zengrong Su, Dong Guo

Identification of novel non-myelin biomarkers in multiple sclerosis using an improved phage-display approach

Andrea Cortini, Sara Bembich, Lorena Marson, Eleonora Cocco, Paolo Edomi

PTH1-34 improves bone healing by promoting angiogenesis and facilitating MSCs migration and differentiation in a stabilized fracture mouse model

Xin Jiang, Cuidi Xu, Hongli Shi, Qun Cheng

Micro-RNA signatures in monozygotic twins discordant for congenital heart defects

Masood Abu-Halima, Josephin Weidinger, Martin Poryo, Dominic Henn, Andreas Keller, Eckart Meese, Hashim Abdul-Khaliq

Aspirin enhances sensitization to the egg-white allergen ovalbumin in rats

Takahiro Fukushima, Tomoharu Yokooji, Taiki Hirano, Yuta Kataoka, Takanori Taogoshi, Hiroaki Matsuo

HCV incidence is associated with injecting partner age and HCV serostatus mixing in young adults who inject drugs in San Francisco

Kimberly Page, Jennifer L. Evans, Judith A. Hahn, Peter Vickerman, Stephen Shiboski, Meghan D. Morris

Adherence is associated with a favorable outcome after lung transplantation

Anna Bertram, Jan Fuge, Hendrik Suhling, Igor Tudorache, Axel Haverich, Tobias Welte, Jens Gottlieb

Selection and validation of reference genes desirable for gene expression analysis by qRT-PCR in MeJA-treated ginseng hairy roots

Li Li, Kangyu Wang, Mingzhu Zhao, Shaokun Li, Yue Jiang, Lei Zhu, Jing Chen, Yanfang Wang, Chunyu Sun, Ping Chen, Jun Lei, Meiping Zhang, Yi Wang

Availability, prices and affordability of essential medicines for treatment of diabetes and hypertension in private pharmacies in Zambia

Andrea Hannah Kaiser, Lindsey Hehman, Birger Carl Forsberg, Warren Mukelabai Simangolwa, Jesper Sundewall

Amnestic mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease: White matter structural changes and mechanisms

Fuyong Chen, Tao Wu, Yuejia Luo, Zhihao Li, Qing Guan, Xianghong Meng, Wei Tao, Haobo Zhang

Menagerie: A text-mining tool to support animal-human translation in neurodegeneration research

Caroline J. Zeiss, Dongwook Shin, Brent Vander Wyk, Amanda P. Beck, Natalie Zatz, Charles A. Sneiderman, Halil Kilicoglu

Profusion of G-quadruplexes on both subunits of metazoan ribosomes

Santi Mestre-Fos, Petar I. Penev, John Colin Richards, William L. Dean, Robert D. Gray, Jonathan B. Chaires, Loren Dean Williams

Analysis of genome-wide DNA arrays reveals the genomic population structure and diversity in autochthonous Greek goat breeds

S. Michailidou, G. Th. Tsangaris, A. Tzora, I. Skoufos, G. Banos, A. Argiriou, G. Arsenos

Impact of human-derived hemoglobin based oxygen vesicles as a machine perfusion solution for liver donation after cardiac death in a pig model

Tatsuya Shonaka, Naoto Matsuno, Hiromichi Obara, Ryo Yoshikawa, Yuji Nishikawa, Yo Ishihara, Hiroki Bochimoto, Mikako Gochi, Masahide Otani, Hiroyuki Kanazawa, Hiroshi Azuma, Hiromi Sakai, Hiroyuki Furukawa

Microbial diversity within the digestive tract contents of Dezhou donkeys

Guiqin Liu, Gerelchimeg Bou, Shaofeng Su, Jingya Xing, Honglei Qu, Xinzhuang Zhang, Xisheng Wang, Yiping Zhao, Manglai Dugarjaviin

Nexrutine and exercise similarly prevent high grade prostate tumors in transgenic mouse model

Darpan I. Patel, Kira Abuchowski, Roble Bedolla, Paul Rivas, Nicolas Musi, Robert Reddick, A. Pratap Kumar

Shannon entropy approach reveals relevant genes in Alzheimer’s disease

Alfonso Monaco, Nicola Amoroso, Loredana Bellantuono, Eufemia Lella, Angela Lombardi, Anna Monda, Andrea Tateo, Roberto Bellotti, Sabina Tangaro

Experimental hut evaluation of DawaPlus 3.0 LN and DawaPlus 4.0 LN treated with deltamethrin and PBO against free-flying populations of Anopheles gambiae s.l. in Vallée du Kou, Burkina Faso

Koama Bayili, Sévérin N’Do, Rajpal S. Yadav, Moussa Namountougou, Abdoulaye Ouattara, Roch K. Dabiré, Georges A. Ouédraogo, Abdoulaye Diabaté

Induction of miR 21 impairs the anti-Leishmania response through inhibition of IL-12 in canine splenic leukocytes

Larissa Martins Melo, Jaqueline Poleto Bragato, Gabriela Lovizutto Venturin, Gabriela Torres Rebech, Sidnei Ferro Costa, Leandro Encarnação Garcia, Flavia Lombardi Lopes, Flávia de Rezende Eugênio, Paulo Sérgio Patto dos Santos, Valéria Marçal Felix de Lima

Ultra-deep massively parallel sequencing with unique molecular identifier tagging achieves comparable performance to droplet digital PCR for detection and quantification of circulating tumor DNA from lung cancer patients

Le Son Tran, Hong-Anh Thi Pham, Vu-Uyen Tran, Thanh-Truong Tran, Anh-Thu Huynh Dang, Dinh-Thong Le, Son-Lam Nguyen, Ngoc-Vu Nguyen, Trieu-Vu Nguyen, Binh Thanh Vo, Hong-Thuy Thi Dao, Nguyen Huu Nguyen, Tam Huu Tran, Chu Van Nguyen, Phuong Cam Pham, Anh Tuan Dang-Mai, Thien Kim Dinh-Nguyen, Van Hieu Phan, Thanh-Thuy Thi Do, Kiet Truong Dinh, Han Ngoc Do, Minh-Duy Phan, Hoa Giang, Hoai-Nghia Nguyen

Pupillometry evaluation of melanopsin retinal ganglion cell function and sleep-wake activity in pre-symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease

Angela J. Oh, Giulia Amore, William Sultan, Samuel Asanad, Jason C. Park, Martina Romagnoli, Chiara La Morgia, Rustum Karanjia, Michael G. Harrington, Alfredo A. Sadun

Sickness absence and disability pension before and after first childbirth and in nulliparous women by numerical gender segregation of occupations: A Swedish population-based longitudinal cohort study

Krisztina D. László, Charlotte Björkenstam, Pia Svedberg, Petra Lindfors, Kristina Alexanderson

New insights into intranuclear inclusions in thyroid carcinoma: Association with autophagy and with BRAFV600E mutation

Suzan Schwertheim, Sarah Theurer, Holger Jastrow, Thomas Herold, Saskia Ting, Daniela Westerwick, Stefanie Bertram, Christoph M. Schaefer, Julia Kälsch, Hideo A. Baba, Kurt W. Schmid

Effects of medium chain triglycerides supplementation on insulin sensitivity and beta cell function: A feasibility study

Dylan D. Thomas, Mary-Catherine Stockman, Liqun Yu, Tova Meshulam, Ashley C. McCarthy, Annaliese Ionson, Nathan Burritt, Jude Deeney, Howard Cabral, Barbara Corkey, Nawfal Istfan, Caroline M. Apovian

The impact of mental health recovery narratives on recipients experiencing mental health problems: Qualitative analysis and change model

Stefan Rennick-Egglestone, Amy Ramsay, Rose McGranahan, Joy Llewellyn-Beardsley, Ada Hui, Kristian Pollock, Julie Repper, Caroline Yeo, Fiona Ng, James Roe, Steve Gillard, Graham Thornicroft, Susie Booth, Mike Slade

Not so unique to Primates: The independent adaptive evolution of TRIM5 in Lagomorpha lineage

Ana Águeda-Pinto, Ana Lemos de Matos, Ana Pinheiro, Fabiana Neves, Patrícia de Sousa-Pereira, Pedro J. Esteves

Distributed forecasting and ant colony optimization for the bike-sharing rebalancing problem with unserved demands

Yiwei Fan, Gang Wang, Xiaoling Lu, Gaobin Wang

Chronic dietary supplementation with kynurenic acid, a neuroactive metabolite of tryptophan, decreased body weight without negative influence on densitometry and mandibular bone biomechanical endurance in young rats

Ewa Tomaszewska, Siemowit Muszyński, Damian Kuc, Piotr Dobrowolski, Krzysztof Lamorski, Katarzyna Smolińska, Janine Donaldson, Izabela Świetlicka, Maria Mielnik-Błaszczak, Piotr Paluszkiewicz, Jolanta Parada-Turska

Higher neuron densities in the cerebral cortex and larger cerebellums may limit dive times of delphinids compared to deep-diving toothed whales

Sam H. Ridgway, Robert H. Brownson, Kaitlin R. Van Alstyne, Robert A. Hauser

Individual variation in migratory movements of chinstrap penguins leads to widespread occupancy of ice-free winter habitats over the continental shelf and deep ocean basins of the Southern Ocean

Jefferson T. Hinke, Maria M. Santos, Malgorzata Korczak-Abshire, Gennadi Milinevsky, George M. Watters

The effect of emotional information from eyes on empathy for pain: A subliminal ERP study

Juan Song, Yanqiu Wei, Han Ke

NKL homeobox gene activities in normal and malignant myeloid cells

Stefan Nagel, Michaela Scherr, Roderick A. F. MacLeod, Claudia Pommerenke, Max Koeppel, Corinna Meyer, Maren Kaufmann, Iris Dallmann, Hans G. Drexler

Personal distress as a mediator between self-esteem, self-efficacy, loneliness and problematic video gaming in female and male emerging adult gamers

Andrzej Cudo, Natalia Kopiś, Emilia Zabielska-Mendyk

Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in women from southern Brazil and association with vitamin D-binding protein levels and GC-DBP gene polymorphisms

Betânia Rodrigues Santos, Nathália Cruz Costa, Thais Rasia Silva, Karen Oppermann, Jose Antonio Magalhães, Gislaine Casanova, Poli Mara Spritzer

Balance control mechanisms do not benefit from successive stimulation of different sensory systems

Jean-Philippe Cyr, Noémie Anctil, Martin Simoneau

Measuring individual differences in cognitive abilities in the lab and on the web

Simón Ruiz, Xiaobin Chen, Patrick Rebuschat, Detmar Meurers

Objective sleep assessment in >80,000 UK mid-life adults: Associations with sociodemographic characteristics, physical activity and caffeine

Gewei Zhu, Michael Catt, Sophie Cassidy, Mark Birch-Machin, Michael Trenell, Hugo Hiden, Simon Woodman, Kirstie N. Anderson

Self-reported traffic-related air pollution and respiratory symptoms among adults in an area with modest levels of traffic

Marit Nøst Hegseth, Bente Margaret Oftedal, Anje Christina Höper, Anna Louise Aminoff, Marte Renate Thomassen, Martin Veel Svendsen, Anne Kristin Møller Fell

A hierarchical loss and its problems when classifying non-hierarchically

Cinna Wu, Mark Tygert, Yann LeCun

Cross-cultural examination of the Big Five Personality Trait Short Questionnaire: Measurement invariance testing and associations with mental health

Laura Mezquita, Adrian J. Bravo, Julien Morizot, Angelina Pilatti, Matthew R. Pearson, Manuel I. Ibáñez, Generós Ortet, Cross-Cultural Addictions Study Team

A geographically weighted random forest approach for evaluate forest change drivers in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon

Fabián Santos, Valerie Graw, Santiago Bonilla

Spatial genetic structure and diversity of natural populations of Aesculus hippocastanum L. in Greece

Łukasz Walas, Petros Ganatsas, Grzegorz Iszkuło, Peter A. Thomas, Monika Dering

Anemia in patients with diabetic foot ulcer and its impact on disease outcome among Nigerians: Results from the MEDFUN study

Ibrahim D. Gezawa, Ejiofor T. Ugwu, Ignatius Ezeani, Olufunmilayo Adeleye, Innocent Okpe, Marcelina Enamino

The effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions on pain and quality of life in adults with persistent post-surgical pain compared to usual care: A systematic review

Aleisha Robinson, Jenna McIntosh, Hamish Peberdy, David Wishart, Georgia Brown, Henry Pope, Saravana Kumar

Association between anxiety and non-coding genetic variants of the galanin neuropeptide

Gergely Keszler, Zsuzsanna Molnár, Zsolt Rónai, Mária Sasvári-Székely, Anna Székely, Eszter Kótyuk

Evaluating the effectiveness of HOCl application on odor reduction and earthworm population growth during vermicomposting of food waste employing Eisenia fetida

Chanwoo Kim, Younggu Her, Yooan Kim, Chanhoon Jung, Hangkyo Lim, Kyo Suh

What is known about the quality of out-of-hospital emergency medical services in the Arabian Gulf States? A systematic review

H. N. Moafa, S. M. J. van Kuijk, G. H. L. M. Franssen, M. E. Moukhyer, H. R. Haak

Impact of dietary patterns, individual and workplace characteristics on blood pressure status among civil servants in Bida and Wushishi communities of Niger State, Nigeria

Phillips Edomwonyi Obasohan, Josephine N. Okorie, Adamu Lapai Sule, Khadijat Jumai Ndako

Robust detection of event-related potentials in a user-voluntary short-term imagery task

Min-Ho Lee, John Williamson, Young-Jin Kee, Siamac Fazli, Seong-Whan Lee

Microbiota composition of the dorsal patch of reproductive male Leptonycteris yerbabuenae

Osiris Gaona, Daniel Cerqueda-García, Luisa I. Falcón, Guillermo Vázquez-Domínguez, Patricia M. Valdespino-Castillo, Carla-Ximena Neri-Barrios

Characteristics of the gut microbiota in professional martial arts athletes: A comparison between different competition levels

Ru Liang, Shu Zhang, Xiangji Peng, Wanna Yang, Yanwei Xu, Ping Wu, Junhui Chen, Yongjiang Cai, Jiyuan Zhou

Interpreting social determinants: Emergent properties and adolescent risk behaviour

Chris Desmond, Janet Seeley, Candice Groenewald, Nothando Ngwenya, Kate Rich, Tony Barnett

Tulathromycin treatment does not affect bacterial dissemination or clearance of Brucella melitensis 16M following experimental infection of goats

Paola M. Boggiatto, Steven C. Olsen

Hydrogenotrophic methanogens of the mammalian gut: Functionally similar, thermodynamically different—A modelling approach

Rafael Muñoz-Tamayo, Milka Popova, Maxence Tillier, Diego P. Morgavi, Jean-Pierre Morel, Gérard Fonty, Nicole Morel-Desrosiers

Gene delivery of a modified antibody to Aβ reduces progression of murine Alzheimer’s disease

Bradford M. Elmer, Kurt A. Swanson, Dinesh S. Bangari, Peter A. Piepenhagen, Errin Roberts, Tatyana Taksir, Lei Guo, Maria-Carmen Obinu, Pascal Barneoud, Susan Ryan, Bailin Zhang, Laurent Pradier, Zhi-Yong Yang, Gary J. Nabel

Flock sensitivity and specificity of pooled fecal qPCR and pooled serum ELISA for screening ovine paratuberculosis

Yoann Mathevon, Gilles Foucras, Fabien Corbière

Disrupted resting-state brain functional network in methamphetamine abusers: A brain source space study by EEG

Hassan Khajehpour, Bahador Makkiabadi, Hamed Ekhtiari, Sepideh Bakht, Alireza Noroozi, Fahimeh Mohagheghian

Steady expression of high oleic acid in peanut bred by marker-assisted backcrossing for fatty acid desaturase mutant alleles and its effect on seed germination along with other seedling traits

Sandip K. Bera, Jignesh H. Kamdar, Swati V. Kasundra, Sahil V. Patel, Mital D. Jasani, A. K. Maurya, P. Dash, Ajay B. Chandrashekar, Kirti Rani, N. Manivannan, Pasupuleti Janila, Manish K. Pandey, R. P. Vasanthi, K. L. Dobariya, T. Radhakrishnan, Rajeev K. Varshney

DNA metabarcoding-based diet survey for the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra): Development of a Eurasian otter-specific blocking oligonucleotide for 12S rRNA gene sequencing for vertebrates

Priyanka Kumari, Ke Dong, Kyung Yeon Eo, Woo-Shin Lee, Junpei Kimura, Naomichi Yamamoto

Dynamics of photosynthetic responses in 10 rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) clones in Colombian Amazon: Implications for breeding strategies

Armando Sterling, Natalia Rodríguez, Esther Quiceno, Faiver Trujillo, Andrés Clavijo, Juan Carlos Suárez-Salazar

Inferring disease severity in rheumatoid arthritis using predictive modeling in administrative claims databases

Urmila Chandran, Jenna Reps, Paul E. Stang, Patrick B. Ryan

An evaluation of different classification algorithms for protein sequence-based reverse vaccinology prediction

Ashley I. Heinson, Rob M. Ewing, John W. Holloway, Christopher H. Woelk, Mahesan Niranjan

Detecting false intentions using unanticipated questions

Glynis Bogaard, Joyce van der Mark, Ewout H. Meijer

In vitro activity and In vivo efficacy of Isoliquiritigenin against Staphylococcus xylosus ATCC 700404 by IGPD target

Qianwei Qu, Jinpeng Wang, Wenqiang Cui, Yonghui Zhou, Xiaoxu Xing, Ruixiang Che, Xin Liu, Xueying Chen, God’spower Bello-Onaghise, Chunliu Dong, Zhengze Li, Xiubo Li, Yanhua Li

When risk becomes illness: The personal and social consequences of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia medical surveillance

Carla Freijomil-Vázquez, Denise Gastaldo, Carmen Coronado, María-Jesús Movilla-Fernández

Sperm DNA integrity in adult survivors of paediatric leukemia and lymphoma: A pilot study on the impact of age and type of treatment

Hermance Beaud, Océane Albert, Bernard Robaire, Marie Claude Rousseau, Peter T. K. Chan, Geraldine Delbes

Swaying slower reduces the destabilizing effects of a compliant surface on voluntary sway dynamics

Dimitrios A. Patikas, Anastasia Papavasileiou, Antonis Ekizos, Vassilia Hatzitaki, Adamantios Arampatzis

Dye diffusion during laparoscopic tubal patency tests may suggest a lymphatic contribution to dissemination in endometriosis: A prospective, observational study

Marco Scioscia, Anna Pesci, Arnaldo Scardapane, Marco Noventa, Gloria Bonaccorsi, Pantaleo Greco, Giuseppe Zamboni

Intra-individual correlations between quantitative THK-5351 PET and MRI-derived cortical volume in Alzheimer’s disease differ according to disease severity and amyloid positivity

Ji Eun Park, Jessica Yun, Sang Joon Kim, Woo Hyun Shim, Jungsu S. Oh, Minyoung Oh, Jee Hoon Roh, Sang Won Seo, Seung Jun Oh, Jae Seung Kim

Assessment of the role of Trichomonas tenax in the etiopathogenesis of human periodontitis: A systematic review

C. Bisson, S. M. Dridi, M. Machouart

Root and alveolar bone changes in first premolars adjacent to the traction of buccal versus palatal maxillary impacted canines

Yalil Augusto Rodríguez-Cárdenas, Gustavo Armando Ruíz-Mora, Aron Aliaga-Del Castillo, Heraldo Luis Dias-Da Silveira, Luis Ernesto Arriola-Guillén

Investigating multisite pain as a predictor of self-reported falls and falls requiring health care use in an older population: A prospective cohort study

Victoria K. Welsh, Christian D. Mallen, Reuben Ogollah, Ross Wilkie, John McBeth

The socio-economic status gradient in median lifespan by birth cohorts: Evidence from Dutch Olympic athletes born between 1852 and 1947

Adriaan Kalwij

Identification of Plasmodium dipeptidyl aminopeptidase allosteric inhibitors by high throughput screening

Mateo I. Sanchez, Laura E. de Vries, Christine Lehmann, Jeong T. Lee, Kenny K. Ang, Christopher Wilson, Steven Chen, Michelle R. Arkin, Matthew Bogyo, Edgar Deu

Brief group-delivered motivational interviewing is equally effective as brief group-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy at reducing alcohol use in risky college drinkers

Cristina Martín-Pérez, Juan F. Navas, José C. Perales, Ángela López-Martín, Sergio Cordovilla-Guardia, Mónica Portillo, Antonio Maldonado, Raquel Vilar-López

Predicting the occurrence of surgical site infections using text mining and machine learning

Daniel A. da Silva, Carla S. ten Caten, Rodrigo P. dos Santos, Flavio S. Fogliatto, Juliana Hsuan

Organic carbon sequestration in sediments of subtropical Florida lakes

Matthew N. Waters, William F. Kenney, Mark Brenner, Benjamin C. Webster

Reliability of isokinetic knee strength measurements in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Laura Muñoz-Bermejo, Jorge Pérez-Gómez, Fernando Manzano, Daniel Collado-Mateo, Santos Villafaina, José C. Adsuar

Plasma concentration of neurofilament light chain protein decreases after switching from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate to tenofovir alafenamide fumarate

Linn Hermansson, Aylin Yilmaz, Richard W. Price, Staffan Nilsson, Scott McCallister, Tariro Makadzange, Moupali Das, Henrik Zetterberg, Kaj Blennow, Magnus Gisslen

Revealing the assembly of filamentous proteins with scanning transmission electron microscopy

Cristina Martinez-Torres, Federica Burla, Celine Alkemade, Gijsje H. Koenderink

Effects of treated wastewater on the ecotoxicity of small streams – Unravelling the contribution of chemicals causing effects

Cornelia Kienle, Etiënne L. M. Vermeirssen, Andrea Schifferli, Heinz Singer, Christian Stamm, Inge Werner

Air quality and obesity at older ages in China: The role of duration, severity and pollutants

Nan Zhang, Lei Wang, Min Zhang, James Nazroo

Breeding French bulldogs so that they breathe well—A long way to go

Eva-Marie Ravn-Mølby, Line Sindahl, Søren Saxmose Nielsen, Camilla S. Bruun, Peter Sandøe, Merete Fredholm

A network-centric approach for estimating trust between open source software developers

Hitesh Sapkota, Pradeep K. Murukannaiah, Yi Wang

A novel scoring system to predict the requirement for surgical intervention in victims of motor vehicle crashes: Development and validation using independent cohorts

Ryo Yamamoto, Tomohiro Kurihara, Junichi Sasaki

Prediction of overt hepatic encephalopathy by the continuous reaction time method and the portosystemic encephalopathy syndrome test in clinically mentally unimpaired patients with cirrhosis

Charlotte W. Wernberg, Ove B. Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Hendrik Vilstrup, Mette M. Lauridsen

Attentional capture by Pavlovian reward-signalling distractors in visual search persists when rewards are removed

Poppy Watson, Daniel Pearson, Steven B. Most, Jan Theeuwes, Reinout W. Wiers, Mike E. Le Pelley

Validation of risk factors for recurrence of renal cell carcinoma: Results from a large single-institution series

Johannes C. van der Mijn, Bashir Al Hussein Al Awamlh, Aleem Islam Khan, Lina Posada-Calderon, Clara Oromendia, Jonathan Fainberg, Mark Alshak, Rahmi Elahjji, Hudson Pierce, Benjamin Taylor, Lorraine J. Gudas, David M. Nanus, Ana M. Molina, Joseph Del Pizzo, Douglas S. Scherr

Real world, big data cost of pharmaceutical treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in Greece

Kyriakos Souliotis, Christina Golna, Chara Kani, Sofia Nikolaidi, Dimitrios Boumpas

Does training with amplitude modulated tones affect tone-vocoded speech perception?

Aina Casaponsa, Ediz Sohoglu, David R. Moore, Christian Füllgrabe, Katharine Molloy, Sygal Amitay

Accuracy of the Cosmed K5 portable calorimeter

Scott E. Crouter, Samuel R. LaMunion, Paul R. Hibbing, Andrew S. Kaplan, David R. Bassett, Jr.

Non-invasive diagnostic criteria of hepatocellular carcinoma: Comparison of diagnostic accuracy of updated LI-RADS with clinical practice guidelines of OPTN-UNOS, AASLD, NCCN, EASL-EORTC, and KLSCG-NCC

Burcu Erkan, Jeffrey Meier, Toshimasa J. Clark, Jeffrey Kaplan, Jeffrey R. Lambert, Samuel Chang

Omentin-1 in diabetes mellitus: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Xiongfeng Pan, Atipatsa C. Kaminga, Shi Wu Wen, Kwabena Acheampong, Aizhong Liu

Immunological recovery, failure and factors associated with CD-4 T-cells progression over time, among adolescents and adults living with HIV on Antiretroviral Therapy in Northern Ethiopia: A retrospective cross sectional study

Abraham Aregay Desta, Tewolde Wubayehu Woldearegay, Asfawosen Aregay Berhe, Nesredin Futwi, Goyitom Gebremedhn Gebru, Hagos Godefay

Prediction of poor outcome after hypoxic-ischemic brain injury by diffusion-weighted imaging: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Ruili Wei, Chaonan Wang, Fangping He, Lirong Hong, Jie Zhang, Wangxiao Bao, Fangxia Meng, Benyan Luo

Absence of posture-dependent and posture-congruent memory effects on the recall of action sentences

Antonio M. Díez-Álamo, Emiliano Díez, María A. Alonso, Angel Fernandez

Identifiability and numerical algebraic geometry

Daniel J. Bates, Jonathan D. Hauenstein, Nicolette Meshkat

Co-infection of cattle with Fasciola hepatica or F. gigantica and Mycobacterium bovis: A systematic review

Alison K. Howell, Catherine M. McCann, Francesca Wickstead, Diana J. L. Williams

High maternal self-efficacy is associated with meeting Institute of Medicine gestational weight gain recommendations

Lyra Halili, Rebecca H. Liu, Ashley Weeks, Raywat Deonandan, Kristi B. Adamo

Isolation of endothelial cells, pericytes and astrocytes from mouse brain

Florian Bernard-Patrzynski, Marc-André Lécuyer, Ina Puscas, Imane Boukhatem, Marc Charabati, Lyne Bourbonnière, Charles Ramassamy, Grégoire Leclair, Alexandre Prat, V Gaëlle Roullin

Effects of metformin administration on endocrine-metabolic parameters, visceral adiposity and cardiovascular risk factors in children with obesity and risk markers for metabolic syndrome: A pilot study

Judit Bassols, José-María Martínez-Calcerrada, Inés Osiniri, Ferran Díaz-Roldán, Silvia Xargay-Torrent, Berta Mas-Parés, Estefanía Dorado-Ceballos, Anna Prats-Puig, Gemma Carreras-Badosa, Francis de Zegher, Lourdes Ibáñez, Abel López-Bermejo

Physiological impact of nanoporous acupuncture needles: Laser Doppler perfusion imaging in healthy volunteers

Koh-Woon Kim, Sanhwa Hong, Hong Soo Kim, Taehun Kim, Jaeha Ahn, Hyun-Seo Song, Yu-Kang Kim, Ju-Young Oh, Tae-Yeon Hwang, Hyangsook Lee, Su-Il In, Hi-Joon Park

A world map of evidence-based medicine: Density equalizing mapping of the Cochrane database of systematic reviews

David A. Groneberg, Stefan Rolle, Michael H. K. Bendels, Doris Klingelhöfer, Norman Schöffel, Jan Bauer, Dörthe Brüggmann

Common trust and personal safety issues: A systematic review on the acceptability of health and social interventions for persons with lived experience of homelessness

Olivia Magwood, Vanessa Ymele Leki, Victoire Kpade, Ammar Saad, Qasem Alkhateeb, Akalewold Gebremeskel, Asia Rehman, Terry Hannigan, Nicole Pinto, Annie Huiru Sun, Claire Kendall, Nicole Kozloff, Emily J. Tweed, David Ponka, Kevin Pottie

Implications of monocular vision for racing drivers

Julien Adrian, Johan Le Brun, Neil R. Miller, José-Alain Sahel, Gérard Saillant, Bahram Bodaghi

Effect of arteriovenous access closure and timing on kidney function in kidney transplant recipients

Seonjeong Jeong, Hyunwook Kwon, Jee Yeon Kim, Young Hoon Kim, Tae-Won Kwon, Jung Bok Lee, Yong-Pil Cho, Duck Jong Han

Immune responses to a HSV-2 polynucleotide immunotherapy COR-1 in HSV-2 positive subjects: A randomized double blinded phase I/IIa trial

Janin Chandra, Wai-Ping Woo, Julie L. Dutton, Yan Xu, Bo Li, Sally Kinrade, Julian Druce, Neil Finlayson, Paul Griffin, Kerry J. Laing, David M. Koelle, Ian H. Frazer

What Twitter teaches us about patient-provider communication on pain

Yasmin M. Kloth, Kenneth M. Deutsch, Katy A. Danielson, Julie Strack, Catherine Law

Development of a computer-aided design software for the quantitative evaluation of aesthetic damage

Nelson Massanobu Sakaguti, Mário Marques Fernandes, Luiz Eugênio Nigro Mazzilli, Juan Antonio Cobo Plana, Fernanda Capurucho Horta Bouchardet, Rogério Nogueira de Oliveira

Microtubules are necessary for proper Reticulon localization during mitosis

Ulises Diaz, Zane J. Bergman, Brittany M. Johnson, Alia R. Edington, Matthew A. de Cruz, Wallace F. Marshall, Blake Riggs

Human perception and biosignal-based identification of posed and spontaneous smiles

Monica Perusquía-Hernández, Saho Ayabe-Kanamura, Kenji Suzuki

State of household need for caregivers and determinants of psychological burden among caregivers of older people in Thailand: An analysis from national surveys on older persons

Ruttana Phetsitong, Patama Vapattanawong, Malee Sunpuwan, Marc Völker

Dietary habits of the black-necked swan Cygnus melancoryphus (Birds: Anatidae) and variability of the aquatic macrophyte cover in the Río Cruces wetland, southern Chile

Carlos Velásquez, Eduardo Jaramillo, Patricio Camus, Fabio Labra, Cristina San Martín

Improving emotional health and self-esteem of Malaysian adolescents living in orphanages through Life Skills Education program: A multi-centre randomized control trial

Marjan Mohammadzadeh, Hamidin Awang, Suriani Ismail, Hayati Kadir Shahar

Radiocarbon, Bayesian chronological modeling and early European metal circulation in the sixteenth-century AD Mohawk River Valley, USA

Sturt W. Manning, John P. Hart

Economic evaluation of HPV DNA test as primary screening method for cervical cancer: A health policy discussion in Greece

Anastasios Skroumpelos, Theodoros Agorastos, Theodoros Constantinidis, Kimon Chatzistamatiou, John Kyriopoulos

Clonality testing in the lymph nodes from dogs with lymphadenomegaly due to Leishmania infantum infection

Antonio Melendez-Lazo, Anne-Katherine Jasensky, Ico Thais Jolly-Frahija, Alexandra Kehl, Elisabeth Müller, Ignacio Mesa-Sánchez

Transcriptome landscape of Rafflesia cantleyi floral buds reveals insights into the roles of transcription factors and phytohormones in flower development

Safoora Amini, Khadijah Rosli, Mohd-Faizal Abu-Bakar, Halimah Alias, Mohd-Noor Mat-Isa, Mohd-Afiq-Aizat Juhari, Jumaat Haji-Adam, Hoe-Han Goh, Kiew-Lian Wan

Comparison of 6-week PMTCT outcomes for HIV-exposed and HIV-unexposed infants in the era of lifelong ART: Results from an observational prospective cohort study

Appolinaire Tiam, Seble G. Kassaye, Rhoderick Machekano, Vincent Tukei, Michelle M. Gill, Majoalane Mokone, Mosilinyane Letsie, Mots’oane Tsietso, Irene Seipati, Janety Barasa, Anthony Isavwa, Thorkild Tylleskär, Laura Guay

Sex differences in physical performance by age, educational level, ethnic groups and birth cohort: The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam

Lena D. Sialino, Laura A. Schaap, Sandra H. van Oostrom, Astrid C. J. Nooyens, Hendrika S. J. Picavet, Johannes W. R. Twisk, W. M. Monique Verschuren, Marjolein Visser, Hanneke A. H. Wijnhoven

HIV-1 proteins gp120 and tat induce the epithelial–mesenchymal transition in oral and genital mucosal epithelial cells

Kathy Lien, Wasima Mayer, Rossana Herrera, Kristina Rosbe, Sharof M. Tugizov

Inflammatory mediators and lung abnormalities in HIV: A systematic review

Breanne M. Head, Ruochen Mao, Yoav Keynan, Zulma Vanessa Rueda

An investigation of machine learning methods in delta-radiomics feature analysis

Yushi Chang, Kyle Lafata, Wenzheng Sun, Chunhao Wang, Zheng Chang, John P. Kirkpatrick, Fang-Fang Yin

Differences in receipt of opioid agonist treatment and time to enter treatment for opioid use disorder among specialty addiction programs in the United States, 2014-17

Justin C. Yang, Andres Roman-Urrestarazu, Carol Brayne

Intensity-modulated ventricular irradiation for intracranial germ-cell tumors: Survival analysis and impact of salvage re-irradiation

Ana Carolina Pires de Rezende, Eduardo Weltman, Michael Jenwei Chen, Juliana Karassawa Helito, Ícaro Thiago de Carvalho, Roberto Kenji Sakuraba, Nasjla Saba Silva, Andrea Maria Cappellano, Nelson Hamerschlak

Personalized breast cancer screening strategies: A systematic review and quality assessment

Marta Román, Maria Sala, Laia Domingo, Margarita Posso, Javier Louro, Xavier Castells

The shifting epidemiology and serotype distribution of invasive pneumococcal disease in Ontario, Canada, 2007-2017

Shinthuja Wijayasri, Kelty Hillier, Gillian H. Lim, Tara M. Harris, Sarah E. Wilson, Shelley L. Deeks

Backwashing performance of self-cleaning screen filters in drip irrigation systems

Quanli Zong, Zhenji Liu, Huanfang Liu, Hongfei Yang

Hierarchical cluster analysis to identify the homogeneous desertification management units

Farhad Zolfaghari, Hassan Khosravi, Alireza Shahriyari, Mitra Jabbari, Azam Abolhasani

MicroRNA-710 regulates multiple pathways of carcinogenesis in murine metastatic breast cancer

Byunghee Yoo, Nikhil Meka, Patrick Sheedy, Ann-Marie Billig, Pamela Pantazopoulos, Zdravka Medarova

MicroRNA profiling in canine multicentric lymphoma

Karlee K. L. Craig, Geoffrey A. Wood, Stefan M. Keller, Anthony J. Mutsaers, R. Darren Wood

Early impact of agropastoral activities and climate on the littoral landscape of Corsica since mid-Holocene

Marc-Antoine Vella, Valérie Andrieu-Ponel, Joseph Cesari, Franck Leandri, Kewin Pêche-Quilichini, Maurice Reille, Yoann Poher, François Demory, Doriane Delanghe, Matthieu Ghilardi, Marie-Madeleine Ottaviani-Spella

Barriers and facilitators for caregiver involvement in the home care of people with pressure injuries: A qualitative study

Francisco José García-Sánchez, Vicente Martínez-Vizcaíno, Beatriz Rodríguez-Martín

Evaluating mob stocking for beef cattle in a temperate grassland

Benjamin F. Tracy, Robert B. Bauer

Suicide among physicians and health-care workers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Frederic Dutheil, Claire Aubert, Bruno Pereira, Michaël Dambrun, Fares Moustafa, Martial Mermillod, Julien S. Baker, Marion Trousselard, François-Xavier Lesage, Valentin Navel

Survival kinetics of Listeria monocytogenes on chickpeas, sesame seeds, pine nuts, and black pepper as affected by relative humidity storage conditions

Joelle K. Salazar, Vidya Natarajan, Diana Stewart, Quincy Suehr, Tanvi Mhetras, Lauren J. Gonsalves, Mary Lou Tortorello

Free thiol groups on poly(aspartamide) based hydrogels facilitate tooth-derived progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation

Orsolya Hegedűs, Dávid Juriga, Evelin Sipos, Constantinos Voniatis, Ákos Juhász, Abdenaccer Idrissi, Miklós Zrínyi, Gábor Varga, Angéla Jedlovszky-Hajdú, Krisztina S. Nagy

Acute and chronic traumatic diaphragmatic hernia: 10 years’ experience

Pengcheng Gu, Yang Lu, Xigong Li, Xiangjin Lin

Application of DArT seq derived SNP tags for comparative genome analysis in fishes; An alternative pipeline using sequence data from a non-traditional model species, Macquaria ambigua

Foyez Shams, Fiona Dyer, Ross Thompson, Richard P. Duncan, Jason D. Thiem, Andrzej Kilian, Tariq Ezaz

Dipole-wind interactions under gap wind jet conditions in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico: A surface drifter and satellite database analysis

Mauro W. Santiago-García, Alejandro F. Parés-Sierra, Armando Trasviña

PfmPif97-like regulated by Pfm-miR-9b-5p participates in shell formation in Pinctada fucata martensii

Xinwei Xiong, Bingyi Xie, Zhe Zheng, Yuewen Deng, Yu Jiao, Xiaodong Du

Synapsin 1 promotes Aβ generation via BACE1 modulation

Masato Maesako, Katarzyna M. Zoltowska, Oksana Berezovska

Predictive utility of the C-reactive protein to albumin ratio in early allograft dysfunction in living donor liver transplantation: A retrospective observational cohort study

Jaesik Park, Soo Jin Lim, Ho Joong Choi, Sang Hyun Hong, Chul Soo Park, Jong Ho Choi, Min Suk Chae

Effects of SCUBA bubbles on counts of roving piscivores in a large remote marine protected area

Keolohilani H. Lopes, Jr, Ivor D. Williams, Randall K. Kosaki, Andrew E. Gray, Jason C. Leonard

Examining practice effects in repeated measurements of vibration perception thresholds on finger pulps of healthy individuals – Is it possible to improve your results over a clinically relevant test interval?

Linnéa Ekman, Jin Persson Löfgren, Lars B. Dahlin

Analysis of gut microbiota of obese individuals with type 2 diabetes and healthy individuals

Aftab Ahmad, Wanwei Yang, Guofang Chen, Muhammad Shafiq, Sundus Javed, Syed Shujaat Ali Zaidi, Ramla Shahid, Chao Liu, Habib Bokhari

The evaluation of AMSR-E soil moisture data in atmospheric modeling using a suitable time series iteration to derive land surface fluxes over the Tibetan Plateau

Weiqiang Ma, Yaoming Ma

Comparison of plasma fatty acid binding protein 4 concentration in venous and capillary blood

Shigeharu Numao, Yoshinori Nagasawa, Naomi Goromaru, Shunichi Tamaki

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatic fibrosis among perinatally HIV-monoinfected Asian adolescents receiving antiretroviral therapy

Tavitiya Sudjaritruk, Torsak Bunupuradah, Linda Aurpibul, Pope Kosalaraksa, Nia Kurniati, Jiratchaya Sophonphan, Panruethai Trinavarat, Pannee Visrutaratna, Jiraporn Srinakarin, Nataruks Chaijitraruch, Thanyawee Puthanakit,

Environmental enrichment effects after early stress on behavior and functional brain networks in adult rats

Héctor González-Pardo, Jorge L. Arias, Guillermo Vallejo, Nélida M. Conejo

Developmental expression of human tau in Drosophila melanogaster glial cells induces motor deficits and disrupts maintenance of PNS axonal integrity, without affecting synapse formation

Enrico M. Scarpelli, Van Y. Trinh, Zarrin Tashnim, Jacob L. Krans, Lani C. Keller, Kenneth J. Colodner

TRPC3 determines osmosensitive [Ca2+]i signaling in the collecting duct and contributes to urinary concentration

Viktor N. Tomilin, Mykola Mamenko, Oleg Zaika, Guohui Ren, Sean P. Marrelli, Lutz Birnbaumer, Oleh Pochynyuk

Awareness, willingness to use, and history of HIV PrEP use among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Nigeria

Adedotun Ogunbajo, Stella Iwuagwu, Rashidi Williams, Katie Biello, Matthew J. Mimiaga

Odor quality profile is partially influenced by verbal cues

Jisub Bae, Ju-Yeon Yi, Cheil Moon

A novel assessment for Readiness Evaluation during Simulated Dismounted Operations: A reliability study

Christopher A. Rábago, Riley C. Sheehan, Kelly A. Schmidtbauer, Michael C. Vernon, Jason M. Wilken

Cognitive bias modification for energy drink cues

Eva Kemps, Marika Tiggemann, Mikaela Cibich, Aleksandra Cabala

Contribution of ROS and metabolic status to neonatal and adult CD8+ T cell activation

José Antonio Sánchez-Villanueva, Otoniel Rodríguez-Jorge, Oscar Ramírez-Pliego, Gabriela Rosas Salgado, Wassim Abou-Jaoudé, Céline Hernandez, Aurélien Naldi, Denis Thieffry, María Angélica Santana

Verification of mesenchymal stem cell injection therapy for interstitial cystitis in a rat model

Jae-Wook Chung, So Young Chun, Eun Hye Lee, Yun-Sok Ha, Jun Nyung Lee, Phil Hyun Song, Eun Sang Yoo, Tae Gyun Kwon, Sung Kwang Chung, Bum Soo Kim

Vertical transmission of HIV among pregnant women who initially had false–negative rapid HIV tests in four South African antenatal clinics

Simnikiwe H. Mayaphi, Desmond J. Martin, Thomas C. Quinn, Anton C. Stoltz

Tapped out or barely tapped? Recommendations for how to harness the vast and largely unused potential of the Mechanical Turk participant pool

Jonathan Robinson, Cheskie Rosenzweig, Aaron J. Moss, Leib Litman

Are lizards sensitive to anomalous seasonal temperatures? Long-term thermobiological variability in a subtropical species

André Vicente Liz, Vinicius Santos, Talita Ribeiro, Murilo Guimarães, Laura Verrastro

Mutation spectrums of TSC1 and TSC2 in Chinese women with lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)

Jie Liu, Weiwei Zhao, Xiaohua Ou, Zhen Zhao, Changming Hu, Mingming Sun, Feifei Liu, Junhao Deng, Weili Gu, Jiaying An, Qingling Zhang, Xiaoxian Zhang, Jiaxing Xie, Shiyue Li, Rongchang Chen, Shihui Yu, Nanshan Zhong

“That’s all Fake”: Health professionals stigma and physical healthcare of people living with Serious Mental Illness

Eliut Rivera-Segarra, Nelson Varas-Díaz, Axel Santos-Figueroa

Comparison of the Panther Fusion and Allplex assays for the detection of respiratory viruses in clinical samples

Lola Folgueira, Noelia Moral, Consuelo Pascual, Rafael Delgado

Acute kidney injury in Ugandan children with severe malaria is associated with long-term behavioral problems

Meredith R. Hickson, Andrea L. Conroy, Paul Bangirana, Robert O. Opoka, Richard Idro, John M. Ssenkusu, Chandy C. John

Rho-associated kinase and zipper-interacting protein kinase, but not myosin light chain kinase, are involved in the regulation of myosin phosphorylation in serum-stimulated human arterial smooth muscle cells

Jing-Ti Deng, Sabreena Bhaidani, Cindy Sutherland, Justin A. MacDonald, Michael P. Walsh

Use of detailed family history data to improve risk prediction,with application to breast cancer screening

Yue Jiang, Clarice R. Weinberg, Dale P. Sandler, Shanshan Zhao

The promise of open survey questions—The validation of text-based job satisfaction measures

Indy Wijngaards, Martijn Burger, Job van Exel

Measuring within-day cognitive performance using the experience sampling method: A pilot study in a healthy population

Simone J. W. Verhagen, Naomi E. M. Daniëls, Sara Laureen Bartels, Sulina Tans, Karel W. H. Borkelmans, Marjolein E. de Vugt, Philippe A. E. G. Delespaul

Shifts in trait-based and taxonomic macrofauna community structure along a 27-year time-series in the south-eastern North Sea

Julia Meyer, Ingrid Kröncke

Plasma biomarkers of inflammation, coagulation, and brain injury as predictors of delirium duration in older hospitalized patients

J. Brennan McNeil, Christopher G. Hughes, Timothy Girard, Lorraine B. Ware, E. Wesley Ely, Rameela Chandrasekhar, Jin H. Han

Factors associated with repeat rectal Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis screening following inconclusive nucleic acid amplification testing: A potential missed opportunity for screening

Cheríe S. Blair, Omai B. Garner, Bettina Pedone, Sam Elias, W. Scott Comulada, Raphael J. Landovitz

Beyond Buddhism and animism: A psychometric test of the structure of Burmese Theravada Buddhism

Mark Stanford, Jonathan Jong

Determining the molecular drivers of species-specific interferon-stimulated gene product 15 interactions with nairovirus ovarian tumor domain proteases

John V. Dzimianski, Florine E. M. Scholte, Isabelle L. Williams, Caroline Langley, Brendan T. Freitas, Jessica R. Spengler, Éric Bergeron, Scott D. Pegan

Assessment of the perceived safety culture in the petrochemical industry in Japan: A cross-sectional study

Erman Çakıt, Andrzej Jan Olak, Atsuo Murata, Waldemar Karwowski, Omar Alrehaili, Tadeusz Marek

The Intersection of Human Disturbance and Diel Activity, with Potential Consequences on Trophic Interactions

Michael A. Patten, Jutta C. Burger, Milan Mitrovich

Levels of caspase-3 and histidine-rich glycoprotein in the embryo secretome as biomarkers of good-quality day-2 embryos and high-quality blastocysts

Helena Kaihola, Fatma Gülen Yaldir, Therese Bohlin, Raghad Samir, Julius Hreinsson, Helena Åkerud

Improving accuracy for finite element modeling of endovascular coiling of intracranial aneurysm

Robert J. Damiano, Vincent M. Tutino, Saeb R. Lamooki, Nikhil Paliwal, Gary F. Dargush, Jason M. Davies, Adnan H. Siddiqui, Hui Meng

Drought stress and re-watering affect the abundance of TIP aquaporin transcripts in barley

Marzena Małgorzata Kurowska, Klaudia Wiecha, Katarzyna Gajek, Iwona Szarejko

Intra- and inter-task reliability of spatial attention measures in healthy older adults

Gesine Märker, Gemma Learmonth, Gregor Thut, Monika Harvey

Genome-wide comparisons of gene expression in adult versus elderly burn patients

Stephanie C. Dreckmann, Saeid Amini-Nik, Ronald G. Tompkins, Miliana Vojvodic, Marc G. Jeschke

Challenges to generating political prioritization for adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Kenya: A qualitative study

Maricianah Atieno Onono, Claire D. Brindis, Justin S. White, Eric Goosby, Dan Odhiambo Okoro, Elizabeth Anne Bukusi, George W. Rutherford

Chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia surrounding diffuse-type gastric cancer: Are they just bystanders in the process of carcinogenesis?

Seung Yong Shin, Jie-Hyun Kim, Jaeyoung Chun, Young Hoon Yoon, Hyojin Park

GLAMbox: A Python toolbox for investigating the association between gaze allocation and decision behaviour

Felix Molter, Armin W. Thomas, Hauke R. Heekeren, Peter N. C. Mohr

Oxygen inhalation improves postoperative survival in ketamine-xylazine anaesthetised rats: An observational study

Mare Mechelinck, Carolin Kupp, Johanne C. Krüger, Moriz A. Habigt, Marius J. Helmedag, René H. Tolba, Rolf Rossaint, Marc Hein

An inter-island comparison of Darwin’s finches reveals the impact of habitat, host phylogeny, and island on the gut microbiome

Wesley T. Loo, Rachael Y. Dudaniec, Sonia Kleindorfer, Colleen M. Cavanaugh

The use of opioids in low acuity pediatric trauma patients

Ashley A. Foster, John J. Porter, Florence T. Bourgeois, Rebekah Mannix

The acute myeloid leukemia associated AML1-ETO fusion protein alters the transcriptome and cellular progression in a single-oncogene expressing in vitro induced pluripotent stem cell based granulocyte differentiation model

Esther Tijchon, Guoqiang Yi, Amit Mandoli, Jos G. A. Smits, Francesco Ferrari, Branco M. H. Heuts, Falco Wijnen, Bowon Kim, Eva M. Janssen-Megens, Jan Jacob Schuringa, Joost H. A. Martens

Primary Epstein-Barr virus infection with and without infectious mononucleosis

Klaus Rostgaard, Henry H. Balfour, Jr., Ruth Jarrett, Christian Erikstrup, Ole Pedersen, Henrik Ullum, Lars Peter Nielsen, Marianne Voldstedlund, Henrik Hjalgrim

“Disruptive behavior” in the operating room: A prospective observational study of triggers and effects of tense communication episodes in surgical teams

Sandra Keller, Franziska Tschan, Norbert K. Semmer, Eliane Timm-Holzer, Jasmin Zimmermann, Daniel Candinas, Nicolas Demartines, Martin Hübner, Guido Beldi

Measuring affect-related cognitive bias: Do mice in opposite affective states react differently to negative and positive stimuli?

Anna C. Trevarthen, Sarah Kappel, Claire Roberts, Emily M. Finnegan, Elizabeth S. Paul, Isaac Planas-Sitjà, Michael T. Mendl, Carole Fureix

Impaired cardiac performance, protein synthesis, and mitochondrial function in tumor-bearing mice

Taylor E. Berent, Jessica M. Dorschner, Thomas Meyer, Theodore A. Craig, Xuewei Wang, Hawley Kunz, Aminah Jatoi, Ian R. Lanza, Horng Chen, Rajiv Kumar

Determinants of speeding among new generations of car drivers from the Arabian Peninsula. An investigation based among Omani drivers using the theory of planned behaviour

Constance Boissin, Abdullah Ali Al Maniri, Ali Sulieman Al-Azri, Marie Hasselberg, Lucie Laflamme

Modulation of protective reflex cough by acute immune driven inflammation of lower airways in anesthetized rabbits

Laurent Foucaud, Bruno Demoulin, Anne-Laure Leblanc, Iulia Ioan, Cyril Schweitzer, Silvia Demoulin-Alexikova

KRAS and NRAS mutational gene profile of metastatic colorectal cancer patients in Jordan

Muhammad Awidi, Nidaa Ababneh, Maha Shomaf, Feras Al Fararjeh, Laila Owaidi, Mohammad AlKhatib, Buthaina Al Tarawneh, Abdalla Awidi

Successional, spatial, and seasonal changes in seed rain in the Atlantic forest of southern Bahia, Brazil

Daniel Piotto, Dylan Craven, Florencia Montagnini, Mark Ashton, Chadwick Oliver, William Wayt Thomas

Ultrasound microbubble potentiated enhancement of hyperthermia-effect in tumours

Deepa Sharma, Anoja Giles, Amr Hashim, Jodi Yip, Yipeng Ji, Natalie Ngoc Anh Do, Juliana Sebastiani, William Tyler Tran, Golnaz Farhat, Michael Oelze, Gregory J. Czarnota

Introgression of a cry1Ab transgene into open pollinated maize and its effect on Cry protein concentration and target pest survival

Reynardt Erasmus, Rialet Pieters, Hannalene Du Plessis, Angelika Hilbeck, Miluse Trtikova, Annemie Erasmus, Johnnie Van den Berg

Benefits of VISION Max automated cross-matching in comparison with manual cross-matching: A multidimensional analysis

Hee-Jung Chung, Mina Hur, Sang Gyeu Choi, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Seungho Lee, Hanah Kim, Hee-Won Moon, Yeo-Min Yun

An explorative study identifies miRNA signatures for the diagnosis of non-celiac wheat sensitivity

Emanuela Clemente, Konstantinos Efthymakis, Erminia Carletti, Vanessa Capone, Samantha Sperduti, Giuseppina Bologna, Marco Marchisio, Marta Di Nicola, Matteo Neri, Michele Sallese

Effects of long-term statin-treatment on coronary atherosclerosis in patients with inflammatory joint diseases

Mona Svanteson, Silvia Rollefstad, Nils-Einar Kløw, Jonny Hisdal, Eirik Ikdahl, Joseph Sexton, Ylva Haig, Anne Grete Semb

Connectivity differences between Gulf War Illness (GWI) phenotypes during a test of attention

Tomas Clarke, Jessie D. Jamieson, Patrick Malone, Rakib U. Rayhan, Stuart Washington, John W. VanMeter, James N. Baraniuk

Native speakers like affixes, L2 speakers like letters? An overt visual priming study investigating the role of orthography in L2 morphological processing

Laura Anna Ciaccio, Gunnar Jacob

A partial genome assembly of the miniature parasitoid wasp, Megaphragma amalphitanum

Fedor S. Sharko, Artem V. Nedoluzhko, Brandon M. Lê, Svetlana V. Tsygankova, Eugenia S. Boulygina, Sergey M. Rastorguev, Alexey S. Sokolov, Fernando Rodriguez, Alexander M. Mazur, Alexey A. Polilov, Richard Benton, Michael B. Evgen'ev, Irina R. Arkhipova, Egor B. Prokhortchouk, Konstantin G. Skryabin

Can we learn from the ecology of the Bohemian gentian and save another closely related species of Gentianella?

Zdenka Křenová, Jiří Brabec, Sabine Rössler, Pavel Kindlmann

Are we prepared? The development of performance indicators for public health emergency preparedness using a modified Delphi approach

Yasmin Khan, Adalsteinn D. Brown, Anna R. Gagliardi, Tracey O’Sullivan, Sara Lacarte, Bonnie Henry, Brian Schwartz

Racial discrimination in medical care settings and opioid pain reliever misuse in a U.S. cohort: 1992 to 2015

Samuel L. Swift, M. Maria Glymour, Tali Elfassy, Cora Lewis, Catarina I. Kiefe, Stephen Sidney, Sebastian Calonico, Daniel Feaster, Zinzi Bailey, Adina Zeki Al Hazzouri

Applying circuit theory and landscape linkage maps to reintroduction planning for California Condors

Jesse D’Elia, Joseph Brandt, L. Joseph Burnett, Susan M. Haig, Jeff Hollenbeck, Steve Kirkland, Bruce G. Marcot, Arianna Punzalan, Christopher J. West, Tiana Williams-Claussen, Rachel Wolstenholme, Rich Young

An improved understanding of ungulate population dynamics using count data: Insights from western Montana

J. Terrill Paterson, Kelly Proffitt, Jay Rotella, Robert Garrott

Pediatric trainees systematically under-report duty hour violations compared to electronic health record defined shifts

Adam C. Dziorny, Evan W. Orenstein, Robert B. Lindell, Nicole A. Hames, Nicole Washington, Bimal Desai

An exclusive human milk diet for very low birth weight newborns—A cost-effectiveness and EVPI study for Germany

Stefan Michael Scholz, Wolfgang Greiner

Investigating unexplained genetic variation and its expression in the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Rhizophagus irregularis: A comparison of whole genome and RAD sequencing data

Frédéric G. Masclaux, Tania Wyss, Marco Pagni, Pawel Rosikiewicz, Ian R. Sanders

Disease activity and damage in patients with primary Sjogren’s syndrome: Prognostic value of salivary gland ultrasonography

Vera Milic, Jelena Colic, Andja Cirkovic, Svetlana Stanojlovic, Nemanja Damjanov

A low-loss and compact single-layer butler matrix for a 5G base station antenna

Intan Izafina Idrus, Tarik Abdul Latef, Narendra Kumar Aridas, Mohamad Sofian Abu Talip, Yoshihide Yamada, Tharek Abd Rahman, Ismahayati Adam, Mohd Najib Mohd Yasin

Response of rhizosphere bacterial community of Taxus chinensis var. mairei to temperature changes

Xianghua Yu, Xinxing Liu, Xueduan Liu

Choosing and enjoying violence in narratives

Victoria Lagrange, Benjamin Hiskes, Claire Woodward, Binyan Li, Fritz Breithaupt

Phylogeography, genetic diversity, and population structure of Nile crocodile populations at the fringes of the southern African distribution

Barbara van Asch, William F. Versfeld, Kelvin L. Hull, Alison J. Leslie, Timoteus I. Matheus, Petrus C. Beytell, Pierre du Preez, Ruhan Slabbert, Clint Rhode

Association between workplace bullying and burnout, professional quality of life, and turnover intention among clinical nurses

Yujeong Kim, Eunmi Lee, Haeyoung Lee

Factors predictive of the success of tuberculosis treatment: A systematic review with meta-analysis

Ninfa Marlen Chaves Torres, Jecxy Julieth Quijano Rodríguez, Pablo Sebastián Porras Andrade, María Belen Arriaga, Eduardo Martins Netto

Area extraction and spatiotemporal characteristics of winter wheat–summer maize in Shandong Province using NDVI time series

Chao Dong, Gengxing Zhao, Yuanwei Qin, Hong Wan

Caring for the elderly: A person-centered segmentation approach for exploring the association between health care needs, mental health care use, and costs in Germany

Beate Wild, Dirk Heider, Dieter Schellberg, Friederike Böhlen, Ben Schöttker, Dana Clarissa Muhlack, Hans-Helmut König, Joris Slaets

Potentially inappropriate medication in older participants of the Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II) – Sex differences and associations with morbidity and medication use

Sarah Toepfer, Juliane Bolbrinker, Maximilian König, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Reinhold Kreutz, Ilja Demuth

Previously implanted mitral surgical prosthesis in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Procedural outcome and morphologic assessment using multidetector computed tomography

Makoto Tanaka, Ryo Yanagisawa, Fumiaki Yashima, Takahide Arai, Masahiro Jinzaki, Hideyuki Shimizu, Keiichi Fukuda, Yusuke Watanabe, Toru Naganuma, Shinichi Shirai, Motoharu Araki, Norio Tada, Futoshi Yamanaka, Akihiro Higashimori, Kensuke Takagi, Hiroshi Ueno, Minoru Tabata, Kazuki Mizutani, Masanori Yamamoto, Kentaro Hayashida,

Towards elimination of measles and rubella in Italy: Progress and challenges

Giovanna Adamo, Valentina Baccolini, Azzurra Massimi, Domenico Barbato, Rosario Cocchiara, Carolina Di Paolo, Annamaria Mele, Sara Cianfanelli, Aurora Angelozzi, Fulvio Castellani, Carla Salerno, Claudia Isonne, Antonino Bella, Antonietta Filia, Martina del Manso, Melissa Baggieri, Loredana Nicoletti, Fabio Magurano, Stefania Iannazzo, Carolina Marzuillo, Paolo Villari

Molecular characterization of pulmonary defenses against bacterial invasion in allergic asthma: The role of Foxa2 in regulation of β-defensin 1

Chuanqi Wei, Xiaoju Tang, Faping Wang, Yan Li, Lin Sun, Fengming Luo

A validation of machine learning-based risk scores in the prehospital setting

Douglas Spangler, Thomas Hermansson, David Smekal, Hans Blomberg

Early life starvation has stronger intra-generational than transgenerational effects on key life-history traits and consumption measures in a sawfly

Sarah Catherine Paul, Rocky Putra, Caroline Müller

Longitudinal changes in plasma hemopexin and alpha-1-microglobulin concentrations in women with and without clinical risk factors for pre-eclampsia

Katja Murtoniemi, Grigorios Kalapotharakos, Tero Vahlberg, Katri Räikkonen, Eero Kajantie, Esa Hämäläinen, Bo Åkerström, Pia M. Villa, Stefan R. Hansson, Hannele Laivuori

Feasibility of thin-slice abdominal CT in overweight patients using a vendor neutral image-based denoising algorithm: Assessment of image noise, contrast, and quality

Akio Tamura, Manabu Nakayama, Yoshitaka Ota, Masayoshi Kamata, Yasuyuki Hirota, Misato Sone, Makoto Hamano, Ryoichi Tanaka, Kunihiro Yoshioka

Women's abortion seeking behavior under restrictive abortion laws in Mexico

Fatima Juarez, Akinrinola Bankole, Jose Luis Palma

Understanding the combining ability for physiological traits in soybean

Larissa Pereira Ribeiro Teodoro, Leonardo Lopes Bhering, Bruno Ermelindo Lopes Gomes, Cid Naudi Silva Campos, Fabio Henrique Rojo Baio, Ricardo Gava, Carlos Antonio da Silva Júnior, Paulo Eduardo Teodoro

Second language learning induces grey matter volume increase in people with multiple sclerosis

Rainer Ehling, Matthias Amprosi, Benjamin Kremmel, Gabriel Bsteh, Kathrin Eberharter, Matthias Zehentner, Ruth Steiger, Noora Tuovinen, Elke R. Gizewski, Thomas Benke, Thomas Berger, Carol Spöttl, Christian Brenneis, Christoph Scherfler

Increased performance of DNA metabarcoding of macroinvertebrates by taxonomic sorting

Kevin K. Beentjes, Arjen G. C. L. Speksnijder, Menno Schilthuizen, Marten Hoogeveen, Rob Pastoor, Berry B. van der Hoorn

Hybrid denture acrylic composites with nanozirconia and electrospun polystyrene fibers

A. A. Elmadani, I. Radović, N. Z. Tomić, M. Petrović, D. B. Stojanović, R. Jančić Heinemann, V. Radojević

Predictive sampling effort and species-area relationship models for estimating richness in fragmented landscapes

Noé U. de la Sancha, Sarah A. Boyle

The mixture toxicity of heavy metals on Photobacterium phosphoreum and its modeling by ion characteristics-based QSAR

Jianjun Zeng, Fen Chen, Mi Li, Ligui Wu, Huan Zhang, Xiaoming Zou

Exogenous melatonin reduces the inhibitory effect of osmotic stress on photosynthesis in soybean

Mingcong Zhang, Songyu He, Yingce Zhan, Bin Qin, Xijun Jin, Mengxue Wang, Yuxian Zhang, Guohua Hu, Zhanlin Teng, Yaokun Wu

Comparative analysis of ascorbate peroxidases (APXs) from selected plants with a special focus on Oryza sativa employing public databases

Baomei Wu, Binbin Wang

The microbiota composition of the offspring of patients with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)

Valentina Ponzo, Ilario Ferrocino, Adriana Zarovska, Maria Bernadette Amenta, Filomena Leone, Clara Monzeglio, Rosalba Rosato, Marianna Pellegrini, Roberto Gambino, Maurizio Cassader, Ezio Ghigo, Luca Cocolin, Simona Bo

Analysis of 13,312 benthic invertebrate samples from German streams reveals minor deviations in ecological status class between abundance and presence/absence data

Dominik Buchner, Arne J. Beermann, Alex Laini, Peter Rolauffs, Simon Vitecek, Daniel Hering, Florian Leese

Extending the use of the World Health Organisations’  water sanitation and hygiene assessment tool for surveys in hospitals – from WASH-FIT to WASH-FAST

Michuki Maina, Olga Tosas-Auguet, Jacob McKnight, Mathias Zosi, Grace Kimemia, Paul Mwaniki, Arabella Hayter, Margaret Montgomery, Constance Schultsz, Mike English

Measuring subjective social status in children of diverse societies

Dorsa Amir, Claudia Valeggia, Mahesh Srinivasan, Lawrence S. Sugiyama, Yarrow Dunham

The effect of gut passage by waterbirds on the seed coat and pericarp of diaspores lacking “external flesh”: Evidence for widespread adaptation to endozoochory in angiosperms

Mihai Costea, Hiba El Miari, Levente Laczkó, Réka Fekete, Attila V. Molnár, Ádám Lovas-Kiss, Andy J. Green

Cost effectiveness of therapeutic drug monitoring for imatinib administration in chronic myeloid leukemia

Kibum Kim, Gwendolyn A. McMillin, Philip S. Bernard, Srinivas Tantravahi, Brandon S. Walker, Robert L. Schmidt

Tissue ACE phenotyping in lung cancer

Sergei M. Danilov, Roman Metzger, Eckhard Klieser, Karl Sotlar, Ilya N. Trakht, Joe G. N. Garcia

Risk factors in the illness-death model: Simulation study and the partial differential equation about incidence and prevalence

Annika Hoyer, Sophie Kaufmann, Ralph Brinks

Association of cord blood methylation with neonatal leptin: An epigenome wide association study

Rachel Kadakia, Yinan Zheng, Zhou Zhang, Wei Zhang, Jami L. Josefson, Lifang Hou

Clonality, spatial structure, and pathogenic variation in Fusarium fujikuroi from rain-fed rice in southern Laos

Barbara Scherm, Virgilio Balmas, Alessandro Infantino, Maria Aragona, Maria Teresa Valente, Francesca Desiderio, Angela Marcello, Sengphet Phanthavong, Lester W. Burgess, Domenico Rau

Effect of Iodine treatments on Ocimum basilicum L.: Biofortification, phenolics production and essential oil composition

Claudia Kiferle, Roberta Ascrizzi, Marco Martinelli, Silvia Gonzali, Lorenzo Mariotti, Laura Pistelli, Guido Flamini, Pierdomenico Perata

In Vitro detection of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) prions in semen and reproductive tissues of white tailed deer bucks (Odocoileus virginianus)

Carlos Kramm, Ruben Gomez-Gutierrez, Claudio Soto, Glenn Telling, Tracy Nichols, Rodrigo Morales

Thermodilution vs estimated Fick cardiac output measurement in an elderly cohort of patients: A single-centre experience

Karl-Patrik Kresoja, Alessandro Faragli, Dawud Abawi, Oliver Paul, Burkert Pieske, Heiner Post, Alessio Alogna

Association between depressive symptoms and poor sleep quality among Han and Manchu ethnicities in a large, rural, Chinese population

Ru-Qing Liu, Michael S. Bloom, Qi-Zhen Wu, Zhi-Zhou He, Zhengmin Qian, Katherine A. Stamatakis, Echu Liu, Michael Vaughn, Wayne R. Lawrence, Mingan Yang, Tao Lu, Qian-Sheng Hu, Guang-Hui Dong

Application of pharmacogenomics and bioinformatics to exemplify the utility of human ex vivo organoculture models in the field of precision medicine

Karen Cowan, Graeme Macluskie, Michael Finch, Colin N. A. Palmer, Jane Hair, Max Bylesjo, Sarah Lynagh, Pamela Brankin, Marian McNeil, Carolyn Low, David Mallinson, Elaine M. Gourlay, Hannah Child, Linda Cheyne, David C. Bunton

Adherence to dietary guidelines for the Spanish population and risk of overweight/obesity in the SUN cohort

Clara Gómez-Donoso, Miguel Ángel Martínez-González, J. Alfredo Martínez, Carmen Sayón-Orea, Carmen de la Fuente-Arrillaga, Maira Bes-Rastrollo

Impact on mortality of being seropositive for hepatitis C virus antibodies among blood donors in Brazil: A twenty-year study

Hélio Ranes de Menezes Filho, Ana Luiza de Souza Bierrenbach, Maria Ligia Damato Capuani, Alfredo Mendrone, Jr., Adele Schwartz Benzaken, Soraia Mafra Machado, Marielena Vogel Saivish, Ester Cerdeira Sabino, Steven Sol Witkin, Maria Cássia Mendes-Corrêa

Dietary intake as a predictor for all-cause mortality in hemodialysis subjects (NUGE-HD study)

Karla Pereira Balbino, Leidjaira Lopes Juvanhol, Andreza de Paula Santos Epifânio, Luciane Domingos Marota, Josefina Bressan, Helen Hermana Miranda Hermsdorff

Rats’ (Rattus norvegicus) tool manipulation ability exceeds simple patterned behavior

Akane Nagano

Luminescent and fluorescent triple reporter plasmid constructs for Wnt, Hedgehog and Notch pathway

Julia Maier, Salma Elmenofi, Alexander Taschauer, Martina Anton, Haider Sami, Manfred Ogris

A lab-on-a-chip for rapid miRNA extraction

Ole Behrmann, Matthias Hügle, Peter Bronsert, Bettina Herde, Julian Heni, Marina Schramm, Frank T. Hufert, Gerald A. Urban, Gregory Dame

Ghost hunting in the nonlinear dynamic machine

Jonathan E. Butner, Ascher K. Munion, Brian R. W. Baucom, Alexander Wong

Dysregulation of sterol regulatory element-binding protein 2 gene in HIV treatment-experienced individuals

Anuoluwapo Sopeyin, Lei Zhou, Min Li, Lydia Barakat, Elijah Paintsil

Evaluation of bacteriophage as an adjunct therapy for treatment of peri-prosthetic joint infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus

Jodie L. Morris, Hayley L. Letson, Lisa Elliott, Andrea L. Grant, Matthew Wilkinson, Kaushik Hazratwala, Peter McEwen

Neuronal and glial DNA methylation and gene expression changes in early epileptogenesis

Toni C. Berger, Magnus D. Vigeland, Hanne S. Hjorthaug, Lars Etholm, Cecilie G. Nome, Erik Taubøll, Kjell Heuser, Kaja K. Selmer

Kinetics of the thermal inactivation and the refolding of bacterial luciferases in Bacillus subtilis and in Escherichia coli differ

Eugeny Gnuchikh, Ancha Baranova, Vera Schukina, Ilyas Khaliullin, Gennady Zavilgelsky, Ilya Manukhov

The use of back propagation neural networks and 18F-Florbetapir PET for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease using Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative database

Ilker Ozsahin, Boran Sekeroglu, Greta S. P. Mok

Refinement of metabolite detection in cystic fibrosis sputum reveals heme correlates with lung function decline

Nathaniel R. Glasser, Ryan C. Hunter, Theodore G. Liou, Dianne K. Newman,

Labeling surface proteins with high specificity: Intrinsic limitations of phosphopantetheinyl transferase systems

Jakob C. Stüber, Andreas Plückthun

Irradiation dose response under hypoxia for the application of the sterile insect technique in Drosophila suzukii

Fabiana Sassù, Katerina Nikolouli, Rui Pereira, Marc J. B. Vreysen, Christian Stauffer, Carlos Cáceres

Neutrophils remain detrimentally active in hydroxyurea-treated patients with sickle cell disease

Emilia Alina Barbu, Venina M. Dominical, Laurel Mendelsohn, Swee Lay Thein

Binding and functional profiling of antibody mutants guides selection of optimal candidates as antibody drug conjugates

John C. Zwaagstra, Traian Sulea, Jason Baardsnes, Stevo Radinovic, Yuneivy Cepero-Donates, Alma Robert, Maureen D. O’Connor-McCourt, Ilia A. Tikhomirov, Maria Luz. Jaramillo

DUSTBot: A duplex and stealthy P2P-based botnet in the Bitcoin network

Yi Zhong, Anmin Zhou, Lei Zhang, Fan Jing, Zheng Zuo

Force-stabilizing synergies can be retained by coordinating sensory-blocked and sensory-intact digits

Wei Zhang, Sasha Reschechtko, Barry Hahn, Cynthia Benson, Elias Youssef

Temperature time series analysis at Yucatan using natural and horizontal visibility algorithms

J. Alberto Rosales-Pérez, Efrain Canto-Lugo, David Valdés-Lozano, Rodrigo Huerta-Quintanilla

Genome-wide identification and expression profile of the MADS-box gene family in Erigeron breviscapus

Wen Tang, Yayi Tu, Xiaojie Cheng, Lili Zhang, Hengling Meng, Xin Zhao, Wei Zhang, Bin He

Evaluating the international standards gap for the use of acupuncture needles by physiotherapists and chiropractors: A policy analysis

Nadine Ijaz, Heather Boon

Analyses with double knockouts of the Bmpr1a and Bmpr1b genes demonstrate that BMP signaling is involved in the formation of precerebellar mossy fiber nuclei derived from the rhombic lip

Lihua Qin, Kyung J. Ahn, Lara Wine Lee, Charles de Charleroy, Jr, E. Bryan Crenshaw, III

The protein architecture in Bacteria and Archaea identifies a set of promiscuous and ancient domains

Rafael Hernandez-Guerrero, Edgardo Galán-Vásquez, Ernesto Pérez-Rueda

Utility of preoperative electrophysiological testing of the facial nerve in patients with vestibular schwannoma

Przemysław Kunert, Anna Podgórska, Tomasz Andrzej Dziedzic, Andrzej Marchel

Dynamics of plasma micronutrient concentrations and their correlation with serum proteins and thyroid hormones in patients with paracoccidioidomycosis

Jeniffer Michelline de Oliveira Custódio, Iasmim Mayumi Enokida, Daniel Araujo Gonçalves, Sandra Maria do Valle Leone de Oliveira, James Venturini, Lidia Raquel Carvalho, Rinaldo Poncio Mendes, Anamaria Mello Miranda Paniago

Equity in aid allocation and distribution: A qualitative study of key stakeholders in Northern Uganda

Primus Che Chi, Patience Bulage, Gudrun Østby

Health-related quality of life and intensity-specific physical activity in high-risk adults attending a behavior change service within primary care

Ellen Eimhjellen Blom, Eivind Aadland, Guri Kaurstad Skrove, Ane Kristiansen Solbraa, Line Merethe Oldervoll

Syphilis among adult males with a history of male-to-male sexual contact living with diagnosed HIV in New York State (excluding New York City): The challenge of intersecting epidemics

Rachel Hart-Malloy, Mark Rosenthal, Wendy Patterson, Salvatore Currenti, Travis O’Donnell, Jayleen KL Gunn

Entropy of human leukocyte antigen and killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptor systems in immune-mediated disorders: A pilot study on multiple sclerosis

Maurizio Melis, Roberto Littera, Eleonora Cocco, Jessica Frau, Sara Lai, Elena Congeddu, Paola Ragatzu, Maria Serra, Valentina Loi, Roberta Maddi, Roberta Pitzalis, Sandro Orrù, Luchino Chessa, Andrea Perra, Carlo Carcassi

Insights into fungal diversity of a shallow-water hydrothermal vent field at Kueishan Island, Taiwan by culture-based and metabarcoding analyses

Ka-Lai Pang, Sheng-Yu Guo, I-An Chen, Gäetan Burgaud, Zhu-Hua Luo, Hans U. Dahms, Jiang-Shiou Hwang, Yi-Li Lin, Jian-Shun Huang, Tsz-Wai Ho, Ling-Ming Tsang, Michael Wai-Lun Chiang, Hyo-Jung Cha

Predicting Abundances of Aedes mcintoshi, a primary Rift Valley fever virus mosquito vector

Lindsay P. Campbell, Daniel C. Reuman, Joel Lutomiah, A. Townsend Peterson, Kenneth J. Linthicum, Seth C. Britch, Assaf Anyamba, Rosemary Sang

Self-association of human beta-galactocerebrosidase: Dependence on pH, salt, and surfactant

Eunhee Lee, Nazila Salamat-Miller, Walter F. Stafford, Katherine Taylor

Lowbush blueberry fruit yield and growth response to inorganic and organic N-fertilization when competing with two common weed species

Charles Marty, Josée-Anne Lévesque, Robert L. Bradley, Jean Lafond, Maxime C. Paré

Copy number-based quantification assay for non-invasive detection of PVT1-derived transcripts

Gargi Pal, Olorunseun O. Ogunwobi

Association between religiosity and depression varies with age and sex among adults in South America: Evidence from the CESCAS I study

Marilina Santero, Federico M. Daray, Carolina Prado, Akram Hernández-Vásquez, Vilma Irazola

Recall accuracy of weekly automated surveys of health care utilization and infectious disease symptoms among infants over the first year of life

Catherine Ley, Lauren Willis, Maria de la Luz Sanchez, Julie Parsonnet

Physiological response of North China red elder container seedlings to inoculation with plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria under drought stress

FangChun Liu, HaiLin Ma, ZhenYu Du, BingYao Ma, XingHong Liu, Lin Peng, WenXin Zhang

Acute kidney injury – A frequent and serious complication after primary percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Abdellatif El-Ahmadi, Mujahed Sebastian Abassi, Hedvig Bille Andersson, Thomas Engstrøm, Peter Clemmensen, Steffen Helqvist, Erik Jørgensen, Henning Kelbæk, Frants Pedersen, Kari Saunamäki, Jacob Lønborg, Lene Holmvang

Neurotherapeutic effects of Ginkgo biloba extract and its terpene trilactone, ginkgolide B, on sciatic crush injury model: A new evidence

Dalal G. Al-Adwani, Waleed M. Renno, Khaled Y. Orabi

Clinical utility of mono-exponential model diffusion weighted imaging using two b-values compared to the bi- or stretched exponential model for the diagnosis of biliary atresia in infant liver MRI

Jisoo Kim, Haesung Yoon, Mi-Jung Lee, Myung-Joon Kim, Kyunghwa Han, Seok Joo Han, Hong Koh, Seung Kim, Hyun Joo Shin

Optical coherence tomography angiography reveals progressive worsening of retinal vascular geometry in diabetic retinopathy and improved geometry after panretinal photocoagulation

Alaa E. Fayed, Ahmed M. Abdelbaki, Omar M. El Zawahry, Amani A. Fawzi

Comparison of standard and alternative methods for chest compressions in a single rescuer infant CPR: A prospective simulation study

So Hyun Paek, Do Kyun Kim, Jin Hee Lee, Young Ho Kwak

Characterization of the physical properties of electron-beam-irradiated white rice and starch during short-term storage

Zhihong Du, Jiali Xing, Xiaohu Luo, Li Wang, Lihong Pan, Yulin Li, Ren Wang, Yuntao Liu, Xiaohong Li, Zhengxing Chen

Colonic bacterial composition is sex-specific in aged CD-1 mice fed diets varying in fat quality

Allison L. Unger, Korin Eckstrom, Thomas L. Jetton, Jana Kraft

The nature of the ligand’s side chain interacting with the S1'-subsite of metallocarboxypeptidase T (from Thermoactinomyces vulgaris) determines the geometry of the tetrahedral transition complex

Valery Kh. Akparov, Vladimir I. Timofeev, Galina E. Konstantinova, Ilyas G. Khaliullin, Inna P. Kuranova, Tatiana V. Rakitina, Vytas Švedas

Clarithromycin use and the risk of mortality and cardiovascular events: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Ching-Hui You, Cheng-Kuan Lin, Po-Hua Chen, Suna Park, Yi-Yun Chen, Nazleen Khan, Stefania I. Papatheodorou, Szu-Ta Chen

Droplet digital PCR assays for the quantification of brown trout (Salmo trutta) and Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) from environmental DNA collected in the water of mountain lakes

Eric Capo, Göran Spong, Sven Norman, Helena Königsson, Pia Bartels, Pär Byström

Vitamin E TPGS based transferosomes augmented TAT as a promising delivery system for improved transdermal delivery of raloxifene

Nabil A. Alhakamy, Usama A. Fahmy, Osama A. A. Ahmed

Estimation of membrane bending modulus of stiffness tuned human red blood cells from micropore filtration studies

Rekha Selvan, Praveen Parthasarathi, Shruthi S. Iyengar, Sharath Ananthamurthy, Sarbari Bhattacharya

Retrospective analysis of central venous catheters in elective intracranial surgery - Is there any benefit?

Benjamin Löser, Olga Recio Ariza, Alexander März, Anastassia Löser, Jörn Grensemann, Martin Petzoldt, Daniel A. Reuter, Frank Weber, Änne Glass, Sebastian A. Haas