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Take Off, Landing, and Fly Anesthesia
Nucleosome Assembly Proteins Get SET to Defeat the Guardian of Chromosome Cohesion
SKN-1/Nrf, A New Unfolded Protein Response Factor?


Evidence Is Evidence: An Interview with Mary-Claire King

Research Article

The Pathway Gene Functions together with the -Dependent Isoprenoid Biosynthetic Pathway to Orchestrate Germ Cell Migration
Whole-Exome Sequencing Reveals a Rapid Change in the Frequency of Rare Functional Variants in a Founding Population of Humans
Rapid Intrahost Evolution of Human Cytomegalovirus Is Shaped by Demography and Positive Selection
Convergent Transcription Induces Dynamic DNA Methylation at Loci
Environmental Stresses Disrupt Telomere Length Homeostasis
Ultra-Sensitive Sequencing Reveals an Age-Related Increase in Somatic Mitochondrial Mutations That Are Inconsistent with Oxidative Damage
Common Variants in Left/Right Asymmetry Genes and Pathways Are Associated with Relative Hand Skill
Genetic and Anatomical Basis of the Barrier Separating Wakefulness and Anesthetic-Induced Unresponsiveness
The Locus, Exclusive to the Ambulacrarians, Encodes a Chromatin Insulator Binding Protein in the Sea Urchin Embryo
Binding of NF-κB to Nucleosomes: Effect of Translational Positioning, Nucleosome Remodeling and Linker Histone H1
Manipulating or Superseding Host Recombination Functions: A Dilemma That Shapes Phage Evolvability
Dynamics of DNA Methylation in Recent Human and Great Ape Evolution
Functional Dissection of Regulatory Models Using Gene Expression Data of Deletion Mutants
PAQR-2 Regulates Fatty Acid Desaturation during Cold Adaptation in
N-alpha-terminal Acetylation of Histone H4 Regulates Arginine Methylation and Ribosomal DNA Silencing
A Genome-Wide Systematic Analysis Reveals Different and Predictive Proliferation Expression Signatures of Cancerous vs. Non-Cancerous Cells
Maternal Depletion of Piwi, a Component of the RNAi System, Impacts Heterochromatin Formation in
miR-1/133a Clusters Cooperatively Specify the Cardiomyogenic Lineage by Adjustment of Myocardin Levels during Embryonic Heart Development
Hsp104 Suppresses Polyglutamine-Induced Degeneration Post Onset in a Drosophila MJD/SCA3 Model
Genome-Wide Analysis of Genes and Their Association with Natural Variation in Drought Tolerance at Seedling Stage of L
Deep Resequencing of GWAS Loci Identifies Rare Variants in , and That Are Associated with Ulcerative Colitis
Cooperative Interaction between Phosphorylation Sites on PERIOD Maintains Circadian Period in
VAPB/ALS8 MSP Ligands Regulate Striated Muscle Energy Metabolism Critical for Adult Survival in
Analysis of Genes Reveals Redundant and Independent Functions in the Inner Ear
Predicting the Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Age of Onset through Modelling Genetic Risk Variants with Smoking
Histone Chaperone NAP1 Mediates Sister Chromatid Resolution by Counteracting Protein Phosphatase 2A
A Shift to Organismal Stress Resistance in Programmed Cell Death Mutants
Fragile Site Instability in Causes Loss of Heterozygosity by Mitotic Crossovers and Break-Induced Replication
Tracking of Chromosome and Replisome Dynamics in Reveals a Novel Chromosome Arrangement
The Condition-Dependent Transcriptional Landscape of
Ago1 Interacts with RNA Polymerase II and Binds to the Promoters of Actively Transcribed Genes in Human Cancer Cells
Nebula/DSCR1 Upregulation Delays Neurodegeneration and Protects against APP-Induced Axonal Transport Defects by Restoring Calcineurin and GSK-3β Signaling
System-Wide Analysis Reveals a Complex Network of Tumor-Fibroblast Interactions Involved in Tumorigenicity
Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Six New Loci for Serum Calcium Concentrations
and Are Required for Cellularization and Differentiation during Female Gametogenesis in
Growth factor independent-1 Maintains Notch1-Dependent Transcriptional Programming of Lymphoid Precursors
Whole Genome Sequencing Identifies a Deletion in Protein Phosphatase 2A That Affects Its Stability and Localization in
An Alteration in ELMOD3, an Arl2 GTPase-Activating Protein, Is Associated with Hearing Impairment in Humans
Genomic Identification of Founding Haplotypes Reveals the History of the Selfing Species
Plasticity Regulators Modulate Specific Root Traits in Discrete Nitrogen Environments
The IDD14, IDD15, and IDD16 Cooperatively Regulate Lateral Organ Morphogenesis and Gravitropism by Promoting Auxin Biosynthesis and Transport
Stochastic Loss of Silencing of the Imprinted Allele, in a Mouse Model and Humans with Prader-Willi Syndrome, Has Functional Consequences
The Prefoldin Complex Regulates Chromatin Dynamics during Transcription Elongation
PKA Controls Calcium Influx into Motor Neurons during a Rhythmic Behavior
A Pre-mRNA-Splicing Factor Is Required for RNA-Directed DNA Methylation in
Cell-Type Specific Features of Circular RNA Expression
The Uve1 Endonuclease Is Regulated by the White Collar Complex to Protect from UV Damage
An Atypical Kinase under Balancing Selection Confers Broad-Spectrum Disease Resistance in Arabidopsis
Genome-Wide Mutation Avalanches Induced in Diploid Yeast Cells by a Base Analog or an APOBEC Deaminase
Extensive Divergence of Transcription Factor Binding in Embryos with Highly Conserved Gene Expression
Bi-modal Distribution of the Second Messenger c-di-GMP Controls Cell Fate and Asymmetry during the Cell Cycle
Cell Interactions and Patterned Intercalations Shape and Link Epithelial Tubes in
A Link between ORC-Origin Binding Mechanisms and Origin Activation Time Revealed in Budding Yeast
The Genome and Development-Dependent Transcriptomes of : A Window into Fungal Evolution
The Highly Prolific Phenotype of Lacaune Sheep Is Associated with an Ectopic Expression of the Gene within the Ovary
Fusion of Large-Scale Genomic Knowledge and Frequency Data Computationally Prioritizes Variants in Epilepsy
IL-17 Attenuates Degradation of ARE-mRNAs by Changing the Cooperation between AU-Binding Proteins and microRNA16
An Enhancer Element Harboring Variants Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Engages the Promoter to Influence A20 Expression
Genome Analysis of a Transmissible Lineage of Reveals Pathoadaptive Mutations and Distinct Evolutionary Paths of Hypermutators
Type I-E CRISPR-Cas Systems Discriminate Target from Non-Target DNA through Base Pairing-Independent PAM Recognition
Divergent Transcriptional Regulatory Logic at the Intersection of Tissue Growth and Developmental Patterning
MEIOB Targets Single-Strand DNA and Is Necessary for Meiotic Recombination
Transmission of Hypervirulence Traits via Sexual Reproduction within and between Lineages of the Human Fungal Pathogen
Integration of the Unfolded Protein and Oxidative Stress Responses through SKN-1/Nrf
Guanine Holes Are Prominent Targets for Mutation in Cancer and Inherited Disease
Regulation of the Boundaries of Accessible Chromatin
Natural Genetic Transformation Generates a Population of Merodiploids in
Ablating Adult Neurogenesis in the Rat Has No Effect on Spatial Processing: Evidence from a Novel Pharmacogenetic Model
Genotype-Environment Interactions Reveal Causal Pathways That Mediate Genetic Effects on Phenotype
The Molecular Mechanism of a -Regulatory Adaptation in Yeast
Phenotypic and Genetic Consequences of Protein Damage
Recent Acquisition of by Baka Pygmies
Fatty Acid Taste Signals through the PLC Pathway in Sugar-Sensing Neurons
A Critical Role for PDGFRα Signaling in Medial Nasal Process Development
Chromatin-Specific Regulation of Mammalian rDNA Transcription by Clustered TTF-I Binding Sites
Meiotic Recombination in Arabidopsis Is Catalysed by DMC1, with RAD51 Playing a Supporting Role
dTULP, the Homolog of Tubby, Regulates Transient Receptor Potential Channel Localization in Cilia
Widespread Dysregulation of Peptide Hormone Release in Mice Lacking Adaptor Protein AP-3
, a Direct Transcriptional Target, Modulates T-Box Factor Activity in Orofacial Clefting

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