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The G4 Genome


A Big Catch for Germ Cell Tumour Research
The Quest for the Identification of Genetic Variants in Unexplained Cardiac Arrest and Idiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation
Focusing In on the Complex Genetics of Myopia

Research Article

Epigenetic Upregulation of lncRNAs at 13q14.3 in Leukemia Is Linked to the Downregulation of a Gene Cluster That Targets NF-kB
A Nonsynonymous Polymorphism in as a Risk Factor for Human Unexplained Cardiac Arrest with Documented Ventricular Fibrillation
The Hourglass and the Early Conservation Models—Co-Existing Patterns of Developmental Constraints in Vertebrates
Smaug/SAMD4A Restores Translational Activity of CUGBP1 and Suppresses CUG-Induced Myopathy
Balancing Selection on a Regulatory Region Exhibiting Ancient Variation That Predates Human–Neandertal Divergence
Extensive Natural Epigenetic Variation at a Originated Gene
Mouse Oocyte Methylomes at Base Resolution Reveal Genome-Wide Accumulation of Non-CpG Methylation and Role of DNA Methyltransferases
The Environment Affects Epistatic Interactions to Alter the Topology of an Empirical Fitness Landscape
TIP48/Reptin and H2A.Z Requirement for Initiating Chromatin Remodeling in Estrogen-Activated Transcription
Aconitase Causes Iron Toxicity in Mutants
Tbx2 Terminates Shh/Fgf Signaling in the Developing Mouse Limb Bud by Direct Repression of
Mondo/ChREBP-Mlx-Regulated Transcriptional Network Is Essential for Dietary Sugar Tolerance in
Sex-Differential Selection and the Evolution of X Inactivation Strategies
Identification of a Tissue-Selective Heat Shock Response Regulatory Network
Phosphorylation-Coupled Proteolysis of the Transcription Factor MYC2 Is Important for Jasmonate-Signaled Plant Immunity
RpoS Plays a Central Role in the SOS Induction by Sub-Lethal Aminoglycoside Concentrations in
Six Homeoproteins Directly Activate Expression in the Gene Regulatory Networks That Control Early Myogenesis
Rtt109 Prevents Hyper-Amplification of Ribosomal RNA Genes through Histone Modification in Budding Yeast
ATP-Dependent Chromatin Remodeling by Cockayne Syndrome Protein B and NAP1-Like Histone Chaperones Is Required for Efficient Transcription-Coupled DNA Repair
Iron-Responsive miR-485-3p Regulates Cellular Iron Homeostasis by Targeting Ferroportin
Mutations in Predispose Zebrafish and Humans to Seminomas
Cytotoxic Chromosomal Targeting by CRISPR/Cas Systems Can Reshape Bacterial Genomes and Expel or Remodel Pathogenicity Islands
Tissue Homeostasis in the Wing Disc of : Immediate Response to Massive Damage during Development
All SNPs Are Not Created Equal: Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveal a Consistent Pattern of Enrichment among Functionally Annotated SNPs
Functional 358Ala Allele Impairs Classical IL-6 Receptor Signaling and Influences Risk of Diverse Inflammatory Diseases
The Tissue-Specific RNA Binding Protein T-STAR Controls Regional Splicing Patterns of Pre-mRNAs in the Brain
Neutral Genomic Microevolution of a Recently Emerged Pathogen, Serovar Agona
Genetic Requirements for Signaling from an Autoactive Plant NB-LRR Intracellular Innate Immune Receptor
SNF5 Is an Essential Executor of Epigenetic Regulation during Differentiation
Dialects of the DNA Uptake Sequence in
Reference-Free Population Genomics from Next-Generation Transcriptome Data and the Vertebrate–Invertebrate Gap
Senataxin Plays an Essential Role with DNA Damage Response Proteins in Meiotic Recombination and Gene Silencing
High-Resolution Mapping of Spontaneous Mitotic Recombination Hotspots on the 1.1 Mb Arm of Yeast Chromosome IV
Rod Monochromacy and the Coevolution of Cetacean Retinal Opsins
Evolution after Introduction of a Novel Metabolic Pathway Consistently Leads to Restoration of Wild-Type Physiology
Disruption of TTDA Results in Complete Nucleotide Excision Repair Deficiency and Embryonic Lethality
Insulators Target Active Genes to Transcription Factories and Polycomb-Repressed Genes to Polycomb Bodies
Signatures of Diversifying Selection in European Pig Breeds
The Chromosomal Passenger Protein Birc5b Organizes Microfilaments and Germ Plasm in the Zebrafish Embryo
The Histone Demethylase Jarid1b Ensures Faithful Mouse Development by Protecting Developmental Genes from Aberrant H3K4me3
Regulates Synaptic Development and Endocytosis by Suppressing Filamentous Actin Assembly
Sensory Neuron-Derived Eph Regulates Glomerular Arbors and Modulatory Function of a Central Serotonergic Neuron
Analysis of Rare, Exonic Variation amongst Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Population Controls
Scavenger Receptors Mediate the Role of SUMO and Ftz-f1 in Steroidogenesis
DNA Double-Strand Breaks Coupled with PARP1 and HNRNPA2B1 Binding Sites Flank Coordinately Expressed Domains in Human Chromosomes
High-Resolution Mapping of H1 Linker Histone Variants in Embryonic Stem Cells
Comparative Genomics of and the Bacterial Species Concept
Genetic and Biochemical Assays Reveal a Key Role for Replication Restart Proteins in Group II Intron Retrohoming
Genome-Wide Association Studies Identify Two Novel Mutations Responsible for an Atypical Hyperprolificacy Phenotype in Sheep
The Genetic Correlation between Height and IQ: Shared Genes or Assortative Mating?
Comprehensive Assignment of Roles for Typhimurium Genes in Intestinal Colonization of Food-Producing Animals
An Essential Role for Zygotic Expression in the Pre-Cellular Drosophila Embryo
The Genome Organization of Reflects Its Lifestyle
Coordinated Cell Type–Specific Epigenetic Remodeling in Prefrontal Cortex Begins before Birth and Continues into Early Adulthood
Improved Detection of Common Variants Associated with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Using Pleiotropy-Informed Conditional False Discovery Rate
Site-Specific Phosphorylation of the DNA Damage Response Mediator Rad9 by Cyclin-Dependent Kinases Regulates Activation of Checkpoint Kinase 1
Npc1 Acting in Neurons and Glia Is Essential for the Formation and Maintenance of CNS Myelin
Identification of , a Retrotransposon-Derived Imprinted Gene, as a Novel Driver of Hepatocarcinogenesis
Aag DNA Glycosylase Promotes Alkylation-Induced Tissue Damage Mediated by Parp1
DJ-1 Decreases Neural Sensitivity to Stress by Negatively Regulating Daxx-Like Protein through dFOXO
Asynchronous Replication, Mono-Allelic Expression, and Long Range -Effects of
Differential Association of the Conserved SUMO Ligase Zip3 with Meiotic Double-Strand Break Sites Reveals Regional Variations in the Outcome of Meiotic Recombination
Continent-Wide Decoupling of Y-Chromosomal Genetic Variation from Language and Geography in Native South Americans
Breakpoint Analysis of Transcriptional and Genomic Profiles Uncovers Novel Gene Fusions Spanning Multiple Human Cancer Types
Intrinsic Epigenetic Regulation of the D4Z4 Macrosatellite Repeat in a Transgenic Mouse Model for FSHD
Bisphenol A Exposure Disrupts Genomic Imprinting in the Mouse
Genetic and Genomic Architecture of the Evolution of Resistance to Antifungal Drug Combinations
Transposable Elements Are Major Contributors to the Origin, Diversification, and Regulation of Vertebrate Long Noncoding RNAs
Functional Dissection of the Condensin Subunit Cap-G Reveals Its Exclusive Association with Condensin I

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