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March 21–22, Riga, Latvia

The European Forum of Medical Associations (EFMA) meeting is going to take place in the capital city of Latvia – Riga on March 21–22, 2013. For 30 years EFMA has organized this annual Forum together with the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The 2010 EFMA Forum took place in St. Petersburg, in 2011 in Brussels and in 2012 in Yerevan.

The 2013 EFMA Forum is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe Mrs. Zsuzsanna Jakab and the Minister for Health of the Republic of Latvia Mrs. Ingrida Circene.

Organizers: The Forum is organized by EFMA Secretary General, Leah Wapner and the President of the Latvian Medical Association, Pēteris Apinis, together with the EFMA Liaison Committee. The Director for the organization of the Forum is Professor Dzintars Mozgis (Latvia).

Participants: The medical associations, unions and chambers from the WHO European Region are invited to participate in the EFMA Forum.

EFMA is the only forum which brings medical associations from all parts of the European Region, East and West, together. It therefore provides an excellent ground for these culturally and socially diverse nations to come together and exchange experiences. This is an opportunity to discuss the different systems, traditions and possibilities. We hope that representatives from all of the European Region will attend the forum.

Objectives: The goal of the Latvian Medical Association and EFMA-WHO for the Forum in Riga is to create a dialogue and a bridge between different medical organizations in Europe, placing an emphasis on the exchange of experience between medical associations from all countries.

There is great diversity in the experiences among European countries regarding issues concerning the possibilities of medical NGO’s to solve problems connected to public health in their respective countries.

Topics to discuss

Ways and channels to foster Public Health information literacy within medical communities following the European policy framework Health 2020.

How national medical unions, chambers and associations are disseminating the most important information to all the doctors in their respective countries by means of professional journals, web sites, smart phones or other communication channels.

For this reason we are inviting the Chief Editors of national medical associations’, chambers’ and associations’ journals and website’s Creative Editors to attend the EFMA 2013 Forum.

Doctors and pharmaceuticals: attitudes, choices, cooperation

The relationship between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, will be discussed looking at their cooperation, and possible dependence. Activities in the distribution of over-the counter drugs and food supplements together with drug pricing, research and innovation will be presented in the session.

Mental health among health professionals

Mental health of doctors, auto medication, burn out on the one hand, prevention and support on the other – all this and concrete experiences will be presented and discussed.

Professional autonomy and Self-Governance

Providing health care in the best interest of our patients – how much independence is necessary?

The Latvian Medical Association and the EFMA-WHO organizing committee are working to find the most proficient, interesting, knowledgeable, popular and attractive lecturers for all four main topics as well as looking forward to most interesting discussions under the leadership of excellent moderators.

The Latvian Medical Association is organizing a Forum with a rich scientific program with a high quality of speakers. There will be a social event program on March 20–22 including an official reception at the Latvian Medical Association, daily cultural program for accompanying persons and final after Forum event on March 23.

Organizing committee (Latvia)

Dr. Peteris Apinis, President of Latvian Medical association

Prof. Dzintars Mozgis

Dr.Liene Puke (contact person)

Adiktologie Alergologie a imunologie Angiologie Audiologie a foniatrie Biochemie Dermatologie Dětská gastroenterologie Dětská chirurgie Dětská kardiologie Dětská neurologie Dětská otorinolaryngologie Dětská psychiatrie Dětská revmatologie Diabetologie Farmacie Chirurgie cévní Algeziologie Dentální hygienistka

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