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Defending Sperm Function
How to Choose the Right Mate
Playing the Field: Sox10 Recruits Different Partners to Drive Central and Peripheral Myelination


A Review of Bacteria-Animal Lateral Gene Transfer May Inform Our Understanding of Diseases like Cancer

Research Article

A Mutation in the Gene in Labrador Retrievers with Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK) Provides Insights into the Epigenetics of Keratinocyte Differentiation
Conserved Translatome Remodeling in Nematode Species Executing a Shared Developmental Transition
A Novel Actin mRNA Splice Variant Regulates ACTG1 Expression
Tracking Proliferative History in Lymphocyte Development with Cre-Mediated Sister Chromatid Recombination
Correlated Occurrence and Bypass of Frame-Shifting Insertion-Deletions (InDels) to Give Functional Proteins
Chimeric Protein Complexes in Hybrid Species Generate Novel Phenotypes
Loss of miR-10a Activates and Collaborates with Activated Wnt Signaling in Inducing Intestinal Neoplasia in Female Mice
Both Rare and Copy Number Variants Are Prevalent in Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum but Not in Cerebellar Hypoplasia or Polymicrogyria
Reverse PCA, a Systematic Approach for Identifying Genes Important for the Physical Interaction between Protein Pairs
Partial Deletion of Chromosome 8 β-defensin Cluster Confers Sperm Dysfunction and Infertility in Male Mice
Genome-Wide and Cell-Specific Epigenetic Analysis Challenges the Role of Polycomb in Spermatogenesis
Coordinate Regulation of Mature Dopaminergic Axon Morphology by Macroautophagy and the PTEN Signaling Pathway
Cooperation between RUNX1-ETO9a and Novel Transcriptional Partner KLF6 in Upregulation of in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Mobility of the Native Conjugative Plasmid pLS20 Is Regulated by Intercellular Signaling
FliZ Is a Global Regulatory Protein Affecting the Expression of Flagellar and Virulence Genes in Individual Bacterial Cells
Specific Tandem Repeats Are Sufficient for Paramutation-Induced Trans-Generational Silencing
Condensin II Subunit dCAP-D3 Restricts Retrotransposon Mobilization in Somatic Cells
Dominant Mutations in Identify the Mlh1-Pms1 Endonuclease Active Site and an Exonuclease 1-Independent Mismatch Repair Pathway
The Insulator Homie Promotes Expression and Protects the Adjacent Gene from Repression by Polycomb Spreading
Human Intellectual Disability Genes Form Conserved Functional Modules in
Coordination of Cell Proliferation and Cell Fate Determination by CES-1 Snail
ORFs in Drosophila Are Important to Organismal Fitness and Evolved Rapidly from Previously Non-coding Sequences
Different Roles of Eukaryotic MutS and MutL Complexes in Repair of Small Insertion and Deletion Loops in Yeast
The Spore Differentiation Pathway in the Enteric Pathogen
Acceleration of the Glycolytic Flux by Steroid Receptor Coactivator-2 Is Essential for Endometrial Decidualization
The Human Nuclear Poly(A)-Binding Protein Promotes RNA Hyperadenylation and Decay
Genome Wide Analysis Reveals Zic3 Interaction with Distal Regulatory Elements of Stage Specific Developmental Genes in Zebrafish
Xbp1 Directs Global Repression of Budding Yeast Transcription during the Transition to Quiescence and Is Important for the Longevity and Reversibility of the Quiescent State
The Integrator Complex Subunit 6 (Ints6) Confines the Dorsal Organizer in Vertebrate Embryogenesis
Incorporating Motif Analysis into Gene Co-expression Networks Reveals Novel Modular Expression Pattern and New Signaling Pathways
The Bacterial Response Regulator ArcA Uses a Diverse Binding Site Architecture to Regulate Carbon Oxidation Globally
Direct Monitoring of the Strand Passage Reaction of DNA Topoisomerase II Triggers Checkpoint Activation
Multiple bHLH Proteins form Heterodimers to Mediate CRY2-Dependent Regulation of Flowering-Time in
A Reversible Histone H3 Acetylation Cooperates with Mismatch Repair and Replicative Polymerases in Maintaining Genome Stability
ALS-Associated Mutations Result in Compromised Alternative Splicing and Autoregulation
Robust Demographic Inference from Genomic and SNP Data
Preferential Binding to Elk-1 by SLE-Associated Risk Allele Upregulates Expression
Rad52 Sumoylation Prevents the Toxicity of Unproductive Rad51 Filaments Independently of the Anti-Recombinase Srs2
The Serum Resistome of a Globally Disseminated Multidrug Resistant Uropathogenic Clone
Identification of 526 Conserved Metazoan Genetic Innovations Exposes a New Role for Cofactor E-like in Neuronal Microtubule Homeostasis
SUMO Localizes to the Central Element of Synaptonemal Complex and Is Required for the Full Synapsis of Meiotic Chromosomes in Budding Yeast
Integrated Enrichment Analysis of Variants and Pathways in Genome-Wide Association Studies Indicates Central Role for IL-2 Signaling Genes in Type 1 Diabetes, and Cytokine Signaling Genes in Crohn's Disease
Genome-Wide High-Resolution Mapping of UV-Induced Mitotic Recombination Events in
Genome-Wide Analysis of Cell Type-Specific Gene Transcription during Spore Formation in
Two Portable Recombination Enhancers Direct Donor Choice in Fission Yeast Heterochromatin
Mining the Human Phenome Using Allelic Scores That Index Biological Intermediates
Yeast Tdh3 (Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase) Is a Sir2-Interacting Factor That Regulates Transcriptional Silencing and rDNA Recombination
A Minimal Nitrogen Fixation Gene Cluster from sp. WLY78 Enables Expression of Active Nitrogenase in
High Throughput Sequencing Reveals Alterations in the Recombination Signatures with Diminishing Spo11 Activity
Partitioning the Heritability of Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Reveals Differences in Genetic Architecture
Eleven Candidate Susceptibility Genes for Common Familial Colorectal Cancer
A GDF5 Point Mutation Strikes Twice - Causing BDA1 and SYNS2
Systematic Unraveling of the Unsolved Pathway of Nicotine Degradation in
Natural Genetic Variation of Integrin Alpha L () Modulates Ischemic Brain Injury in Stroke
Evolutionary Tuning of Protein Expression Levels of a Positively Autoregulated Two-Component System
Evolutionary Change within a Bipotential Switch Shaped the Sperm/Oocyte Decision in Hermaphroditic Nematodes
Limiting of the Innate Immune Response by SF3A-Dependent Control of MyD88 Alternative mRNA Splicing
Multiple Signaling Pathways Coordinate to Induce a Threshold Response in a Chordate Embryo
Distinct Regulatory Mechanisms Act to Establish and Maintain Pax3 Expression in the Developing Neural Tube
Genome Wide Analysis of Narcolepsy in China Implicates Novel Immune Loci and Reveals Changes in Association Prior to Versus After the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic
Mismatch Repair Genes and Modify CAG Instability in Huntington's Disease Mice: Genome-Wide and Candidate Approaches
The Histone H3 K27 Methyltransferase KMT6 Regulates Development and Expression of Secondary Metabolite Gene Clusters
Hsp70-Hsp40 Chaperone Complex Functions in Controlling Polarized Growth by Repressing Hsf1-Driven Heat Stress-Associated Transcription
Function and Evolution of DNA Methylation in
Stimulation of mTORC1 with L-leucine Rescues Defects Associated with Roberts Syndrome
Transcription Termination and Chimeric RNA Formation Controlled by FPA

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