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Rumors of Its Disassembly Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: The Secret Life of the Synaptonemal Complex at the Centromeres
Mimetic Butterflies Introgress to Impress
Tipping the Balance in the Powerhouse of the Cell to “Protect” Colorectal Cancer
Found: The Elusive ANTAR Transcription Antiterminator

Research Article

Selection-Driven Gene Loss in Bacteria
Decreased Mitochondrial DNA Mutagenesis in Human Colorectal Cancer
Parallel Evolution of Auditory Genes for Echolocation in Bats and Toothed Whales
Diverse CRISPRs Evolving in Human Microbiomes
The Rad4 ATR-Activation Domain Functions in G1/S Phase in a Chromatin-Dependent Manner
Stretching the Rules: Monocentric Chromosomes with Multiple Centromere Domains
Uracil-Containing DNA in : Stability, Stage-Specific Accumulation, and Developmental Involvement
Fuzzy Tandem Repeats Containing p53 Response Elements May Define Species-Specific p53 Target Genes
Adaptive Introgression across Species Boundaries in Butterflies
G Protein Activation without a GEF in the Plant Kingdom
Synaptonemal Complex Components Persist at Centromeres and Are Required for Homologous Centromere Pairing in Mouse Spermatocytes
An Engineering Approach to Extending Lifespan in
Incompatibility and Competitive Exclusion of Genomic Segments between Sibling Species
Effects of Histone H3 Depletion on Nucleosome Occupancy and Position in
Patterns of Evolutionary Conservation of Essential Genes Correlate with Their Compensability
Interplay between Synaptonemal Complex, Homologous Recombination, and Centromeres during Mammalian Meiosis
Preferential Genome Targeting of the CBP Co-Activator by Rel and Smad Proteins in Early Embryos
A Mouse Model of Acrodermatitis Enteropathica: Loss of Intestine Zinc Transporter ZIP4 (Slc39a4) Disrupts the Stem Cell Niche and Intestine Integrity
Protective Coupling of Mitochondrial Function and Protein Synthesis via the eIF2α Kinase GCN-2
Geographic Differences in Genetic Susceptibility to IgA Nephropathy: GWAS Replication Study and Geospatial Risk Analysis
Cohesin Proteins Promote Ribosomal RNA Production and Protein Translation in Yeast and Human Cells
TERRA Promotes Telomere Shortening through Exonuclease 1–Mediated Resection of Chromosome Ends
Stimulation of Host Immune Defenses by a Small Molecule Protects from Bacterial Infection
A Broad Requirement for TLS Polymerases η and κ, and Interacting Sumoylation and Nuclear Pore Proteins, in Lesion Bypass during Embryogenesis
Genome-Wide Identification of Ampicillin Resistance Determinants in
The CCR4-NOT Complex Is Implicated in the Viability of Aneuploid Yeasts
Gustatory Perception and Fat Body Energy Metabolism Are Jointly Affected by Vitellogenin and Juvenile Hormone in Honey Bees
Genetic Variants on Chromosome 1q41 Influence Ocular Axial Length and High Myopia
Is a Key Regulator of Pancreaticobiliary Ductal System Development
The NSL Complex Regulates Housekeeping Genes in
Attenuation of Notch and Hedgehog Signaling Is Required for Fate Specification in the Spinal Cord
Dual-Level Regulation of ACC Synthase Activity by MPK3/MPK6 Cascade and Its Downstream WRKY Transcription Factor during Ethylene Induction in Arabidopsis
Genome-Wide Functional Profiling Identifies Genes and Processes Important for Zinc-Limited Growth of
Base-Pair Resolution DNA Methylation Sequencing Reveals Profoundly Divergent Epigenetic Landscapes in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
MicroRNA93 Regulates Proliferation and Differentiation of Normal and Malignant Breast Stem Cells
Phylogenomic Analysis Reveals Dynamic Evolutionary History of the Drosophila Heterochromatin Protein 1 (HP1) Gene Family
The Mutation in Chickens Constitutes a Structural Rearrangement Causing Both Altered Comb Morphology and Defective Sperm Motility
Control of CpG and Non-CpG DNA Methylation by DNA Methyltransferases
Polymorphisms in the Mitochondrial Ribosome Recycling Factor Compromise Cell Respiratory Function and Increase Atorvastatin Toxicity
Gene Expression Profiles in Parkinson Disease Prefrontal Cortex Implicate and Genes under Its Transcriptional Regulation
Global Regulatory Functions of the Endoribonuclease III in Gene Expression
Extensive Evolutionary Changes in Regulatory Element Activity during Human Origins Are Associated with Altered Gene Expression and Positive Selection
The Regulatory Network of Natural Competence and Transformation of
Brain Expression Genome-Wide Association Study (eGWAS) Identifies Human Disease-Associated Variants
Quantifying the Adaptive Potential of an Antibiotic Resistance Enzyme
Divergence of the Yeast Transcription Factor Affects Sulfite Resistance
The Histone Demethylase Jhdm1a Regulates Hepatic Gluconeogenesis
RNA Methylation by the MIS Complex Regulates a Cell Fate Decision in Yeast
Rare Copy Number Variants Observed in Hereditary Breast Cancer Cases Disrupt Genes in Estrogen Signaling and Tumor Suppression Network
Genome-Wide Location Analysis Reveals Distinct Transcriptional Circuitry by Paralogous Regulators Foxa1 and Foxa2
A Mutation Links a Canine Progressive Early-Onset Cerebellar Ataxia to the Endoplasmic Reticulum–Associated Protein Degradation (ERAD) Machinery
The Mechanism for RNA Recognition by ANTAR Regulators of Gene Expression
Limits to the Rate of Adaptive Substitution in Sexual Populations

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