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Distinct Genealogies for Plasmids and Chromosome
Controlling Pre-leukemic Thymocyte Self-Renewal
How Malaria Parasites Avoid Running Out of Ammo
Keep on Laying Eggs Mama, RNAi My Reproductive Aging Blues Away


Echoes of the Past: Hereditarianism and

Deep Reads

Deep Reads: Strands in the History of Molecular Genetics


The Inventiveness of Nature: An Interview with Werner Arber

Research Article

Stratification by Smoking Status Reveals an Association of Genotype with Body Mass Index in Never Smokers
Genome Wide Meta-analysis Highlights the Role of Genetic Variation in in the Regulation of Circulating Serum Chemerin
Occupancy of Mitochondrial Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein Supports the Strand Displacement Mode of DNA Replication
Large-scale Metabolomic Profiling Identifies Novel Biomarkers for Incident Coronary Heart Disease
Non-coding RNAs Prevent the Binding of the MSL-complex to Heterochromatic Regions
Plasmid Flux in ST131 Sublineages, Analyzed by Plasmid Constellation Network (PLACNET), a New Method for Plasmid Reconstruction from Whole Genome Sequences
Epigenome-Guided Analysis of the Transcriptome of Plaque Macrophages during Atherosclerosis Regression Reveals Activation of the Wnt Signaling Pathway
Mediation Analysis Demonstrates That -eQTLs Are Often Explained by -Mediation: A Genome-Wide Analysis among 1,800 South Asians
Generation of Antigenic Diversity in by Structured Rearrangement of Genes During Mitosis
A Massively Parallel Pipeline to Clone DNA Variants and Examine Molecular Phenotypes of Human Disease Mutations
Genetic Analysis of the Cardiac Methylome at Single Nucleotide Resolution in a Model of Human Cardiovascular Disease
Genetic Analysis of Circadian Responses to Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in
The Dissection of Meiotic Chromosome Movement in Mice Using an Electroporation Technique
Altered Chromatin Occupancy of Master Regulators Underlies Evolutionary Divergence in the Transcriptional Landscape of Erythroid Differentiation
Syd/JIP3 and JNK Signaling Are Required for Myonuclear Positioning and Muscle Function
Notch Signaling Mediates the Age-Associated Decrease in Adhesion of Germline Stem Cells to the Niche
Mutation of Leads to Blurred Tonotopic Organization of Central Auditory Circuits in Mice
The IKAROS Interaction with a Complex Including Chromatin Remodeling and Transcription Elongation Activities Is Required for Hematopoiesis
RAN-Binding Protein 9 is Involved in Alternative Splicing and is Critical for Male Germ Cell Development and Male Fertility
Enhanced Longevity by Ibuprofen, Conserved in Multiple Species, Occurs in Yeast through Inhibition of Tryptophan Import
Phosphorylation of Mitochondrial Polyubiquitin by PINK1 Promotes Parkin Mitochondrial Tethering
Recurrent Loss of Specific Introns during Angiosperm Evolution
Natural Variation Is Associated With Genome-Wide Methylation Changes and Temperature Seasonality
SEEDSTICK is a Master Regulator of Development and Metabolism in the Arabidopsis Seed Coat
Overlapping and Non-overlapping Functions of Condensins I and II in Neural Stem Cell Divisions
Unisexual Reproduction Drives Meiotic Recombination and Phenotypic and Karyotypic Plasticity in
Tetraspanin (TSP-17) Protects Dopaminergic Neurons against 6-OHDA-Induced Neurodegeneration in
ABA-Mediated ROS in Mitochondria Regulate Root Meristem Activity by Controlling Expression in
Mutations in Global Regulators Lead to Metabolic Selection during Adaptation to Complex Environments
Global Analysis of Photosynthesis Transcriptional Regulatory Networks
Mucolipin Co-deficiency Causes Accelerated Endolysosomal Vacuolation of Enterocytes and Failure-to-Thrive from Birth to Weaning
Analysis of a Plant Complex Resistance Gene Locus Underlying Immune-Related Hybrid Incompatibility and Its Occurrence in Nature
Epistatic Adaptive Evolution of Human Color Vision
Increased and Imbalanced dNTP Pools Symmetrically Promote Both Leading and Lagging Strand Replication Infidelity
Genetic Basis of Haloperidol Resistance in Is Complex and Dose Dependent
Genome-Wide Analysis of DNA Methylation Dynamics during Early Human Development
Interaction between Conjugative and Retrotransposable Elements in Horizontal Gene Transfer
The Evolution of Sex Ratio Distorter Suppression Affects a 25 cM Genomic Region in the Butterfly
is Required for Adult Maintenance of Dopaminergic Neurons in the Ventral Substantia Nigra
PRL1, an RNA-Binding Protein, Positively Regulates the Accumulation of miRNAs and siRNAs in Arabidopsis
Genetic Control of Contagious Asexuality in the Pea Aphid
Early Mesozoic Coexistence of Amniotes and Hepadnaviridae
Local and Systemic Regulation of Plant Root System Architecture and Symbiotic Nodulation by a Receptor-Like Kinase
Gene Pathways That Delay Reproductive Senescence
The Evolution of Fungal Metabolic Pathways
Maf1 Is a Novel Target of PTEN and PI3K Signaling That Negatively Regulates Oncogenesis and Lipid Metabolism
Formation of Linear Amplicons with Inverted Duplications in Requires the MRE11 Nuclease
Identification of Rare Causal Variants in Sequence-Based Studies: Methods and Applications to , a Gene Involved in Cohen Syndrome and Autism
Rrp12 and the Exportin Crm1 Participate in Late Assembly Events in the Nucleolus during 40S Ribosomal Subunit Biogenesis
The Mutations in the ATP-Binding Groove of the Rad3/XPD Helicase Lead to -Cockayne Syndrome-Like Phenotypes
Topoisomerase I Plays a Critical Role in Suppressing Genome Instability at a Highly Transcribed G-Quadruplex-Forming Sequence
A Cbx8-Containing Polycomb Complex Facilitates the Transition to Gene Activation during ES Cell Differentiation
Transcriptional Frameshifting Rescues Type VI Secretion by the Production of Two Length Variants from the Prematurely Interrupted Gene
Association Mapping across Numerous Traits Reveals Patterns of Functional Variation in Maize
Genome-Wide Analysis of -Regulated and Phased Small RNAs Underscores the Importance of the ta-siRNA Pathway to Maize Development
Dissemination of Cephalosporin Resistance Genes between Strains from Farm Animals and Humans by Specific Plasmid Lineages
The Tau Tubulin Kinases TTBK1/2 Promote Accumulation of Pathological TDP-43
Germline Signals Deploy NHR-49 to Modulate Fatty-Acid β-Oxidation and Desaturation in Somatic Tissues of
Microevolution of in Macrophages Restores Filamentation in a Nonfilamentous Mutant
Vangl2-Regulated Polarisation of Second Heart Field-Derived Cells Is Required for Outflow Tract Lengthening during Cardiac Development
Chondrocytes Transdifferentiate into Osteoblasts in Endochondral Bone during Development, Postnatal Growth and Fracture Healing in Mice
A ABC Transporter Regulates Lifespan
RA and FGF Signalling Are Required in the Zebrafish Otic Vesicle to Pattern and Maintain Ventral Otic Identities
, and Reprogram Thymocytes into Self-Renewing Cells
The miR9863 Family Regulates Distinct Alleles in Barley to Attenuate NLR Receptor-Triggered Disease Resistance and Cell-Death Signaling
Detection of Pleiotropy through a Phenome-Wide Association Study (PheWAS) of Epidemiologic Data as Part of the Environmental Architecture for Genes Linked to Environment (EAGLE) Study
Extensive Copy-Number Variation of Young Genes across Stickleback Populations
The and Genetic Modules Interact to Regulate Ciliogenesis and Ciliary Microtubule Patterning in
Analysis of the Genome, Transcriptome and Secretome Provides Insight into Its Pioneer Colonization Strategies of Wood

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