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Lessons from Model Organisms: Phenotypic Robustness and Missing Heritability in Complex Disease


The Covariate's Dilemma
Plan B for Stimulating Stem Cell Division
Genome Instability Caused by a Germline Mutation in the Human DNA Repair Gene

Research Article

Inference of Population Splits and Mixtures from Genome-Wide Allele Frequency Data
Plant Vascular Cell Division Is Maintained by an Interaction between PXY and Ethylene Signalling
Discovering Thiamine Transporters as Targets of Chloroquine Using a Novel Functional Genomics Strategy
Is a Modifier of Mutations in Retinitis Pigmentosa with Incomplete Penetrance
Evolutionarily Ancient Association of the FoxJ1 Transcription Factor with the Motile Ciliogenic Program
Transcription Factor Oct1 Is a Somatic and Cancer Stem Cell Determinant
Controls of Nucleosome Positioning in the Human Genome
Disruption of Causes Defective Meiotic Recombination in Male Mice
A Novel Human-Infection-Derived Bacterium Provides Insights into the Evolutionary Origins of Mutualistic Insect–Bacterial Symbioses
Trps1 and Its Target Gene Regulate Epithelial Proliferation in the Developing Hair Follicle and Are Associated with Hypertrichosis
Zcchc11 Uridylates Mature miRNAs to Enhance Neonatal IGF-1 Expression, Growth, and Survival
Population-Based Resequencing of in 10,330 Individuals: Spectrum of Genetic Variation, Phenotype, and Comparison with Extreme Phenotype Approach
HP1a Recruitment to Promoters Is Independent of H3K9 Methylation in
Transcription Elongation and Tissue-Specific Somatic CAG Instability
A Germline Polymorphism of DNA Polymerase Beta Induces Genomic Instability and Cellular Transformation
Interallelic and Intergenic Incompatibilities of the () Gene in Mouse Hybrid Sterility
Comparison of Mitochondrial Mutation Spectra in Ageing Human Colonic Epithelium and Disease: Absence of Evidence for Purifying Selection in Somatic Mitochondrial DNA Point Mutations
Mutations in the Transcription Elongation Factor SPT5 Disrupt a Reporter for Dosage Compensation in Drosophila
Evolution of Minimal Specificity and Promiscuity in Steroid Hormone Receptors
Blockade of Pachytene piRNA Biogenesis Reveals a Novel Requirement for Maintaining Post-Meiotic Germline Genome Integrity
RHOA Is a Modulator of the Cholesterol-Lowering Effects of Statin
MIG-10 Functions with ABI-1 to Mediate the UNC-6 and SLT-1 Axon Guidance Signaling Pathways
Loss of the DNA Methyltransferase MET1 Induces H3K9 Hypermethylation at PcG Target Genes and Redistribution of H3K27 Trimethylation to Transposons in
Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveal a Simple Genetic Basis of Resistance to Naturally Coevolving Viruses in
The Principal Genetic Determinants for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in China Involve the Class I Antigen Recognition Groove
Molecular, Physiological, and Motor Performance Defects in DMSXL Mice Carrying >1,000 CTG Repeats from the Human DM1 Locus
Genomic Study of RNA Polymerase II and III SNAP-Bound Promoters Reveals a Gene Transcribed by Both Enzymes and a Broad Use of Common Activators
Long Telomeres Produced by Telomerase-Resistant Recombination Are Established from a Single Source and Are Subject to Extreme Sequence Scrambling
The Yeast SR-Like Protein Npl3 Links Chromatin Modification to mRNA Processing
Deubiquitylation Machinery Is Required for Embryonic Polarity in
dJun and Vri/dNFIL3 Are Major Regulators of Cardiac Aging in Drosophila
CtIP Is Required to Initiate Replication-Dependent Interstrand Crosslink Repair
Notch-Mediated Suppression of TSC2 Expression Regulates Cell Differentiation in the Intestinal Stem Cell Lineage
A Combination of H2A.Z and H4 Acetylation Recruits Brd2 to Chromatin during Transcriptional Activation
Network Analysis of a -Mouse Model of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Identifies HNF4α as a Disease Modifier
Mitosis in Neurons: Roughex and APC/C Maintain Cell Cycle Exit to Prevent Cytokinetic and Axonal Defects in Photoreceptor Neurons
CELF4 Regulates Translation and Local Abundance of a Vast Set of mRNAs, Including Genes Associated with Regulation of Synaptic Function
Mechanisms Employed by to Prevent Ribonucleotide Incorporation into Genomic DNA by Pol V
The Genomes of the Fungal Plant Pathogens and Reveal Adaptation to Different Hosts and Lifestyles But Also Signatures of Common Ancestry
A Genome-Scale RNA–Interference Screen Identifies RRAS Signaling as a Pathologic Feature of Huntington's Disease
Population Genomic Scan for Candidate Signatures of Balancing Selection to Guide Antigen Characterization in Malaria Parasites
Tissue-Specific Regulation of Chromatin Insulator Function
Disruption of Mouse Cenpj, a Regulator of Centriole Biogenesis, Phenocopies Seckel Syndrome
Genome, Functional Gene Annotation, and Nuclear Transformation of the Heterokont Oleaginous Alga CCMP1779
Antagonistic Gene Activities Determine the Formation of Pattern Elements along the Mediolateral Axis of the Fruit
Lung eQTLs to Help Reveal the Molecular Underpinnings of Asthma
Identification of the First ATRIP–Deficient Patient and Novel Mutations in ATR Define a Clinical Spectrum for ATR–ATRIP Seckel Syndrome
Cooperativity of , , and in Malignant Breast Cancer Evolution
Loss of Prohibitin Membrane Scaffolds Impairs Mitochondrial Architecture and Leads to Tau Hyperphosphorylation and Neurodegeneration
Microhomology Directs Diverse DNA Break Repair Pathways and Chromosomal Translocations
MicroRNA–Mediated Repression of the Seed Maturation Program during Vegetative Development in
Selective Pressure Causes an RNA Virus to Trade Reproductive Fitness for Increased Structural and Thermal Stability of a Viral Enzyme
The Tumor Suppressor Gene Retinoblastoma-1 Is Required for Retinotectal Development and Visual Function in Zebrafish
Regions of Homozygosity in the Porcine Genome: Consequence of Demography and the Recombination Landscape
Histone Methyltransferases MES-4 and MET-1 Promote Meiotic Checkpoint Activation in
Polyadenylation-Dependent Control of Long Noncoding RNA Expression by the Poly(A)-Binding Protein Nuclear 1
A Unified Method for Detecting Secondary Trait Associations with Rare Variants: Application to Sequence Data
Genetic and Biochemical Dissection of a HisKA Domain Identifies Residues Required Exclusively for Kinase and Phosphatase Activities
Informed Conditioning on Clinical Covariates Increases Power in Case-Control Association Studies
Biochemical Diversification through Foreign Gene Expression in Bdelloid Rotifers
Genomic Variation and Its Impact on Gene Expression in
Spastic Paraplegia Mutation N256S in the Neuronal Microtubule Motor KIF5A Disrupts Axonal Transport in a HSP Model
Lamin B1 Polymorphism Influences Morphology of the Nuclear Envelope, Cell Cycle Progression, and Risk of Neural Tube Defects in Mice
A Targeted Glycan-Related Gene Screen Reveals Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Sulfation Regulates WNT and BMP Trans-Synaptic Signaling
Dopaminergic D2-Like Receptors Delimit Recurrent Cholinergic-Mediated Motor Programs during a Goal-Oriented Behavior

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