European Board of Intensive Care Medicine Meeting Minutes

Vyšlo v časopise: Anest. intenziv. Med., 19, 2008, č. 4, s. 241-242
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Wednesday 16thApril 2008 at 18:00 hrs CET

Plaza Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

1. Present: Chair: Julian Bion; Secretary: Hugo Van Aken

ESICM: Marco Ranieri, Herwig Gerlach, Dermot Phelan, Jacques Romand, Vladimir Cerny, Suzanne Smitz-De Smet, Dominique D’Hoir and Nathalie Mathy

Section representatives: Alexandre Bisdorff, Victor Büber, Jannicke Mellin-Olsen, Poul Mortensen, MJ Polonius, HJ Reulen, P Monedero and Bernardo Bollen Pinto.

Excused: Andy Rhodes, Rui Moreno, Denis Devictor, Fernando Gilsanz, Robin Stevenson, JTA Knape, JP Amlie, ROB Gans, Max Zach and Peter Simpson

2. Welcome: Welcome to all participants

3. ICM Road Map: The Road map was circulated to the various UEMS sections prior to the meeting and accepted for presentation to the UEMS Council on the 17 & 19thof April 2008. The proposal to define intensive care medicine as a ‘Particular Medical Competence’ fits in with the need for specialities to define outcomes of training in terms of what a specialist is able to do by the end of the training programme. CoBaTrICE had therefore been fundamentally important in this process as the project had defined ICM training outcomes as competencies. If approved by the UEMS, the road map will then be brought forward to the EU both by the UEMS and at the request of the Board through individual countries’ training organisations. It was not clear how long this process would take.

4. Cardiology competencies in acute care: The European Society of Cardiology has prepared a document outlining the competency framework for acute cardiology care which includes significant overlap with intensive care medicine. The EBICM board has reviewed it and will not take this proposal up formally with the European Board of Cardiology as the document has no formal status at present. EBICM will go forward with its current road map, and if its component specialities, such as Cardiology, wish to add further competencies relevant to their own area of practice they can do so, preferably in discussion with the Board.

5. CoBaTrICE-IT: The CoBa-IT project was launched in March in Brussels and is now working on the various work packages aimed supporting the implementation of the competencies in national training programmes.

6. PACT: Request to the EBICM board to have PACT accredited. Letter from Hans Flaaten, Head Prof. Development given to Julian Bion – proposal to be circulated to remainder of board for approval by email.

7. Next meeting: Will be held in Brussels; dates to be proposed for Sept/October 2008.

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