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What Do We Really Know about How CD4 T Cells Control ?
Microbial Virulence as an Emergent Property: Consequences and Opportunities


“Persisters”: Survival at the Cellular Level


The Regulation of Sulfur Metabolism in

Research Article

E6 and E7 from Beta Hpv38 Cooperate with Ultraviolet Light in the Development of Actinic Keratosis-Like Lesions and Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Mice
Selection of Resistant Bacteria at Very Low Antibiotic Concentrations
The Extracytoplasmic Domain of the Ser/Thr Kinase PknB Binds Specific Muropeptides and Is Required for PknB Localization
CD39/Adenosine Pathway Is Involved in AIDS Progression
Hypoxia and a Fungal Alcohol Dehydrogenase Influence the Pathogenesis of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis
One Is Enough: Effective Population Size Is Dose-Dependent for a Plant RNA Virus
Effects of Interferon-α/β on HBV Replication Determined by Viral Load
A Typhimurium-Typhi Genomic Chimera: A Model to Study Vi Polysaccharide Capsule Function In Vivo
Dual Chaperone Role of the C-Terminal Propeptide in Folding and Oligomerization of the Pore-Forming Toxin Aerolysin
Rotavirus Stimulates Release of Serotonin (5-HT) from Human Enterochromaffin Cells and Activates Brain Structures Involved in Nausea and Vomiting
Dissociation of Infectivity from Seeding Ability in Prions with Alternate Docking Mechanism
The Impact of Recombination on dN/dS within Recently Emerged Bacterial Clones
Illumination of Parainfluenza Virus Infection and Transmission in Living Animals Reveals a Tissue-Specific Dichotomy
A Permeable Cuticle Is Associated with the Release of Reactive Oxygen Species and Induction of Innate Immunity
A Concerted Action of Hepatitis C Virus P7 and Nonstructural Protein 2 Regulates Core Localization at the Endoplasmic Reticulum and Virus Assembly
SUMO Pathway Dependent Recruitment of Cellular Repressors to Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Genomes
Re-localization of Cellular Protein SRp20 during Poliovirus Infection: Bridging a Viral IRES to the Host Cell Translation Apparatus
Divergent Effects of Human Cytomegalovirus and Herpes Simplex Virus-1 on Cellular Metabolism
A Structural Model for Binding of the Serine-Rich Repeat Adhesin GspB to Host Carbohydrate Receptors
Transformation of Natural Genetic Variation into Genomes
EBV Latency Types Adopt Alternative Chromatin Conformations
Global mRNA Degradation during Lytic Gammaherpesvirus Infection Contributes to Establishment of Viral Latency
Dynamic Evolution of Pathogenicity Revealed by Sequencing and Comparative Genomics of 19 Isolates
Widespread Endogenization of Genome Sequences of Non-Retroviral RNA Viruses into Plant Genomes
Structural Basis of Chemokine Sequestration by CrmD, a Poxvirus-Encoded Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor
Cross-Species Transmission of a Novel Adenovirus Associated with a Fulminant Pneumonia Outbreak in a New World Monkey Colony
An Interaction between KSHV ORF57 and UIF Provides mRNA-Adaptor Redundancy in Herpesvirus Intronless mRNA Export
Elevated 17β-Estradiol Protects Females from Influenza A Virus Pathogenesis by Suppressing Inflammatory Responses
The Role of IL-15 Deficiency in the Pathogenesis of Virus-Induced Asthma Exacerbations
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Unravels Metabolism and Its Crosstalk with the Host Cell
Programmed Death (PD)-1-Deficient Mice Are Extremely Sensitive to Murine Hepatitis Virus Strain-3 (MHV-3) Infection
Hemoglobin Promotes Nasal Colonization
Crystallography of a Lewis-Binding Norovirus, Elucidation of Strain-Specificity to the Polymorphic Human Histo-Blood Group Antigens
The Cost of Virulence: Retarded Growth of Typhimurium Cells Expressing Type III Secretion System 1
A Genome-Wide Approach to Discovery of Small RNAs Involved in Regulation of Virulence in
Requires Glycerol for Maximum Fitness During The Tick Phase of the Enzootic Cycle
C Metabolic Flux Analysis Identifies an Unusual Route for Pyruvate Dissimilation in Mycobacteria which Requires Isocitrate Lyase and Carbon Dioxide Fixation
A Role for the Chemokine RANTES in Regulating CD8 T Cell Responses during Chronic Viral Infection
Glycosaminoglycans and Sialylated Glycans Sequentially Facilitate Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Infectious Entry
Regulation of Stomatal Tropism and Infection by Light in : Evidence for Coordinated Host/Pathogen Responses to Photoperiod?
Multiple Translocation of the Effector Gene among Chromosomes of the Rice Blast Fungus and Related Species
Comparative Genomics Yields Insights into Niche Adaptation of Plant Vascular Wilt Pathogens
Unique Cell Adhesion and Invasion Properties of O:3, the Most Frequent Cause of Human Yersiniosis
C-Terminal Region of EBNA-2 Determines the Superior Transforming Ability of Type 1 Epstein-Barr Virus by Enhanced Gene Regulation of LMP-1 and CXCR7
Novel Chikungunya Vaccine Candidate with an IRES-Based Attenuation and Host Range Alteration Mechanism

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