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An Solution for Crossover Formation

Research Article

Genome-Wide Association Mapping in Dogs Enables Identification of the Homeobox Gene, , as a Genetic Component of Neural Tube Defects in Humans
Independent Evolution of Transcriptional Inactivation on Sex Chromosomes in Birds and Mammals
Stepwise Activation of the ATR Signaling Pathway upon Increasing Replication Stress Impacts Fragile Site Integrity
Genomic Analysis of Natural Selection and Phenotypic Variation in High-Altitude Mongolians
Modification of tRNA by Elongator Is Essential for Efficient Translation of Stress mRNAs
Role of CTCF Protein in Regulating Locus Transcription
Gene Set Signature of Reversal Reaction Type I in Leprosy Patients
Mapping of PARK2 and PACRG Overlapping Regulatory Region Reveals LD Structure and Functional Variants in Association with Leprosy in Unrelated Indian Population Groups
Is Required for Formation of the Genital Ridge in Mice
Monopolin Subunit Csm1 Associates with MIND Complex to Establish Monopolar Attachment of Sister Kinetochores at Meiosis I
Recombination Dynamics of a Human Y-Chromosomal Palindrome: Rapid GC-Biased Gene Conversion, Multi-kilobase Conversion Tracts, and Rare Inversions
Mechanisms of Protein Sequence Divergence and Incompatibility
Histone Methyltransferase DOT1L Drives Recovery of Gene Expression after a Genotoxic Attack
Female Behaviour Drives Expression and Evolution of Gustatory Receptors in Butterflies
Combinatorial Regulation of Meiotic Holliday Junction Resolution in by HIM-6 (BLM) Helicase, SLX-4, and the SLX-1, MUS-81 and XPF-1 Nucleases
The bHLH Subgroup IIId Factors Negatively Regulate Jasmonate-Mediated Plant Defense and Development
The Role of Interruptions in polyQ in the Pathology of SCA1
Dietary Restriction Induced Longevity Is Mediated by Nuclear Receptor NHR-62 in
Fine Time Course Expression Analysis Identifies Cascades of Activation and Repression and Maps a Putative Regulator of Mammalian Sex Determination
Genome-scale Co-evolutionary Inference Identifies Functions and Clients of Bacterial Hsp90
Oxidative Stress and Replication-Independent DNA Breakage Induced by Arsenic in
A Moonlighting Enzyme Links Cell Size with Central Metabolism
Budding Yeast Greatwall and Endosulfines Control Activity and Spatial Regulation of PP2A for Timely Mitotic Progression
The Conserved Intronic Cleavage and Polyadenylation Site of CstF-77 Gene Imparts Control of 3′ End Processing Activity through Feedback Autoregulation and by U1 snRNP
The BTB-zinc Finger Transcription Factor Abrupt Acts as an Epithelial Oncogene in through Maintaining a Progenitor-like Cell State
The Cohesion Protein SOLO Associates with SMC1 and Is Required for Synapsis, Recombination, Homolog Bias and Cohesion and Pairing of Centromeres in Drosophila Meiosis
The RNA-binding Proteins FMR1, Rasputin and Caprin Act Together with the UBA Protein Lingerer to Restrict Tissue Growth in
Pattern Dynamics in Adaxial-Abaxial Specific Gene Expression Are Modulated by a Plastid Retrograde Signal during Leaf Development
A Network of HMG-box Transcription Factors Regulates Sexual Cycle in the Fungus
Bacterial Adaptation through Loss of Function
ENU-induced Mutation in the DNA-binding Domain of KLF3 Reveals Important Roles for KLF3 in Cardiovascular Development and Function in Mice
Interplay between Structure-Specific Endonucleases for Crossover Control during Meiosis
FGF Signalling Regulates Chromatin Organisation during Neural Differentiation via Mechanisms that Can Be Uncoupled from Transcription
The Arabidopsis RNA Binding Protein with K Homology Motifs, SHINY1, Interacts with the C-terminal Domain Phosphatase-like 1 (CPL1) to Repress Stress-Inducible Gene Expression
Selective Pressures to Maintain Attachment Site Specificity of Integrative and Conjugative Elements
The Conserved ADAMTS-like Protein Lonely heart Mediates Matrix Formation and Cardiac Tissue Integrity
The cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase EGL-4 Regulates Nociceptive Behavioral Sensitivity
RBM5 Is a Male Germ Cell Splicing Factor and Is Required for Spermatid Differentiation and Male Fertility
Disease-Related Growth Factor and Embryonic Signaling Pathways Modulate an Enhancer of Expression at the 6q23.2 Coronary Heart Disease Locus
Yeast Pol4 Promotes Tel1-Regulated Chromosomal Translocations
A Dual Role for SOX10 in the Maintenance of the Postnatal Melanocyte Lineage and the Differentiation of Melanocyte Stem Cell Progenitors
SLC26A4 Targeted to the Endolymphatic Sac Rescues Hearing and Balance in Mutant Mice
Odoriferous Defensive Stink Gland Transcriptome to Identify Novel Genes Necessary for Quinone Synthesis in the Red Flour Beetle,
Prediction of Complex Human Traits Using the Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Predictor
Gene × Physical Activity Interactions in Obesity: Combined Analysis of 111,421 Individuals of European Ancestry
Reassembly of Nucleosomes at the Promoter Initiates Resilencing Following Decitabine Exposure
Exquisite Light Sensitivity of Cryptochrome
miR-133a Regulates Adipocyte Browning In Vivo
Strabismus Promotes Recruitment and Degradation of Farnesylated Prickle in Planar Polarity Specification
Hepatocyte Growth Factor Signaling in Intrapancreatic Ductal Cells Drives Pancreatic Morphogenesis
Is a Potential Tumor Suppressor Gene Commonly Inactivated by Epigenetic Mechanisms in Colorectal Cancer
Joint Molecule Resolution Requires the Redundant Activities of MUS-81 and XPF-1 during Meiosis
The Mating Competence of Geographically Diverse Strains in Their Natural and Unnatural Sand Fly Vectors
Defective Repair of Oxidative Base Lesions by the DNA Glycosylase Nth1 Associates with Multiple Telomere Defects
Effective Blocking of the Enhancer Requires Cooperation between Two Main Mechanisms Suggested for the Insulator Function
Trans-Ancestral Studies Fine Map the SLE-Susceptibility Locus

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