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Rising from the Ashes: DNA Repair in


The Gift of Observation: An Interview with Mary Lyon

Research Article

Irradiation-Induced Genome Fragmentation Triggers Transposition of a Single Resident Insertion Sequence
A Major Role of the RecFOR Pathway in DNA Double-Strand-Break Repair through ESDSA in
Kidney Development in the Absence of and Requires
Modeling of Environmental Effects in Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies and as Novel Loci Influencing Serum Cholesterol Levels
Inverse Correlation between Promoter Strength and Excision Activity in Class 1 Integrons
Activation of Mutant Enzyme Function by Proteasome Inhibitors and Treatments that Induce Hsp70
Postnatal Survival of Mice with Maternal Duplication of Distal Chromosome 7 Induced by a / Imprinting Control Region Lacking Insulator Function
The Werner Syndrome Protein Functions Upstream of ATR and ATM in Response to DNA Replication Inhibition and Double-Strand DNA Breaks
Maternal Ethanol Consumption Alters the Epigenotype and the Phenotype of Offspring in a Mouse Model
Understanding Gene Sequence Variation in the Context of Transcription Regulation in Yeast
miR-30 Regulates Mitochondrial Fission through Targeting p53 and the Dynamin-Related Protein-1 Pathway
Elevated Levels of the Polo Kinase Cdc5 Override the Mec1/ATR Checkpoint in Budding Yeast by Acting at Different Steps of the Signaling Pathway
Alternative Epigenetic Chromatin States of Polycomb Target Genes
Co-Orientation of Replication and Transcription Preserves Genome Integrity
A Comprehensive Map of Insulator Elements for the Genome
Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Colony Morphology in Yeast
U87MG Decoded: The Genomic Sequence of a Cytogenetically Aberrant Human Cancer Cell Line
The MCM-Binding Protein ETG1 Aids Sister Chromatid Cohesion Required for Postreplicative Homologous Recombination Repair
Genetic Dissection of Differential Signaling Threshold Requirements for the Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway
Differential Localization and Independent Acquisition of the H3K9me2 and H3K9me3 Chromatin Modifications in the Adult Germ Line
Genetic Crossovers Are Predicted Accurately by the Computed Human Recombination Map
Collaborative Action of Brca1 and CtIP in Elimination of Covalent Modifications from Double-Strand Breaks to Facilitate Subsequent Break Repair
Distinct Type of Transmission Barrier Revealed by Study of Multiple Prion Determinants of Rnq1
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies as a Novel Susceptibility Gene for Osteoporosis
and Regulate Reproductive Habit in Rice
Nonsense-Mediated Decay Enables Intron Gain in
Altered Gene Expression and DNA Damage in Peripheral Blood Cells from Friedreich's Ataxia Patients: Cellular Model of Pathology
The Systemic Imprint of Growth and Its Uses in Ecological (Meta)Genomics
Genotype and Gene Expression Associations with Immune Function in
The Elongator Complex Regulates Neuronal α-tubulin Acetylation
Mis-Spliced Transcripts of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor α6 Are Associated with Field Evolved Spinosad Resistance in (L.)
BRIT1/MCPH1 Is Essential for Mitotic and Meiotic Recombination DNA Repair and Maintaining Genomic Stability in Mice
Non-Coding Changes Cause Sex-Specific Wing Size Differences between Closely Related Species of
Evidence for Pervasive Adaptive Protein Evolution in Wild Mice
Evolutionary Mirages: Selection on Binding Site Composition Creates the Illusion of Conserved Grammars in Enhancers
VEZF1 Elements Mediate Protection from DNA Methylation

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