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Retraction: Astakine 2—the Dark Knight Linking Melatonin to Circadian Regulation in Crustaceans


Adventures in Wonderland

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Experimental Swap of 's Assortative Mating Preferences Demonstrates Key Role of X-Chromosome Divergence Island in Incipient Sympatric Speciation
Chromosome Replacement and Deletion Lead to Clonal Polymorphism of Berry Color in Grapevine
The Protein Quality Control Machinery Regulates Its Misassembled Proteasome Subunits
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies as a Critical Gene for Susceptibility to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Genomic Location of the Major Ribosomal Protein Gene Locus Determines Global Growth and Infectivity
Viable Neuronopathic Gaucher Disease Model in Medaka () Displays Axonal Accumulation of Alpha-Synuclein
Multi-locus Analysis of Genomic Time Series Data from Experimental Evolution
The Genetic Legacy of the Expansion of Turkic-Speaking Nomads across Eurasia
Lack of GDAP1 Induces Neuronal Calcium and Mitochondrial Defects in a Knockout Mouse Model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Neuropathy
The Pif1 Helicase, a Negative Regulator of Telomerase, Acts Preferentially at Long Telomeres
Inhibiting K63 Polyubiquitination Abolishes No-Go Type Stalled Translation Surveillance in
SYD-1C, UNC-40 (DCC) and SAX-3 (Robo) Function Interdependently to Promote Axon Guidance by Regulating the MIG-2 GTPase
Spatial Fluctuations in Expression of the Heterocyst Differentiation Regulatory Gene in Filaments
Synergistic and Independent Actions of Multiple Terminal Nucleotidyl Transferases in the 3’ Tailing of Small RNAs in Arabidopsis
Host Genetic Variation Influences Gene Expression Response to Rhinovirus Infection
Contribution of Large Region Joint Associations to Complex Traits Genetics
Volatility of Mutator Phenotypes at Single Cell Resolution
Proteolysis of Virulence Regulator ToxR Is Associated with Entry of into a Dormant State
Genome-Wide Negative Feedback Drives Transgenerational DNA Methylation Dynamics in Arabidopsis
A Multi-layered Protein Network Stabilizes the FtsZ-ring and Modulates Constriction Dynamics
Systematic Dissection of the Sequence Determinants of Gene 3’ End Mediated Expression Control
Genome Sequencing of the Perciform Fish Provides Insights into Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Stress Adaptation
Natural Variant E610G Is a Semi-dominant Suppressor of IAP-Induced RNA Processing Defects
The Alkaline Response Pathway: Identification of a Novel Rim Pathway Activator
Transgenerational Inheritance of Diet-Induced Genome Rearrangements in Drosophila
A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Uncovers a Novel Function for the Transcription Factor Ace2 during Hyphal Development
DNA Damage Response and Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Function throughout the Cell Cycle to Ensure Genomic Integrity
The Functional Interplay Between the t(9;22)-Associated Fusion Proteins BCR/ABL and ABL/BCR in Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Acute Lymphatic Leukemia
Extreme Recombination Frequencies Shape Genome Variation and Evolution in the Honeybee,
Beyond Glycolysis: GAPDHs Are Multi-functional Enzymes Involved in Regulation of ROS, Autophagy, and Plant Immune Responses
Comprehensive Profiling of Amino Acid Response Uncovers Unique Methionine-Deprived Response Dependent on Intact Creatine Biosynthesis
Windpipe Controls Intestinal Homeostasis by Regulating JAK/STAT Pathway via Promoting Receptor Endocytosis and Lysosomal Degradation
Ataxin-2 Regulates Translation in a New BAC-SCA2 Transgenic Mouse Model
Cross-Population Joint Analysis of eQTLs: Fine Mapping and Functional Annotation
The Power of Gene-Based Rare Variant Methods to Detect Disease-Associated Variation and Test Hypotheses About Complex Disease
The Chromatin Remodeler CHD8 Is Required for Activation of Progesterone Receptor-Dependent Enhancers
Competition between VanU Repressor and VanR Activator Leads to Rheostatic Control of Vancomycin Resistance Operon Expression
A Missense Change in the Gene Links Aberrant Autophagy to a Neurodegenerative Vacuolar Storage Disease
Simultaneous Discovery, Estimation and Prediction Analysis of Complex Traits Using a Bayesian Mixture Model
Selection against Heteroplasmy Explains the Evolution of Uniparental Inheritance of Mitochondria
Genome-Destabilizing Effects Associated with Top1 Loss or Accumulation of Top1 Cleavage Complexes in Yeast
Imputation-Based Population Genetics Analysis of Malaria Parasites
Heterozygosity for a Hypomorphic Polβ Mutation Reduces the Expansion Frequency in a Mouse Model of the Fragile X-Related Disorders
Neto-Mediated Intracellular Interactions Shape Postsynaptic Composition at the Neuromuscular Junction
Ndd1 Turnover by SCF Is Inhibited by the DNA Damage Checkpoint in
Frameshift Variant Associated with Novel Hoof Specific Phenotype in Connemara Ponies
The DNA Helicase Recql4 Is Required for Normal Osteoblast Expansion and Osteosarcoma Formation
Spastin Binds to Lipid Droplets and Affects Lipid Metabolism
Maintenance of Glia in the Optic Lamina Is Mediated by EGFR Signaling by Photoreceptors in Adult Drosophila
Auxin Influx Carriers Control Vascular Patterning and Xylem Differentiation in
Dual-Specificity Anti-sigma Factor Reinforces Control of Cell-Type Specific Gene Expression in
The Lowe Syndrome Protein OCRL1 Is Required for Endocytosis in the Zebrafish Pronephric Tubule
Postnatal Loss of Hap1 Reduces Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Causes Adult Depressive-Like Behavior in Mice
CAPER Is Vital for Energy and Redox Homeostasis by Integrating Glucose-Induced Mitochondrial Functions via ERR-α-Gabpa and Stress-Induced Adaptive Responses via NF-κB-cMYC
Distinct and Cooperative Activities of HESO1 and URT1 Nucleotidyl Transferases in MicroRNA Turnover in
The Evolutionary Origination and Diversification of a Dimorphic Gene Regulatory Network through Parallel Innovations in and
MAPK Signaling Pathway Alters Expression of Midgut ALP and ABCC Genes and Causes Resistance to Cry1Ac Toxin in Diamondback Moth
Spatio-temporal Remodeling of Functional Membrane Microdomains Organizes the Signaling Networks of a Bacterium
Asymmetric Transcript Discovery by RNA-seq in . Blastomeres Identifies , a Gene Important for Anterior Morphogenesis
A Stress-Induced Small RNA Modulates Alpha-Rhizobial Cell Cycle Progression
Systematic Profiling of Poly(A)+ Transcripts Modulated by Core 3’ End Processing and Splicing Factors Reveals Regulatory Rules of Alternative Cleavage and Polyadenylation
The UPR Branch IRE1- in Plants Plays an Essential Role in Viral Infection and Is Complementary to the Only UPR Pathway in Yeast
A Non-canonical RNA Silencing Pathway Promotes mRNA Degradation in Basal Fungi
Co-chaperone p23 Regulates . Lifespan in Response to Temperature
Re-replication of a Centromere Induces Chromosomal Instability and Aneuploidy
Shade Avoidance Components and Pathways in Adult Plants Revealed by Phenotypic Profiling
Lipid-Induced Epigenomic Changes in Human Macrophages Identify a Coronary Artery Disease-Associated Variant that Regulates Expression through Altered C/EBP-Beta Binding

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