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Keeping mtDNA in Shape between Generations
Uncovering Enhancer Functions Using the α-Globin Locus

Research Article

An Deletion Is Highly Associated with a Juvenile-Onset Inherited Polyneuropathy in Leonberger and Saint Bernard Dogs
Licensing of Yeast Centrosome Duplication Requires Phosphoregulation of Sfi1
Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia and Infertility in Mice Deficient for miR-34b/c and miR-449 Loci
Basement Membrane and Cell Integrity of Self-Tissues in Maintaining Immunological Tolerance
The Kinesin AtPSS1 Promotes Synapsis and is Required for Proper Crossover Distribution in Meiosis
Germline Mutations in Are Associated with Familial Gastric Cancer
POT1a and Components of CST Engage Telomerase and Regulate Its Activity in
Controlling Meiotic Recombinational Repair – Specifying the Roles of ZMMs, Sgs1 and Mus81/Mms4 in Crossover Formation
Payoffs, Not Tradeoffs, in the Adaptation of a Virus to Ostensibly Conflicting Selective Pressures
FHIT Suppresses Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and Metastasis in Lung Cancer through Modulation of MicroRNAs
Genome-Wide Mapping of Yeast RNA Polymerase II Termination
Examination of Prokaryotic Multipartite Genome Evolution through Experimental Genome Reduction
White Cells Facilitate Opposite- and Same-Sex Mating of Opaque Cells in
BMP-FGF Signaling Axis Mediates Wnt-Induced Epidermal Stratification in Developing Mammalian Skin
Genome-Wide Association Study of CSF Levels of 59 Alzheimer's Disease Candidate Proteins: Significant Associations with Proteins Involved in Amyloid Processing and Inflammation
COE Loss-of-Function Analysis Reveals a Genetic Program Underlying Maintenance and Regeneration of the Nervous System in Planarians
Fat-Dachsous Signaling Coordinates Cartilage Differentiation and Polarity during Craniofacial Development
Identification of Genes Important for Cutaneous Function Revealed by a Large Scale Reverse Genetic Screen in the Mouse
Sensors at Centrosomes Reveal Determinants of Local Separase Activity
Genes Integrate and Hedgehog Pathways in the Second Heart Field for Cardiac Septation
Systematic Dissection of Coding Exons at Single Nucleotide Resolution Supports an Additional Role in Cell-Specific Transcriptional Regulation
Recovery from an Acute Infection in Requires the GATA Transcription Factor ELT-2
HIPPO Pathway Members Restrict SOX2 to the Inner Cell Mass Where It Promotes ICM Fates in the Mouse Blastocyst
Role of and in Development of Abdominal Epithelia Breaks Posterior Prevalence Rule
The Formation of Endoderm-Derived Taste Sensory Organs Requires a -Dependent Expansion of Embryonic Taste Bud Progenitor Cells
Role of STN1 and DNA Polymerase α in Telomere Stability and Genome-Wide Replication in Arabidopsis
Keratin 76 Is Required for Tight Junction Function and Maintenance of the Skin Barrier
Encodes the Catalytic Subunit of N Alpha-Acetyltransferase that Regulates Development, Metabolism and Adult Lifespan
Disruption of SUMO-Specific Protease 2 Induces Mitochondria Mediated Neurodegeneration
Caudal Regulates the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Pair-Rule Waves in
It's All in Your Mind: Determining Germ Cell Fate by Neuronal IRE-1 in
A Conserved Role for Homologs in Protecting Dopaminergic Neurons from Oxidative Stress
The Master Activator of IncA/C Conjugative Plasmids Stimulates Genomic Islands and Multidrug Resistance Dissemination
An AGEF-1/Arf GTPase/AP-1 Ensemble Antagonizes LET-23 EGFR Basolateral Localization and Signaling during Vulva Induction
The Proteomic Landscape of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Clock Reveals Large-Scale Coordination of Key Biological Processes
RNA-Processing Protein TDP-43 Regulates FOXO-Dependent Protein Quality Control in Stress Response
A Complex Genetic Switch Involving Overlapping Divergent Promoters and DNA Looping Regulates Expression of Conjugation Genes of a Gram-positive Plasmid
ZTF-8 Interacts with the 9-1-1 Complex and Is Required for DNA Damage Response and Double-Strand Break Repair in the Germline
Integrating Functional Data to Prioritize Causal Variants in Statistical Fine-Mapping Studies
Tpz1-Ccq1 and Tpz1-Poz1 Interactions within Fission Yeast Shelterin Modulate Ccq1 Thr93 Phosphorylation and Telomerase Recruitment
Salt-Induced Stabilization of EIN3/EIL1 Confers Salinity Tolerance by Deterring ROS Accumulation in
Telomeric (s) in spp. Encode Mediator Subunits That Regulate Distinct Virulence Traits
Ethylene-Induced Inhibition of Root Growth Requires Abscisic Acid Function in Rice ( L.) Seedlings
Ancient Expansion of the Hox Cluster in Lepidoptera Generated Four Homeobox Genes Implicated in Extra-Embryonic Tissue Formation
Mechanism of Suppression of Chromosomal Instability by DNA Polymerase POLQ
A Mutation in the Mouse Gene Leads to Impaired Hedgehog Signaling
Targeted Exon Capture and Sequencing in Sporadic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
TIF-IA-Dependent Regulation of Ribosome Synthesis in Muscle Is Required to Maintain Systemic Insulin Signaling and Larval Growth
At Short Telomeres Tel1 Directs Early Replication and Phosphorylates Rif1
Evidence of a Bacterial Receptor for Lysozyme: Binding of Lysozyme to the Anti-σ Factor RsiV Controls Activation of the ECF σ Factor σ
Hsp40s Specify Functions of Hsp104 and Hsp90 Protein Chaperone Machines
Feeding State, Insulin and NPR-1 Modulate Chemoreceptor Gene Expression via Integration of Sensory and Circuit Inputs
Functional Interaction between Ribosomal Protein L6 and RbgA during Ribosome Assembly
Multiple Regulatory Systems Coordinate DNA Replication with Cell Growth in
Fast Evolution from Precast Bricks: Genomics of Young Freshwater Populations of Threespine Stickleback
Mmp1 Processing of the PDF Neuropeptide Regulates Circadian Structural Plasticity of Pacemaker Neurons
The Nuclear Immune Receptor Is Required for -Dependent Constitutive Defense Activation in
Genetic Modifiers of Neurofibromatosis Type 1-Associated Café-au-Lait Macule Count Identified Using Multi-platform Analysis
Juvenile Hormone-Receptor Complex Acts on and to Promote Polyploidy and Vitellogenesis in the Migratory Locust
The Analysis of Mutant Alleles of Different Strength Reveals Multiple Functions of Topoisomerase 2 in Regulation of Chromosome Structure
Metabolic Respiration Induces AMPK- and Ire1p-Dependent Activation of the p38-Type HOG MAPK Pathway
The Specification and Global Reprogramming of Histone Epigenetic Marks during Gamete Formation and Early Embryo Development in
The DAF-16 FOXO Transcription Factor Regulates to Modulate Stress Resistance in , Linking Insulin/IGF-1 Signaling to Protein N-Terminal Acetylation
Genetic Influences on Translation in Yeast
Analysis of Mutants Defective in the Cdk8 Module of Mediator Reveal Links between Metabolism and Biofilm Formation
Ribosomal Readthrough at a Short UGA Stop Codon Context Triggers Dual Localization of Metabolic Enzymes in Fungi and Animals
Gene Duplication Restores the Viability of Δ and Δ Mutants
Selection on a Variant Associated with Improved Viral Clearance Drives Local, Adaptive Pseudogenization of Interferon Lambda 4 ()
Break-Induced Replication Requires DNA Damage-Induced Phosphorylation of Pif1 and Leads to Telomere Lengthening
Dynamic Partnership between TFIIH, PGC-1α and SIRT1 Is Impaired in Trichothiodystrophy
Signature Gene Expression Reveals Novel Clues to the Molecular Mechanisms of Dimorphic Transition in
Mutations in Moderate or Severe Intellectual Disability
Multifaceted Genome Control by Set1 Dependent and Independent of H3K4 Methylation and the Set1C/COMPASS Complex
A Role for Taiman in Insect Metamorphosis
The Small RNA Rli27 Regulates a Cell Wall Protein inside Eukaryotic Cells by Targeting a Long 5′-UTR Variant
MMS Exposure Promotes Increased MtDNA Mutagenesis in the Presence of Replication-Defective Disease-Associated DNA Polymerase γ Variants
Coexistence and Within-Host Evolution of Diversified Lineages of Hypermutable in Long-term Cystic Fibrosis Infections
Comprehensive Mapping of the Flagellar Regulatory Network
Topoisomerase II Is Required for the Proper Separation of Heterochromatic Regions during Female Meiosis
A Splice Mutation in the Gene Causes High Glycogen Content and Low Meat Quality in Pig Skeletal Muscle
KDM5 Interacts with Foxo to Modulate Cellular Levels of Oxidative Stress
H2B Mono-ubiquitylation Facilitates Fork Stalling and Recovery during Replication Stress by Coordinating Rad53 Activation and Chromatin Assembly
Copy Number Variation in the Horse Genome
Unifying Genetic Canalization, Genetic Constraint, and Genotype-by-Environment Interaction: QTL by Genomic Background by Environment Interaction of Flowering Time in
Spinster Homolog 2 () Deficiency Causes Early Onset Progressive Hearing Loss
Genome-Wide Discovery of Drug-Dependent Human Liver Regulatory Elements
Developmentally-Regulated Excision of the SPβ Prophage Reconstitutes a Gene Required for Spore Envelope Maturation in
Protein Phosphatase 4 Promotes Chromosome Pairing and Synapsis, and Contributes to Maintaining Crossover Competence with Increasing Age
The bHLH-PAS Transcription Factor Dysfusion Regulates Tarsal Joint Formation in Response to Notch Activity during Leg Development
A Mouse Model Uncovers LKB1 as an UVB-Induced DNA Damage Sensor Mediating CDKN1A (p21) Degradation
Notch3 Interactome Analysis Identified WWP2 as a Negative Regulator of Notch3 Signaling in Ovarian Cancer
An Integrated Cell Purification and Genomics Strategy Reveals Multiple Regulators of Pancreas Development
Dominant Sequences of Human Major Histocompatibility Complex Conserved Extended Haplotypes from to
The Vesicle Protein SAM-4 Regulates the Processivity of Synaptic Vesicle Transport
A Gain-of-Function Mutation in Impeded Bone Development through Increasing Expression in DA2B Mice
Nephronophthisis-Associated Regulates Cell Cycle Progression, Apoptosis and Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition
Beclin 1 Is Required for Neuron Viability and Regulates Endosome Pathways via the UVRAG-VPS34 Complex
The Not5 Subunit of the Ccr4-Not Complex Connects Transcription and Translation
Abnormal Dosage of Ultraconserved Elements Is Highly Disfavored in Healthy Cells but Not Cancer Cells
Genome-Wide Distribution of RNA-DNA Hybrids Identifies RNase H Targets in tRNA Genes, Retrotransposons and Mitochondria
The Chromosomal Association of the Smc5/6 Complex Depends on Cohesion and Predicts the Level of Sister Chromatid Entanglement
Cell-Autonomous Progeroid Changes in Conditional Mouse Models for Repair Endonuclease XPG Deficiency

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