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Polo, Greatwall, and Protein Phosphatase PP2A Jostle for Pole Position
A Broad Brush, Global Overview of Bacterial Sexuality

Research Article

Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Incident Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) in African Americans: A Short Report
The T-Box Factor MLS-1 Requires Groucho Co-Repressor Interaction for Uterine Muscle Specification
B Chromosomes Have a Functional Effect on Female Sex Determination in Lake Victoria Cichlid Fishes
Analysis of DNA Methylation in a Three-Generation Family Reveals Widespread Genetic Influence on Epigenetic Regulation
PP2A-Twins Is Antagonized by Greatwall and Collaborates with Polo for Cell Cycle Progression and Centrosome Attachment to Nuclei in Drosophila Embryos
Discovery of Sexual Dimorphisms in Metabolic and Genetic Biomarkers
Pervasive Sharing of Genetic Effects in Autoimmune Disease
DNA Methylation and Histone Modifications Regulate Shoot Regeneration in by Modulating Expression and Auxin Signaling
Mutations in and Reveal That Cartilage Matrix Controls Timing of Endochondral Ossification by Inhibiting Chondrocyte Maturation
Variance of Gene Expression Identifies Altered Network Constraints in Neurological Disease
Frequent Beneficial Mutations during Single-Colony Serial Transfer of
Increased Gene Dosage Affects Genomic Stability Potentially Contributing to 17p13.3 Duplication Syndrome
Distinct Cdk1 Requirements during Single-Strand Annealing, Noncrossover, and Crossover Recombination
Hunger Artists: Yeast Adapted to Carbon Limitation Show Trade-Offs under Carbon Sufficiency
Suppression of Scant Identifies Endos as a Substrate of Greatwall Kinase and a Negative Regulator of Protein Phosphatase 2A in Mitosis
Temporal Dynamics of Host Molecular Responses Differentiate Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Influenza A Infection
MK2-Dependent p38b Signalling Protects Hindgut Enterocytes against JNK-Induced Apoptosis under Chronic Stress
Specification of Corpora Cardiaca Neuroendocrine Cells from Mesoderm Is Regulated by Notch Signaling
Genome-Wide Gene-Environment Study Identifies Glutamate Receptor Gene as a Parkinson's Disease Modifier Gene via Interaction with Coffee
Identification of Functional Toxin/Immunity Genes Linked to Contact-Dependent Growth Inhibition (CDI) and Rearrangement Hotspot (Rhs) Systems
Genomic Analysis of the Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens and
Celsr3 Is Required for Normal Development of GABA Circuits in the Inner Retina
Genetic Architecture of Aluminum Tolerance in Rice () Determined through Genome-Wide Association Analysis and QTL Mapping
Predisposition to Cancer Caused by Genetic and Functional Defects of Mammalian
Regulation of p53/CEP-1–Dependent Germ Cell Apoptosis by Ras/MAPK Signaling
and but Not Interact in Genetic Models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Gamma-Tubulin Is Required for Bipolar Spindle Assembly and for Proper Kinetochore Microtubule Attachments during Prometaphase I in Oocytes
Ongoing Phenotypic and Genomic Changes in Experimental Coevolution of RNA Bacteriophage Qβ and
Genetic Architecture of a Reinforced, Postmating, Reproductive Isolation Barrier between Species Indicates Evolution via Natural Selection
-eQTLs Reveal That Independent Genetic Variants Associated with a Complex Phenotype Converge on Intermediate Genes, with a Major Role for the HLA
The GATA Factor ELT-1 Works through the Cell Proliferation Regulator BRO-1 and the Fusogen EFF-1 to Maintain the Seam Stem-Like Fate
and Control Optic Cup Regeneration in a Prototypic Eye
A Comprehensive Map of Mobile Element Insertion Polymorphisms in Humans
An EMT–Driven Alternative Splicing Program Occurs in Human Breast Cancer and Modulates Cellular Phenotype
Evidence for Hitchhiking of Deleterious Mutations within the Human Genome
Global Chromosomal Structural Instability in a Subpopulation of Starving Cells
A Pre-mRNA–Associating Factor Links Endogenous siRNAs to Chromatin Regulation
Glutamine Synthetase Is a Genetic Determinant of Cell Type–Specific Glutamine Independence in Breast Epithelia
The Repertoire of ICE in Prokaryotes Underscores the Unity, Diversity, and Ubiquity of Conjugation
Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Autoantibody Positivity in Type 1 Diabetes Cases
Natural Polymorphism in BUL2 Links Cellular Amino Acid Availability with Chronological Aging and Telomere Maintenance in Yeast
Chromosome Painting Reveals Asynaptic Full Alignment of Homologs and HIM-8–Dependent Remodeling of Chromosome Territories during Meiosis
Ku Must Load Directly onto the Chromosome End in Order to Mediate Its Telomeric Functions

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