PLOS Pathogens - Číslo 8/2010


Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of Host–Pathogen Specificity


The Battle for Iron between Bacterial Pathogens and Their Vertebrate Hosts
Norovirus Gastroenteritis, Carbohydrate Receptors, and Animal Models


Insecticide Control of Vector-Borne Diseases: When Is Insecticide Resistance a Problem?
“Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex (but Were Afraid to Ask)” in after Two Decades of Laboratory and Field Analyses

Research Article

Global Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in
Burkholderia Type VI Secretion Systems Have Distinct Roles in Eukaryotic and Bacterial Cell Interactions
Chitin Synthases from Are Involved in Tip Growth and Represent a Potential Target for Anti-Oomycete Drugs
Distinct Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Molecular Features in Tumour and Non Tumour Specimens from Patients with Merkel Cell Carcinoma
Biological and Structural Characterization of a Host-Adapting Amino Acid in Influenza Virus
Functional Characterisation and Drug Target Validation of a Mitotic Kinesin-13 in
CTCF Prevents the Epigenetic Drift of EBV Latency Promoter Qp
The Human Fungal Pathogen Escapes Macrophages by a Phagosome Emptying Mechanism That Is Inhibited by Arp2/3 Complex-Mediated Actin Polymerisation
Bim Nuclear Translocation and Inactivation by Viral Interferon Regulatory Factor
Cyst Wall Protein 1 Is a Lectin That Binds to Curled Fibrils of the GalNAc Homopolymer
Reciprocal Analysis of Infections of a Model Reveal Host-Pathogen Conflicts Mediated by Reactive Oxygen and imd-Regulated Innate Immune Response
A Subset of Replication Proteins Enhances Origin Recognition and Lytic Replication by the Epstein-Barr Virus ZEBRA Protein
Damaged Intestinal Epithelial Integrity Linked to Microbial Translocation in Pathogenic Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infections
Kaposin-B Enhances the PROX1 mRNA Stability during Lymphatic Reprogramming of Vascular Endothelial Cells by Kaposi's Sarcoma Herpes Virus
Direct Interaction between Two Viral Proteins, the Nonstructural Protein 2C and the Capsid Protein VP3, Is Required for Enterovirus Morphogenesis
A Novel CCR5 Mutation Common in Sooty Mangabeys Reveals SIVsmm Infection of CCR5-Null Natural Hosts and Efficient Alternative Coreceptor Use
Micro RNAs of Epstein-Barr Virus Promote Cell Cycle Progression and Prevent Apoptosis of Primary Human B Cells
Enterohemorrhagic Requires N-WASP for Efficient Type III Translocation but Not for EspF-Mediated Actin Pedestal Formation
Host Imprints on Bacterial Genomes—Rapid, Divergent Evolution in Individual Patients
UNC93B1 Mediates Host Resistance to Infection with
The Transcription Factor Rbf1 Is the Master Regulator for -Mating Type Controlled Pathogenic Development in
Protective Efficacy of Cross-Reactive CD8 T Cells Recognising Mutant Viral Epitopes Depends on Peptide-MHC-I Structural Interactions and T Cell Activation Threshold
Bacteriophage Lysin Mediates the Binding of to Human Platelets through Interaction with Fibrinogen
Immune Modulation with Sulfasalazine Attenuates Immunopathogenesis but Enhances Macrophage-Mediated Fungal Clearance during Pneumonia
PKC Signaling Regulates Drug Resistance of the Fungal Pathogen via Circuitry Comprised of Mkc1, Calcineurin, and Hsp90
A Multi-Step Process of Viral Adaptation to a Mutagenic Nucleoside Analogue by Modulation of Transition Types Leads to Extinction-Escape
Variations in TcdB Activity and the Hypervirulence of Emerging Strains of
SWAN-1 Binds to EGL-9 and Regulates HIF-1-Mediated Resistance to the Bacterial Pathogen PAO1
Conformational Adaptation of Asian Macaque TRIMCyp Directs Lineage Specific Antiviral Activity
The Proteasome Active Site Threonine Is Essential for Persistence Yet Dispensable for Replication and Resistance to Nitric Oxide
Characterization of Oseltamivir-Resistant 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza A Viruses
The Pneumococcal Serine-Rich Repeat Protein Is an Intra-Species Bacterial Adhesin That Promotes Bacterial Aggregation and in Biofilms
Regulatory T Cell Suppressive Potency Dictates the Balance between Bacterial Proliferation and Clearance during Persistent Infection
Structural Alterations in a Component of Cytochrome Oxidase and Molecular Evolution of Pathogenic in Humans
A Limited Number of Antibody Specificities Mediate Broad and Potent Serum Neutralization in Selected HIV-1 Infected Individuals
Spliced Leader Trapping Reveals Widespread Alternative Splicing Patterns in the Highly Dynamic Transcriptome of
Contribution of Coagulases towards Disease and Protective Immunity
Early Severe Inflammatory Responses to Uropathogenic Predispose to Chronic and Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

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