PLOS Medicine - Číslo 11/2017

Collection Review

malERA: An updated research agenda for malaria elimination and eradication
malERA: An updated research agenda for health systems and policy research in malaria elimination and eradication
malERA: An updated research agenda for basic science and enabling technologies in malaria elimination and eradication
Human trafficking and exploitation: A global health concern
malERA: An updated research agenda for insecticide and drug resistance in malaria elimination and eradication
malERA: An updated research agenda for characterising the reservoir and measuring transmission in malaria elimination and eradication
malERA: An updated research agenda for diagnostics, drugs, vaccines, and vector control in malaria elimination and eradication
malERA: An updated research agenda for combination interventions and modelling in malaria elimination and eradication


The end of HIV: Still a very long way to go, but progress continues


Labour trafficking: Challenges and opportunities from an occupational health perspective
Sexual exploitation of unaccompanied migrant and refugee boys in Greece: Approaches to prevention
Child sex trafficking in the United States: Challenges for the healthcare provider


Bioequivalence of twice-daily oral tacrolimus in transplant recipients: More evidence for consensus?
Closing the gaps in the HIV care continuum
The expanding epidemic of HIV-1 in the Russian Federation
Measuring success: The challenge of social protection in helping eliminate tuberculosis
Prospects for passive immunity to prevent HIV infection
Reaching global HIV/AIDS goals: What got us here, won't get us there
Evidence-based restructuring of health and social care

Policy Forum

Extreme exploitation in Southeast Asia waters: Challenges in progressing towards universal health coverage for migrant workers

Guidelines and Guidance

Core Outcome Set-STAndards for Development: The COS-STAD recommendations

Research Article

Contemporary disengagement from antiretroviral therapy in Khayelitsha, South Africa: A cohort study
Treatment guidelines and early loss from care for people living with HIV in Cape Town, South Africa: A retrospective cohort study
Perinatal mortality associated with induction of labour versus expectant management in nulliparous women aged 35 years or over: An English national cohort study
Association between the 2012 Health and Social Care Act and specialist visits and hospitalisations in England: A controlled interrupted time series analysis
HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and early antiretroviral treatment among female sex workers in South Africa: Results from a prospective observational demonstration project
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) event rates in HIV-positive persons at high predicted CVD and CKD risk: A prospective analysis of the D:A:D observational study
Validity of a minimally invasive autopsy for cause of death determination in maternal deaths in Mozambique: An observational study
A combination intervention strategy to improve linkage to and retention in HIV care following diagnosis in Mozambique: A cluster-randomized study
Bioequivalence between innovator and generic tacrolimus in liver and kidney transplant recipients: A randomized, crossover clinical trial
Virological response and resistance among HIV-infected children receiving long-term antiretroviral therapy without virological monitoring in Uganda and Zimbabwe: Observational analyses within the randomised ARROW trial
Postmenopausal hormone therapy and risk of stroke: A pooled analysis of data from population-based cohort studies
Lansoprazole use and tuberculosis incidence in the United Kingdom Clinical Practice Research Datalink: A population based cohort
Safety, pharmacokinetics, and immunological activities of multiple intravenous or subcutaneous doses of an anti-HIV monoclonal antibody, VRC01, administered to HIV-uninfected adults: Results of a phase 1 randomized trial
HIV prevalence and behavioral and psychosocial factors among transgender women and cisgender men who have sex with men in 8 African countries: A cross-sectional analysis
Treatment eligibility and retention in clinical HIV care: A regression discontinuity study in South Africa
Effectiveness of a combination strategy for linkage and retention in adult HIV care in Swaziland: The Link4Health cluster randomized trial
The value of confirmatory testing in early infant HIV diagnosis programmes in South Africa: A cost-effectiveness analysis
HIV self-testing among female sex workers in Zambia: A cluster randomized controlled trial
The US President's Malaria Initiative, transmission and mortality: A modelling study
Comparison of two cash transfer strategies to prevent catastrophic costs for poor tuberculosis-affected households in low- and middle-income countries: An economic modelling study
Direct provision versus facility collection of HIV self-tests among female sex workers in Uganda: A cluster-randomized controlled health systems trial
HIV-1 persistence following extremely early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) during acute HIV-1 infection: An observational study
Respondent-driven sampling for identification of HIV- and HCV-infected people who inject drugs and men who have sex with men in India: A cross-sectional, community-based analysis
Extensive virologic and immunologic characterization in an HIV-infected individual following allogeneic stem cell transplant and analytic cessation of antiretroviral therapy: A case study

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