PLOS Genetics - Číslo 2/2012


Upsetting the Dogma: Germline Selection in Human Males
Diced Triplets Expose Neurons to RISC
The Williams-Beuren Syndrome—A Window into Genetic Variants Leading to the Development of Cardiovascular Disease

Research Article

A Strong Deletion Bias in Nonallelic Gene Conversion
Positive Selection for New Disease Mutations in the Human Germline: Evidence from the Heritable Cancer Syndrome Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2B
Genome-Wide Association Study in East Asians Identifies Novel Susceptibility Loci for Breast Cancer
Mixed Effects Modeling of Proliferation Rates in Cell-Based Models: Consequence for Pharmacogenomics and Cancer
Reduction of NADPH-Oxidase Activity Ameliorates the Cardiovascular Phenotype in a Mouse Model of Williams-Beuren Syndrome
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Chromosome 10q24.32 Variants Associated with Arsenic Metabolism and Toxicity Phenotypes in Bangladesh
Structural Basis of Transcriptional Gene Silencing Mediated by MOM1
Genomic Restructuring in the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour: Chromosome Painting and Gene Mapping Provide Clues to Evolution of a Transmissible Tumour
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Novel Loci Associated with Circulating Phospho- and Sphingolipid Concentrations
Contrasting Properties of Gene-Specific Regulatory, Coding, and Copy Number Mutations in : Frequency, Effects, and Dominance
The Origin and Nature of Tightly Clustered Deletions in Precursor B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Support a Model of Multiclonal Evolution
Ultrafast Evolution and Loss of CRISPRs Following a Host Shift in a Novel Wildlife Pathogen,
Phosphorylation of Chromosome Core Components May Serve as Axis Marks for the Status of Chromosomal Events during Mammalian Meiosis
Psoriasis Patients Are Enriched for Genetic Variants That Protect against HIV-1 Disease
A Pathogenic Mechanism in Huntington's Disease Involves Small CAG-Repeated RNAs with Neurotoxic Activity
The Mitochondrial Chaperone Protein TRAP1 Mitigates α-Synuclein Toxicity
Homeobox Genes Critically Regulate Embryo Implantation by Controlling Paracrine Signaling between Uterine Stroma and Epithelium
Developmental Transcriptional Networks Are Required to Maintain Neuronal Subtype Identity in the Mature Nervous System
Down-Regulating Sphingolipid Synthesis Increases Yeast Lifespan
Gene Expression and Stress Response Mediated by the Epigenetic Regulation of a Transposable Element Small RNA
Loss of Tgif Function Causes Holoprosencephaly by Disrupting the Shh Signaling Pathway
Sequestration of Highly Expressed mRNAs in Cytoplasmic Granules, P-Bodies, and Stress Granules Enhances Cell Viability
Discovery of a Modified Tetrapolar Sexual Cycle in and the Evolution of in the Species Complex
The Role of Glypicans in Wnt Inhibitory Factor-1 Activity and the Structural Basis of Wif1's Effects on Wnt and Hedgehog Signaling
Nondisjunction of a Single Chromosome Leads to Breakage and Activation of DNA Damage Checkpoint in G2
A Regulatory Network for Coordinated Flower Maturation
Coexpression Network Analysis in Abdominal and Gluteal Adipose Tissue Reveals Regulatory Genetic Loci for Metabolic Syndrome and Related Phenotypes
The Empirical Power of Rare Variant Association Methods: Results from Sanger Sequencing in 1,998 Individuals
Systematic Detection of Epistatic Interactions Based on Allele Pair Frequencies
Familial Identification: Population Structure and Relationship Distinguishability
Raf1 Is a DCAF for the Rik1 DDB1-Like Protein and Has Separable Roles in siRNA Generation and Chromatin Modification
Loss of Function of the Cik1/Kar3 Motor Complex Results in Chromosomes with Syntelic Attachment That Are Sensed by the Tension Checkpoint
Computational Prediction and Molecular Characterization of an Oomycete Effector and the Cognate Resistance Gene
The Dynamics and Prognostic Potential of DNA Methylation Changes at Stem Cell Gene Loci in Women's Cancer
GTPase Activity and Neuronal Toxicity of Parkinson's Disease–Associated LRRK2 Is Regulated by ArfGAP1
Evaluation of the Role of Functional Constraints on the Integrity of an Ultraconserved Region in the Genus
Neurophysiological Defects and Neuronal Gene Deregulation in Mutants
Genetic and Functional Analyses of Mutations Suggest a Multiple Hit Model of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Negative Supercoiling Creates Single-Stranded Patches of DNA That Are Substrates for AID–Mediated Mutagenesis
Rewiring of PDZ Domain-Ligand Interaction Network Contributed to Eukaryotic Evolution
The Eph Receptor Activates NCK and N-WASP, and Inhibits Ena/VASP to Regulate Growth Cone Dynamics during Axon Guidance
Repression of a Potassium Channel by Nuclear Hormone Receptor and TGF-β Signaling Modulates Insulin Signaling in
The Retrohoming of Linear Group II Intron RNAs in Occurs by Both DNA Ligase 4–Dependent and –Independent Mechanisms
Cell Lineage Analysis of the Mammalian Female Germline
Association of a Functional Variant in the Wnt Co-Receptor with Early Onset Ileal Crohn's Disease

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