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Classical Genetics Meets Next-Generation Sequencing: Uncovering a Genome-Wide Recombination Map in


It Was Heaven: An Interview with Evelyn Witkin

Research Article

The Germline Genome Provides a Niche for Intragenic Parasitic DNA: Evolutionary Dynamics of Internal Eliminated Sequences
Calpain-5 Mutations Cause Autoimmune Uveitis, Retinal Neovascularization, and Photoreceptor Degeneration
Cofilin-1: A Modulator of Anxiety in Mice
The Date of Interbreeding between Neandertals and Modern Humans
Embryos of Robertsonian Translocation Carriers Exhibit a Mitotic Interchromosomal Effect That Enhances Genetic Instability during Early Development
Viral Evasion of a Bacterial Suicide System by RNA–Based Molecular Mimicry Enables Infectious Altruism
Phosphatase-Dead Myotubularin Ameliorates X-Linked Centronuclear Myopathy Phenotypes in Mice
Full-Length Synaptonemal Complex Grows Continuously during Meiotic Prophase in Budding Yeast
MOV10 RNA Helicase Is a Potent Inhibitor of Retrotransposition in Cells
A Likelihood-Based Framework for Variant Calling and Mutation Detection in Families
The Contribution of RNA Decay Quantitative Trait Loci to Inter-Individual Variation in Steady-State Gene Expression Levels
New Partners in Regulation of Gene Expression: The Enhancer of Trithorax and Polycomb Corto Interacts with Methylated Ribosomal Protein L12 Its Chromodomain
Mining the Unknown: A Systems Approach to Metabolite Identification Combining Genetic and Metabolic Information
Mutations in (Hhat) Perturb Hedgehog Signaling, Resulting in Severe Acrania-Holoprosencephaly-Agnathia Craniofacial Defects
The Many Landscapes of Recombination in
Faster-X Evolution of Gene Expression in
Loss of Slc4a1b Chloride/Bicarbonate Exchanger Function Protects Mechanosensory Hair Cells from Aminoglycoside Damage in the Zebrafish Mutant
Regulation of ATG4B Stability by RNF5 Limits Basal Levels of Autophagy and Influences Susceptibility to Bacterial Infection
and the BTB Adaptor Are Key Regulators of Sleep Homeostasis and a Dopamine Arousal Pathway in Drosophila
Mutation and Fetal Ethanol Exposure Synergize to Produce Midline Signaling Defects and Holoprosencephaly Spectrum Disorders in Mice
Specific Missense Alleles of the Arabidopsis Jasmonic Acid Co-Receptor COI1 Regulate Innate Immune Receptor Accumulation and Function
Deep Genome-Wide Measurement of Meiotic Gene Conversion Using Tetrad Analysis in
Mismatch Repair Balances Leading and Lagging Strand DNA Replication Fidelity
Distinguishing between Selective Sweeps from Standing Variation and from a Mutation
Cytokinesis-Based Constraints on Polarized Cell Growth in Fission Yeast
Deposition of Histone Variant H2A.Z within Gene Bodies Regulates Responsive Genes
Functional Antagonism between Sas3 and Gcn5 Acetyltransferases and ISWI Chromatin Remodelers
The SET-Domain Protein SUVR5 Mediates H3K9me2 Deposition and Silencing at Stimulus Response Genes in a DNA Methylation–Independent Manner
Morphogenesis and Cell Fate Determination within the Adaxial Cell Equivalence Group of the Zebrafish Myotome
Muscle-Specific Splicing Factors ASD-2 and SUP-12 Cooperatively Switch Alternative Pre-mRNA Processing Patterns of the ADF/Cofilin Gene in
Maize Is Required for Maintaining Silencing Associated with Paramutation at the and Loci
Increasing Signal Specificity of the TOL Network of mt-2 by Rewiring the Connectivity of the Master Regulator XylR
Use of Pleiotropy to Model Genetic Interactions in a Population
RAB-Like 2 Has an Essential Role in Male Fertility, Sperm Intra-Flagellar Transport, and Tail Assembly
Variants Affecting Exon Skipping Contribute to Complex Traits
Topoisomerase II– and Condensin-Dependent Breakage of -Sensitive Fragile Sites Occurs Independently of Spindle Tension, Anaphase, or Cytokinesis
Comparison of Family History and SNPs for Predicting Risk of Complex Disease
Recovery of Arrested Replication Forks by Homologous Recombination Is Error-Prone
A Mutation in the Gene Causes Alternative Splicing Defects and Deafness in the Bronx Waltzer Mouse
Comparative Genomics Suggests an Independent Origin of Cytoplasmic Incompatibility in

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