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An Anti-Checkpoint Activity for Rif1


The Connection between Space and Thinking: An Interview with Rafael Viñoly

Research Article

An Assessment of the Individual and Collective Effects of Variants on Height Using Twins and a Developmentally Informative Study Design
Widespread Cotranslational Formation of Protein Complexes
Genomes Reveal Transition of Bacteria from Aquatic to Terrestrial Environments
A Complex Genomic Rearrangement Involving the Locus Causes Dermal Hyperpigmentation in the Chicken
Plasticity of BRCA2 Function in Homologous Recombination: Genetic Interactions of the PALB2 and DNA Binding Domains
Transcription Is Required to Establish Maternal Imprinting at the Prader-Willi Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome Locus
Substitutions in the Amino-Terminal Tail of Neurospora Histone H3 Have Varied Effects on DNA Methylation
MAPK/ERK Signaling Regulates Insulin Sensitivity to Control Glucose Metabolism in
A Comprehensive Analysis of Shared Loci between Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and Sixteen Autoimmune Diseases Reveals Limited Genetic Overlap
Genome Instability and Transcription Elongation Impairment in Human Cells Depleted of THO/TREX
Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis of Five Asian Cohorts Identifies as a Susceptibility Locus for Corneal Astigmatism
A Population Genetics-Phylogenetics Approach to Inferring Natural Selection in Coding Sequences
HIF-1 Regulates Iron Homeostasis in by Activation and Inhibition of Genes Involved in Iron Uptake and Storage
Ror2 Enhances Polarity and Directional Migration of Primordial Germ Cells
DNA Methylation of the Gonadal Aromatase () Promoter Is Involved in Temperature-Dependent Sex Ratio Shifts in the European Sea Bass
A Genetic Screening Strategy Identifies Novel Regulators of the Proteostasis Network
Interspecific Sex in Grass Smuts and the Genetic Diversity of Their Pheromone-Receptor System
The Synthetic Multivulva Genes Prevent Ras Pathway Activation by Tightly Repressing Global Ectopic Expression of EGF
Mining the Allelic Spectrum Reveals the Contribution of Rare and Common Regulatory Variants to HDL Cholesterol
Identification of a Genomic Reservoir for New Genes in Primate Genomes
Genomic Distribution and Inter-Sample Variation of Non-CpG Methylation across Human Cell Types
Identification of Evolutionarily Conserved Exons as Regulated Targets for the Splicing Activator Tra2β in Development
Acute Multiple Organ Failure in Adult Mice Deleted for the Developmental Regulator Wt1
Age-Related Neuronal Degeneration: Complementary Roles of Nucleotide Excision Repair and Transcription-Coupled Repair in Preventing Neuropathology
Target Site Recognition by a Diversity-Generating Retroelement
Ancestral Components of Admixed Genomes in a Mexican Cohort
Targeted Proteolysis of Plectin Isoform 1a Accounts for Hemidesmosome Dysfunction in Mice Mimicking the Dominant Skin Blistering Disease EBS-Ogna
Autosomal Recessive Dilated Cardiomyopathy due to Mutations Results from Abnormal Dystroglycan O-Mannosylation
SREBP Coordinates Iron and Ergosterol Homeostasis to Mediate Triazole Drug and Hypoxia Responses in the Human Fungal Pathogen
The RNA Silencing Enzyme RNA Polymerase V Is Required for Plant Immunity
The FGFR4-G388R Polymorphism Promotes Mitochondrial STAT3 Serine Phosphorylation to Facilitate Pituitary Growth Hormone Cell Tumorigenesis
Common Variants Show Predicted Polygenic Effects on Height in the Tails of the Distribution, Except in Extremely Short Individuals
The Fission Yeast Stress-Responsive MAPK Pathway Promotes Meiosis via the Phosphorylation of Pol II CTD in Response to Environmental and Feedback Cues
Integrating Genome-Wide Genetic Variations and Monocyte Expression Data Reveals -Regulated Gene Modules in Humans
Repetitive Elements May Comprise Over Two-Thirds of the Human Genome
A Novel Checkpoint and RPA Inhibitory Pathway Regulated by Rif1
Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models for Multiple Groups of Rare and Common Variants: Jointly Estimating Group and Individual-Variant Effects
The Major Roles of DNA Polymerases Epsilon and Delta at the Eukaryotic Replication Fork Are Evolutionarily Conserved
A High-Resolution Whole-Genome Map of Key Chromatin Modifications in the Adult
A Densely Interconnected Genome-Wide Network of MicroRNAs and Oncogenic Pathways Revealed Using Gene Expression Signatures
A Functional Phylogenomic View of the Seed Plants
Histone H3K9 Trimethylase Eggless Controls Germline Stem Cell Maintenance and Differentiation
Ribosomal Protein Mutants Control Tissue Growth Non-Autonomously via Effects on the Prothoracic Gland and Ecdysone
, , and Are Required to Activate or Delimit the Spread of the Transcriptional Response to Epidermal Wounds in
Mechanisms Establishing TLR4-Responsive Activation States of Inflammatory Response Genes
Candidate Gene Screen in the Red Flour Beetle Reveals as Ancient Regulator of Anterior Median Head and Central Complex Development
Charcot-Marie-Tooth–Linked Mutant GARS Is Toxic to Peripheral Neurons Independent of Wild-Type GARS Levels
The RNA–Methyltransferase Misu (NSun2) Poises Epidermal Stem Cells to Differentiate

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