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Published in the journal: Vnitř Lék 2017; 63(Supplementum2): 3
Category: Editorial

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to welcome you in the beautiful city of Bratislava in Slovakia at 6th Central European Congress on Obesity (CECON) and 15th Slovak Congress on Obesity 2017. CECON 2017 is being held in early October (5th–7th), when we can expect nice, sunny beginning of autumn in Bratislava, which we sometimes call Indian summer.

We are very excited to host this important conference in Bratislava. We hope to follow in the successful footsteps of the Central European region meetings in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (2008); Budapest, Hungary (2009, 2015); Olsztyn, Poland (2011) and Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2013). In 2017, CECON will offer excellent science and networking opportunities for all the colleagues from Central Europe and beyond.

The International Scientific and Local Organizing Committees and the Boards of Obesitology Section of the Slovakian Diabetes Society have strived to create excellent scientific programme, integrating state-of-the-art research and current treatment modalities, including lifestyle interventions, metabolic surgery and pharmacotherapy. Meeting will provide maximum opportunity for interaction between delegates, experts and re­searchers to present their findings and to develop collaborations, hopefully leading to new knowledge helpful to the patients. The program was designed to provide diversity of insights for clinicians, health care practitioners, nutritionists, surgeons, psychologists, physical activity professionals, nurses, pharmacists and researchers.

We have created an attractive and diverse scientific programme but discussions could surely continue while enjoying coffee & vitamin breaks, lunches and receptions. You should not miss the opportunity to cruise the beautiful Danube river and to enjoy the dinner at the Bratislava Castle Restaurant with an amazing view.

Bratislava and its surroundings provide amazing places to visit, majestic churches, charming burgher houses and elegant palaces, tiny squares, romantic little streets, and towering over all this, the stately Castle, visible from afar. You can find everything here, on a small-scale and easily accessible.

We welcome you to Bratislava and to the 6th CECON and 15th Slovak Congress on Obesity!

With kind regards

Ľubomíra Fábryová

President of 6th CECON and 15th Slovak Congress on Obesity

President Obesitology Section of the Slovakian Diabetes Society

Pavol Holéczy

Vice President of 6th CECON and 15th Slovak Congress on Obesity

President of the working group Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery Obesitology Section of the Slovakian Diabetes Society

Jozef Ukropec

Chair of scientific committee of 6th CECON and 15th Slovak Congress on Obesity Member of the Physical Activity working group

Obesitology Section of the Slovakian Diabetes Society

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2017 Číslo Supplementum2

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