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Putting the Brakes on Huntington Disease in a Mouse Experimental Model


Of Fighting Flies, Mice, and Men: Are Some of the Molecular and Neuronal Mechanisms of Aggression Universal in the Animal Kingdom?

Research Article

Identification of Driving Fusion Genes and Genomic Landscape of Medullary Thyroid Cancer
Evidence for Retromutagenesis as a Mechanism for Adaptive Mutation in
TSPO, a Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Protein, Controls Ethanol-Related Behaviors in
Evidence for Lysosome Depletion and Impaired Autophagic Clearance in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Type SPG11
Loss and Gain of Natural Killer Cell Receptor Function in an African Hunter-Gatherer Population
Trans-Reactivation: A New Epigenetic Phenomenon Underlying Transcriptional Reactivation of Silenced Genes
Early Developmental and Evolutionary Origins of Gene Body DNA Methylation Patterns in Mammalian Placentas
Strong Selective Sweeps on the X Chromosome in the Human-Chimpanzee Ancestor Explain Its Low Divergence
Dominance of Deleterious Alleles Controls the Response to a Population Bottleneck
Transient 1a Induction Defines the Wound Epidermis during Zebrafish Fin Regeneration
Systems Genetics Reveals the Functional Context of PCOS Loci and Identifies Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Heterogeneity
A Genome Scale Screen for Mutants with Delayed Exit from Mitosis: Ire1-Independent Induction of Autophagy Integrates ER Homeostasis into Mitotic Lifespan
Non-synonymous FGD3 Variant as Positional Candidate for Disproportional Tall Stature Accounting for a Carcass Weight QTL () and Skeletal Dysplasia in Japanese Black Cattle
The Relationship between Gene Network Structure and Expression Variation among Individuals and Species
Calmodulin Methyltransferase Is Required for Growth, Muscle Strength, Somatosensory Development and Brain Function
The Wnt Frizzled Receptor MOM-5 Regulates the UNC-5 Netrin Receptor through Small GTPase-Dependent Signaling to Determine the Polarity of Migrating Cells
Nbs1 ChIP-Seq Identifies Off-Target DNA Double-Strand Breaks Induced by AID in Activated Splenic B Cells
CCNYL1, but Not CCNY, Cooperates with CDK16 to Regulate Spermatogenesis in Mouse
Evidence for a Common Origin of Blacksmiths and Cultivators in the Ethiopian Ari within the Last 4500 Years: Lessons for Clustering-Based Inference
Hypoxia and Temperature Regulated Morphogenesis in
The Homeodomain Iroquois Proteins Control Cell Cycle Progression and Regulate the Size of Developmental Fields
Evolution and Design Governing Signal Precision and Amplification in a Bacterial Chemosensory Pathway
Rac1 Regulates Endometrial Secretory Function to Control Placental Development
Let-7 Represses Carcinogenesis and a Stem Cell Phenotype in the Intestine via Regulation of Hmga2
Functions as a Positive Regulator of Growth and Metabolism in
The Nucleosome Acidic Patch Regulates the H2B K123 Monoubiquitylation Cascade and Transcription Elongation in
Rhoptry Proteins ROP5 and ROP18 Are Major Murine Virulence Factors in Genetically Divergent South American Strains of
Exon 7 Contributes to the Stable Localization of Xist RNA on the Inactive X-Chromosome
Regulates Refractive Error and Myopia Development in Mice and Humans
mTORC1 Prevents Preosteoblast Differentiation through the Notch Signaling Pathway
Regulation of Gene Expression Patterns in Mosquito Reproduction
Molecular Basis of Gene-Gene Interaction: Cyclic Cross-Regulation of Gene Expression and Post-GWAS Gene-Gene Interaction Involved in Atrial Fibrillation
The Spalt Transcription Factors Generate the Transcriptional Landscape of the Wing Pouch Central Region
Binding of Multiple Rap1 Proteins Stimulates Chromosome Breakage Induction during DNA Replication
Functional Divergence in the Role of N-Linked Glycosylation in Smoothened Signaling
YAP1 Exerts Its Transcriptional Control via TEAD-Mediated Activation of Enhancers
Coordinated Evolution of Influenza A Surface Proteins
The Evolutionary Potential of Phenotypic Mutations
Genome-Wide Association and Trans-ethnic Meta-Analysis for Advanced Diabetic Kidney Disease: Family Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes (FIND)
New Routes to Phylogeography: A Bayesian Structured Coalescent Approximation
SLIRP Regulates the Rate of Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis and Protects LRPPRC from Degradation
Satellite DNA Modulates Gene Expression in the Beetle after Heat Stress
SHOEBOX Modulates Root Meristem Size in Rice through Dose-Dependent Effects of Gibberellins on Cell Elongation and Proliferation
Reduced Crossover Interference and Increased ZMM-Independent Recombination in the Absence of Tel1/ATM
Suppression of Somatic Expansion Delays the Onset of Pathophysiology in a Mouse Model of Huntington’s Disease
Protein Composition of Infectious Spores Reveals Novel Sexual Development and Germination Factors in
The Evolutionarily Conserved LIM Homeodomain Protein LIM-4/LHX6 Specifies the Terminal Identity of a Cholinergic and Peptidergic . Sensory/Inter/Motor Neuron-Type
SmD1 Modulates the miRNA Pathway Independently of Its Pre-mRNA Splicing Function
piRNAs Are Associated with Diverse Transgenerational Effects on Gene and Transposon Expression in a Hybrid Dysgenic Syndrome of .
Retinoic Acid Signaling Regulates Differential Expression of the Tandemly-Duplicated Long Wavelength-Sensitive Cone Opsin Genes in Zebrafish
The Formin Diaphanous Regulates Myoblast Fusion through Actin Polymerization and Arp2/3 Regulation
Genome-Wide Analysis of PAPS1-Dependent Polyadenylation Identifies Novel Roles for Functionally Specialized Poly(A) Polymerases in
Runx1 Transcription Factor Is Required for Myoblasts Proliferation during Muscle Regeneration
Regulation of Mutagenic DNA Polymerase V Activation in Space and Time
Variability of Gene Expression Identifies Transcriptional Regulators of Early Human Embryonic Development
The Drosophila Gene Interacts Genetically with and Shows Female-Specific Effects of Divergence
Functional Activation of the Flagellar Type III Secretion Export Apparatus
Retrohoming of a Mobile Group II Intron in Human Cells Suggests How Eukaryotes Limit Group II Intron Proliferation

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