PLOS Genetics - Číslo 4/2014


The Challenges of Mitochondrial Replacement


Concocting Cholinergy


Epigenetic Regulation by Heritable RNA
Phenotype Ontologies and Cross-Species Analysis for Translational Research


In Pursuit of the Gene: An Interview with James Schwartz

Research Article

Genome-Wide Diet-Gene Interaction Analyses for Risk of Colorectal Cancer
Statistical Power to Detect Genetic (Co)Variance of Complex Traits Using SNP Data in Unrelated Samples
Mouse Pulmonary Adenoma Susceptibility 1 Locus Is an Expression QTL Modulating -4A
Transcription-Associated R-Loop Formation across the Human CGG-Repeat Region
Protein Quantitative Trait Loci Identify Novel Candidates Modulating Cellular Response to Chemotherapy
Genome-Wide Profiling of Yeast DNA:RNA Hybrid Prone Sites with DRIP-Chip
The Mechanism of Gene Targeting in Human Somatic Cells
A LINE-1 Insertion in DLX6 Is Responsible for Cleft Palate and Mandibular Abnormalities in a Canine Model of Pierre Robin Sequence
Interaction between Two Timing MicroRNAs Controls Trichome Distribution in
DNA Glycosylases Involved in Base Excision Repair May Be Associated with Cancer Risk in and Mutation Carriers
The Myc-Mondo/Mad Complexes Integrate Diverse Longevity Signals
Evolutionarily Diverged Regulation of X-chromosomal Genes as a Primal Event in Mouse Reproductive Isolation
Mutations in Conserved Residues of the microRNA Argonaute ALG-1 Identify Separable Functions in ALG-1 miRISC Loading and Target Repression
Genetic Predisposition to In Situ and Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast
Isl1 Directly Controls a Cholinergic Neuronal Identity in the Developing Forebrain and Spinal Cord by Forming Cell Type-Specific Complexes
A Synthetic Community Approach Reveals Plant Genotypes Affecting the Phyllosphere Microbiota
The Sequence-Specific Transcription Factor c-Jun Targets Cockayne Syndrome Protein B to Regulate Transcription and Chromatin Structure
Determining the Control Circuitry of Redox Metabolism at the Genome-Scale
DNA Repair Pathway Selection Caused by Defects in , , and Telomere Addition Generates Specific Chromosomal Rearrangement Signatures
Methylome Diversification through Changes in DNA Methyltransferase Sequence Specificity
Folliculin Regulates Ampk-Dependent Autophagy and Metabolic Stress Survival
Fine Mapping of Dominant -Linked Incompatibility Alleles in Hybrids
Unexpected Role of the Steroid-Deficiency Protein Ecdysoneless in Pre-mRNA Splicing
Three Groups of Transposable Elements with Contrasting Copy Number Dynamics and Host Responses in the Maize ( ssp. ) Genome
Sox5 Functions as a Fate Switch in Medaka Pigment Cell Development
Synergistic Interactions between the Molecular and Neuronal Circadian Networks Drive Robust Behavioral Circadian Rhythms in
Chromatin Landscapes of Retroviral and Transposon Integration Profiles
Widespread Use of Non-productive Alternative Splice Sites in
Ras GTPase-Like Protein MglA, a Controller of Bacterial Social-Motility in Myxobacteria, Has Evolved to Control Bacterial Predation by
Cell Type-Specific Functions of Genes Revealed by Novel Adipocyte and Hepatocyte Circadian Clock Models
Embryogenesis Scales Uniformly across Temperature in Developmentally Diverse Species
Molecular Mechanisms of Hypoxic Responses via Unique Roles of Ras1, Cdc24 and Ptp3 in a Human Fungal Pathogen
Analysis of the Genome and Transcriptome of var. Reveals Complex RNA Expression and Microevolution Leading to Virulence Attenuation
Genotypic and Functional Impact of HIV-1 Adaptation to Its Host Population during the North American Epidemic
RNA Editome in Rhesus Macaque Shaped by Purifying Selection
Proper Actin Ring Formation and Septum Constriction Requires Coordinated Regulation of SIN and MOR Pathways through the Germinal Centre Kinase MST-1
Interplay of the Serine/Threonine-Kinase StkP and the Paralogs DivIVA and GpsB in Pneumococcal Cell Elongation and Division
A Quality Control Mechanism Coordinates Meiotic Prophase Events to Promote Crossover Assurance
CNNM2 Mutations Cause Impaired Brain Development and Seizures in Patients with Hypomagnesemia
The RNA-Binding Protein QKI Suppresses Cancer-Associated Aberrant Splicing
Uncoupling Transcription from Covalent Histone Modification
Rad51–Rad52 Mediated Maintenance of Centromeric Chromatin in
FRA2A Is a CGG Repeat Expansion Associated with Silencing of
A General Approach for Haplotype Phasing across the Full Spectrum of Relatedness
A Novel Highly Divergent Protein Family Identified from a Viviparous Insect by RNA-seq Analysis: A Potential Target for Tsetse Fly-Specific Abortifacients
A Central Role for in Regulation of Islet Function in Man

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