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Retrotransposon Silencing During Embryogenesis: Cuts in LINE

Research Article

Molecular Recognition by a Polymorphic Cell Surface Receptor Governs Cooperative Behaviors in Bacteria
The Light Skin Allele of in South Asians and Europeans Shares Identity by Descent
Ribosome Synthesis and MAPK Activity Modulate Ionizing Radiation-Induced Germ Cell Apoptosis in
Roles of XRCC2, RAD51B and RAD51D in RAD51-Independent SSA Recombination
Parallel Evolution of Chordate Regulatory Code for Development
A Genetic Approach to the Recruitment of PRC2 at the Locus
Deletion of the Murine Cytochrome P450 Locus by Fused BAC-Mediated Recombination Identifies a Role for in the Pulmonary Vascular Response to Hypoxia
Elevated Mutagenesis Does Not Explain the Increased Frequency of Antibiotic Resistant Mutants in Starved Aging Colonies
Deletion of an X-Inactivation Boundary Disrupts Adjacent Gene Silencing
Interplay between Active Chromatin Marks and RNA-Directed DNA Methylation in
Recombinogenic Conditions Influence Partner Choice in Spontaneous Mitotic Recombination
Crosstalk between NSL Histone Acetyltransferase and MLL/SET Complexes: NSL Complex Functions in Promoting Histone H3K4 Di-Methylation Activity by MLL/SET Complexes
A New Role for the GARP Complex in MicroRNA-Mediated Gene Regulation
RNAi-Dependent and Independent Control of LINE1 Accumulation and Mobility in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Loss of DNMT1o Disrupts Imprinted X Chromosome Inactivation and Accentuates Placental Defects in Females
Inhibition of the Smc5/6 Complex during Meiosis Perturbs Joint Molecule Formation and Resolution without Significantly Changing Crossover or Non-crossover Levels
Disruption of Lipid Metabolism Genes Causes Tissue Overgrowth Associated with Altered Developmental Signaling
Translation Initiation Factors eIF3 and HCR1 Control Translation Termination and Stop Codon Read-Through in Yeast Cells
Recruitment of TREX to the Transcription Machinery by Its Direct Binding to the Phospho-CTD of RNA Polymerase II
MYB97, MYB101 and MYB120 Function as Male Factors That Control Pollen Tube-Synergid Interaction in Fertilization
Oct4 Is Required ∼E7.5 for Proliferation in the Primitive Streak
Contrasted Patterns of Crossover and Non-crossover at Meiotic Recombination Hotspots
Transposable Prophage Mu Is Organized as a Stable Chromosomal Domain of
Ash1l Methylates Lys36 of Histone H3 Independently of Transcriptional Elongation to Counteract Polycomb Silencing
Fine-Mapping the Genetic Association of the Major Histocompatibility Complex in Multiple Sclerosis: HLA and Non-HLA Effects
Genomic Mechanisms Accounting for the Adaptation to Parasitism in Nematode-Trapping Fungi
Decoding a Signature-Based Model of Transcription Cofactor Recruitment Dictated by Cardinal Cis-Regulatory Elements in Proximal Promoter Regions
Removal of Misincorporated Ribonucleotides from Prokaryotic Genomes: An Unexpected Role for Nucleotide Excision Repair
Fission Yeast Shelterin Regulates DNA Polymerases and Rad3 Kinase to Limit Telomere Extension
Activin Signaling Targeted by Insulin/dFOXO Regulates Aging and Muscle Proteostasis in
Activin-Like Kinase 2 Functions in Peri-implantation Uterine Signaling in Mice and Humans
Demographic Divergence History of Pied Flycatcher and Collared Flycatcher Inferred from Whole-Genome Re-sequencing Data
Recurrent Tissue-Specific mtDNA Mutations Are Common in Humans
The Histone Variant His2Av is Required for Adult Stem Cell Maintenance in the Testis
The Maternal-to-Zygotic Transition Targets Actin to Promote Robustness during Morphogenesis
Reconstructing the Population Genetic History of the Caribbean
and Are Required for Growth under Iron-Limiting Conditions
Whole Genome, Whole Population Sequencing Reveals That Loss of Signaling Networks Is the Major Adaptive Strategy in a Constant Environment
Neuron-Specific Feeding RNAi in and Its Use in a Screen for Essential Genes Required for GABA Neuron Function
RNA∶DNA Hybrids Initiate Quasi-Palindrome-Associated Mutations in Highly Transcribed Yeast DNA
Mouse BAZ1A (ACF1) Is Dispensable for Double-Strand Break Repair but Is Essential for Averting Improper Gene Expression during Spermatogenesis
Genetic and Functional Studies Implicate Synaptic Overgrowth and Ring Gland cAMP/PKA Signaling Defects in the Neurofibromatosis-1 Growth Deficiency
DUX4 Binding to Retroelements Creates Promoters That Are Active in FSHD Muscle and Testis
Pathways-Driven Sparse Regression Identifies Pathways and Genes Associated with High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Two Asian Cohorts

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