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A Mystery Unraveled: Essentiality of RNase III in Is Caused by Resident Prophages
Defining the Pathways Underlying the Prolonged PR Interval in Atrioventricular Conduction Disease
On Lung Function and Interactions Using Genome-Wide Data

Research Article

Insertion/Deletion Polymorphisms in the Promoter Are a Risk Factor for Bladder Exstrophy Epispadias Complex
Mi2β Is Required for γ-Globin Gene Silencing: Temporal Assembly of a GATA-1-FOG-1-Mi2 Repressor Complex in β-YAC Transgenic Mice
Dissection of a Quantitative Trait Locus for PR Interval Duration Identifies as a Novel Modulator of Cardiac Conduction
Dnmt3a Protects Active Chromosome Domains against Cancer-Associated Hypomethylation
Construction of a Global Pain Systems Network Highlights Phospholipid Signaling as a Regulator of Heat Nociception
Genes Contributing to Pain Sensitivity in the Normal Population: An Exome Sequencing Study
Identification of , a Locus Controlling Dominant Resistance to Autoimmune Orchitis, as Kinesin Family Member 1C
ATX1-Generated H3K4me3 Is Required for Efficient Elongation of Transcription, Not Initiation, at ATX1-Regulated Genes
Dynamic and Differential Regulation of Stem Cell Factor FoxD3 in the Neural Crest Is Encrypted in the Genome
Identification of Novel Type 2 Diabetes Candidate Genes Involved in the Crosstalk between the Mitochondrial and the Insulin Signaling Systems
The Genetic Architecture of Adaptations to High Altitude in Ethiopia
Population Genomics of the Endosymbiont in
Translation in Giant Viruses: A Unique Mixture of Bacterial and Eukaryotic Termination Schemes
Testicular Differentiation Occurs in Absence of R-spondin1 and Sox9 in Mouse Sex Reversals
A Yeast GSK-3 Kinase Mck1 Promotes Cdc6 Degradation to Inhibit DNA Re-Replication
Genetic Adaptation Associated with Genome-Doubling in Autotetraploid
The Essential Function of RNase III Is to Silence Foreign Toxin Genes
Long-Range Regulatory Polymorphisms Affecting a GABA Receptor Constitute a Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) for Social Behavior in
A New Isolation with Migration Model along Complete Genomes Infers Very Different Divergence Processes among Closely Related Great Ape Species
Chromosome Fragile Sites in Harbor Matrix Attachment Regions That May Be Associated with Ancestral Chromosome Rearrangement Events
Genome-Wide Association Study Implicates Testis-Sperm Specific as a Susceptibility Locus for Impaired Acrosome Reaction in Stallions
A Mechanism of Gene Amplification Driven by Small DNA Fragments
Base Damage within Single-Strand DNA Underlies Hypermutability Induced by a Ubiquitous Environmental Agent
Integrative Analysis of a Cross-Loci Regulation Network Identifies as a Gene Regulating Insulin Secretion from Pancreatic Islets
Reciprocal Signaling between the Ectoderm and a Mesendodermal Left-Right Organizer Directs Left-Right Determination in the Sea Urchin Embryo
Population Genomics of Sub-Saharan : African Diversity and Non-African Admixture
Genome-Wide Fine-Scale Recombination Rate Variation in
Deciphering the Transcriptional-Regulatory Network of Flocculation in
Genome-Wide Joint Meta-Analysis of SNP and SNP-by-Smoking Interaction Identifies Novel Loci for Pulmonary Function
The Effective Population Size of Malaria Mosquitoes: Large Impact of Vector Control
Recessive Mutations in Implicate β-III Spectrin in Both Cognitive and Motor Development
An Excess of Gene Expression Divergence on the X Chromosome in Embryos: Implications for the Faster-X Hypothesis
Reduced Life- and Healthspan in Mice Carrying a Mono-Allelic MVA Mutation
Natural Variation at the MATE Transporter Locus Reveals Cross-Talk between Fe Homeostasis and Zn Tolerance in
Histone Deacetylase HDA6 Is Functionally Associated with AS1 in Repression of Genes in
A Framework for the Establishment of a Cnidarian Gene Regulatory Network for “Endomesoderm” Specification: The Inputs of ß-Catenin/TCF Signaling
A Polycomb Group Protein Is Retained at Specific Sites on Chromatin in Mitosis
Diapause Formation and Downregulation of Insulin-Like Signaling via DAF-16/FOXO Delays Axonal Degeneration and Neuronal Loss
Genes That Act Downstream of Sensory Neurons to Influence Longevity, Dauer Formation, and Pathogen Responses in
A Genome-Wide RNAi Screen Reveals MAP Kinase Phosphatases as Key ERK Pathway Regulators during Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
Recurrent Targeted Genes of Hepatitis B Virus in the Liver Cancer Genomes Identified by a Next-Generation Sequencing–Based Approach
Excessive Astrocyte-Derived Neurotrophin-3 Contributes to the Abnormal Neuronal Dendritic Development in a Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome
Pre-Disposition and Epigenetics Govern Variation in Bacterial Survival upon Stress
Controls Gliogenesis by Regulating the Transient Expression of the Gcm/Glide Fate Determinant
Systems Genetic Analysis of Osteoblast-Lineage Cells
Population Genomics of Inversion Polymorphisms in
Spreading of Heterochromatin Is Limited to Specific Families of Maize Retrotransposons
DNA Topoisomerases Maintain Promoters in a State Competent for Transcriptional Activation in
A Histone Deacetylase Adjusts Transcription Kinetics at Coding Sequences during Morphogenesis
Approaching the Functional Annotation of Fungal Virulence Factors Using Cross-Species Genetic Interaction Profiling
Evidence for the Robustness of Protein Complexes to Inter-Species Hybridization
Systematic Identification of Rhythmic Genes Reveals as a New Element in the Circadian Clockwork

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