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The Next Generation Becomes the Now Generation

Research Article

Whole-Genome SNP Association in the Horse: Identification of a Deletion in Myosin Va Responsible for Lavender Foal Syndrome
Human Telomeres Are Hypersensitive to UV-Induced DNA Damage and Refractory to Repair
Fragilities Caused by Dosage Imbalance in Regulation of the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle
Admixture Mapping Scans Identify a Locus Affecting Retinal Vascular Caliber in Hypertensive African Americans: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study
Activation of Estrogen-Responsive Genes Does Not Require Their Nuclear Co-Localization
Genetic Tests for Ecological and Allopatric Speciation in Anoles on an Island Archipelago
A Pax3/Dmrt2/Myf5 Regulatory Cascade Functions at the Onset of Myogenesis
Two New Loci for Body-Weight Regulation Identified in a Joint Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies for Early-Onset Extreme Obesity in French and German Study Groups
Hypomethylation of a LINE-1 Promoter Activates an Alternate Transcript of the MET Oncogene in Bladders with Cancer
Candidate Causal Regulatory Effects by Integration of Expression QTLs with Complex Trait Genetic Associations
Combined Inactivation of pRB and Hippo Pathways Induces Dedifferentiation in the Retina
Allele-Specific Virulence Attenuation of the HopZ1a Type III Effector via the ZAR1 Resistance Protein
Down-Regulation of Honey Bee Gene Biases Behavior toward Food Rich in Protein
A Microarray-Based Genetic Screen for Yeast Chronological Aging Factors
Actin-Related Protein Arp6 Influences H2A.Z-Dependent and -Independent Gene Expression and Links Ribosomal Protein Genes to Nuclear Pores
Phosphorylation of the Conserved Transcription Factor ATF-7 by PMK-1 p38 MAPK Regulates Innate Immunity in
A -Regulatory Signature for Chordate Anterior Neuroectodermal Genes
Genetic Analysis of Fin Development in Zebrafish Identifies Furin and Hemicentin1 as Potential Novel Fraser Syndrome Disease Genes
Assembly of a 40 Mb Eukaryotic Genome from Short Sequence Reads: , a Model Organism for Fungal Morphogenesis
Trait-Associated SNPs Are More Likely to Be eQTLs: Annotation to Enhance Discovery from GWAS
Absence of Evidence for MHC–Dependent Mate Selection within HapMap Populations
The TALE Class Homeobox Gene Defines the Anterior Compartment for Head Regeneration
Cyclic Expression of Lhx2 Regulates Hair Formation
Genetic Evidence for Hybrid Trait Speciation in Butterflies
Epigenetic Regulation of a Murine Retrotransposon by a Dual Histone Modification Mark
Chromosome 9p21 SNPs Associated with Multiple Disease Phenotypes Correlate with Expression
S Phase Progression in Human Cells Is Dictated by the Genetic Continuity of DNA Foci
Acts as a Tumor Suppressor in a Murine Retinoblastoma Model by Facilitating Tumor Cell Death
Genome-Wide Association Study of Lp-PLA Activity and Mass in the Framingham Heart Study
The Five Zinc Transporters Undergo Different Evolutionary Fates towards Adaptive Evolution to Zinc Tolerance in
MicroRNA–Directed siRNA Biogenesis in
Deletion of the WD40 Domain of LRRK2 in Zebrafish Causes Parkinsonism-Like Loss of Neurons and Locomotive Defect
Incipient Balancing Selection through Adaptive Loss of Aquaporins in Natural Populations
GTPase Activity Plays a Key Role in the Pathobiology of LRRK2
Natural Single-Nucleosome Epi-Polymorphisms in Yeast

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