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The „Pediatric Clinical Research“ research conference, formerly known as Pediatric Research of Middle European Countries was established in 1992, nearly a quarter of a century ago, in Vienna. Our aim was to become well acquainted with pediatricians from adjoining countries, therefore after a couple of years in Vienna we decided to rotate our meetings and have already visited many university towns such as Bratislava (SK), Brno (CZ), Budapest (H), Hradec Kralove (CZ), Innsbruck (A), Ljubljana/Bled, Maribor (SLO) and Praha (CZ).

CSPE 2018/4 obr23
CSPE 2018/4 obr23

Over the last three decades Paediatric Clinical Research became an important regional framework with its stated goal to inspire the development of pediatric research. Young Fellows together with the leaders whose working groups present and discuss their scientific results in English.

We have chosen our profession to help ill children, which is why we are also committed to receiving a broad specialized education. Each clinic has its medical focus but no clinic can cover the entire scientific field of our discipline Paediatrics. Therefore, it makes sense to cooperate and share the experiences made. Attendance at this conference gives you the unique opportunity to get the access to new methods, to network and to offer special diagnostic tools to more patients, irrespective of the origin of the patient.

This year the Slovak Paediatric Society, represented by Prof. Dr. L. Podracka, takes the occasion to organize the 27. Meeting of Paediatric Clinical Research  in Bratislava, capitol of Slovakia. Over the next three years our meetings will take place in Debrecen (2019), Praha (2020) and in Maribor (2021), we cordially invite you to participate.

Prof. Dr. Radvan Urbanek                     

 President of the 1. Meeting                     

in Vienna 1992                            

Prof. Dr. Ludmila Podracka

Congress President

in Bratislava 2018

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