PLOS Pathogens - Číslo 2/2010


Caspase-1 Activation via Rho GTPases: A Common Theme in Mucosal Infections?


Five Questions about Viruses and MicroRNAs


IL-1β Processing in Host Defense: Beyond the Inflammasomes

Research Article

Pathogen Entrapment by Transglutaminase—A Conserved Early Innate Immune Mechanism
Broadly Protective Monoclonal Antibodies against H3 Influenza Viruses following Sequential Immunization with Different Hemagglutinins
Neutrophil-Derived CCL3 Is Essential for the Rapid Recruitment of Dendritic Cells to the Site of Inoculation in Resistant Mice
Differentiation, Distribution and γδ T Cell-Driven Regulation of IL-22-Producing T Cells in Tuberculosis
IFN-α-Induced Upregulation of CCR5 Leads to Expanded HIV Tropism In Vivo
An Extensive Circuitry for Cell Wall Regulation in
TgMORN1 Is a Key Organizer for the Basal Complex of
Direct Presentation Is Sufficient for an Efficient Anti-Viral CD8 T Cell Response
Immunoelectron Microscopic Evidence for Tetherin/BST2 as the Physical Bridge between HIV-1 Virions and the Plasma Membrane
A New Nuclear Function of the Glycolytic Enzyme Enolase: The Metabolic Regulation of Cytosine-5 Methyltransferase 2 (Dnmt2) Activity
Genome-Wide mRNA Expression Correlates of Viral Control in CD4+ T-Cells from HIV-1-Infected Individuals
Structural and Biochemical Characterization of SrcA, a Multi-Cargo Type III Secretion Chaperone in Required for Pathogenic Association with a Host
A Major Role for the ApiAP2 Protein PfSIP2 in Chromosome End Biology
HIV Controller CD4+ T Cells Respond to Minimal Amounts of Gag Antigen Due to High TCR Avidity
Fis Is Essential for Capsule Production in and Regulates Expression of Other Important Virulence Factors
Vaccinia Protein F12 Has Structural Similarity to Kinesin Light Chain and Contains a Motor Binding Motif Required for Virion Export
A Novel Pseudopodial Component of the Dendritic Cell Anti-Fungal Response: The Fungipod
Efficacy of the New Neuraminidase Inhibitor CS-8958 against H5N1 Influenza Viruses
Long-Lived Antibody and B Cell Memory Responses to the Human Malaria Parasites, and
IPS-1 Is Essential for the Control of West Nile Virus Infection and Immunity
Transit through the Flea Vector Induces a Pretransmission Innate Immunity Resistance Phenotype in
Ats-1 Is Imported into Host Cell Mitochondria and Interferes with Apoptosis Induction
Six RNA Viruses and Forty-One Hosts: Viral Small RNAs and Modulation of Small RNA Repertoires in Vertebrate and Invertebrate Systems
The Syk Kinase SmTK4 of Is Involved in the Regulation of Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
Optineurin Negatively Regulates the Induction of IFNβ in Response to RNA Virus Infection
On the Diversity of Malaria Parasites in African Apes and the Origin of from Bonobos
A Broad Distribution of the Alternative Oxidase in Microsporidian Parasites
Peptides Presented by HLA-E Molecules Are Targets for Human CD8 T-Cells with Cytotoxic as well as Regulatory Activity
Interaction of Rim101 and Protein Kinase A Regulates Capsule
Distinct External Signals Trigger Sequential Release of Apical Organelles during Erythrocyte Invasion by Malaria Parasites
Exacerbated Innate Host Response to SARS-CoV in Aged Non-Human Primates
Reverse Genetics in Predicts ARF Cycling Is Essential for Drug Resistance and Virulence
Universal Features of Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation Are Critical for Zygote Development
Highly Differentiated, Resting Gn-Specific Memory CD8 T Cells Persist Years after Infection by Andes Hantavirus
Arterivirus Nsp1 Modulates the Accumulation of Minus-Strand Templates to Control the Relative Abundance of Viral mRNAs
Lethal Antibody Enhancement of Dengue Disease in Mice Is Prevented by Fc Modification
Quantitative Comparison of HTLV-1 and HIV-1 Cell-to-Cell Infection with New Replication Dependent Vectors
The Disulfide Bonds in Glycoprotein E2 of Hepatitis C Virus Reveal the Tertiary Organization of the Molecule
Kaposi's Sarcoma Associated Herpes Virus (KSHV) Induced COX-2: A Key Factor in Latency, Inflammation, Angiogenesis, Cell Survival and Invasion

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