PLOS Medicine - Číslo 3/2017


2016 Reviewer and Editorial Board Thank You
Dementia and aging populations—A global priority for contextualized research and health policy


Challenges and opportunities in understanding dementia and delirium in the acute hospital


Mixed pathologies and neural reserve: Implications of complexity for Alzheimer disease drug discovery
What’s the “Take Home” from Research on Dementia Trends?
Cultural representations of dementia
Dementia in the oldest old: Beyond Alzheimer disease
Rehabilitation for people living with dementia: A practical framework of positive support
Dementia in low-income and middle-income countries: Different realities mandate tailored solutions

Health in Action

Development of an adaptive, personalized, and scalable dementia care program: Early findings from the Care Ecosystem

Research Article

, , and mutations in early-onset Alzheimer disease: A genetic screening study of familial and sporadic cases
Differential associations of plasma lipids with incident dementia and dementia subtypes in the 3C Study: A longitudinal, population-based prospective cohort study
-related risk of mild cognitive impairment and dementia for prevention trials: An analysis of four cohorts
Neuropathological diagnoses and clinical correlates in older adults in Brazil: A cross-sectional study
Early diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia through basic and instrumental activities of daily living: Development of a new evaluation tool
Potentially modifiable lifestyle factors, cognitive reserve, and cognitive function in later life: A cross-sectional study
Association between fatty acid metabolism in the brain and Alzheimer disease neuropathology and cognitive performance: A nontargeted metabolomic study
Fine-mapping of the human leukocyte antigen locus as a risk factor for Alzheimer disease: A case–control study
Dementia incidence trend over 1992-2014 in the Netherlands: Analysis of primary care data
Association between delirium superimposed on dementia and mortality in hospitalized older adults: A prospective cohort study
Genetic assessment of age-associated Alzheimer disease risk: Development and validation of a polygenic hazard score
Age-related cognitive decline and associations with sex, education and apolipoprotein E genotype across ethnocultural groups and geographic regions: a collaborative cohort study
The impact of individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (iCST) on cognition, quality of life, caregiver health, and family relationships in dementia: A randomised controlled trial
Effectiveness of an intervention to facilitate prompt referral to memory clinics in the United Kingdom: Cluster randomised controlled trial
Subjective and objective cognitive function among older adults with a history of traumatic brain injury: A population-based cohort study
Association of lifelong exposure to cognitive reserve-enhancing factors with dementia risk: A community-based cohort study
Multimorbidity and healthcare utilization among home care clients with dementia in Ontario, Canada: A retrospective analysis of a population-based cohort

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