PLOS Genetics - Číslo 5/2011


A Nervous Origin for Fish Stripes


A Flurry of Folding Problems: An Interview with Susan Lindquist

Research Article

Structural and Functional Differences in the Long Non-Coding RNA in Mouse and Human
Identification, Replication, and Functional Fine-Mapping of Expression Quantitative Trait Loci in Primary Human Liver Tissue
A −436C>A Polymorphism in the Human Gene Promoter Associated with Severe Childhood Malaria
A Decline in p38 MAPK Signaling Underlies Immunosenescence in
The Operon Balances the Requirements for Vegetative Stability and Conjugative Transfer of Plasmid R388
Novel and Conserved Protein Macoilin Is Required for Diverse Neuronal Functions in
Ixr1 Is Required for the Expression of the Ribonucleotide Reductase Rnr1 and Maintenance of dNTP Pools
Genome of Strain SmR1, a Specialized Diazotrophic Endophyte of Tropical Grasses
A Deficiency of Ceramide Biosynthesis Causes Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Neurodegeneration and Lipofuscin Accumulation
A Latent Pro-Survival Function for the Mir-290-295 Cluster in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Association of Genetic Variants in Complement Factor H and Factor H-Related Genes with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Susceptibility
DNA Methylation Dynamics in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells over Time
Prion Formation and Polyglutamine Aggregation Are Controlled by Two Classes of Genes
Integrated Genome-Scale Prediction of Detrimental Mutations in Transcription Networks
Post-Embryonic Nerve-Associated Precursors to Adult Pigment Cells: Genetic Requirements and Dynamics of Morphogenesis and Differentiation
A Novel Mouse Synaptonemal Complex Protein Is Essential for Loading of Central Element Proteins, Recombination, and Fertility
STAT Is an Essential Activator of the Zygotic Genome in the Early Embryo
A Genetic and Structural Study of Genome Rearrangements Mediated by High Copy Repeat Ty1 Elements
A Missense Mutation in Causes a Major QTL Effect on Ear Size in Pigs
Meiotic Recombination Intermediates Are Resolved with Minimal Crossover Formation during Return-to-Growth, an Analogue of the Mitotic Cell Cycle
The ISWI Chromatin Remodeler Organizes the hsrω ncRNA–Containing Omega Speckle Nuclear Compartments
The Telomerase Subunit Est3 Binds Telomeres in a Cell Cycle– and Est1–Dependent Manner and Interacts Directly with Est1
Nodal-Dependent Mesendoderm Specification Requires the Combinatorial Activities of FoxH1 and Eomesodermin
SHINE Transcription Factors Act Redundantly to Pattern the Archetypal Surface of Arabidopsis Flower Organs
Characterizing Genetic Risk at Known Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Loci in African Americans

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