PLOS Genetics - Číslo 11/2011


De Novo Origins of Human Genes
For Male , Sperm Activation Is a “Just-in-Time” Event

Research Article

Duplication Hotspots Are Associated with Late-Replicating Regions of the Genome
De Novo Origin of Human Protein-Coding Genes
Cyclin D/CDK4 and Cyclin E/CDK2 Induce Distinct Cell Cycle Re-Entry Programs in Differentiated Muscle Cells
Short Day–Mediated Cessation of Growth Requires the Downregulation of AINTEGUMENTALIKE1 Transcription Factor in Hybrid Aspen
Physiological IRE-1-XBP-1 and PEK-1 Signaling in Larval Development and Immunity
Role of Pirh2 in Mediating the Regulation of p53 and c-Myc
Signatures of Environmental Genetic Adaptation Pinpoint Pathogens as the Main Selective Pressure through Human Evolution
FOXO Regulates Organ-Specific Phenotypic Plasticity In
Heritable Epigenetic Variation among Maize Inbreds
Foxn1 Regulates Lineage Progression in Cortical and Medullary Thymic Epithelial Cells But Is Dispensable for Medullary Sublineage Divergence
Attenuation of the Sensing Capabilities of PhoQ in Transition to Obligate Insect–Bacterial Association
A Novel Protein LZTFL1 Regulates Ciliary Trafficking of the BBSome and Smoothened
Activation of Bmp2-Smad1 Signal and Its Regulation by Coordinated Alteration of H3K27 Trimethylation in -Induced Senescence
Histone H3K56 Acetylation, CAF1, and Rtt106 Coordinate Nucleosome Assembly and Stability of Advancing Replication Forks
The SUN Protein Mps3 Is Required for Spindle Pole Body Insertion into the Nuclear Membrane and Nuclear Envelope Homeostasis
Evidence-Based Annotation of Gene Function in MR-1 Using Genome-Wide Fitness Profiling across 121 Conditions
Effect of Host Species on the Distribution of Mutational Fitness Effects for an RNA Virus
Pch2 Acts through Xrs2 and Tel1/ATM to Modulate Interhomolog Bias and Checkpoint Function during Meiosis
SOX9 Governs Differentiation Stage-Specific Gene Expression in Growth Plate Chondrocytes via Direct Concomitant Transactivation and Repression
from the Aphid : A Missing Link from Facultative to Obligate Insect Endosymbiont
Recessive Antimorphic Alleles Overcome Functionally Redundant Loci to Reveal Function in Flowers and Meristems
Over-Expression of DSCAM and COL6A2 Cooperatively Generates Congenital Heart Defects
Consequences of Eukaryotic Enhancer Architecture for Gene Expression Dynamics, Development, and Fitness
Distinct Genetic Architectures for Male and Female Inflorescence Traits of Maize
Capture of MicroRNA–Bound mRNAs Identifies the Tumor Suppressor miR-34a as a Regulator of Growth Factor Signaling
PcG Complexes Set the Stage for Epigenetic Inheritance of Gene Silencing in Early S Phase before Replication
The Gene Contains Hotspots for L1 Endonuclease-Dependent Insertion
Relative Burden of Large CNVs on a Range of Neurodevelopmental Phenotypes
Multiple Means to the Same End: The Genetic Basis of Acquired Stress Resistance in Yeast
Genome-Wide Crossover Distribution in Meiosis Reveals Sex-Specific Patterns along Chromosomes
TRY-5 Is a Sperm-Activating Protease in Seminal Fluid
Homologs of Retinoblastoma-Associated Protein 46/48 Associate with a Histone Deacetylase to Act Redundantly in Chromatin Silencing
Genetic Interaction Maps in Reveal Functional Crosstalk among Cell Envelope Biogenesis Pathways
The ERI-6/7 Helicase Acts at the First Stage of an siRNA Amplification Pathway That Targets Recent Gene Duplications
PBX1 Genomic Pioneer Function Drives ERα Signaling Underlying Progression in Breast Cancer

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