Warfarin – its synthesis and properties in a twenty-year retrospective*

Authors: Eva Milatová;  Viktor Milata
Authors place of work: I. Interná klinika SZÚ ;  Limbová 5, 833 05 Bratislava, Slovenská republika ;  Oddelenie organickej chémie, Ústav organickej chémie, katalýzy a petrochémie, Fakulta chemickej a potravinárskej technológie ;  Slovenská technická univerzita
Published in the journal: Čes. slov. Farm., 2013; 62, 111-119
Category: Přehledy a odborná sdělení

*Táto práca je venovaná prof. RNDr. Jozefovi Čižmárikovi, PhD. pri príležitosti jeho životného jubilea.


The review paper deals with some aspects of warfarin history and its use, at the beginning as a rodenticide and later as an anticoagulant. It describes its principal physical-chemical properties and it analyzes schematically the possibilities of its preparation by both selective and non-selective synthesis from coumarin derivatives. A survey of syntheses and its results are tabulated, including the literary references, and the paper is concluded with an evaluation of the prospects of this agent in comparison with alternative anticoagulants and its advantages, disadvantages and prospects.

warfarin • anticoagulants • coumarins • review of syntheses


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