PLOS Pathogens - Číslo 8/2012


Nonhuman Primate Models for HIV Cure Research


Five Mechanisms of Manipulation by Bacterial Effectors: A Ubiquitous Theme
Trichomonosis, a Common Curable STI, and Prostate Carcinogenesis—A Proposed Molecular Mechanism
Host Defense and Tolerance: Unique Challenges in the Placenta
Phagocyte Responses to Protozoan Infection and How Meets the Challenge
Fungi and the Rise of Mammals
Bacterial Cell Surface Heterogeneity: A Pathogen's Disguise


Invariant NKT Cells: Regulation and Function during Viral Infection

Research Article

Exon Level Transcriptomic Profiling of HIV-1-Infected CD4 T Cells Reveals Virus-Induced Genes and Host Environment Favorable for Viral Replication
The Ebola Virus Glycoprotein Contributes to but Is Not Sufficient for Virulence
CPAF: A Chlamydial Protease in Search of an Authentic Substrate
Small Protease Sensitive Oligomers of PrP in Distinct Human Prions Determine Conversion Rate of PrP
Human Monoclonal Antibody HCV1 Effectively Prevents and Treats HCV Infection in Chimpanzees
Chemokine Receptor Ccr1 Drives Neutrophil-Mediated Kidney Immunopathology and Mortality in Invasive Candidiasis
Telomere Length Affects the Frequency and Mechanism of Antigenic Variation in
A Biofilm-Induced Pathway for Matrix Glucan Delivery: Implications for Drug Resistance
The HSV-1 Exonuclease, UL12, Stimulates Recombination by a Single Strand Annealing Mechanism
Inhibition of Fatty Acid Synthase (Fas2) Induces Mitochondrial Cell Death in Serum
Interferon-alpha Subtype 11 Activates NK Cells and Enables Control of Retroviral Infection
Transposon-mediated Chromosomal Integration of Transgenes in the Parasitic Nematode and Establishment of Stable Transgenic Lines
Structural and Biochemical Basis for Development of Influenza Virus Inhibitors Targeting the PA Endonuclease
Upregulation of Retinal Dehydrogenase 2 in Alternatively Activated Macrophages during Retinoid-dependent Type-2 Immunity to Helminth Infection in Mice
Measles Immune Suppression: Lessons from the Macaque Model
Cytoplasmic Entry Induces Fetal Wastage by Disrupting Maternal Foxp3 Regulatory T Cell-Sustained Fetal Tolerance

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