PLOS Genetics - Číslo 6/2011


Statistical Inference on the Mechanisms of Genome Evolution
Drift and Genome Complexity Revisited


Revisiting Heterochromatin in Embryonic Stem Cells


Chromosomal Macrodomains and Associated Proteins: Implications for DNA Organization and Replication in Gram Negative Bacteria


Vive La Différence: An Interview with Catherine Dulac

Research Article

Local Absence of Secondary Structure Permits Translation of mRNAs that Lack Ribosome-Binding Sites
A Two-Stage Meta-Analysis Identifies Several New Loci for Parkinson's Disease
Identification of a Sudden Cardiac Death Susceptibility Locus at 2q24.2 through Genome-Wide Association in European Ancestry Individuals
Genomic Prevalence of Heterochromatic H3K9me2 and Transcription Do Not Discriminate Pluripotent from Terminally Differentiated Cells
Epistasis between Beneficial Mutations and the Phenotype-to-Fitness Map for a ssDNA Virus
Recurrent Chromosome 16p13.1 Duplications Are a Risk Factor for Aortic Dissections
Telomere DNA Deficiency Is Associated with Development of Human Embryonic Aneuploidy
Genome-Wide Association Study of White Blood Cell Count in 16,388 African Americans: the Continental Origins and Genetic Epidemiology Network (COGENT)
Unexpected Role for DNA Polymerase I As a Source of Genetic Variability
Transportin-SR Is Required for Proper Splicing of Genes and Plant Immunity
How Chromatin Is Remodelled during DNA Repair of UV-Induced DNA Damage in
Independent Chromatin Binding of ARGONAUTE4 and SPT5L/KTF1 Mediates Transcriptional Gene Silencing
Two Evolutionary Histories in the Genome of Rice: the Roles of Domestication Genes
Natural Allelic Variation Defines a Role for : Trichome Cell Fate Determination
Multiple Common Susceptibility Variants near BMP Pathway Loci , , and Explain Part of the Missing Heritability of Colorectal Cancer
Pathogenic Mechanism of the FIG4 Mutation Responsible for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease CMT4J
A Functional Variant in Promoter Modulates Its Expression and Confers Disease Risk for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Trade-Off between Bile Resistance and Nutritional Competence Drives Diversification in the Mouse Gut
Pathways of Distinction Analysis: A New Technique for Multi–SNP Analysis of GWAS Data
Web-Based Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Two Novel Loci and a Substantial Genetic Component for Parkinson's Disease
Chk2 and p53 Are Haploinsufficient with Dependent and Independent Functions to Eliminate Cells after Telomere Loss
Exome Sequencing Identifies Mutations in High Myopia
Distinct Functional Constraints Partition Sequence Conservation in a -Regulatory Element
CorE from Is a Copper-Dependent RNA Polymerase Sigma Factor
A Single Sex Pheromone Receptor Determines Chemical Response Specificity of Sexual Behavior in the Silkmoth
FGF Signaling Regulates the Number of Posterior Taste Papillae by Controlling Progenitor Field Size
Maps of Open Chromatin Guide the Functional Follow-Up of Genome-Wide Association Signals: Application to Hematological Traits
Increased Susceptibility to Cortical Spreading Depression in the Mouse Model of Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Type 2
Differential Gene Expression and Epiregulation of Alpha Zein Gene Copies in Maize Haplotypes
Parallel Adaptive Divergence among Geographically Diverse Human Populations
Genetic Analysis of Genome-Scale Recombination Rate Evolution in House Mice
Mechanisms for the Evolution of a Derived Function in the Ancestral Glucocorticoid Receptor
Mammalian BTBD12 (SLX4) Protects against Genomic Instability during Mammalian Spermatogenesis
Interferon Regulatory Factor 8 Regulates Pathways for Antigen Presentation in Myeloid Cells and during Tuberculosis
High-Resolution Analysis of Parent-of-Origin Allelic Expression in the Arabidopsis Endosperm
Specific SKN-1/Nrf Stress Responses to Perturbations in Translation Elongation and Proteasome Activity
Graded Nodal/Activin Signaling Titrates Conversion of Quantitative Phospho-Smad2 Levels into Qualitative Embryonic Stem Cell Fate Decisions
Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals PADI4 Cooperates with Elk-1 to Activate Expression in Breast Cancer Cells
Trait Variation in Yeast Is Defined by Population History
Meiosis-Specific Loading of the Centromere-Specific Histone CENH3 in
A Genome-Wide Survey of Imprinted Genes in Rice Seeds Reveals Imprinting Primarily Occurs in the Endosperm
Multiple Regulatory Mechanisms to Inhibit Untimely Initiation of DNA Replication Are Important for Stable Genome Maintenance
SIRT1 Promotes N-Myc Oncogenesis through a Positive Feedback Loop Involving the Effects of MKP3 and ERK on N-Myc Protein Stability
Bacteriophage Crosstalk: Coordination of Prophage Induction by Trans-Acting Antirepressors
Role of the Single-Stranded DNA–Binding Protein SsbB in Pneumococcal Transformation: Maintenance of a Reservoir for Genetic Plasticity
Genomic Convergence among ERRα, PROX1, and BMAL1 in the Control of Metabolic Clock Outputs
Genome-Wide Association of Bipolar Disorder Suggests an Enrichment of Replicable Associations in Regions near Genes
Identification of Nine Novel Loci Associated with White Blood Cell Subtypes in a Japanese Population
DNA Ligase III Promotes Alternative Nonhomologous End-Joining during Chromosomal Translocation Formation
Differential Effects of and Risk Variants on Association with Diabetic ESRD in African Americans
Finished Genome of the Fungal Wheat Pathogen Reveals Dispensome Structure, Chromosome Plasticity, and Stealth Pathogenesis
Dynamic Chromatin Localization of Sirt6 Shapes Stress- and Aging-Related Transcriptional Networks
Extracellular Matrix Dynamics in Hepatocarcinogenesis: a Comparative Proteomics Study of Transgenic and Null Mouse Models
Integrating 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine into the Epigenomic Landscape of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Multiple Loci Are Associated with White Blood Cell Phenotypes
Nuclear Accumulation of Stress Response mRNAs Contributes to the Neurodegeneration Caused by Fragile X Premutation rCGG Repeats
A New Mutation Affecting FRQ-Less Rhythms in the Circadian System of
Cryptic Transcription Mediates Repression of Subtelomeric Metal Homeostasis Genes
A New Isoform of the Histone Demethylase JMJD2A/KDM4A Is Required for Skeletal Muscle Differentiation
Genetic Determinants of Lipid Traits in Diverse Populations from the Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) Study
A Genome-Wide RNAi Screen for Factors Involved in Neuronal Specification in

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