PLOS Genetics - Číslo 1/2011


Rnf12—A Jack of All Trades in X Inactivation?

Research Article

A Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Scans Identifies IL18RAP, PTPN2, TAGAP, and PUS10 As Shared Risk Loci for Crohn's Disease and Celiac Disease
Composite Effects of Polymorphisms near Multiple Regulatory Elements Create a Major-Effect QTL
Horizontal Transfer, Not Duplication, Drives the Expansion of Protein Families in Prokaryotes
Genome-Wide Association Study SNPs in the Human Genome Diversity Project Populations: Does Selection Affect Unlinked SNPs with Shared Trait Associations?
Friedreich's Ataxia (GAA)•(TTC) Repeats Strongly Stimulate Mitotic Crossovers in
Zebrafish Mutation Leads to mRNA Splicing Defect and Pituitary Lineage Expansion
Histone H4 Lysine 12 Acetylation Regulates Telomeric Heterochromatin Plasticity in
Bub1-Mediated Adaptation of the Spindle Checkpoint
Segregating Variation in the Polycomb Group Gene Alters the Effect of Temperature on Multiple Traits
Signaling Role of Fructose Mediated by FINS1/FBP in
RNF12 Activates and Is Essential for X Chromosome Inactivation
Comparative Study between Transcriptionally- and Translationally-Acting Adenine Riboswitches Reveals Key Differences in Riboswitch Regulatory Mechanisms
Global Analysis of the Impact of Environmental Perturbation on -Regulation of Gene Expression
Application of a New Method for GWAS in a Related Case/Control Sample with Known Pedigree Structure: Identification of New Loci for Nephrolithiasis
H3K9me-Independent Gene Silencing in Fission Yeast Heterochromatin by Clr5 and Histone Deacetylases
A Mutation in the Gene Encoding Mitochondrial Mg Channel MRS2 Results in Demyelination in the Rat
Transcription Initiation Patterns Indicate Divergent Strategies for Gene Regulation at the Chromatin Level
The Transposon-Like Correia Elements Encode Numerous Strong Promoters and Provide a Potential New Mechanism for Phase Variation in the Meningococcus
Proteins Encoded in Genomic Regions Associated with Immune-Mediated Disease Physically Interact and Suggest Underlying Biology
A Novel RNA-Recognition-Motif Protein Is Required for Premeiotic G/S-Phase Transition in Rice ( L.)
The Mucin-Like Protein OSM-8 Negatively Regulates Osmosensitive Physiology Via the Transmembrane Protein PTR-23
Genome Sequencing and Comparative Transcriptomics of the Model Entomopathogenic Fungi and
Joint Genetic Analysis of Gene Expression Data with Inferred Cellular Phenotypes
Evolutionary Conserved Regulation of HIF-1β by NF-κB
Quaking Regulates Expression through Its 3′ UTR in Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells

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