7th Congress of the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies 2012 (IFFPSS 2012)

Published in the journal: ACTA CHIRURGIAE PLASTICAE, 53, 1-4, 2011, pp. 32

May 9–12, 2012 / Rome, Italy

“The main objective of the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS) is to promote excellent quality of education, and the growth of facial plastic surgery around the world. Every two years an International Scientific meeting is conducted in conjunction with one of the country members of the IFFPSS. All previous meetings have been extraordinary learning opportunities and great social and cultural events. Rome will not be an exception to this trend.”

“The 7th IFFPSS Congress has covered the globe to provide you with the most extensive, comprehensive and inclusive educational event regarding techniques, trends and tastes in the world of facial plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty, endoscopic sinonasal/skull base surgery, periorbital rejuvenation, facelift, otoplasty, reconstruction, trauma, implants, injectables, fillers, lasers, fat grafting, non ablative resurfacing, and practice management will be covered by a a world renowned faculty.

The 7th IFFPSS Congress offers you the opportunity to experience what will be a unique and exceptional academic and social event.”


(source: www.medical-events.com)

Chirurgie plastická Ortopedie Popáleninová medicína Traumatologie

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Acta chirurgiae plasticae

Číslo 1-4

2011 Číslo 1-4

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