PLOS Pathogens - Číslo 10/2013


Chemicals, Climate, and Control: Increasing the Effectiveness of Malaria Vector Control Tools by Considering Relevant Temperatures


Are We There Yet? Recent Progress in the Molecular Diagnosis and Novel Antifungal Targeting of and Invasive Aspergillosis
Emergence of Azole-Resistant Strains due to Agricultural Azole Use Creates an Increasing Threat to Human Health
Fungal Adenylyl Cyclase Acts As a Signal Sensor and Integrator and Plays a Central Role in Interaction with Bacteria
Sensing of the Microbial Neighborhood by
Antivirulence Therapy for Animal Production: Filling an Arsenal with Novel Weapons for Sustainable Disease Control
The Cell Biology of : How to Teach Using Animations
RNA Biology in Fungal Phytopathogens
, , and the Human Mouth: A Sticky Situation
Unisexual Reproduction Drives Evolution of Eukaryotic Microbial Pathogens
Bats and Viruses: Friend or Foe?
Alternative Roles for CRISPR/Cas Systems in Bacterial Pathogenesis
Dengue Vaccines: Strongly Sought but Not a Reality Just Yet
Feeding Uninvited Guests: mTOR and AMPK Set the Table for Intracellular Pathogens


Protein Trafficking through the Endosomal System Prepares Intracellular Parasites for a Home Invasion

Research Article

Fungal Iron Availability during Deep Seated Candidiasis Is Defined by a Complex Interplay Involving Systemic and Local Events
A Structure-Guided Mutation in the Major Capsid Protein Retargets BK Polyomavirus
The Gene Is Essential for Resistance to Human Serum in
Bacterial Pathogens Activate a Common Inflammatory Pathway through IFNλ Regulation of PDCD4
IL-22 Mediates Goblet Cell Hyperplasia and Worm Expulsion in Intestinal Helminth Infection
B Cells Enhance Antigen-Specific CD4 T Cell Priming and Prevent Bacteria Dissemination following Genital Tract Infection
Driven Enforced Viral Replication in Dendritic Cells Contributes to Break of Immunological Tolerance in Autoimmune Diabetes
IL-4Rα-Associated Antigen Processing by B Cells Promotes Immunity in Infection
A Gammaherpesvirus Uses Alternative Splicing to Regulate Its Tropism and Its Sensitivity to Neutralization
MicroRNA-155 Promotes Autophagy to Eliminate Intracellular Mycobacteria by Targeting Rheb
Epigenetic Dominance of Prion Conformers
MAIT Cells Detect and Efficiently Lyse Bacterially-Infected Epithelial Cells
The Role of TcdB and TccC Subunits in Secretion of the Tcd Toxin Complex
A Mechanism for the Inhibition of DNA-PK-Mediated DNA Sensing by a Virus

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