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The Demoiselle of X-Inactivation: 50 Years Old and As Trendy and Mesmerising As Ever
Somatic Genetics Empowers the Mouse for Modeling and Interrogating Developmental and Disease Processes


Epistatic Relationships in the BRCA1-BRCA2 Pathway

Research Article

Gene-Based Tests of Association
Variants in and Underlie Natural Variation in Translation Termination Efficiency in
SHH1, a Homeodomain Protein Required for DNA Methylation, As Well As RDR2, RDM4, and Chromatin Remodeling Factors, Associate with RNA Polymerase IV
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies as a Susceptibility Gene for Pediatric Asthma in Asian Populations
Pervasive Sign Epistasis between Conjugative Plasmids and Drug-Resistance Chromosomal Mutations
Genetic Anticipation Is Associated with Telomere Shortening in Hereditary Breast Cancer
Identification of a Mutation Associated with Fatal Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome in the Fell and Dales Pony
Stress-Induced PARP Activation Mediates Recruitment of Mi-2 to Promote Heat Shock Gene Expression
An Epigenetic Switch Involving Overlapping Fur and DNA Methylation Optimizes Expression of a Type VI Secretion Gene Cluster
Recombination and Population Structure in
A Rice Plastidial Nucleotide Sugar Epimerase Is Involved in Galactolipid Biosynthesis and Improves Photosynthetic Efficiency
A Role for Phosphatidic Acid in the Formation of “Supersized” Lipid Droplets
Colon Stem Cell and Crypt Dynamics Exposed by Cell Lineage Reconstruction
Loss of the BMP Antagonist, SMOC-1, Causes Ophthalmo-Acromelic (Waardenburg Anophthalmia) Syndrome in Humans and Mice
Interactions between Glucocorticoid Treatment and Cis-Regulatory Polymorphisms Contribute to Cellular Response Phenotypes
Translation Reinitiation Relies on the Interaction between eIF3a/TIF32 and Progressively Folded -Acting mRNA Elements Preceding Short uORFs
DAF-12 Regulates a Connected Network of Genes to Ensure Robust Developmental Decisions
Adult Circadian Behavior in Requires Developmental Expression of , But Not
Histone Crosstalk Directed by H2B Ubiquitination Is Required for Chromatin Boundary Integrity
Proteins in the Nutrient-Sensing and DNA Damage Checkpoint Pathways Cooperate to Restrain Mitotic Progression following DNA Damage
Complex Evolutionary Events at a Tandem Cluster of Genes Resulting in a Single-Locus Genetic Incompatibility
() and Its Regulated Homeodomain Gene Mediate Abscisic Acid Response in
A Functional Variant at a Prostate Cancer Predisposition Locus at 8q24 Is Associated with Expression
LGI2 Truncation Causes a Remitting Focal Epilepsy in Dogs
Adaptations to Endosymbiosis in a Cnidarian-Dinoflagellate Association: Differential Gene Expression and Specific Gene Duplications
The Translation Initiation Factor eIF4E Regulates the Sex-Specific Expression of the Master Switch Gene in
Molecular Mechanisms Generating and Stabilizing Terminal 22q13 Deletions in 44 Subjects with Phelan/McDermid Syndrome
Replication and Explorations of High-Order Epistasis Using a Large Advanced Intercross Line Pedigree
Mechanisms of Chromosome Number Evolution in Yeast
Regulatory Cross-Talk Links Chromosome II Replication and Segregation
Ancestral Genes Can Control the Ability of Horizontally Acquired Loci to Confer New Traits
Expression of Tumor Suppressor in Spermatogonia Facilitates Meiotic Progression in Male Germ Cells
Rare and Common Regulatory Variation in Population-Scale Sequenced Human Genomes
The Epistatic Relationship between BRCA2 and the Other RAD51 Mediators in Homologous Recombination
Identification of Novel Genetic Markers Associated with Clinical Phenotypes of Systemic Sclerosis through a Genome-Wide Association Strategy
NatF Contributes to an Evolutionary Shift in Protein N-Terminal Acetylation and Is Important for Normal Chromosome Segregation
Araucan and Caupolican Integrate Intrinsic and Signalling Inputs for the Acquisition by Muscle Progenitors of the Lateral Transverse Fate
Pathologic and Phenotypic Alterations in a Mouse Expressing a Connexin47 Missense Mutation That Causes Pelizaeus-Merzbacher–Like Disease in Humans
Recombinant Inbred Line Genotypes Reveal Inter-Strain Incompatibility and the Evolution of Recombination
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Novel Restless Legs Syndrome Susceptibility Loci on 2p14 and 16q12.1
Genetic Loci Associated with Plasma Phospholipid n-3 Fatty Acids: A Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies from the CHARGE Consortium
Fine Mapping of Five Loci Associated with Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Detects Variants That Double the Explained Heritability
CHD1 Remodels Chromatin and Influences Transient DNA Methylation at the Clock Gene
Nonlinear Fitness Landscape of a Molecular Pathway
Genome-Wide Scan Identifies , , and as Novel Risk Loci for Systemic Sclerosis
Quantitative and Qualitative Stem Rust Resistance Factors in Barley Are Associated with Transcriptional Suppression of Defense Regulons
A Systematic Screen for Tube Morphogenesis and Branching Genes in the Tracheal System

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