PLOS Genetics - Číslo 7/2010


The Importance of Imprinting in the Human Placenta


Chromatin Remodeling in Development and Disease: Focus on CHD7


Question and Answer: An Anniversary Interview with Jane Gitschier

Research Article

Multi-Variant Pathway Association Analysis Reveals the Importance of Genetic Determinants of Estrogen Metabolism in Breast and Endometrial Cancer Susceptibility
Tinkering Evolution of Post-Transcriptional RNA Regulons: Puf3p in Fungi as an Example
Regulator of G Protein Signaling 3 Modulates Wnt5b Calcium Dynamics and Somite Patterning
Lysosomal Dysfunction Promotes Cleavage and Neurotoxicity of Tau
Combinatorial Binding Leads to Diverse Regulatory Responses: Lmd Is a Tissue-Specific Modulator of Mef2 Activity
Variation, Sex, and Social Cooperation: Molecular Population Genetics of the Social Amoeba
Comparative Analysis of DNA Replication Timing Reveals Conserved Large-Scale Chromosomal Architecture
The Fitness Landscapes of -Acting Binding Sites in Different Promoter and Environmental Contexts
Cohesin Is Limiting for the Suppression of DNA Damage–Induced Recombination between Homologous Chromosomes
Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals Novel Genes Essential for Heme Homeostasis in
Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis for Serum Calcium Identifies Significantly Associated SNPs near the Calcium-Sensing Receptor () Gene
Rad3 Decorates Critical Chromosomal Domains with γH2A to Protect Genome Integrity during S-Phase in Fission Yeast
Quantitative and Molecular Genetic Analyses of Mutations Increasing Life Span
Association of Variants at with Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Stones—Role of Age and Comorbid Diseases
Breast Cancer DNA Methylation Profiles Are Associated with Tumor Size and Alcohol and Folate Intake
Calpain 8/nCL-2 and Calpain 9/nCL-4 Constitute an Active Protease Complex, G-Calpain, Involved in Gastric Mucosal Defense
A Collection of Target Mimics for Comprehensive Analysis of MicroRNA Function in
A Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals No Nuclear Dobzhansky-Muller Pairs of Determinants of Speciation between and , but Suggests More Complex Incompatibilities
Microevolution of during Prolonged Infection of Single Hosts and within Families
Id4, a New Candidate Gene for Senile Osteoporosis, Acts as a Molecular Switch Promoting Osteoblast Differentiation
CHD7 Targets Active Gene Enhancer Elements to Modulate ES Cell-Specific Gene Expression
Extensive DNA End Processing by Exo1 and Sgs1 Inhibits Break-Induced Replication
Requirement of Male-Specific Dosage Compensation in Females—Implications of Early X Chromosome Gene Expression

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