Vyšlo v časopise: Lékař a technika - Clinician and Technology No. 2, 2012, 42, 2

Biomedical engineering and medical informatics represent challenging and rapidly growing areas. Applicationsof advanced electronics and information technology in these areas are of paramount importance. Building on thesuccess of the four previous YBERC conferences, the aim of the fifth YBERC conference is to continue in bringingtogether especially young scientists, researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, namely from mathematics,computer science, bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, medicine, biology, and different fields of life sciences,so that they can present and discuss their research results in biomedical engineering and medical informatics. Wehope that YBERC will serve as a platform for fruitful discussions between all attendees, where participants canexchange their recent results, identify future directions and challenges, and initiate possible collaborative research.The importance of computer-aided diagnosis and therapy continues to draw attention worldwide and has laid thefoundations for modern medicine with excellent potential for promising applications in a variety of fields, such as,telemedicine, Web-based healthcare, analysis of genetic information and personalized medicine.

The articles can be found in the proceedings. The papers show how broad the spectrum of topics in applicationsof information technology and electronics to biomedical engineering and medical informatics is.

The editors would like to thank all the participants for their high quality contributions and all pC members and reviewers for their efficient and excellent work.

June 2012

Lenka Lhotská

Jan Havlík


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Lékař a technika

Číslo 2

2012 Číslo 2

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