PLOS Pathogens - Číslo 2/2013


Noncanonical Inflammasomes: Caspase-11 Activation and Effector Mechanisms
A Roadmap to the Human Virome
Bacterial Survival Amidst an Immune Onslaught: The Contribution of the Leukotoxins
Fifty Shades of Immune Defense
Proteins Secreted via the Type II Secretion System: Smart Strategies of to Maintain Fitness in Different Ecological Niches
Behavior of Prions in the Environment: Implications for Prion Biology

Research Article

The Apoptogenic Toxin AIP56 Is a Metalloprotease A-B Toxin that Cleaves NF-κb P65
Phylodynamic Analysis of the Emergence and Epidemiological Impact of Transmissible Defective Dengue Viruses
Isolation of a Novel Swine Influenza Virus from Oklahoma in 2011 Which Is Distantly Related to Human Influenza C Viruses
Using Existing Drugs as Leads for Broad Spectrum Anthelmintics Targeting Protein Kinases
MCMV-mediated Inhibition of the Pro-apoptotic Bak Protein Is Required for Optimal Replication
Neutrophils Exert a Suppressive Effect on Th1 Responses to Intracellular Pathogen
-32 Ligand/Receptor Silencing Phenocopy Faster Plant Pathogenic Nematodes
Targeted and Random Mutagenesis of for the Identification of Genes Required for Infection
Structural Determinants for Activity and Specificity of the Bacterial Toxin LlpA
Protein Complexes and Proteolytic Activation of the Cell Wall Hydrolase RipA Regulate Septal Resolution in Mycobacteria
Programmed Protection of Foreign DNA from Restriction Allows Pathogenicity Island Exchange during Pneumococcal Transformation

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