PLOS Pathogens - Číslo 12/2012


Zinc Exploitation by Pathogenic Fungi
Morphogenesis in Fungal Pathogenicity: Shape, Size, and Surface
Inflammatory Responses Associated with the Induction of Cerebral Malaria: Lessons from Experimental Murine Models
News from the Fungal Front: Wall Proteome Dynamics and Host–Pathogen Interplay
Parallels in Intercellular Communication in Oomycete and Fungal Pathogens of Plants and Humans


Virus-Encoded microRNAs: An Overview and a Look to the Future

Research Article

Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Survivorship in with Artificial Infection Types
Attenuated Typhimurium Lacking the Pathogenicity Island-2 Type 3 Secretion System Grow to High Bacterial Numbers inside Phagocytes in Mice
The Polyfunctionality of Human Memory CD8+ T Cells Elicited by Acute and Chronic Virus Infections Is Not Influenced by Age
How the Fly Balances Its Ability to Combat Different Pathogens
MiniCD4 Microbicide Prevents HIV Infection of Human Mucosal Explants and Vaginal Transmission of SHIV in Cynomolgus Macaques
Bidirectional Transfer of RNAi between Honey Bee and : Gene Silencing Reduces Population
Global Gene Transcriptome Analysis in Vaccinated Cattle Revealed a Dominant Role of IL-22 for Protection against Bovine Tuberculosis
Blood Flukes Exploit Peyer's Patch Lymphoid Tissue to Facilitate Transmission from the Mammalian Host
Influenza Human Monoclonal Antibody 1F1 Interacts with Three Major Antigenic Sites and Residues Mediating Human Receptor Specificity in H1N1 Viruses

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