Seniors’ Perceptions of Healthy Lifestyle: Compa-rative Qualitative Study

Authors: Z. Chytková;  M. Kunderová;  B. Jurašková 1;  M. Karlíček
Authors‘ workplace: Katedra marketingu, Fakulta podnikohospodářská, Vysoká škola ekonomická, Praha ;  KLINIKA GERONTOLOGICKÁ A METABOLICKÁ LF UK A FN HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ 1
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2012, 1, č. 1: 14-19
Category: Original Article/Study


Seniors’ Perceptions of Healthy Lifestyle:
Comparative Qualitative Study. Lifestyle has an important impact on the quality of life of the elderly. However, this field has not been adequately analyzed yet. This qualitative study therefore tries to uncover how Czech elderly perceive healthy lifestyle. This question is studied in comparison with two contrasting demographic groups, college students and working adults. The students perceived healthy lifestyle primarily as a limitation in taste and time. The working adults saw healthy lifestyle as a question of equilibrium. The behavior of the elderly was significantly influenced by their life-long experience and was changed only in sight of health problems. Based on our results, we suggest changes in the way healthy lifestyle is generally communicated.

Key words:
healthy lifestyle – eating habits of seniors – lifestyle change


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