When does the palliative care of a CVA patient begin?

Authors: J. Podivínský;  J. Svobodová;  D. Masnikosová
Authors‘ workplace: Odborný léčebný ústav neurologicko-geriatrický, Moravský Beroun
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2012, 1, č. 1: 38-39
Category: Review Article


Cerebrovaskular accident represents, as regards to the clinical picture a whole scale of repercussions – from the possible alteration of the total condition ad integrum till the conclusively progressing picture with the fatal termination. An influence on the development of the disease has also some potential various complications. The authors try to refer to these facts in context of the palliative care criterion which certainly applies to diseases, whose progress is limited by apoptosis. In the case of ending of the curative approach, it is naturaly necessary to apply terminal care rules.

Cerebrovascular accident – palliative care criterion – apoptosis – terminal care


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