Possibility of osteoporosis screening using ortopantomographic radiographs

Authors: V. Peřina
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika ústní, čelistní a obličejové chirurgieLF MU a FN Brno
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2012, 1, č. 1: 5-9
Category: Original Article/Study


Osteoporosis has negative influence on overall health of affected persons. In view of irreversibility of skeletal changes is early diagnosis necessity. The issue is availability and cost of specialized examinations. One of the possibilities is using of standard ortopantomographic radiographs (OPG) for primary screening of bone mineral density changes. This examination is widely used in the dentistry and using X-rays made from an another reason also for osteoporosis screening don’t generate additional cost and radiation load for the patient. In this work we documented that using OPG for systemic low skeletal mass diagnosis is possible. OPG is not obviously sufficient for definite osteoporosis diagnosis but could be the first method which will send patient for special examination.

Key words:
osteoporosis – diagnosis – screening – ortopantomografic X-rays


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Geriatrics General practitioner for adults Orthopaedic prosthetics
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