Differences between male and female pati ents in acute cardi ac failure

Authors: J. Špinar V Zastoupení Řešitelů Studie Ahead
Authors‘ workplace: Interní kardi ologická klinika Lékařské fakulty MU a FN Brno, pracoviště Bohunice, přednosta prof. MU Dr. Jindřich Špinar, CSc., FESC
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2009; 55(Suppl 1)(Supplementum 1): 19-22


Acute he art failure is a major and growing ca use of in hospital mortality in developed co untri es. Differences between male and female hospitalised for acute he art failure were observed in all registri es and clinical studi es. We compare data from Europe an registri es AHEAD (Acute HEArt Database), EHFS II (EuroHe art Failure Survey programme II) or DIAMOND (Dispensibility Improvement And Remodeling in Di astolic He art Failure study) with US registri es ADHERE and OPTIMIZE HF. Women are older than men when admitted with he art failure in all registri es, the me an age of women is 73– 75 ye ars, and the me an age of men is 68– 70 ye ars. Women have higher systolic blo od pressure; the me an systolic blo od pressure is abo ut 140 mm Hg for women and 130 mm Hg for men, while di astolic blo od pressure is abo ut 80 mm Hg for both sexes. He art failure with preserved left ventricular functi on predominates in women; the me an ejecti on fracti on is abo ut 43% in women, while abo ut 38% in men. Men have more frequently obstructive lung dise ase, while women have more frequently anaemi a. Despite these differences, length of stay and in‑hospital mortality rates is similar, but if adjusted for age, male gender is associ ated with an incre ased risk of de ath.

Key words:
acute he art failure –  gender differences –  age –  blo od pressure –  mortality


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