Bedside assessment: urodynamic examination at a patient’s bedside

Authors: R. Zachoval 1;  V. Borovička 1;  J. Krhut 2
Authors‘ workplace: Urologické oddělení Fakultní Thomayerovy nemocnice s poliklinikou, Praha Primář: doc. MUDr. Roman Zachoval, Ph. D. 1;  Urologické oddělení Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava Primář: MUDr. Jan Krhut, Ph. D. 2
Published in: Prakt. Lék. 2009; 89(8): 445-446
Category: In diferent


Diagnosis and treatment of incontinence in older patients with restricted mobility is often inadequate because it is difficult to evaluate. A suitable assessment technique is described in the following article.

Key words:
incontinence, bedside assessment.


1. Klingele, Ch. The urinary tract and it‘s clinical evaluation. J. Gynecol. Oncol. 2002, 7, p. 36-47.

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General practitioner for children and adolescents General practitioner for adults
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