Ultrasound examination of the chest in the hands of the clinical physician

Authors: Vratislav Sedlák 1;  Vladimír Koblížek 1;  Rastislav Šimek 2
Authors‘ workplace: Plicní klinika LF UK a FN Hradec Králové 1;  Plicní oddělení Krajské nemocnice Tomáše Bati, a. s., Zlín 2
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2017; 63(11): 900-907
Category: Reviews


Implementation of ultrasound into clinical medicine is current trend in many subspecialties of internal medicine. Remarkable development and use of this technology is currently present in intensive care and respiratory medicine. This review summarizes current knowledge and nomenclature of artefacts and findings in clinical chest ultrasound. It describes ultrasound-based approach in a differential diagnostic algorithm of acute severe dyspnoea. Chest ultrasound should be a standard knowledge of chest physician.

Key words:
clinical chest ultrasound – chest drainage – pleural fluid – pneumothorax – thoracocentesis


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Internal Medicine

Issue 11

2017 Issue 11

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