The strategy of the Czech Society for Oncology of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně for the organisation of oncological care in the Czech Republic

Authors: J. Vorlíček 1,2
Authors‘ workplace: Česká onkologická společnost České lékařské společnosti J. E. Purkyně, předseda prof. MUDr. Jiří Vorlíček, CSc. 1
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2013; 59(8): 730-737


The Czech Society for Oncology of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně (ČOS ČLS JEP) builds on intensive collaboration at all levels of medical care during the organisation of oncological care. Over 77,000 malignant neoplasms are dia­gnosed in the Czech Republic annually. Every year, over 27,000 patients with a malignant tumour die in the Czech Republic. A total of over 450,000 patients with malignant tumours or patients with a history of an oncological disease are living in the Czech Republic. The specialised society analyses available data about the treatment history and offers them to the individual regions; it also plans population‑based treatment costs which are then discussed with the healthcare payers. The Czech National Cancer Control Programme (NOP) presents a strategic outline for the management and development of the treatment, and facilitates the communication with all stakeholders and the public. The ČOS ČLS JEP Society includes a specialised section responsible for data analysis, which provides a complex agenda of population‑based data, estimated numbers of treated patients, standards for reference of survival analysis and a system of collecting required clinical data. Even with a growing incidence, the Czech Republic shows a stabilised mortality in all cancer dia­gnoses. Screening programmes for breast, colorectal and cervical carcinoma are ongoing. We have a consolidated and cooperating network of oncology centres. We are able to actively plan dia­gnostic and treatment needs and we have a system of data collection that is able to respond to the needs of evaluation of cost efficiency. We are currently introducing a hospital care quality assessment.

Key words:
Czech Society for Oncology (ČOS) –  oncological treatment –  epidemiological history –  Department of Oncology (KOC) –  National Cancer Control Programme (NOP) –  treatment payers –  data analysis





4. Ferlay J, Shin HR, Bray F et al. Parkin: GLOBOCAN 2008: Cancer Incidence and Mortality Worldwide. IARC CancerBase No. 10. Lyon, France: International Agency for Research on Cancer 2010. Available from: http:/ /

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